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 Letter from John Feeney in Longford, Ireland to his brother Francis Feeney in Pennsylvania, America
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December the 14,, 1859

Dear Brother I take this opertunity of addressing those
few lines to you hoping to find yous all in good
health as this leaves me in at present thanks be to
God for it  Dear Brother received your letter on the
9,,th of December 1859 which leaves me much contented
in mind and i am very much Delighted for to hear
that my father and brother Christopher and families
is all in good health and doing well and my sister anne to
and dear brother I hope that your promise will not be
As theirs was and Dear Brother you are aware of how people
of this Country wishes to be there and Dear Francis if you
think it leans too heavy upon you for to pay our 2,, passages i hope
you will not faile but to pay mine surely
for you know it would be more easyer for us both
to pay her passage than you to pay mine at Another time
and Dear brother all your inquiring friends and neighbors
is All doing well and wishing you the same and Dear
Brother the Day that this letter was rote my time was up
in John Mahers and on account of this letter which
you have sent me he objected for to settle with me
for the next year because you promised to pay my
passage next Spring and i hope that you will not
fail in your promise to pay my passage and if you will
if ever it lies in my power will not foret it to you
I hope that you will not forget us as the rest did
and i hope us both will plant our Maybush in the one street
together in memory of old times on the old chartherhousehill
at Captain’s hills.
and Dear Francis ??Gwen?? ONeil is Preparing to be with
me next spring and i hope you will not separate us
and Francis I hope you will not fail but to send me
An answer as soon as possible and let ((??me??  ??us??)) how my
Father and Brother Christopher is situated in life
and if you have seen or hear of Jinny ??fihely”” let her know
that her aunt Bridget is in a very great state of sickness
no more at present from your loving Brother and sister
Ellen and John Feeny of Longford
Direct your letter to James Dennery [this line appears to be crossed out]
Direct your letter to John Feeny in care of James Dennery Longford
        ??[one word possibly illegible] new street [illegible abbrev.]
we send our love and best respects to yous all
and let Christophers wife know that her father and mother
and family is all in good health and Doing well in
Whiterock and no change as yet for marrage