Religious Census  - 1776
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

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Religious Census, Parish of Ballysheehan 1766.


Oliver Latham, Esq
Jno. Austin, gent
Thos. Jenkins
Simon Max, gent
Anthony Foulkes, gent
Thos. Shephard,elder
Thos. Shephard
Thos. Shaw
Jer Collins
Geo. Shaw
Mat. Gilbert


Patt Leamy
Con. Leamy
Ed. Dunn
Thos. Heffernan
Will Heaney
Jno. Ryan, elder
Jno. Ryan, Elder
Will Ryan
Walter Collins
Will Collins
John Ryan
Thos. Kennedy
Jno. Connell
Tim Kelly
Patt Bourk
James Dwyer
Daniel Organ
Ed. Collins
Mich. Dwyer
Hugh Ryan
Patt. Daniell
Rich. Daniel
Ed. Daniel
Walter Grace
Will Ryan
Con. Fogarty
Denis Dunn
Thos. Meagher
Derb. Ryan.
Derb Mahony.
Thos Dwyer
Will Dwyer
Con Martin
Con Breen
Pat Kelly
James Bourk
Richard Mathew
Darb. Connors
James Farrell
Nic McGrath
Mich Holleran
Mich Shea
Dan. Quirk
Jno Sullivan
Thos Bourke
Rich. Coffey
Pat Duggan
Rich Commins
Will Kearney
Dens. Cahil
Mich McGrath
Denis Breen
Will Conners
Rich. Bourke
Pierce Farrell
Patt Cunningham
Mart. Dwyer
Jno. Commins
Pierce Stapleton
Will Bourke,
Nic. McGrath
Pat. Crowley
Will Bourk
Rich. Butler
Jno. Mara.
Mal. Ryan.
Thos. Ryan.
Con. Flanegan.
Phill Kearney.
Ed. Butler.
Jms. Costellow
Thos Morressey
Mich Morressey
MIch Gorman
Dan. Dunn
Michael Corbett
Ed. Daniel
Michael Looby
Thos. Leamy
Daniel Kearney
Richard Connell
Jms. Boughaly
Will Ryan
Ed. Hall
Jno. Glisson
Val Kearney
Robt. Keating
Jno. Meagher
Jas. Quoshion
Richard Britt.
Phill Quoshion
Jno. Meagher
Michael Coady
Pierce Meagher
Michael Glisson
James Glisson
Thos Mullony
Will Duggan
Richard Heffernan
Will Bourk
James Heiffernan
Thos. Boland
Jas. Ryan
Roger Scully
Will Mara
Ed. Bourke
Jno. Bourke
Patt Delany
Ed. Russell


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