Laois Marriage Bonds from the Dioceses of Ferns, Ossory & Leighlin  -  A-D
These are Protestant records        

     s=spinster  | w=widow      
Sorted by Groom 

Groom Place Occ. Bride   Place Date
ABBOTT, Joseph Middlemount   Mary CASHIN s Aghavoe 8 Sep 1792
ABBOTT, Thomas Ballynahill, Queens Co. Farmer Elinor KINGSMILL s Rathdowny Parish 4 Sep 1793
ABRAHAM, Nicholas Boherarde, Queens Co. Farmer Elizabeth Young s Offerlane Parish 30 Apr 1791
ACRES, George (son of George of Roscrea) Durrow   Isabella HARTE (d. of Edward)   Durrow  
ALLEN, Arthur Borris-in-Ossory   Anne GARDINER s same 2 Feb 1759
ALLEY, Charles Newtown, Queens Co.   Ellinor PHILLIPS (dau. Of Richard) s Frankfort, Co. Kilkenny 23 Apr [date in fold]
ALLEY, Frederick Dublin Painter Rebecca MORPHY s Rathdowney 3 Feb 1792
ANDERSON, Roger City of Kilkenny   Margaret EDMONDS s Durrow 22 Jun 1780
ASHTON, Joseph Bresba, Kings Co.   Elizabeth SENIOR s Offerlane Parish 30 Jan 1796
BALDWIN, John Derrycarne, Queens Co.   Anne BALDWIN s Offerlane Parish 22 Jan 1795
BALDWIN, Thomas Marymount, Queens Co.   Mary NICHOLSON s Offerlane Parish 6 Feb 1797
BALDWIN, Thomas Tinnyhill, Queens Co. Farmer Margaret DELANY s Offerlane Parish 20 Sep 1762
BANISTER, William Dunmore, Queens Co.   Mary NOWLAN s St. Mary's Parish 3 Jul 177*
BANNAN, William Kelagh, Queens Co. Farmer Catherine WHITFORD s Offerlane 15 Feb 1800
BARNETT, Thomas Ballynahill, Queens Co. Shoemaker Jane McCormuck (McCormack) s Aghamacart Parish 30 May 1769
BARTON, Andrew Outrath, Co. Kilkenny   Anne LAWRENSON s Durrow Parish 23 May 1767
BATTERSBY, John Clonenagh, Queens Co. Farmer Nancy RUDD s Killermogh 21 Nov 1797
BAYLY, Thomas Donoghmore, Queens Co. Architect Dorothea WHITE s of same 15 Aug 178* ?
BAYNHAM, Thomas City of Dublin   Priscilla MANSFIELD s Durrow Parish 7 May 1722
BENNET, John (Corporal) Donoghmore, Queens Co.   Martha WARNER s of same 22 Jan 1747
BICKERSTAFF, Robert City of Dublin Merchant Margaret SENIOR s Offerlane Parish 23 Jun 1783
BIRD, Jonathan late of Waterford, now of Aghmacart, Queens Co.   Lydia MACOY s Aghmacart 27 Jul 1776
BOLLARD, William Boherard, Queens Co. Farmer Hannah MERSER s Aghour 7 Sep 1799
BOWE, Thomas Ballyglissan, Queens Co. Farmer Elizabeth Fennell s Dysert Parish 28 Oct 1793
BRAY, George Durrow   Elizabeth SANDES   Maryborough, Queens Co. 15 May 1789
BRENAN, Matthew Dabycot, Queens Co. Farmer Jane PEARSON s Rathdowney Parish 7 Jun 1794
BRIDGES, Charles Mountrath, Queens Co. Cordwainer Mary PEART s St. John's Parish, Kilkenny 27 Jan 1762
BRYAN, James Clonin, Queens Co.   Ann CARTER s Aghavoe Parish 18 Jul 1803
BRYAN, Joseph Donoghmore, Queens Co. Whitesmith Mary MASON s of same 17 Oct 1772
BURROWES, John Imo, Queens Co.   Mary Ann GRAHAM   Derryduffe, Queens Co. 10 Feb 1793
BUTLER, Edmond Edmundsbury, Queens Co. Esq. Francis MADDEN s St. Patrick's Parish 29 Apr 1794
BUTLER, Edmond (Hon.)     BUTLER, Harriott (Honble. Lady)   Diocese of Ossory 6 Oct 1768
BUTLER, Francis Milford, Co. Tipperary Esq. Hannah WHITE s Aghavoe, Queens Co. 23 Jan 1796
BUTLER, William Park, Co. Tipperary Esq. Eleanor PHILLIPS s Aghmacart Parish 23 Sep 1797
CALBECK, William Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny Baker Ann RINGWOOD s Eirke Parish 27 Nov 179*
CALLUM, George Annfield, Queens Co.   Anne WHEELER s Cuffesborough (step-dau. Of Joseph CUFF) 3 Aug 1747
CAMPBELL, Matthew   Private in 5 Dragoons Elinor WALL   Rathdowney 22 Jan 1773
CANDLER, Matthew Stuart's Grove, Queens Co.   Harriet HELSHAM s Durrow Parish 29 May 1771
CANTER, James Ballyvara, Co. Limerick Esq. Frances PALMER s Cuffesborough, Queen's Co. 13 Oct 1791
CANTWELL, Jacob the Swann Carpenter Martha HASLAM s Newtown, Queens Co. 29 Jan 1794
CANTWELL, Thomas the Swan, Queens Co. Farmer Sarah CHAPLIN w Durrow 10 Feb 179*
CANTWELL, William Swan, Queens Co. Farmer Ann WELLWOOD s Kellemogh (?) Parish 15 Nov 1791
CAREW, William Ballykinode, Queens Co. Stuff weaver Sarah RORKE s Kildelgy 16 Jun 1792
CARPENTER, William Creetlyard, Queens Co.   Anne LAWRENSON s Archerstown, Union of Attanagh 9 Aug 1749
CARR, John Mountrath, Queens Co.   Susannah SENIOR s Offerlane Parish 8 Aug 1791
CARR, William Roscrea, Co. Tipperary Esq. Margaret HUMPHRYS s Offerlane Parish 22 Jul 1791
CARROLL, Daniel Boulebane, Co. Tipperary   Frances DOWLING w Rathdowney Parish 17 Apr 1777
CARTER, David Rathdowny, Queens Co.   Mary PENTLAND s Rathdowny 19 Jun 1798
CARY, James Templetoohy, Co. Tipperary Merchant Rebecca RINGWOOD s Eirke Parish 14 Jul 1794
CHAMBERLAIN, John Knockfin, Queens Co. Saddler Elinor CHAMBERLAIN w Aghavoe Parish 28 Apr 1792
CHAMBERLAIN, Joseph Knockfin, Queens Co.   Mary YOUNG s Grantstown, Queens Co. 8 Jun 1751
CHAMBERLAIN, Theophilus Knockfin, Queens Co. Farmer Mary ROWE s Donaghmore 13 Apr 1799
CHAPLAIN, John Durrow, Co. Kilkenny Farmer Sarah RYAN s Durrow 1 Oct 1790
CHAPLAIN, John Durrow, Co. Kilkenny Farmer Eleanor COLLINS s Durrow 8 Aug 1799
CHRISTIAN, Charles Dublin Coachmaker Margaret BONDY s Aghavoe Parish 22 Jun 1772
CLANTON, Isaac Corbally, Queens Co. Farmer Alice CARTER s Killermogh 18 Apr 1788
CLANTON, Thomas Boley, Queens Co. Farmer Dorothea HANDESFORD s Co*mer 5 May 1775
CLEMENTS, George Ballinakill, Queens Co.   Anne ROBERTS s Kilbricken, Listerling Parish 22 Feb 1773
CLUTTERBUCK, Thomas Clonmel Esq. Ann LOWE s Offerlane 2 Oct 1789
COLE, Samuel Tenlore, Queens Co. Yeoman Mary BOLLARD s Killerinogh 9 Aug 1800
COLEBACK, Robert Cappagh, Queens Co. Farmer Ellinor BORROWES s Annatrim 17 May 1776
COLLINS, Henry Durrow Musical Instrument Maker Elizabeth HENSHAW s of same 4 Nov 1802
COLLINS, Richard Poltlerath Farmer Mary BRAY s Offerlane Parish 21 Jun 176*
COLLINS, Stephen   Lieut. 61st Ft. Caterine SMYTH s Offerlane 27 Mar 1787
CONNOR, Charles Aghavoe, Queens Co. Farmer Harriet PERRY s of same 9 Jun 1804
CONWAY, Edmond Castlefleming, Queens Co. Esq. Rosamund CAREY s Kildalgy Parish 23 May 179*
CONWAY, Thomas Borris-in-Ossory   Ann HEWETSON w Rathdowney 19 Sep 1770
COPLEY, John Cullen, Queens Co. Farmer Jane BRADLEY s Castlecomer 6 May 1789
CORBET, Samuel Dublin   Margaret IRELAND s Durrow, Queens Co. 20 Jan 174*(?)
COSBY, John Kilose   Celia KINGSMILL s Offerlane Parish 6 Oct 1752
CUNNINGHAM, William Grantstown, Queens Co. Farmer Anne WOODS s Donaghmore 3 Jun 1791
CURRIN, Patrick Cagle, Queens Co. Farmer Jane COYNE s St. Mary's 5 Nov 1761
DANN, Edward Roscrea Shoemaker Sarah DANN s Offerlane 22 Apr 1807
DAVIS, John Rosenallis, Queens Co.   Elizabeth SMYTH s Aghavoe 1 Nov 1783
DELANY, Isaac Castletown, Queens Co.   Elizabeth DELANY w Annatrim 5 Oct 1769
DEMPSEY, Edward Howard (Revd.)   Curate of Skeirke Mary DESPARD s Offerlane 8 Oct 1801
DESPARD, Francis (Rev.) Offerlane, Queens Co.   Jane HUMPHREYS s of same 16 Feb 1784
DESPARD, Richard (Rev.) Da*more, Queens Co.   Eliza DESPARD s Offerlane 19 May 1796
DEXTER, Robert Dexterville, Co. Tipperary Esq. Anne JACOB s Rathdowney 27 Dec 1803
DICKSON, Samuel Patrick Dublin Gt. [Gent?] Rebecca PALMER s Aghavoe 10 Aug 1796
DILLON, George Grageagarron, Queens Co. Farmer Margaret BALDWIN s Offerlane 26 Feb 1802
DILLON, Richard Banntanamina, Co. Kilkenny   Martha RINGWOOD s Eirke 11 Oct 1796
DOBBS, George Abbeyleix Farmer Frances COLLINS s Durrow 30 Sep 1799
DOBBS, Joseph Abbeyleix Schoolmaster Mary STANLEY s Rathdowney 13 Jul 1790

Source: FHL Film #0100169