Religious Census  - 1766
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

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A list of the Protestant and Papist Inhabitants of the Parish of Clonoulty in the Diocese of Cashel.

His Grace, Michael Lord Arch-Bishop.
Rev. Peter Neve. Minister.

Protestant Inhabitants
William White.
John Franklin.
Timothy Moloney
John Rankins.
George Boles
Hugh Blackmore
Thomas Snigg?

Papist Inhabitants.
Rev. Walter Bermingham. Popish Priest.

Thomas Dwyer
Anthony Dwyer
Richard Hute?
John Eustace.
Laurance Dwyer
John Ryan
Edmund Daily
John Hinchy
Daniel Mulcahy
John Ryan
Philip Dwyer
Hugh McKafforn?
Kennedy Ryan
James Brown
Thomas Brown
Darby Dwyer
Laurence Glitien?
Anthony Dwyer
Denis Murphy
Timothy Touhy
Thomas Ryan
Roger Crowe
James Landers
Patrick Bourke
Patrick Hennessy
John Ryan
Simon Ryan
John Dwyer
Peter Reddin
John Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Michael Ryan
Thomas Meagher
James Corkeran
Edmund Fahy
James Sherkane?
Thady Ryan
John Quillanan
Timothy Ryan
John Quinlan.
James Condon
William Ryan
James Ryan
Peter Ryan
Stephen Duhy
Philip Hayes.
Edmund Hacket
Michael Gorman
John Ryan
James Ryan
Michael Blanch
Richard English
William English
John Costello
Michael Kearwick
Stephen Ryan
John Mulcahy
Laurence Dwyer
Cornelius Ryan
Daniel Gorman
Patrick Hacket
Timothy Moricy
John Bourke
Ulick Bourke
John Cary
Henry Wither***
Darby Farrell
James Hickie
Stephen Ryan
Cornelious Cary
Malachy Dwyer
Michael Meehan
William Ryan
Morgan Ryan
William Curish?
John Morris
John Dwyer
Richard English
Cornelious Hayes
Thady Meagher
John Mullally
Andrew Mahon?
James Ryan
Andrew Murphy
Philip Gouley
Stephen Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Maurice Collins
Darby Dwyer
Patrick Ryan
John Tierney
Walter Baly?
William Grady
Roger Murphy
Daniel Murphy
Edmund Murphy
James Farrell
Thady Farrell
Thady Dwyer
Patrick Flanery
Thomas Landers
Thomas Dwyer
Richard Brown.




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