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Chapel, Miss melancholy Accident July 17, 1866

Detroit Free Press July 17, 1866
Last evening about 10 o'clock a most deplorable accident 
occurred near the corner of Gratiot and Randolph, by which a 
young lady named Miss E. Chapel, recently from County 
Wicklow, Ireland, lost her life. The circumstances of the 
melancholy affair are that the deceased was stopping with a 
family, Mr. Thos.[Thomas] FINN's in this city, by who whom 
she and her family were known in the old country, when 
another family (Mr. STRONG's) also formerly acquainted, 
residing on Baker street, became aware of the fact. Mr. 
Strong and wife last evening proceeded in a buggy to convey 
Miss Chapel to their residence, and the three started 
therefor. On Monroe avenue, the horse became ungovernable, 
or was mismanaged, and in swinging around, Mr. and Mrs. 
Strong were thrown from the vehicle. The horse then started 
off at a terrific pace, and when on the corner above 
mention, Miss C. was thrown out violently to the ground, her 
head striking the hard pavement, producing a compound 
fracture of the skull, from the effects of which she died in 
about five minutes afterwards. The deceased was conveyed to 
a neighboring house and all that care and attention could do 
was furnished, but without avail. The deceased, in company 
with her mother and brother, came here about two weeks ago, 
and intending to seek a home in the far West, the two former 
proceeded on to fix upon a location, leaving the unfortunate 
girl behind until it should have been provided. A truly sad 
announcement awaits their return. Miss CHAPEL had upon her 
person nearly $100 in gold, and was otherwise provided for 
as a lady in good circumstances. Mr. Strong was subsequently 
arrested to await an investigation of the facts.