Death:  Warren, Elizabeth 3 February 1892

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File contributed by: Robert Leggett


No of Cert.:307
Date and Place of Death: 3rd February 1892, Corriganea.
Name: Elizabeth Warren
Sex: Female
Condition: Widow
Age Last Birthday: 80 Yrs.
Rank, Profession, Or Occupation: Widow Of Farmer
Certified Cause Of Death: Old Age No. Med. Att.
Informant: Abraham Warren.Present at death.
Residence of Informant: Corriganea
When Registered: 10th February 1892
Registered in the District of Gorey by W. I. Weldon.

Comment-- Abraham Warren Was The Son Of John Warren, A 
Farmer John Was Married To Elizabeth Leggett In St. 
Kiltennel Parish Church ( Ci ) In 1833, She Was The Daughter 
Of William Leggett Of Dundalk. Abraham And Elizabeth Warren 
Are Both Buried  In Old Christ Church Graveyard In Gorey,