Religious Census  - 1776
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

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Religious Census, Parish of Gaile 1766.


Jno. Mac. gent
Bar. Phelan, gent
Thos. Phelan, gent
Mark Hayes


Jas. Byrne
Jno. Farrel ,Elder
Jno Farrell, younger
Jno. Mockeler
Jno. Mockeler
Rich. Meagher
Jas. Meagher
Jno. Swyney
Thos Crowly
Patt Doyle
Daniel Murphy
Jno. Whoolahan
Jas. Treacey
Jno. Hogan
Tim Scanlon
Denis Laymy
Ed Burke
Ed. Murrony
Ed Ryan
Will Langton
Phill Dunn
Thos. Welsh
Tim Farrell
Thos. Power
Phill Fogarty
Jno. Fogarty
Ed Devane
Ed Common
Darb. Common
Ed Flaherty
James Conners
Phill Ryan
Lau. Mockler.
Red. Meagher
Nic. Leamy.
Daniel Dwyer
Miles Ryan
Jno. Meagher
Roger Duggan
Thos. Dwyer
Thos. Farrell
Will Cowan
Jno. Hall
Jno. Bryan.
Jno. Leamy
Jno. Jno. Dwyer
Jno. Dwyer
Tim Bryan
Pat Bryan.
Andrew Dunn
Pierce Toomy
Paul Meany


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