Lurgan Town
County Armagh, Northern Ireland

Civil Parish Shankill
Barony Oneilland East
Poor Law Union Lugan
Catholic Diocese Dromore
Catholic Parish Shankill (Lurgan)
Presbyterian Congregation 1st Lurgan, Hill Street


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Available Catholic Records at NLI & PRONI
(other than county heritage centers)

NLI=National Library in Ireland, Dublin
POS=film number
PRONI=Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
MIC.ID=film number

Type Dates Where
Baptisms 1822-1880
LDS #0926089
Pos 5498
Marriages 1866-1880
LDS #0926089
Pos 5498


Available Presbyterian Records at PRONI
(other than county heritage center)

MIC 1P=Order Number

Type-(1st) Dates Where
Baptisms 1746-1965 MIC 1P/71
Marriages 1845-1926 MIC 1P/71
Type-(Hill Street) Dates Where
Baptisms 1861-1961 MIC 1P/109
Marriages 1864-1916 MIC 1P/109



Church Records

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Family History Library Film Numbers

Film Title Film number(s)
Tithe Applotments 1833 #258468
Griffith's Valuation 1864 #258751
Society of Friends. Lurgan Monthly Meeting, Register transcripts, 1607-1862 #571396
Baptisms, 1822-1865 from Lurgan; baptisms, marriages and deaths, 1866-1881 from Shankill. #926089
1901 Ireland Census: Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 47/1-18 Lurgan Town: Albert Street, Agnes Street, Arthur Street, Avenue Road, Ann Street, Black's Court, Brown Street, Brown's Lane, Brown's Court, Brownlow Terrace, Castle Lane, Church Place, Connolly's Row, Clara Stret, Charles, Street, Claytown, Church Place. #812093
1901 Ireland Census:  Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 47/19-50 Lurgan Town: Dougher, Demesne, Derry, Draper Row, Dobbin's Court, Emerson's Court, Ellis's Court, Edward Street, Factory Lane, Francis Street, Frederick Place, Flush Place, Fleming's Court, George's Street Gilbert's Court, Gilford Road, Greer's Court, Garland Avenue, Harkin's Court, Hamilton Street, High Street, Hazelton's Court, Hoop Hill, Hill Street (1-103), Hill Street (1-74), John Street, Johnston's Row, Kilmaine Street, Lake Street, Lavery's Court. #812094
1901 Ireland Census:  Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 47/66 Lurgan Town: Shankill; D.E.D. 55-65, 67-82 New Street, North Street, Prince's Street, Queen Street, Rogers Street, Robert Street, Rookery, Rooney's Lane; 67-82 Shankill Place, Taylor's Court, Thompson's Court, Thomas Street, Totten's Row, Totten's Court, Ulster Street, Union Street, Victoria Street, Weaver's Row, Waring, Woodville Street, Watson's Lane, Waringstown Road, Windsor Avenue, William Street. #812095
1911 Ireland Census, 1911 Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 49/1-11 Townlands: Aghnacloy, Ballyblagh, Demesne, Derry, Dougher, Knockshane, Shankill, Tannaghmore South, Toberhewny, Lurgan Town: Agnes Street #2000000
1911 Ireland Census:  Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 49/12-18 Lurgan Town: Albert Street, Ann Street, Arthur Street, Avenue Road, Black's Court, Brown's Court, Brown's Lane #2000001
1911 Ireland Census: Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 49/19-26 Lurgan Town: Brown Street, Brownlow Terrace, Castle Lane, Carnegie Street, Charles Street, Church Place, Church Walk, Clara Street #2000002
1911 Ireland Census: Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 49/27-34 Lurgan Town: Claytown, Connolly's Row, Draper Row, Dobbin's Court, Edward Street, Emerson's Court, Factory Lane, Fleming's Court #1999534
1911 Ireland Census: Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 49/35-46 Lurgan Town: Flush Place, Francis Street, Garland Avenue, George's Street, Gilbert's Court, Gilford Road, Greer's Court, Gratton Street, Hamilton Street, Hamilton's Court, High Street #1999535
1911 Ireland Census: Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 49/47-52 Lurgan Town: Hill Street, Hoop Hill, James Street, John Street #1999536
1911 Ireland Census: Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 49/53-65 Lurgan Town: Johnston Row, Kilmaine Street, King's Street, Lake Street, Lavery's Court, Mark Street, Market Street, Mary Street, May's Court, Moore's Lane, Nettleton's Court, New Street (off Victoria Street), New Street #1999537
1911 Ireland Census: Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 49/66-73 Lurgan Town: North Street, Prince's Street, Queen's Street, Robert Street, Roger's Court, Rookery Street, Rooney's Lane, Shankill Street #1999538
1911 Ireland Census: Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 49/74-80 Lurgan Town: Shankill Street Place, Taylor's Court, Thomas Street, Thompson's Court, Totten's Street, Ulster Street, Union Street #1999539
1911 Ireland Census: Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 49/81-88 Lurgan Town: Victoria Street, Victoria Place, Waring Street, Waringstown Road, Watson's Lane, Weaver's Row, Wellington Street, Wesley Place #1999540
1911 Ireland Census: Lurgan Urban D.E.D. 49/89-91 Lurgan Town: William Street, Windsor Avenue, Woodville Street #1999541
Early 18th century list of freeholders on the various Co. Armagh properties including the Brownlow estate -- Brownlow wills -- The Manor of Richmond in 1706 -- The Brownlow estate rentals -- Sir William Brownlow's muster roll of 1630 -- Shankill Parish subsidy roll of 1634, poll abstract of 1660, hearth money rolls or 1664 and 1665, Protestant householders of 1740, householders of 1766 -- Lurgan and adjacent parishes -- Armagh Chancery decrees -- Registers of births, deaths, marriages, of "friends" of Lurgan Co. Armagh monthly meeting -- The Logan family -- Lurgan / by W.R. Gracey -- Descent of the family of Reid -- Links between Armagh and Lurgan -- Interesting names associated with Lurgan -- The Town of Lurgan -- Shankill -- Lurgan, an examination of the depositions of 1641 -- The Lurgan spade -- Antiquities of Lurgan and district -- Brownlow pedigree chart -- Brownlow wills #1279352

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Boyd Stewart Smith
Hopps Denise McAvoy
McCaveney Joyce
News Gail
Reynolds Lola Wilson
Savage P. Molyneux
Thomson Emjie Baird
Walsh Lola Wilson
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