Oaths of Allegiance
Contributed by Sheryl Zenzerovich

From the lists which have been returned to the clerk of the
Privy Council, or his deputy, of such papists as have taken and subscribed the oath prescribed by the statute of the thirteenth and fourteenth of His present Majesty, entitled "An Act to enable His Majesty's subjects of whatever persuasion to testify their allegiance to him".

Samuel I. B. Anderson of Cullenaugh, Gent.
John Keefe of Ballyadams, Gent.
Joseph Purcell of Timouge, Gent.
Bernard Anderson of Moate, Gent.
Edmond Brennan of Iron-Mills, Gent.
James Mc Daniel of Esker, Gent
William Dunn, of Killine, Gent.
John Anderson of Moate, Gent.
Con. Mc Daniel, of Rahinduff Gent.
Wm Kelly of Stradbally, Gent.
John Lalor of Stradbally, Gent.
Thomas Brennan, of Drumnabeha, Farmer
Pat Wallace, of Stradbally, Merchant
All in the Queens County -
Sworn voluntarily before me at Maryborough, 6th Day of October, 1775. Richard Fitzgerald.

Pat Dunne, of Ballymanus in the Parish of Corclone, Barony of Stradbally, Farmer.
Pat. Byrne of Balintiskin, Parish of Timogue, Barony of Stradbally, Gent.
William Dunne of Timouge, Barony of Stradbally in the Parish of Timogue,Farmer
Darby Dunn of Bawn, Barony of Stradbally, Parish of Corclone, Farmer
Richard Connell of Stradbally, Barony of Stradbally , Farmer.
Sworn before me this 26th Day of November, 1775. John Brereton.

James Barron of Ballymakin, P. P. of Maryborough, &c.
George Brennan of Tullymoy, P.P. of Ballyadams, &c.
Thomas Dillyn of Mountrath P. P. of Mountrath, &c.
Patrick Dowling off Timoge, P. P. of Stradbally, &c.
Thomas Dowling of Close-land, P. P. of Portarlington
William Traverse, Coadjutor of Stradbally, &c.
John Moore of Inch Farmer
Pat. Lalor of Tenakill, Farmer
Peter Lalor of Ardlea, Farmer
Sworn before me this 11th Day of December, 1775 at Ballythomas. Stephen Fitzgerald.

Hyran Fitzpatrick
William Cashon
Daniel Dunn (his mark)
All of Aghaboe in the Queens County, Farmers.
Taken before me at Aghaboe 13th Day of December 1775. Edward Ledwich.

Revd. Doctor Laurence Coleton, Parish Priest of Ballyfinn and part of Cloneagh
Thady Duane, Priest of Mountmelick and Castlebrack
Sworn before me at Mountmellick, 18th Day of December, 1775. Wm. Despard.

Ter. Meagher (his mark), Balligall, Queen's County, Mason
Sworn at Durrow, Kilkenny 14 Day of Dec., 1775

Christopher Boland of Rockville and Doolagh, Queen's Co., priest.