Church of Ireland Marriage Licenses from Diocese of Dublin

1638 -1794

s=spinster, w=widow 









Baldwin, Joseph Desert, Queens Co. Chandler Jackson, Judith s Castledermot, Co. Kildare 22 Jan 1752
Barrett, Daniel, Rev. Belbroan, Queens Co. Clk Goffton ?, Rosamond? s St. John's 15 Aug 1753
Bland, John  Blandsfort, Queens Co. Esq Burch, Elizabeth s Donabute 27 Nov 1790
Blong, Wm. Portarlington, Queens Co. Gent Fagan, June w St Bridget's 13 Aug 1790

Brereton, Edward

Queens Co.


Dillon, Anne


St. Michael's

30 Jun 1737

Brereton, George Queens Co. Gent Despard, Elizabeth w St. Catherine's 28 Apr 1730
Burrowes, Richard Lea, Queens Co. Esq Cartwright, Eliza w St. Werburgh 11 Nov 1641
Clarke, Pascal Ballinla, Queens Co. Gent Mason, Elizabeth s St. Anne's 17 Oct 1757

Clemens, George

Queens Co.


Holland, Elizabeth


St James

30 Apr 1740

Dawson, Wm. Anderson

Emo ?, Queens Co. Trades Hargrave ?, Charlotte s St. Anne's 14 Jul 1791

Despard, John

Queens Co.


Usher, Ellinor



16 Feb 1738

Evoret, ? John Maryborough   Allen, Deborah w St. Catherine's 1729
Fisher, Arthur Queens Co. Gent Jenmett ?, Anne s St. Andrew's 2 Jan 1739
Fisher, Benjamin Springhill, Queens Co. Esq Harvey, Esther s St. Peter's 4 May 1758

Fisher, Henry

Queens Co.


Jenmatt?, Frances


St Andrew's

17 Feb 1738

Gale, Thomas Lampsons wh?, Queens, Co Woolcomber Sherridan, Anne s St. Nicholas Witht. 5 Sep 1763
Graham, Wm Ballyfin, Queens Co. Gent Dane, Elinor s St. Michan's 18 Apr 1761
Harris, Thomas Lillee, Queens Co. Gent Tarpolly, ? Mary s Clondalkin 22 Jun 1639
Hart, Ennor ? Kilcoke, Queens Co. Gent Richardson, Joannah s Athy ? 29 Aug 1789
Haslan, Isaac Tougher, Queens Co. Comber King, Elizabeth s St. Audeons 26 May 1763
Hayes, William Co. Tipperary Gent Humphreys, Sarah s Offerclan, Queens Co. 18 Aug 1736?
Hu_eton, Peter Dublin   Brannon, Judith s Maryborough 25 Aug 1726
Jacob, Michael Ballnakill, Queens Co. Gent Vickers, Jane s Wicklow 9 Dec 1747
Lacam, John Portarlinton Esq  Mulligan, Anne    St. Andoen 14 Mar 1792
Large, John  Drumneen, Queens Co.   Perry, Mary s St. Peter's 2 Mar 1790
Mefsitt, Frances Queens Co Gent Corran, Elizabeth s Castledermott 4 Feb 1740
Morton, Thomas Mountrath, Queens Co. Gent Gray, Deborah s St. Michael's 9 Jan 1752
Parvin, Benj. Mountrath, Queens Co. Merch. Mason, Mary s Donnybrooke 9 Feb 1760
Pigott, Thomas Dysart, Queens Co. Esq. de Castro Weldon, Elizabeth s Dublin 28 Apr 1663
Stroker ?, Alexander Ballyroan, Queens Co. Esq. Mc Donnell, Eliza s St. Michan's 15 Mar 1794
Taggart, Robert Soho, Queens Co. Esq. Birch ?, Anne s St. Mary's 8 Jun 1793
Walsh, Rev. Raphael Ballykellcavan, Queens Co. Clk French, Martha s St. Mary's 28 May 1762
White, Robert  Kilprel ?, Queens Co. Esq. Keeling, Rebecca s St. Nicholas Wtht. 14 Jul 1792


Source FHL film # 100226