*= later occupant
In fee and free means owned by occupant

Map #	Occupants		Immediate Lessors


1ab	McGaver, Rev. Edw. 	White, Col. Henry
1c	Kavanagh, Wm.		McGaver, Rev. Edw.
1d	Kavanagh, Thos.			"
2	Kavanagh, Wm			"
3a	Gurry, Thos.			"
3b	Gurry, Mary		Gurry, Thos.
4a	Gannon, Anne 		McGaver, Rev. Edw. (Anne Gannon lined through)
4b	Dowd, Peter			"


1	Farrell, Thos.		White, Col. Henry
2,3	Rooney, Michl.			"
a	Corrigan, Bernard	Rooney, Michl.
4	Rourke, Bernard		White, Col. Henry
5	McGaver, Rev. Edw.		"
6	Jordan, Bryan		White, Col. Henry
7	Jordan, John			"
8	Gill, James			"
9	McCormack, John			"


1AB	Hanlon, John		White, Col. Henry
2	Beausire, Henry 	In fee
	(Sect. to the Mid. Great Western RailWay Co.)

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