Petitioners for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors - 1783
Contributed by Sheryl Zenzerovich

House of Commons, in the first session of the fourth Parliament
of Ireland, in the reign of his present Majesty, appointed to meet at Dublin
the fourteenth day of October, 1783.

Petitions praying that they may be included in the Bill for Relief of
Insolvent debtors
Petition of Adam and Patrick COLCLOUGH of Doonane, in the Queen's Co.
praying such aid as will in some degree compensate them for the Losses they
has sustained by working at the Collieries at said Place, and to enable
them to carry on with vigour and Spirit an Undertaking of much consequence
was presented to the House and Read.

Petition of John RUSSELL of Killadoley, Wool-comber.

Andrew NOWLAN of Ballymillorn, Labourer.

Lewis DUNN, formerly of Tobberbow, but now in the Marshalsea of the Four
Courts Dublin.

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