My mother was a school teacher before she married, and while I was a child she often told me stories from history. I more became interested in history while still in high school, then about thirty years ago I also became interested in genealogy. Since then I have found both disciplines inextricably linked.

I knew very early on that my Kelly ancestors came from Ireland because my parents and grandmothers rarely stopped talking about it. I guess I always knew that some ancestor had to come from someplace other than Ireland, but I had no proof about that until three years ago when some cousins told me that our Rutledge ancestors came from the border region between England and Scotland.

That information turned me back to European history in an effort to learn where they came from to Ireland and Scotland; and the societies they probably originated from. 

That research evolved into several places they came from, including Spain, Denmark and the vast area spanning the area of Germany to France including Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands Map of Europe 

The accumulation of research kept piling up and up with no way to use most of what I found, my instinct to write took over, and these Fun Histories are the result.



Introduction To The Celts They came from Europe

The Vikings  Masters Of The Seas

Scots-Irish Heritage  Meet The Lawless Border Reivers

Another Good Reiver Website  Reiver Trails ( hot trods ) and Hideouts.



Genealogy of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland

Pictures of Robert the Bruce

Kings and Queens of Scotland


Series of Short histories for children were written by Don Kelly

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