Church: WICKLOW, Glenealy Church of Ireland, Co.Wicklow. Marriages 1808-1845
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Contributed by: Joyce Tunstead


1808 Aug 14     John Ellison to Margaret Usher

1822 Aug 13	William Jackson of the Parish of Clough to Mary Mason, Union of Kilmore,
                Co.Wexford. Special Licence. Witnesses: William Johnson of the Parish of Clough,
                Co.Wexford and John Jones of the Union of Ferns, Co.Wexford.

1822 Nov 18	John Jackson, Glenealy to Anne Jones, Aghold.  Witnesses:  William Johnson of
                the Parish of Clough, Wexford and John Jones of the Union of Ferns, Co.Wexford.

1826 Feb 6 	John Longchafer, Glenealy to Anne Barry, Glenealy. Banns

1827 Feb 20 	George Mullen to Elizabeth Woolahan.  Banns

1827 July 14	John McQuirk to Frances Sunderland.  Banns

1828 Nov 6	John Henry Strong, Bray to Anne Sutton, Glenealy.  Licence

1828/29 	James Owens, Wicklow to Mary Blayney (no date was entered)

1829 Mar 3	George Manning, Rathdrum to Eliza Sutton, Kilcommon  Witnesses: Jo Sutton and
                John H. Strong.

1829 Aug 21	William Fox, St.Peters Dublin, to Maria Armstrong, Glenealy.  Licence.
                Witnesses: Thomas Fox and Charles Armstrong

1829 Dec 5	Joseph Hampson, Wicklow to Elizabeth Keating, Glenealy.  Banns.
                Witnesses: John Wilkinson and George Wilkinson

1830 Dec 20	John Haughton, Wicklow to Sarah Turnor, Rathnew.  Licence.
                Witnesses: Richard (?) Turnor and William Haughton

1831 Feb 26	Robert Bowen, Killiskey to Hannah Bodey, Kilcommon.
                Witnesses: John Williams and George Bodey

1832 Oct 25 	James Campbell, Rathdrum to Jane Williams, Glenealy.  Licence.

1832 Dec 10	Montgomery Blair, Dunganstown to Frances Archer, Glenealy.  Banns.

1833 Jan 14	Robert Barry, Wicklow to Mary Jeffries, otherwise Hill.  Licence.
                Witnesses: John Hill and John Francis Bradshaw.

1833 Oct 7	Robert Dalton, Glenealy to Mary Mangan, Dunganstown.  Banns.
                Witnesses: William Day and Ellen Winne

1834 June 2	George Caldwell, Dunganstown to Alice Bryan, Glenealy.  Banns.
                Witnesses: Thomas Bryan and Mary McDaniel

1834 June 15	George Mason, Wicklow to Susannah Banks.  Licence.
                Witnesses: Francis(?) Banks and James Banks.  Note: The Bride's name was
                not entered, but has been taken from her signature.

1835 Sept 19	John Hill, Wicklow to Eliza Phillips, otherwise Parker.  Licence.
                Witnesses: Robert Barry and John Parker

1837 Feb 25	John Canterbury, Rathdrum to Charlotte Manning.  Licence.
                Witnesses: William Manning and Archibald Manning.

1839 June 3	Edward Webb, Killiskey to Ann Jones, Glenealy.  Licence.
                Witnesses: Robert Jones and James Hayes.

1839 July 22	Thomas Williams, Newcastle to Mary Williams, Glenealy.  Licence.
                Witnesses: George Ellison and William Williams.

1939 Dec 31 	Jeremiah Saunders, Rathnew to Letitia Turner, Glenealy.
                Witnesses:  Matthew Turner and John Haughton

1840 Jan 8	Joseph Chamney, Glenealy to Maria Body, Glenealy.  Licence.
                Witnesses: George Bodey and William Bradshaw

1840 July 20	Andrew Leeson, Preban to Sarah Hall, Rathnew.  Licence.
                Witnesses:  John Ardagh(?) Thompson and Edward Hall.

1840 Dec 7	John Byrne, Rathdrum to Eliza Bowen, Glenealy.  Licence

1841 Nov 25	George Wright, Beggars Bush Barracks to Charlotte Wyly,
                Glenealy. Consent of Mother

1841 Dec 16	Anthony Fawcett, Dunganstown to Sarah Hayes, Glenealy.  Licence.
                Witnesses: Wm. Hayes and James Hayes.

1842 Jan 8	John Farr (or Fair) to Margaret Tallon.  Licence.
                Witnesses: William Tallon and James Tallon

1843 Feb 2	George Jacob, Carnew, to Elizabeth Crowther, Dublin.  Licence.
                Witnesses: John Jacob and Robert Dormer

1843 Feb 20 	John Manning, Glenealy to Elizabeth Evans, Castlemacadam.  Licence and Parents' Consent.
                Witnesses: Joseph Correll and Elizabeth Manning.

1843 Feb 21	John Ellis, Wicklow to Martha Bradshaw, Glenealy.  Licence.
                Witnesses: John Buckley and William Winder

1843 Mar 2	Christopher St. George, Phoenix Park, Dublin to Elizabeth Turner.  Licence.
                Witnesses: Matthew Turner and Jane Turner

1843 Oct 21	Edward Tutty, Dunlavin to Sarah Allan.  Licence and Consent of Parents.
                 Witnesses:  Thomas Allen and Anne Tutty

1844 June 1	Mathew Tutty, Kilcommon to Grace Allen.  Licence and Consent of Parents.
                Witnesses:  Thomas Allen and Mary Tutty

1844 Sept 14	William Cain, Rathdrum to Anne Hawkins.  Licence.
                Witnesses: George Jacob and William Halpin.

1844 Oct 11	Elijah Strahan of Manchester to Margaret Heney (or Henry).  Licence.
                Witnesses: Benjamin Carr and George Jacob.

1844 Nov. 30	John Wingrose Manning, Rathdrum to Elizabeth Manning, Glenealy.  Consent of Parents.
                Witnesses: George W. Manning and John Jenkinson.

1845 Jan 10 	William Carr, Glenealy to Anne Fox.  Licence. Witnesses: George Jacob and Benjamin Carr.

1866 Jun 14th   Daniel JOHNSON, full age, widower, Auctioneer, Ballinacarrig.  His father Edward Johnson, Surveyor
                to Mary MANNING, full age, spinster, Glasnarget, Her Father: Robert Manning, Farmer. Both Signed.
                Witnesses - Bernard Manning, George Manning.   Marriage by Licence.