1824 Pigot's Directory of Maryborough


[From a dark microfiche.]

The capital of Queen's county, Is forty miles west of Dublin, and on the high road to Limerick. The town was formerly called Protector, and the county of Leix. It is now governed by a _argo-master and two balliffs who are chosen annually. It has the remains of a castle, and a fort which is governed by Lord Maryborough. The __sites and sessions are held here for the county. The public buildings of Maryborough are the church a small but neat stone building, the Catholic chapel, now building, which will, when finished, be handsome and spacious, the infirmary, the sunday and day schools, supported by subscription, and the gaol, an ancient building, in which much attention is paid to cleanliness, and the prisoners are instructed in reading and writing at the expense of the county. From the town there is a view of the stupendous rock of Dun Mase ?, formerly an insulated and strong fortification. It is ___ about three miles on the road to Stradbally, and __ worthy the minute researches of the antiquities (?). Maryborough is a considerable thoroughfare, but not a manufacturing town, except in cutsoms. A ___ weekly market is held on Thursday, and there are eight fairs in the year, viz. on the 1st January, the 24th of February, the 25th of March, the 13th (?) of May, the 5th of July, the 4th of September, the 23d of October, and the 4th of December. Population about 2800 (or 2300).

Post Office - Post Master, Mr. Wm. Pilsworth.


BALDWIN, David, esq. Raheenduff (?)
BALDWIN Lieutenant
BR___ ?, Henry, esq. Borrea-cottage ?
BOTS or BUDS, William, esq.
CARTER, Robert, esq. Clonrock
CAS__ M__or (Major ?),  Sheffield
CAMPION John, esq.
CAVANAGH, Rev. Peter, P.C.
CRAIG Ensign, 2d veteran battalion
GRAY Lieutenant
GRAVES, Captain
HA_GINGS Alexander, esq.
HARPUR Rev. Thos. Newpark
INCE Captain
KELLY Wm. esq. Meelich
KEMMIS Rev. Thos. Straboe
LEFROY Rev. Henry
MOORE Judge, esq. Lamberton-park
MOORE, Lewis, esq. Cremorgan
MOSSE Arthur, esq.
O'CONNOR Rev. Nicholas, Dean and P.P.
O'NEIL Lieutenant
ONIONS Robert, esq.
O'REILLY Rev. E___  (Eugene?), P.C.
PERCIVAL Captain, Wood___e,
PIGOT John, esq. Woodbine-cottage (?)
QUINN Campbell, esq.
ROBINSON John, esq.
RYVES Wm. esq. Portroe (?)
SPRIG Charles, esq.
TURPIN Robt. esq. sub-sheriff
WELCH Robert, esq.
WHITE Robert, esq. Ann-br___


DELANY Henry P. Master in Chancery, coroner (?) and solicitor, and at 20 Stephen's-green (?), Dublin.
JACOB Dr. (?)
PHELAN Joseph, solicitor
PILSWORTH, William apothecary


MARTIN William L.


CLARE John, (?) publican
CLARE Richmond (?), woolen draper
CHART_ (?), William, miller
DELANEY Patrick, publican
DOWD Richard, miller
DOYLE __ry, tanner
D__N  (DUNN?) Bernard, publican
DUNN, Mary (?) publican
FALLAM (?), Patrick, tavern keeper
FITZPATRICK Joseph, publican
GOWEN (?) Francis, publican & grocer
G___ES (?)  ___ **** boiler & chandler
HASLEM Scrivington, Ironmonger
HILL Jonathan, grocer & haberdasher
HOLBROOK Patrick, publican
KEMMINGS John, baker & grocer
LANGTON Dennis, publican
LAWLER Dennis, publican & grocer
LAWLER George, publican
LAWLER Michael, grocer & publican
LAWLER Thomas, publican
LEE Edward, publican
LOCKE Thomas, grocer
McCAN Daniel, publican
McDONNALL John, publican
McEVOY David, carpenter
MOLLOY Arthur, woollen draper
MOLLOY James, carpenter
MORAN John, stuff manufacturer
MURPHY Mary, publican
NEVITTE Joseph, baker & grocer
O'CONNOR Geo. painter & glazier
O'CONNOR Henry, school master
RYAN Patrick, publican
TRACEY Michael, woollen draper
WHELAN Dennis, baker and woollen draper
WHELAN Michael, publican
WHELAN Thomas, watch & clock maker
WHELAN William, publican

WELCH or WELSH Mr. Robert, distributor

source:  J. Pigot and Co., London, 1824.
(FHL film # 1279256) Also at the NLI in Dublin.


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