Lands of Lisbigney in the Barony of Cullinagh and Queen's County
Held partly in Fee and partly under a Lease for ever, the Lease being from William HORAN to Thomas HORAN (1816)
 Owner's Franceska STOCK (widow) & Henrietta Frances STOCK (spinster)

No. Tenants' Names Tenants' Tenure
Lot No. 1
1 Edward CAVANAGH Lease from James Horan to Edward CAVANAGH, dated 9TH March, 1827, for 150 years from 25th March, 1827
2 Widow MURPHY Lease from James HORAN TO Joseph MURPHY, of like date and for same term as last least
3 John BRAZILL Tenant from year to year, each year ending 29th September
4 Thomas BUTLER Tenant from year to year, each year ending 29th September
Lot No 2
1 Pierce RYAN Lease from Samuel STOCK to Pierce RYAN, dated 27th October 1840, for life of Lessee, Pierce RYAN and John RYAN  and Patrick RYAN, his brothers, or 61years from the date of said lease; all the lives in being
2 John LALOR Tenants from year to year, each ending 29th September
3 Thomas GOFF Same
4 Joseph CANTFILL Same
5 Patrick CODY Same
6 John CAVANAGH Same
7 Thomas BUTLER Same
8 William BERGIN Same
9 John BURKE Lease from Samuel Stock to John BURKE, dated 20th October, 1846, for 21 years, from 25th March, 1846
10 Widow BURKE Agreement from Samuel STOCK to John BURKE, for a lease, dated 1st May 1846 for 21 years, from 29th March 1846

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