Church: County WEXFORD, Rathanga Baptisms. M-Y	  
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  Registers 1856-1892 missing
 DATE         CHILD                        FATHER                  MOTHER                    ADDRESS         1ST SPONSOR           2ND SPONSOR		   NOTE
 2/6/1836     M Carty Margaret             Thomas M Carty          Anne M Carty                              James Walsh           Joany Flood
 4/6/1836     M Grath Anty                 William M Grath         Mary M Grath                              James Joice           Margaret Coady
 00/6/1834    M Grath James                William M Grath         Mary M Grath                              Patt Stafford         ??  Walsh
 26/8/1832    M Grath Thomas               Thomas M Grath          Mary M Grath                              James Kelly           Anty Neil
 14/2/1834    M.Carty Margaret             Thomas M. Carty         Anne M.Carty                              James Wilson          Judy Whitty
 25/12/1903   MacCormack Mary Kate         John MacCormack         Catherine Westnott        Scar            William MacCormack    Johanna Byrne
 30/01/1941   MacDonald Cath. Martina      James MacDonald         Margt Mary Wallace        Horesland       Michael Sinnott       Cath Johanna Wallace
 12/06/1944   MacDonald Elizabeth Mary     James MacDonald         Margaret Mary Wallace     Horesland       William Maddock       Katherine Maddock
 17/08/1942   MacDonald James              James MacDonald         Margaret Mary Wallace     Horesland       Edward MacDonald      Elizabeth Sinnott         
 14/02/1946   MacDonald John Patrick       James MacDonald         Margaret Mary Wallace     Horesland       Peter Wallace         Mary Maddock             
 12/3/1824    Mack Catherine               Michael Mack            Judy Mack                                 Patt Maher            Ellen Stafford
 6/6/1830     Mack Ellen                   Michael Mack            Judy Mack                                 John Murphy           Catherine Sweetman
 9/11/1821    Mack Mary                    Michael Mack            Judy Mack                                 Nicholas Barry        Margaret Browne
 10/11/1826   Mack Thomas                  Michael Mack            Judy Mack                                 Thomas Barry          Mary Murphy
 4/6/1828     Mackey Margaret              James Mackey            Mary Mackey                               Peter Dumphy          Catherine Ronan
 7/6/1835     Mackey Martin                Martin Mackey           Margaret Mackey                           Nicholas Walsh        Ellen Furlong
 11/12/1822   Mackey Mary                  James Mackey            Mary Mackey                               Walter Stafford       Mary Donahoe
 1/7/1832     Mackey Mary                  Martin Mackey           Margaret Mackey                           John Furlong          Joany Walsh
 7/2/1826     Mackey Nicholas              James Mackey            Mary Mackey                                                     Anty Browne
 22/5/1853    Maddach John                 Matthew Maddach         Mary French               Johnstown       Patt Codd             Eliza Corralle
 28/8/1838    Maddix John                  James Maddix            Mary Maddix                               John Whitty           Ellen Kelly
 17/7/1893    Maddock Anastasia            John Maddock            Elizabeth Kavanagh        Gibberpatrick   Richard Siggins       Margaret Furlong
 21/6/1856    Maddock Catherine            Mathew Maddock          Mary French               Johnstown       Martin French         Mary Coghlan
 10/5/1898    Maddock Elizabeth            John Maddock            Elizabeth Kavanagh        Gibberpatrick   Francis Sinnott       Margaret Dunne            m.John Power,Rathangan 6/9/1921
 17/04/1939   Maddock Elizabeth Mary       William Maddock         Mary Ellen Jordan         Gobberpatrick   Patrick Murphy        Margaret Furlong
 14/07/1908   Maddock Ellen                John Maddock            Johanna Harpur            Newhouse        Patrick Neile         Mary Ellen Neile
 31/5/1835    Maddock James                James Maddock           Mary Maddock                              Thomas Dunne          Ellen Murphy
 2/6/1825     Maddock Margaret             Lawrence Maddock        Ellen Maddock                             Nicholas Fortune      Catherine Kelly
 12/11/1840   Maddock Mary                 Matt Maddock            Mary French                               Mick Parle            Judy Breen
 21/06/1945   Maddock Matthew John         William Maddock         Mary Ellen Jordan         Gibberwell      Patrick Jordan        Ellen Murphy
 07/11/1900   Maddock Patrick              John Maddock            Elizabeth Kavanagh        Gibberpatrick   John French           Margaret Maddock          m.Margt Jordan,Rathangan 6/1/1931
 08/05/1924   Maddock Patrick              Peter Maddock           Julia Berney              Johnstown       Patrick Maddock       Katie Maddock
 26/2/1839    Maddock Patt                 Matt Maddock            Mary French                               Nick Coghlan          Catherine French
 9/1/1896     Maddock William              John Maddock            Elizabeth Kavanagh        Gibberpatrick   Patrick Murphy        Catherine Maddock         m.Mary Ellen Jordan,Rathangan 19/1/1938
 20/1/1833    Maddox Eliza                 James Maddox            Mary Maddox                               John Kelly            Catherine Hayse
 15/1/1843    Madock Anty                  Matt Madock             Mary French               Jonstown        Watt Murphy           Margaret Caughilon
 30/10/1831   Madox James                  James Madox             Mary Madox                                Richard Boggin        Catherine Cogley
 23/1/1823    Madox Michael                Lawrence Madox          Ellen Madox                               Silvy Nanton          Margaret ??
 17/7/1818    Magiattory Thomas            James Magiattory        Mary Magiattory                           Wm Tench              Mary Molloy
 27/7/1897    Magragh Anne                 Patrick Magragh         Lucy Corish               Nicaree         James Welsh           Bridget Corish
 24/06/1902   Magragh Bridget              James Mcgragh           Julia Bent                Duncormack      James Sinnott         Mary Anne Murphy
 18/1/1896    Magragh Catherine Anne       Patrick Magragh         Lucy Corish               Nickaree        Martin Corish         Margaret Corish           m.Samuel Farers,Michigan 7/12/1918
 26/05/1902   Magragh John Joseph          Patrick Magragh         Lucy Corish               Glebe           Michael Brien         Anne Eliza Rossiter       m.Sarah Cleary,Rathangan 15/7/1936
 11/1/1833    Magrah Patrick               Patrick Magrah          Betty Magrah                              Pierce Power          Bridget Barry
 27/1/1824    Magrah Thomas                Patrick Magrah          Eliza Magrah                              James Coady           Eliza Furlong
 5/12/1825    Magrah William               Patrick Magrah          Betty Magrah                              John Neal             Mary Hoody
 14/3/1838    Magrath Catherine            Matt Magrath            Mary Magrath                                                    Mary Furlong
 14/6/1825    MaGrath John                 Thomas MaGrath          Mary MaGrath                              James Stafford        Ellen Neal
 13/9/1832    Magrath Michael              Thomas Magrath          Mary Magrath                              James Devereux        Mary Larkin
 18/5/1836    Maguire Anne                 James Maguire           Judy Maguire                              Patt Bannwell         Catherine Furlong
 23/5/1842    Maher Ellen                  Patt Maher              Honor Burke                                                     Catherine Radford
 10/4/1834    Maher James                  Patt Maher              Judy Maher                                Thomas Sinnott        Catherine Rosseter
 00/00/1838   Maher Johanna                Patt Maher              Judy Maher                                Dennis Dunne          Anne Furlong
 19/6/1832    Maher Margaret               Patt Maher              Judy Dunne                                James Dunne           Mary Synnott
 7/12/1837    Mahony ??                    Patt Mahony		  
 25/5/1824    Mahony Catherine             Patt Mahony              Margaret Mahony                                                Judy Boyle
 8/11/1829    Mahony John                  Patt Mahony             Eliza Mahony                              Phil Kenedy           Ellen Whitty
 11/2/1831    Mahony John                  Patt Mahony             Eliza Mahony                              John Reily            Mary Synnott
 7/6/1835     Mahony Mary                  Patt Mahony             Betty Mahony                              Dennis Mahony         Betty Kenedy
 4/4/1837     Mahony Mary                  Dennis Mahony           Ellen Mahony                              Nicholas Power        Catherine Butler
 19/9/1841    Mahony Peter                 Dennis Mahony           Ellen Kelly                                                     Jane Kean
 24/5/1833    Mahony Thomas                Patt Mahony             Eliza Mahony                              Michael Kelly         Margaret **
 23/11/1940   Mallin Margaret Cecelia      Thomas Mallin           Elizabeth Monaghan        St Anns         James Monaghan        Anne Monaghan
 20/2/1838    Malone Anne                  Walter Malone           Margaret Malone                           John Cullen           Catherine ??
 24/3/1841    Malone Elen                  Watt Malone             Margaret Synnott                          Garret Malone         Margaret Malone
 8/3/1826     Malone Elizabeth             John Malone             Mary Malone                                                     Anty Kelly
 4/5/1805     Malone Gerard                John Malone             Catherine Malone                          Patrick Murphy        Margaret Power
 7/1/1833     Malone Mary                  Watt Malone             Margaret Malone                           Mick O` Neal          Catherine ??
 1/2/1813     Malone Patrick               John Malone             Bridget Malone                            Patrick McGrath       Maryanne Darly
 3/7/1831     Malone Patrick               John Malone             Mary Malone                               William Hayse         Anne Walsh
 21/8/1832    Malone Patrick               John Malone             Mary Malone                               Stephen Cody          Margaret French
 15/6/1828    Malone William                John Malone            Mary Malone                               Joseph Roach          Joany Coady
 24/4/1826    Malowney Mary                Andrew Molowney         Eliza Molowney                                                  Ellen Murphy
 6/9/1832     Malowney Nicholas            Andrew Malowney         Eliza Malowney                            Francis Furlong       Bridget Furlong
 20/2/1842    Malowney Patt                Andy Malowney           Bess Parle                                Patt Barnwell         Catherine Furlong
 4/7/1834     Malowny Catherine            Andrew Malowny          Eliza Malowny                             Stephen White         Anne White
 30/3/1838    Malowny Catherine            Andrew Malowny          Eliza Malowny                             John Furlong          Judy Furlong
 24/12/1830   Malowny Jean                 Andrew Malowny          Eliza Malowny                             Mathew Furlong        Ellen White
 1/1/1843     Malowny Patt                 Thomas Malowny          Eliza Rossiter            Redmoore        John Furlong          Margaret Coady
 22/6/1826    Maney Mary                                                                                     John Dunne            Margaret Cogly
 00/00/1838   Many John                    Denis Many              Ellen Many                                James O'Keefe         Mary O'Keefe
 00/9/1838    Many John                    Denis Many              Ellen Many                                James Keeffe          Mary Dunne
 15/7/1841    Maren John                   Thomas Maren            Margaret Donnelly                         Watt Furlong          Mary Neil
 29/07/1908   Martin Anastatia             Thomas Martin           Margaret Kavanagh         Gibberwell      Patrick Sinnott       Anastatia Kavanagh
 07/04/1947   Martin Catherine             John Martin             Agnes Byrne               Ballymagyr      Michael McCarrick     Anna Power                m.Nicholas Colfer,Duncannon 17/1/1968
 18/07/1949   Martin Josephine Imelda      John Martin             Mary Agnes Byrne          Ballymagyr      John Kavanagh         Alice Byrne
 16/10/1945   Martin Margaret Mary         John Martin             Mary Agnes Byrne          Ballymagir                                                      m.Richard Ryan,Rathangan 19/11/1966
 16/03/1952   Martin Patrick Joseph        John Martin             Mary Agnes Byrne          Ballymagyr      James Jordan          Ellen Wall               
 14/04/1902   Mary Anne Keyes              Thomas Keyes            Anne Eliza Sinnott        Gibberpatrick   James Keyes           Mary Anne Sinnott
 20/12/1826   Mary Murphy                  John Murphy             Mary Murphy                                                     Jean Barry
 31/7/1831    Mary Radford                 Peter Radford           Anne Radford                              James Neil            ?? Hayse
 2/6/1855     Mathew Furlong               Nicholas Furlong        Mary Carroll              Kilbore         Ian Barnwell          Mary Hore
 17/3/1829    Maxwel Francis               John Maxwel             Mary Maxwel                               James Coady           Alicia Goagh
 20/7/1831    Maxwel Margaret              John Maxwel             Mary Maxwel                               Nicholas Power        Mary Furlong
 8/3/1835     Maxwell John                 John Maxwell            Mary Maxwell                              Thomas Power          Kitty Furlong
 28/7/1826    Maxwell Mary                 John Maxwell            Mary Maxwell                                                    Elizabeth Furlong
 05/12/1932   May Mary Bridget             James May               Phylis Cullen             St Anns         James Corish          Kate Furlong
 05/12/1932   May Mary Elizabeth           James May               Phylis Cullen             St Anns         Nicholas Byrne        Mary Cullen               m.James Browne,Taghmon 13/2/1959
 14/6/1826    Mayan James                  Patt Mayan              Mary Mayan                                Peter Cogly           Mary Synnott
 18/10/1839   Mayler Catherine             Richard Mayler          Mary Hancy                                John Harpur           Margaret Roach
 30/8/1839    Mayler James                 Nicholas Mayler         Margaret Mayler                           James Sinnott         Mary Mayler
 7/6/1826     Mayler Margaret              James Mayler            Mary Mayler                                                     Mrs. Margaret Redmond
 30/06/1906   Mayler Martin                William Mayler          Mary Purcell              Duncormick      Patrick Cleary        Margaret Walsh
 15/3/1841    Mayler Mary                  Nick Mayler             Anty Nowlan                               James Cullen          Mary Nowlan
 6/4/1841     Mayler Mary                  Nicholas Mayler         Margaret Walsh                            James Kavanagh        Catherine Sinnott
 13/05/1911   Mayler Robert                William Mayler          Mary Purcell              Duncormack      Nicholas Barry        Margaret Purcell          m.Mary Boddy,Dublin5/10/1947
 02/05/1910   Mayler William Robert        William Mayler          Mary Purcell              Duncormack      Laurence Tirney       Mary Kenny
 17/5/1834    Mc Cabe James                Wally Mc Cabe           Judy Mc Cabe                              Richard Furlong       Mary Furlong
 26/6/1837    Mc Cabe Mary                 Walter Mc Cabe          Judy Mc Cabe                              Nicholas Newport      Fanny Kavanagh
 9/4/1837     Mc Cane Mary                 Charles Mc Cane         Winifred Mc Cane                          John Kealing          Bridget  Mahony
 22/7/1832    Mc Carty John                Thomas Mc Carty         Anne Mc Carty                             John Furlong          Bess Lambert
 11/7/1841    Mc Carty Mary                Thomas Mc Carty         Anne Flood                                James Flood           Mrs .Whitty
 11/7/1841    Mc Carty Nicholas            Thomas Mc Carty         Anne Flood                                Patrick Roche         Mrs.Furlong
 21/4/1840    Mc Donnell Mary              William Mc Donnell      Ellen Fowler                                                    Anne Fowler
 17/2/1840    Mc Gloghlan Lawrence         Thomas Mc Gloghlan      Anne Corcoran                             James Neil            Anty Roche
 4/5/1842     Mc Glouhlen Richard ??       Thomas ??               Ann Carenen                               John Byrne            Ellen Redmond
 16/1/1835    Mc Gragh Mary                John Mc Gragh           Mary Mc Gragh                             Thomas Mc Gragh       Margaret Barry
 20/2/1835    Mc Grah John                 Matty Mc Grah           Mary Mc Grah                              John White            Anty White
 20/10/1842   Mc Grath James               Neatty Mc Grath         Mary White                Sear                                  Anne  White
 7/4/1842     Mc Grath Martin              Michael Mc Grath        Margaret Dugan                            Patt Walsh            Judy Power
 00/1/1835    Mc Grath Michael             Patt Mc Grath           Eliza Mc Grath                                     ??  Mc Grath Margaret Walsh
 5/12/1837    Mc Grath Thomas              Michael Mc Grath        Margaret Mc Grath                         James Devereux        Mary Walsh
 30/5/1840    Mc Graw Martin               Mick Mc graw            Peggy Dugan                               Tom Power             Catherine Hogan
 00/5/1838    Mc Guire Dorothy             James Mc Guire          Judy Mc Guire                             James Barnwell        Betty Shia
 21/10/1829   Mcabe Mick                   Wally Mcabe             Judy Mcabe                                                      Catherine Furlong
 28/01/1913   McCabe Margaret Brigid       Moses McCabe            Mary Furlong              Longridge       Nicholas Codd         Mary Moran                m.Ml Morrissey,Adamstown 18/8/1941
 20/04/1910   McCabe Mary Kate             Moses M McCabe          Mary Furlong              Longridge       Thomas Laffan         Mary Murphy               m.John Roche,Adamstown 9/5/1934
 12/06/1911   McCabe Moses                 Moses McCabe            Mary Furlong              Longridge       Philip Moran          Margaret Byrne            m.Anna Doyle,Taghmon 19/9/1945
 03/06/1924   McCarrick Margaret Mary      James McCarrick         Alice Coady               Blackstone      Nicholas Cleary       Mary Harpur               m.Richard Cullen,Rathangan 11/10/1961
 12/03/1923   McCarrick Michael Joseph     James McCarrick         Alice Coady               Blackstone      Michael Harpur        Catherine Furlong         m.Margt Kinsella,Oulart 9/2/1959
 00/12/1838   McCarthy  Mun.....  ??       Thomas  McCarthy        Anne McCarthy                             Denis Clancy          Mary Lambert
 18/09/1930   McCarthy Mary Ellen          Larence McCarthy        Catherine Moran           Belgrove        Peter Moran           Margaret Neville          m.Thos Devereux,Crg on Bannow 2/9/1969
 9/6/1854     McDonald James               Thomas McDonald         Kitty Byrne               Duncormick      Robert Carroll        Anne Laffen
 17/6/1855    McDonald Johanna             Ollich McDonald         Jane Rositer                              Fredy Kelly           Marg Furlong
 19/03/1957   McDonald Josephine Anne      James McDonald          Margaret Wallace          Horesland
 28/06/1923   McDonnell Pauline Patricia   John McDonnell          Elizabeth Maher           Ballymagir      Patrick Redmond       Josie Redmond             m.Walter Roche,Mulrankin 20/2/1946
 20/06/1958   McDonnell Thos Anthony       Daniel McDonnell        Agnes Coady               The Cull        Michael McCarrick     Margaret Murray
 12/04/1930   McGarry Rosalene Magdln      Francis McGarry         Margaret Parle            Ambrosetown     John Parle            Julia Byrne               m.J T Ryan,Rathangan 26/11/1968
 12/02/1936   McGarry Stephen              Frank McGarry           Margaret Parle            Ambrosetown     Philip Moran          Katie Byrne               m.Ann O Connor,Cork 25/4/1964
 01/08/1931   McGarry William Stephen      Francis McGarry         Margaret Parle            Ambrosetown     James Byrne           Susan Kavanagh            m.Teresa Maria Pender,Dublin 16/1/1960
 7/8/1821     McGee Lawrence               John McGee              Anne McGee                                James Ryan            Catherine Kelly
 4/6/1856     McGragh Nicholas             William McGrath         Catherine Brian           Duncormack      James Brian           Ellen Mullen
 23/6/1839    McGrah James                 John McGrah             Mary McGrah                               Joseph McGrah         Bridget Barry
 20/7/1821    McGrath Catherine            John McGrath            Margaret McGrath                                                Bridget Stafford
 24/5/1830    Mcgrath James                Patt Mcgrath            Eliza Mcgrath                             John Furlong          Susa Murphy
 10/9/1828    Mcgrath Joany                Thomas Mcgrath          Mary Mcgrath                              ??  Newport           Mrs.Stafford
 5/3/1828     Mcgrath John                 Patt Mcgrath            Bess Mcgrath                              Walter Power          Anty Cody
 1/11/1832    McGrath Margaret             Matthew McGrath         Mary McGrath                              Richard Furlong       Anne Furlong
 25/2/1839    McGrath Mary                 William McGrath         Mary McGrath                              Moses Ennis           Mary Sinnott
 26/2/1856    McGrath Michael              John McGrath            Catherine Browne          Glebe           Thomas Walsh          Ellen Roche
 16/1/1832    McGrath William              John McGrath            Mary McGrath                              Martin Rosseter       Anty Jordon
 12/2/1854    McGrath William              William McGrath         Cath O'Brien              Duncormick      Thomas McGrath        Johanna Brien
 30/06/1953   McGuire John Joseph                                  Mary McGuire              Redmonstown     James Rossiter        Margaret Walsh
 30/08/1916   McLoughlin Richard           Stephen McLoughlin      Lizzie Walsh              Johnstown       Aidan Walsh           Kate Coady
  14/12/1942   McLoughlin Stephen           John Stn McLghln.       Catherine Doran           Waddingtown     Patrick Berney        Cissie Walsh
 29/2/1824    Meany John                   John Meany              Mary Meany                                Nicholas Barry        Mary Fortune
 16/2/1832    Meriman James                Michael Meriman         Catherine Meriman                         Michael Power         Margaret Devereux
 13/12/1835   Mernagh Mary                 Martin Mernagh          Betty Hayse                               Sam Roach             Kitty Connor
 22/12/1839   Mernagh Mary                 Martin Mernagh          Betty Hayse                               Robert Clooney        Margaret Clooney
 25/11/1908   Meylar John Edward           William Meylar          Mary Purcell              Duncormack      Nicholas Cleary       Mary Flaherty
 13/6/1805    Meyler Anastasia             Bernard Meyler          Maria Meyler                              James Barry           Margaret Malloy
 1/4/1821     Meyler Anna                  James Meyler            Mary Meyler                               John Redmond          Catherine Doyle
 00/00/1829   Meyler Anne                  James Meyler            Wife Meyler                               James Harpur          Mary Murphy
 21/3/1822    Meyler Bridget               Patt Meyler             Mary Meyler                               Wm Sinnott            Mary Cogley
 9/3/1819     Meyler Ellen                 James Meyler            Mary Meyler                                                     Betty Ennis
 09/05/1915   Meyler Ellen Mary            John Meyler             Kate Goff                 Blackstone      Thomas Goff           Alice Goff
 4/10/1820    Meyler Fanny                 John Meyler             Margaret Meyler                           Dennis Carty          Catherine Molloy
 21/9/1832    Meyler James                 James Meyler            Mary Meyler                                                     Margaret Murphy
 30/10/1912   Meyler James                 William Meyler          Mary Purcell              Duncormick      Patrick White         Margaret Redmond
 16/2/1820    Meyler John                  Patt Meyler             ??? Meyler                                Barnaby Radford       Betty Harper
 21/9/1828    Meyler Lawrence              John Meyler             Margaret Meyler                           Joe Rosseter          Nancy Molloy
 19/7/1826    Meyler Margaret              Thomas Meyler           Ellen Meyler                              Andy Jordon           Catherine Radford
 00/11/1836   Meyler Margaret              Richard Meyler          Margaret Meyler                           Peter Murphy          Mary Murphy
 30/8/1832    Meyler Mary                  Richard Meyler          Mary Meyler                                                     Mrs .Larkin
 14/06/1903   Meyler Michael               William Meyler          Mary Purcell              Duncormack      Michael Brien         Ellen Purcell
 9/6/1837     Meyler Patrick               Nicholas Meyler         Margaret Meyler                           Nicholas Harpur       Eliza Meyler
 6/4/1828     Meyler Patt                  John Meyler             Fanny Meyler                              John Radford          Mary Fortune
 6/11/1825    Meyler Richard               John Meyler             Margaret Meyler                           William Molloy        Fanny  Molloy
 26/01/1915   Meyler Simon                 William Meyler          Mary Purcell              Duncormack      Patrick Hayes         Mary Barry
 10/4/1823    Meyler William               John Meyler             Mary Meyler                                                     Fanny Radford
 27/05/1924   Millward Matilda                                                               Belgrove                                                        Adult
 00/11/1836   Misare John                  Thomas Misare           Margaret Misare                           Walter Cullen         Catherine Brian
 14/6/1856    Miscela Nicholas             James Miscela           Catharine White           Johnstown       Michael Parle         Anne Carty
 2/9/1855     Mishela James                James Mishela           Cath White                                John French           Anty Carle
 2/9/1855     Mishela Thomas               James Mishela           Cath White                Johnstown       Peter Carle           Marg Coughlan
 30/06/1952   Miskella Catherine Mary      Patrick Miskella        Mary Roche                Johnstown
 05/04/1901   Miskella James Joseph        Patrick Miskella        Margaret Crosbie          Waddington      Rev.William Kehoe     Elizabeth Crosbie
 31/10/1943   Miskella Margaret            Patrick Miskella        Mary Roche                Johnstown       James Carthy          Bridget Grant
 14/06/1941   Miskella Patrick Joseph      Patrick Miskella        Mary Roche                Johnstown       Richard French        Margaret Miskella
 18/07/1942   Miskella Peter Declan        Patrick Miskella        Mary Roche                Johnstown       Edward White          Philomena Roche           
 03/07/1937   Miskilla Elizabeth           Patrick Miskilla        Mary Roche                Scar            Laurence Miskilla     Ellen Dillon              m.Ml. Rochford,Chicago 19/2/1966
 18/8/1827    Moakler M                    Patt Moakler            Catherine Moakler                         Patt Cogley           Margaret Fortune
 14/11/1824   Moakler Mary                 Patt Moakler            Catherine Moakler                         David Fortune         Mrs. Stafford
 8/2/1832     Moakley Margaret             Patt Moakley            Catherine Moakley                         James Fortune         Bridget Doyle
 24/3/1840    Molay John                   Patt Molay              Anty Synnott                              Simon Larkin          Mary Murphy
 7/5/1835     Molloy Anne                  Thomas Molloy           Margaret Molloy                           Thomas Sinnott        Ellen Rosseter
 27/9/1832    Molloy Catherine             Matthew Molloy          Mary Molloy                               Matthew Codd          Mary Ennis
 00/8/1836    Molloy Edward                Thomas Molloy           Margaret Molloy                           William Molloy        Mrs. Rosseter
 24/6/1828    Molloy John                  Mathew Molloy           Mary Molloy                               Nicholas Harpur       Margaret Codd
 10/6/1856    Molloy Laurence              Patt Molloy             Anty Sinnott              Edwardstown     Nick Furlong          Mary Furlong
 24/9/1818    Molloy Lurence               Edward Molloy           Anty MOlloy                               Nicholas Fortune      Catherine Sinnott
 25/7/1830    Molloy Mary                  Matt Molloy             Mary Molloy                               John Walsh            Kitty Moloy
 20/9/1833    Molloy Mary                  Thomas Molloy           Margaret Molloy                           Joe Rosseter          Mary Walsh
 31/5/1837    Molloy Mary                  Patt Molloy             Anty Molloy                               Stephen Coady         Margaret Joice
 11/9/1841    Molloy Mary                  John Molloy             Bess Keefe                                Thomas Sinnott        Ellen Keefe
 10/1/1819    Molloy William               Lce Molloy              Mary Molloy                               John Roach            Nancy Molloy
 11/12/1836   Molowny Andrew               Andrew Molowny          Eliza Molowny                                                   Eliza Furlong
 05/01/1951   Monaghan Patricia Nuala      John Monaghan           Margaret Doyle            Knocktown
 06/04/1937   Monohan Andrew               John Monohan            Margaret Doyle            Redmoor         Andrew Monohan        Catherine Hogan          
 26/04/1929   Monohan Catherine Margt      John Monohan            Margaret Doyle            Commons         Mathew Monahan        Catherine Doyle           m.Chris. Bates,Rathangan 3/11/1955
 20/12/1940   Monohan Christina            John Monohan            Margaret Doyle            Robinstown      Aidan Walsh           Margaret Doyle
 11/02/1946   Monohan Eliz. Bernadette     John Monohan            Margaret Doyle            Knocktown       John Walsh            Philomena Roche
 03/06/1931   Monohan John Kevin           John Monohan            Margaret Doyle            Scar            Peter Roche           Elizabeth Monohan         m.Mgt Mary Kenny,Rathangan 27/4/1960
 11/09/1934   Monohan Margaret Mary        John Monohan            Margaret Doyle            Scar            James Corish          Mary Kate Codd            m.John McLoughlin,Arklow 26/12/1956
 13/06/1943   Monohan Mathew               John Monohan            Margaret Doyle            Knocktown       Kevin Walsh           Brigid Walsh
 09/01/1936   Monohan Patrick Aidan        John Monohan            Margaret Doyle            Scar            John Kenny            Josephine Doyle
 11/11/1939   Monohan Patrick Martin       John Monohan            Margaret Doyle            Robinstown      William Furlong       Margaret Murphy           m.Christina Arnold,Essex 4/8/1963
 30/08/1936   MonohanJohn Patrick          Matthew Monohan         Anastatia Doyle           Commons         Patrick Doyle         Margaret Doyle            m.Margaret Fortune 27/9/1967
 09/05/1932   MonohanMary Margaret         John Monohan            Margaret Doyle            Scar            Patrick Doyle         Mary Doyle                m.Thos Devereux,London 17/8/1956
 3/8/1830     Moody Margaret               James Moody             Mary Hoody                                Mick Parle            Catherine Coghlane
 9/7/1820     Moor Catherine               John Moor               Mary Moor                                 James Moor            Mary Colfer
 2/12/1854    Moor Denis                   William Moor            Ellen Harper              Brownstown      Michl Kearns          Margt Codd
 2/5/1831     Moor Martin                  John Moor               Mary Moor                                                       Anty Browne
 19/3/1826    Moor Mary                    Thomas Moor             Mary Moor                                 Matt Redmond          Margaret Radford
 23/1/1824    Moor Thomas                  John Moor               Mary Moor                                 Walter Stafford       Catherine Walsh
 31/01/1935   Moore Annie                  James Moore             Catherine Grant           Johnstown       Michael Brien         Sarah Cleary
 28/10/1803   Moore Catherine              James Moore             Maria Moore                               James Dake            Ann Murphy
 06/08/1931   Moore Catherine Bridget      James Moore             Catherine Grant           Johnstown       John Parle            Elizabeth O Neill         m.John McCurdy,Dublin 29/12/1954
 26/02/1930   Moore Daniel                 James Moore             Catherine Grant           Johnstown       Patrick Walsh         Margaret Hanlon
 02/01/1942   Moore Elizabeth Anne         William Moore           Anne Mary Furlong         St Anns         Laurence Doyle        Anne Doyle                m.Wm. Chris. Tobin,London 5/12/1964
 23/8/1822    Moore James                  John Moore              Mary Moore                                James Redmond         Joany Stafford
 01/06/1948   Moore Johanna Mary           Michael Moore           Mary Neill                Rochestown      James Neill           Rita Kealy
 13/06/1939   Moore John                   Michael Moore           Mary O Neill              Rochestown      Nicholas Neill        Margaret Neill
 14/10/1856   Moore Mary                   William Moore           Ellen Harper              Brownstown      Nicholas Harper       Margaret Casey
 11/06/1925   Moore Mary Ellen             James Moore             Catherine Grant           Johnstown       Philip Grant          Maggie Parle
 28/05/1926   Moore Patrick                Patrick Moore           Johanna Furlong           Killag          William Kendrick      Catherine Moore
 25/7/1828    Moore Patt                   John Moore              Mary Moore                                John Redmond          Mary Murphy
 27/10/1923   Moore Robert                 James Moore             Catherine Grant           Johnstown       Patrick Grant         Sarah Grant
 04/12/1927   Moore Sarah                  James Moore             Catherine Grant           Johnstown       Peter Moore           Ellen Moore               m.Thos. Furlong,Rathangan 8/9/1958
 23/11/1921   Moran Anastasia              Thomas Moran            Elizabeth Parle           Belgrove        John Moran            Margaret Crowley          m.Thos Walsh,Kilmacow 6/4/1953
 20/03/1945   Moran Anne Bridget           Peter Moran             Bridget Crowley           Belgrove        Thomas Crowley        Johanna Crowley
 27/12/1949   Moran Anne Kathleen          Nicholas Moran          Ellen Radford             Killag
 04/08/1913   Moran Annie                  Thomas Moran            Elizabeth Bolger          Johnstown       John Doran            Kate Mylett               m.Joseph Kelly,Dun Laoghaire 9/6/1942
 17/08/1955   Moran Anthony Joseph         John Moran              Mary Kate Neville         Gibberwell      John Kendrick         Margaret Kenny
 18/11/1837   Moran Bridget                Thomas Moran            Margaret Moran                            Phil Hickey           Bess English
 03/07/1915   Moran Bridget ??                                     Annie Moran               Belgrove        John Moran            Johanna Moran
 08/12/1918   Moran Bridget Agnes          Thomas Moran            Elizabeth Bolger          Johnstown       Patrick Murphy        Mary Quinn                m.Jas Hurley,Taghmon 26/10/1950
 14/11/1893   Moran Bridget Marg           Martin Moran            Margaret Doyle            Newhouse        Walter Furlong        Mary Furlong              m.Ml. Breen,Rathangan 7/9/1916
 28/3/1898    Moran Catherine              Philip Moran            Mary Corish               Gibberwell      James Cullen          Catherine Kenny           m.Laurence Carthy,Bannow 12/9/1928
 10/08/1908   Moran Catherine              Thomas Moran            Elizabeth Parle           Bellgrove       Thomas Wise           Catherine Walsh           m.John Kavanagh,Rathangan 27/7/1930
 17/08/1947   Moran Edward                 John Moran              Mary K. Neville           Duncormick      Patrick Kavanagh      Brigid Brennan
 14/7/1842    Moran Elen                   Larry Moran             Betty White                               Dick Cleary           Mary Walsh
 12/6/1896    Moran Elizabeth              Philip Moran            Mary Corish               Gibberwell      John Kehoe            Mary Bates
 03/02/1917   Moran Ellen                  Thomas Moran            Lizzie Parle              Belgrove        Aidan Walsh           Johanna Redmond           m.Thos. Griffin,Tramore 31/10/1943
 31/05/1955   Moran Irene Mary Brigid      Nicholas Moran          Ellen Radford             Killag
 1/7/1855     Moran James                  John Moran              Maryanne Walsh            Bellegrove      Garrett Joyce         Mary Moran
 27/3/1898    Moran James                  Thomas Moran            Mary Anne Johnson         Rathangan       Patrick Kelly         Mary Magragh              m.Eliz Shogan,Ballymitty 31/1/1923
 29/11/1902   Moran Johanna                Philip Moran            Mary Corish               Belgrove        Michael Moran         Sarah Elward
 10/6/1839    Moran John					  
 13/1/1894    Moran John                   Thomas Moran            MaryAnne Johnton          Duncormack      James Welsh           Ellen Murphy              m.Cath. Addington,Wales 21/4/1917
 19/02/1936   Moran John Edward            John Moran              Mary Kate Neville         Duncormick      Edward Brennan        Ellen Neville             m.Cath. Murphy,London N7 9/9/1961
 03/09/1903   Moran John Thomas            Martin Moran            Margaret Doyle            Newhouse        Patrick Byrne         Elizabeth Furlong
 28/10/1897   Moran Marg Mary              Martin Moran            Margaret Doyle            Newhouse        Joseph Dugan          Mary Roche                m.Nicholas Codd,Kilmore 23/11/1921
 15/1/1827    Moran Mary                   Philip Moran            Mary Moran                                                      Mary Murphy
 20/11/1893   Moran Mary Anne              Philip Moran            Elizabeth Corish          Riverstown      John Harpur           Elizabeth Moran           m.Martin Hogan,Rathangan 3/6/1919
 6/5/1896     Moran Mary Anne              Thomas Moran            Mary Anne Jordan          Duncormack      Patrick Kehoe         Eliza Moran
 04/11/1905   Moran Mary Anne              Thomas Moran            Elizabeth Parle           Belgrove        John Doyle            Sarah Grant
 22/04/1946   Moran Mary Eliza             Patrick Moran           Mary Fitzharris           Belgrove        Patrick Kavanagh      Elizabeth Fitzharris
 19/02/1915   Moran Mary Elizabeth         Thomas Moran            Elizabeth Parle           Bellgrove       William Redmond       Margaret Walsh            m.Patrick M Kelly,Waterford 17/2/1947
 08/08/1947   Moran Mary Ellen             Patrick Moran           Mary M. Fitzharris        Belgrove        Joseph Doyle          John Fitzharris
 30/07/1910   Moran Mary Kate              Thomas Moran            Eliazbeth Bolger          Johnstown       Philip Cullen         Margaret Roche            m.John Forsyth,DunLaoighre 25/9/1938
 17/05/1900   Moran Mary Margaret          Philip Moran            Mary Corish               Gibberwell      James Keogh           Mary Doyle                m.Thos Neville,Rathangan 5/2/1923
 06/08/1941   Moran Mary Margaret          Peter Moran             Bridget Crowley           Belgrove        John Crowley          Anne Neville              m.John Doyle,Rathangan 4/7/1960
 27/08/1919   Moran Mathew                 Thomas Moran            Elizabeth Parle           Belgrove        Patrick Redmond       Johanna Moran             m.Margt Foley,St. Peter/Paul,Cork 25/9/54
 31/07/1916   Moran Mathew Seamus          Thomas Moran            Elizabeth Bolger          Johnstown       Laurence Roche        Mary Kate Quinn           m.Brigid Downey,Monkstown 19/6/1946
 05/05/1902   Moran Michael                Thomas Moran            Eliza Parle               Belgrove        Philip Moran          Alice Parle
 04/11/1904   Moran Michael John           Philip Moran            Mary Corish               Belgrove        John Doyle            Sarah Grant               m.Anastatia Doyle,Rathangan 6/2/1928
 13/4/1823    Moran Nicholas               Phil Moran              Mary Moran                                Mick Murphy           Betty Walsh
 17/4/1829    Moran Nicholas               Phil Moran              Mary Moran                                James Walsh           Eliza Murphy
 17/01/1949   Moran Nicholas James         Nicholas Moran          Ellen Radford             Killag
 24/07/1913   Moran Patrick                Thomas Moran            Elizabeth Parle           Belgrove        James Moore           Kate Moran                m.Mary Fitzharris,Rathangan 15/11/1944
 19/06/1939   Moran Patrick                John Moran              Mary Kate Neville         Duncormick      Peter Moran           Bridget Moran             m.Helen Gardiner,Dublin 31/10/1964
 1/4/1834     Moran Peter                  Thomas Moran            Margaret Moran                            Nicholas Moran        Ann Coghlane
 08/12/1907   Moran Peter James            Philip Moran            Mary Corish               Bellgrove       James walsh           Anne Moran                m.Bridget Crowley,Rathangan 15/2/1939
 10/10/1894   Moran Philip                 Martin Moran            Margaret Doyle            Newhouse        Thomas Moran          Catherine Doyle           m.Mgt Mary O Connor,Adamstown 30/4/19
 02/05/1944   Moran Philip                 John Moran              Mary Kate Neville         Duncormick      William Brennan       Mary Brien                
 15/04/1912   Moran Sidhle                 Thomas Moran            Elizabeth Bolger          Johnstown       John Murphy           Johanna Bolger
 15/05/1911   Moran Stephen                Thomas Moran            Eliza Parle               Bellgrove       John Moran            Anne Kavanagh             m.Anastatia Folls,Piercestown 14/2/1939
 02/02/1904   Moran Thomas                 Thomas Moran            Eliza Parle               Belgrove        John Doyle            Anne Moran
 20/03/1945   Moran Thomas Patrick         Patrick Moran           Mary Fitzharris           Belgrove        Matthew Moran         Ellen Fitzharris
 17/05/1915   Moran Walter                 Thomas Moran            Elizabeth Bolger          Johnstown       Patrick Chapman       Ellen Chapman
 23/3/1827    Morgan Mary                  Morgan Michael          Mary Morgan                               John Murphy           Mary Murphy
 22/5/1831    Moris Mary                   Francis Moris           Mary Moris                                                      Mrs Browne
 28/2/1839    Moriss ?? Margaret           James Moriss ??         Mary                                      James Brown           Anna Rossiter
 2/6/1836     Morisy Joe                   Michael Morisy          Catherine Morisy                          Joe Morisy            Judy Quin
 10/6/1836    Morres Richard               James Morres            Mary Morres                               Robert White          Ellen Stafford
 21/2/1805    Morris Anastasia             Thomas Morris           Catherine Morris                          James Cullen          Catherine Murphy
 5/3/1833     Morris Anne                  James Morris            Mary Morris                               Richard Brown         Anty Neil
 00/8/1838    Morris James                 Joseph Morris           Mary Morris                               James Flood           Catherine Whitty
 12/12/1834   Morris John                  James Morris            Mary Morris                                                     Mrs.Robert Neil
 00/9/1841    Morris Mick                  Mick Morris             Catherine French                          Mick Roche            Mary Quay
 3/5/1839     Morrissey Catheine           Mick Morrissey          Catherine O....????                       Mich Morrissey        Johanna Furlong
 15/10/1952   Morrissey Jean Mary          John Morrissey          Patricia Chearnley        Kilcowen
 1/8/1841     Morrisy Silvy                Joe Morrisy             Mary Ennis                                Mary Scallon          Joany Ennis
 19/9/1828    Mulawny Eliza                Andy Mulawny            Judy Mulawny                              Joe Rosseter          Nancy Barry
 30/7/1838    Mullen Anne                  John Mullen             Anne Mullen                               William Murphy        Anty Power
 20/01/1922   Muller Mary Veronica         Frederick Muller        Catherine Power           Nickaree        James Power           Mary E. Siggins
 11/2/1837    Mullin James                 Michael Mullin          Bridget Mullin                            Walter Furlong        Margaret Cullen
 25/09/1919   Mullins Anastasia            James Mullins           Mary Fortune              Edwardstown     William Sutton        Margaret Berry
 27/2/1855    Mullins Bridget              Michl Mullins           Bridget Breen             Duncormick      Robert Carroll        Mary McGrath
 15/7/1835    Mullins James                John Mullins            Anne Mullins                              John Power            Alicia Furlong
 19/10/1841   Mullins John                 John Mullins            Anne Pender                               Thomas Power          Anne Maxwell
 8/10/1853    Mullins John                 John Mullins            Mary Brien                Pembrokestown   Robert Power          Anne Furlong
 6/3/1856     Mullins Patk                 John Mullins            Mary Breen                Edwardstown     Richard Stafford      Cath kenedy
 17/6/1822    Mulowney Emilia              Andrew Mulowney         Eliza Mulowney                            James Daily           Fanny Barry
 12/3/1824    Mulowny Luke                 Andrew Mulowny          Eliza Mulowny                             Nicholas Hoole        Catherine Rosseter
 00/9/1836    Murn John                    Thomas Murn             Kitty Murn                                                      Mrs Whitty
 21/10/1856   Murphy  Johanna              Ml Murphy               Mary Anne Doyle                           William Murphy        Mary Murphy
 18/8/1825    Murphy  Lawrence             Mick Lawrence           Mary Lawrence                             Thomas Cullen         Bridget murphy
 4/5/1823     Murphy ??                    Michael Murphy          Eliza Murphy                              John Cogley           Mary Stafford
 16/12/1827   Murphy ??                    Robert Murphy           Margaret Murphy                           Patt Lawler           Catherine Kelly
 12/6/1822    Murphy Alice                 John Murphy		  
 25/1/1855    Murphy Alicia                Walter Murphy           Cath Cullin               Duncormick      Nick Dargan           Marg Whitty
 15/12/1908   Murphy Anastatia             James Murphy            Mary Ann Murphy           Levittstown     Anthony Walsh         Mary Lambert              m.Nicholas Byrne,Rathangan 6/6/1945
 17/8/1833    Murphy Andrew                John Murphy             Anne Murphy                               Thomas Clansy         Mary Murphy
 10/11/1840   Murphy Anna                  Michael Murphy          Marian Doyle                              Mick Neil             Margaret Doyle
 29/5/1819    Murphy Anne                  John Murphy             Mary Murphy                               Walter Cullen         Kitty Dake
 23/6/1820    Murphy Anne                  Patrick Murphy          Anne Murphy                               Nicholas Furlong      Margaret Parle
 18/3/1834    Murphy Anne                  PhilMurphy              Kitty Murphy                              John Dake             Mary Coghlane
 11/4/1824    Murphy Anty                  Miles Murphy            Mary Murphy                               James Doyle           Mary Codde
 1/6/1826     Murphy Anty                  Stephen Murphy          Margaret Murphy                                                 Mary Barren
 1/6/1838     Murphy Anty                  James Murphy            Mary Murphy                               Martin Colfer         Anty Cloney
 13/2/1841    Murphy Bess                  James Murphy            Mary Cloney                               John walsh            Margaret Breen
 10/10/1856   Murphy Bridget               Philip Murphy           Margaret Donnely          Johnstown       Peter Parle           Catherine Parle
 25/10/1897   Murphy Bridget               Patrick Murphy          Ellen Pender              Johnstown       James Barry           Maryanne French
 25/09/1918   Murphy Bridget               James Murphy            Bridget Cleary            Levittstown     John Doyle            Mary Murphy
 14/06/1938   Murphy Bridget Mary          Michael Murphy          Mary K French             Johnstown       John Cleary           Annie Cleary
 2/3/1854     Murphy Cath                  William Murphy          Cath McGrath              Duncormick      Patt Wise             Cath Furlong
 26/3/1818    Murphy Catherine             Stephen Murphy          Margaret Murphy                           Thomas Hore           Margaret Cullen
 17/7/1822    Murphy Catherine             Walter Murphy           Sally Murphy                              Michael McGrah        Mary Kean
 18/1/1824    Murphy Catherine             Robert Murphy           Margaret Murphy                           Andy Dunne            Betty Byrne
 20/1/1824    Murphy Catherine             Thomas Murphy           Anty Murphy                               William Murphy        Margaret Ronan
 20/1/1832    Murphy Catherine             Robert Murphy           Margaret Murphy                           John Kearn            Catherine ??
 25/11/1839   Murphy Catherine             Stephen Murphy          Mary Larkin                               Walter Furlong        Eliza Larkin
 21/9/1841    Murphy Catherine             William Murphy          Mary Murphy                               William Nowlan        Ellen Murphy
 10/1/1896    Murphy Catherine             Michael Murphy          Margaret Roche            Rochestown      James Sinnott         Catherine Jordan          m.Stephen Quinn,Newbawn 26/9/1922
 17/06/1944   Murphy Catherine Margaret    John Murphy             Agnes Codd                Horesland       John Kevin Breen      Teresa Banville          
 13/6/1821    Murphy Easter                John Murphy             Judy Murphy                               Patt White            Ellen Connor
 10/10/1830   Murphy Edmond                Patrick Murphy          Anne Murphy                               Stephen Cody          Margaret Coghlin
 13/11/1829   Murphy Edward                William Murphy          Mary Murphy                               Patt Hughs            Anne O Neil
 3/11/1818    Murphy Eliza                 John Murphy             Catherine Murphy                          James Day             Ellen Lambert
 30/6/1821    Murphy Eliza                 Michael Murphy          Mary Murphy                               John Sheridan         Anty Brien ??
 14/4/1837    Murphy Eliza                 Phill Murphy            Kitty Murphy                              Thomas Coghlane       Allice Roach
 10/6/1855    Murphy Eliza                 James Murphy            Alice Coghlan             Croase          John Coghlan          Marg Murphy
 17/3/1815    Murphy Elizabeth             Ned Murphy              Anne Murphy                               Peter Furlong         Bridget Doyle
 13/10/1945   Murphy Elizabeth Anne        Patrick Murphy          Mary C O Neill            Baldwinstown
 19/7/1818    Murphy Ellen                 Patt Murphy             Ellen Murphy                              John Stafford         Nancy Kelly
 14/11/1827   Murphy Ellen                 William Murphy          Mary Murphy                               John Murphy           Fanny Sheridon
 31/7/1831    Murphy Ellen                 Thomas Murphy           Anty Murphy                               Patrick Cleary        Bess Furlong
 14/6/1856    Murphy Ellen                 Murphy                  Margaret Day                              Patk Stafford         Mary Molloy
 30/03/1918   Murphy Ellen                 Thomas Murphy           Julia Maddock             Blackstone      Patrick Maddock       Mary Eliza Murphy
 30/01/1930   Murphy Ellen                 John Murphy             Mary Ellen Tierney        Belgrove        Philip Murphy         Mary Walsh                m.John Mernagh,Rathangan 7/5/1956
 11/01/1936   Murphy Ellen Bernadette      Michael Murphy          Mary Kate French          Johnstown       Richard French        Emerita Cousins
 2/4/1826     Murphy Fanny                 John Murphy             Catherine Murphy                          ??? Keefe             Bidy Roach
 14/7/1805    Murphy James                 John Murphy             Maria Murphy                              Edward Malloy         Catherine Murphy
 25/7/1820    Murphy James                 Stephen Murphy          Margaret Murphy                           David Hore            Ellen Stafford
 1/4/1821     Murphy James                 Miles Murphy            Mary Murphy                               Miles Furlong         Mary Codd
 26/7/1822    Murphy James                 Patrick Murphy          Nancy Murphy                              James Cody
 25/7/1823    Murphy James                 John Murphy             Catherine Murphy                          Lawrence Fortune      Bridget Roach
 28/7/1823    Murphy James                 John Murphy             Joanna Murphy                             Nicholas Furlong      Susan Barrington
 16/1/1825    Murphy James                 Thomas Murphy           Anty Murphy                               Thomas Cleary         Catherine Brown
 15/8/1831    Murphy James                 Ned Murphy              Nancy Murphy                              William Furlong       Peggy Corcoran
 00/00/1837   Murphy James                 Peter Murphy            Mary Murphy                                                     Ellen Harpur
 29/3/1840    Murphy James                 Phil Murphy             Catherine Roach                           James Nowlan          Catherine Cullin
 16/6/1842    Murphy James                 Martin Murphy           Eliza Brien                               Will Furlong          Mary Furlong
 20/12/1842   Murphy James                 John Murphy             Hanna Maloy               Norristown      James Byrne           A. Ennis
 24/08/1924   Murphy James                 Patrick Murphy          Mary Murphy               Nickaree        Patrick Sinnott       Bridget Furlong           
 12/08/1914   Murphy James Joseph          James Murphy            Brigid Cleary             Levitstown      James Codd            Delia Codd
 06/09/1941   Murphy James Joseph          Patrick Murphy          Catherine O Neill         Baldwinstown    Patrick Parle         Catherine O Leary         m.Monica Rennick?,London 31/8/1963
 26/07/1903   Murphy Johanna               Patrick Murphy          Bridget Cogley            Commons         John Cogley           Mary Murphy               m.Thos Codd,Rathangan 25/11/1936
 11/09/1928   Murphy Johanna               Edward Murphy           Cecelia Murphy            Brownstown      Barnaby Patk Hunt     Frances Doyle
 12/4/1805    Murphy John                  Thomas Murphy           Elenor Murphy                             William Radford       Anastasia Radford
 17/2/1813    Murphy John                  Patrick Murphy          Nelly Murphy                              John Doyle            Mary Synnott
 6/2/1821     Murphy John                  Ned Murphy              Wife Murphy                               John Sherdon          Anne Murphy
 27/4/1825    Murphy John                  John Murphy             Mary Murphy                               Walter Furlong        Honor Parle
 21/6/1826    Murphy John                  John Murphy             Wife Murphy                               John Whitty           Bess Furlong
 18/6/1830    Murphy John                  Robert Murphy           Margaret Murphy                           Thomas Dunne          Catherine Cogley
 1/12/1833    Murphy John                  Thomas Murphy           Mary Murphy                               Peter Radford         Catherine Rosseter
 25/2/1839    Murphy John                  James Murphy            Bridget Furlong                           Patt Murphy           Joanna Brady ??
 24/3/1839    Murphy John                  Martin Murphy           Eliza Brian                               Peter Murphy          Elicia Kelly
 20/7/1840    Murphy John                  Stephen Murphy          Mary Mayler                               John Mayler           Catherine Synnott
 12/10/1854   Murphy John                  William Murphy          Anne Codd                 Duncormick      John Codd             Bridget Brian
 06/11/1933   Murphy John                                          Ellen Murphy              Blackstone      Matthew Murphy        Margaret Cody
 23/07/1916   Murphy John James            Patrick Murphy          Margaret Breen            Horesland       Pierce Breen          Kate Walsh                m.Agnes Codd,Rathangan 12/1/1943
 28/04/1958   Murphy John Joseph           Philip Murphy           Brigid Whelan             Belgrove
 27/12/1915   Murphy John Thomas           Thomas Murphy           Julia Maddock             Blackstone      Mathew Maddock        Mary Alice Walshe         
 21/12/1823   Murphy Joseph                Ned Murphy              Nancy Murphy                              BillyBanan            Nelly Malone
 19/9/1856    Murphy Joseph                James Murphy            Alice Coghlan             Crose           James Murphy          Mary Stafford
 28/12/1829   Murphy Kitty                 Mogue Murphy            Mary Murphy                               Patt Ronan            Mary Siggins
 12/10/1837   Murphy Lawrence              William Murphy          Mary Murphy                               Michael Murphy        Catherine Cullen
 22/10/1913   Murphy Luke                  John Murphy             Helena Esmonde            Skeater Park    John Esmonde          Ellen Esmonde
 12/5/1818    Murphy Margaret              Patrick Murphy          Anne Murphy                                                     Mary McDonnel
 1/12/1818    Murphy Margaret              John Murphy             Ally Murphy                               B. Rossiter           Catherine Hayes
 20/9/1822    Murphy Margaret              Thomas Murphy           Anty Murphy                               Richard Murphy        Kitty Murphy
 10/8/1825    Murphy Margaret              John Murphy             Catherine Dolton                                                Catherine  Sinnott
 15/8/1827    Murphy Margaret              Patt Murphy             Anty Murphy                               Thomas Barry          Mary Murphy
 5/6/1834     Murphy Margaret              William Murphy          Mary Murphy                               Richard Cox           Mary Headen
 9/7/1831     Murphy Marian                William Murphy          Mary Murphy                               James White           Bess English
 13/2/1816    Murphy Martin                John Murphy             Ally Murphy                               Peter Hays            Margaret Furlong
 7/6/1823     Murphy Martin                Stephen Murphy          Margaret Murphy                           Philip Hore           Anty Browne
 7/6/1830     Murphy Martin                Martin Murphy           Eliza Murphy                              Richard Furlong       Ellen Pendergart
 5/11/1815    Murphy Mary                  Stephen Murphy          Margaret Murphy                           Phillip Rowe          Catherine Stafford
 4/6/1819     Murphy Mary                  John Murpy              Joany Murphy                              John Kavanagh         Mary Murphy
 21/3/1820    Murphy Mary                  Walter Murphy           Sally Murphy                              Tody Murphy           B. Cain
 9/2/1820     Murphy Mary                  Thomas Murphy           Ellen Murphy                                                    Elizabeth Hayse
 20/3/1821    Murphy Mary                   Michael Murphy         Elizabeth Murphy                                                Margaret Cody
 3/10/1825    Murphy Mary                  Robert Murphy           Margaret Murphy                           Lawrence Kiefe
 30/8/1831    Murphy Mary                  Phil Murphy             Catherine Murphy                          Thomas Whitty         Mary Coghlan
 22/2/1832    Murphy Mary                  Mogue Murphy            Mary Murphy                               Peter Dunphy          Mary Byrne
 9/2/1834     Murphy Mary                  Thomas Murphy           Anty Murphy                               John Ennis            Eliza Cox
 3/2/1836     Murphy Mary                  Stephen Murphy          Mary Murphy                               Nicholas Meyler       Margaret Parle
 28/6/1838    Murphy Mary                  Thomas Murphy           Anty Murphy                               Richard Ennis         Catherine Furlong
 7/8/1842     Murphy Mary                  Michael Murphy          Marian Doyle                              Michael Furlong       Eliza Parle
 31/6/1856    Murphy Mary                  William Murphy          Ann Codd                  Duncormick      Peter Codd            Johanna Walsh
 25/09/1918   Murphy Mary                  James Murphy            Bridget Cleary            Levittstown     Nicholas Dennison     Sarah Cleary
 30/05/1901   Murphy Mary Alice            Patrick Murphy          Bridget Cogley            Commons         John Cogley           Margaret Murphy
 22/10/1906   Murphy Mary Alice            Patrick Murphy          Bridgid Cogley            Commons         Norman White          Margaret Sinnott
 18/05/1959   Murphy Mary Anne             Philip Murphy           Brigid Whelan             Belgrove        John Mernagh          Johanna Rossiter          
 04/05/1926   Murphy Mary Bridget          Joseph Murphy           Catherine Radford         Poulmanna       William Moore         Ellen Moore               m.Wm. McAuleffe?,Dublin 16/6/1951
 23/10/1906   Murphy Mary Cath.            James Murphy            Mary Anne Murphy          Duncormick      Patrick Murphy        Julia Walsh               m.Simon O Brien,Glasthule 8/8/1949
 27/04/1944   Murphy Mary Elizabeth        Patrick Murphy          Catherine O Neill         Baldwinstown    Richard Parle         Mary Dunphy               m.Alan Robt Bradshaw,London 14/9/1968
 1/10/1896    Murphy Mary Ellen            Patrick Murphy          Ellen Pender              Johnstown       Nicholas Coghlan      Maggie Maddock            m.Wm Kehoe,Piercestown 20/9/1955
 22/06/1949   Murphy Mary Teresa           John Murphy             Agnes Codd                Horesland       Patrick Breen         Teresa Banville           
 13/11/1840   Murphy Matt                  Robert Murphy           Anne Murphy                               John Murphy           Kitty Murphy
 9/7/1813     Murphy Matthew               Patrick Murphy          Bridget Murphy                            John Coghlin          Mary Breen
 3/2/1816     Murphy Matthew               Patt Murphy             Nancy Murphy                              Bridget Furlong
 23/08/1920   Murphy Matthew               Thomas Murphy           Johanna Maddock           Blackstone      William Maddock       Mary Keyes
 09/05/1926   Murphy Matthew               Patrick Murphy          Mary Ellen Murphy         Nickaree        William Maddock       Annie Kavanagh            m.Margt Jones,Clearystown 13/8/1958
 4/12/1825    Murphy Michael               Michael Murphy	  
 17/04/1905   Murphy Michael               Patrick Murphy          Bridget Cogley            Commons         Edward White          Bridget Cogley            m.Mary Kate French,Rathangan 3/11/1932
 27/08/1927   Murphy Michael               John Murphy             Mary Ellen Tierney        Belgrove        Patrick Murphy        Mary Ann White            m.Mary Eliz. Sheil,R/angan 22/6/1965
 21/8/1821    Murphy Nicholas              Wm Murphy               Nancy Murphy                              John Sheridan         Mary Barrington
 28/8/1827    Murphy Nicholas              Patt Murphy             Wife Murphy                               Watty Power           Jean O Neil
 26/05/1902   Murphy Owen                  Patrick Murphy          Bridget Cogley            Commons         James Murphy          Mary White
 26/05/1911   Murphy Owen Patrick          Patrick Murphy          Bridget Cogley            Commons         Henry Cogley          Catherine Agns Roche      m.Eliz. M Mayler,Tacumshan 29/7/1947
 21/9/1853    Murphy Patk                  James Murphy            Alicia Coghlan            Croase          John Murphy           Eliza Coghlan
 22/6/1856    Murphy Patk                  Mark Murphy             Alice Coghlan                             John Byrne            Ann Cogly
 25/2/1813    Murphy Patrick               John Murphy             Nelly Murphy                              James Breen           Kitty Murphy
 3/2/1825     Murphy Patrick               Patrick Murphy          Nancy Murphy                              Patt Furlong          Mary ONeal
 26/4/1831    Murphy Patrick               Patrick Murphy          Anty Murphy                                                     Mary Murphy
 13/2/1834    Murphy Patrick               Mogue Murphy            Mary Murphy                               John Grady            Mary Cody
 02/09/1914   Murphy Patrick               Thomas Murphy           Julia Maddock             Gibberwell      John Murphy           Elizabeth Maddock         m.Nora Murphy,Wstland Row Dbln 22/2/49
 19/01/1934   Murphy Patrick               Joseph Murphy           Catherine Radford         Poulmanna       John Fanning          Catherine O Connor
 16/3/1894    Murphy Patrick Stephen       Patrick Murphy          Ellen Pendergast          Johnstown       Richard French        Agnes Cleary              m.Florence Binons,Brooklyn 11/11/1941
 31/05/1933   Murphy Patrick Thomas        Michael Murphy          Mary Kate French          Johnstown       Owen Murphy           Johanna Cousins
 00/00/1835   Murphy Patt                  James Murphy            Mary Murphy                               Stephen Cody          Bridget Breen
 13/3/1838    Murphy Patt                  Stephen Murphy          Mary Murphy                               John Cloney           Anty Meyler
 7/9/1839     Murphy Patt                  James Murphy            Catherine Callin                          John Callin           Mary Furlong
 25/10/1840   Murphy Patt                  John Murphy             Hanna Molloy                              Nicholas Lambert      Margaret Day
 27/7/1813    Murphy Peter                 John Murphy             Mary Murphy                               James Walsh           Mary Colfer
 22/8/1822    Murphy Peter                 Patt Murphy             Anty Murphy                               Rev J Stafford        Margaret Murphy
 16/2/1828    Murphy Peter                 John Murphy             Mary Murphy                                                     Margaret Murphy
 07/11/1924   Murphy Philip                John Murphy             Mary E. Tierney           Belgrove        Ben Tierney           Maggie Murphy             m.Brigid Whelan,Ballycullane 20/2/1957
 15/4/1804    Murphy Richard               Thomas Murphy           Catherine Murphy                          William Murphy        Maria White
 1/8/1820     Murphy Richard               Patt Murphy             Anty Murphy                               Richard Meyler        Mary Rashford
 6/5/1832     Murphy Richard               Martin Murphy           Bess Murphy                               John Furlong          Anne Batterton
 30/03/1925   Murphy Richard               Martin Murphy           Margaret Monohan          Scar            Mathew Monohan        Elizabeth Monohan
 20/4/1829    Murphy Robert                Thomas Murphy           Anty Murphy                               Patrick Murphy        Bridget Cleary
 27/12/1841   Murphy Stephen               James Murphy            Ellen Furlong                                                   Anne Kehoe
 7/1/1825     Murphy Thomas                Patrick Murphy          Anty Murphy                               Patt Cogley           Catherine Murphy
 10/7/1833    Murphy Thomas                James Murphy            Mary Murphy                               James Coady           Mary Murphy
 12/08/1942   Murphy Thomas Edward         Patrick Murphy          Catherine O Neill         Baldwinstown    John Keating          Annie O Brien            
 04/09/1934   Murphy Thomas Gerald         Michael Murphy          Mary Kate French          Johnstown       Michael French        Johanna Murphy            m.Philomena Furlong,Rathangan 23/2/60
 19/4/1853    Murphy Thos Peter            Michl Murphy            Mary Anne Doyle           Gibberpatrick   William Murphy        Mary Furlong
 22/9/1822    Murphy Walter                John Murphy             Catherine Murphy                          Lawrence Keefe        Catherine Fortune
 4/3/1813     Murphy William               Pat Murphy              Mary Murphy                               Patt Furlong          Mary Parle
 21/7/1819    Murphy William               William Murphy          Mary Kavanagh                                                   Margaret Sinnott
 18/11/1822   Murphy William               William Murphy          Allice Murphy                                                   Mary Murphy
 6/9/1827     Murphy William               Nicholas Murphy         Nancy Murphy                              Stephen Murphy        Jean Cullen
 11/8/1833    Murphy William               Patt Murphy             Anty Murphy                               ?? Meyler
 15/11/1835   Murphy William               James Murphy            Bridget Murphy                            William Daly          Mary Brady
 1/4/1856     Murphy William               William Murphy          Catharine McGrath         Duncormick      Thos McGrath          Thos Tubbert
 21/7/1895    Murphy William               Patrick Murphy          Ellen Pender              Johnstown       Patrick Murphy        Margaret Parle            m.Cath. Lynott,Brooklyn 7/8/1933
 03/02/1905   Murphy William               William Murphy          Mary Martin               Scar            Patrick Byrne         Margaret Anne Doyle       m.Cath. Carney,E/corthy 3/2/1941
 09/04/1916   Murphy William Joseph        John Murphy             Helena Esmonde            Skeeter Park    Robert Esmonde        Ellen Fitzhenry
 25/6/1823    Nayler Patrick               John Nayler             Fanny Nayler                              James Radford         Mary Byrne
 17/7/1823    Neal Mary                    John Neal               Catherine Murphy                          Watt  Stafford        Mary Larkin
 1/7/1815     Neal Maryanne                Patrick Neal            Kitty Neal                                John Codd             Joan Hays
 20/5/1819    Neil Anstice                 Robbert Neil            Nancy Neil                                Barth Browne          Anty French
 7/6/1820     Neil Catherine               Patt Neil               Catherine Neil                                                  Mary Codd
 2/3/1856     Neil Ellen                   James Neil              Eliza Furlong                             John Doyle            Eliza Connors
 3/12/1841    Neil James                   Patt Neil               Mary Walsh                                                      Anne Mahony
 29/10/1894   Neil James                   Patrick Neil            Mary Redmond              Duncormack      Thomas Codd           Clare Redmond
 12/1/1814    Neil John                    Phelim Neil             Kitty Neil                                James Furlong         Catherine Furlong
 12/11/1838   Neil John                    Patt Neil               Margaret Neil                             William Hayse         Mary Coady
 15/2/1893    Neil Mary Ellen              James Neil              Catherine Kinselah        Baldwinstown    Robert Carty          Marg Mary Stafford        m.Ml.Shealy Rathangan 16/10/1918
 5/9/1896     Neil Nicholas                Patrick Neil            Mary Redmond              Scar            Patrick White         Mary Doyle
 7/1/1823     Neil Patrick                 John Neil               Mary Neil                                 John Devereux         Anne O`Neil
 1/12/1840    Neil Patt                    Patt Neil               Margaret Cody                             James Codd            Anty Neil
 30/10/1818   Neile Jean                   Philam Neile            Kitty Neile                               John Barry            Elizabeth Neile
 19/12/1952   Neill Elizabeth Christina    Michael Neill           Catherine Nolan           Rathangan       Martin Nolan          Mary Bolger
 06/03/1918   Neill Mary Ellen             Thomas Neill            Elizabeth Neill           Baldwinstown    James Grady           Hannah Phillips
 15/09/1926   Neill Michael Joseph         John Neill               Elizabeth Leary          Duncormick      John Parle            Catherine Connelly        m.Philom. O Connor,Kerry 4/6/1949
 04/11/1932   Neill Philomena Mary         Patrick Neill           Margaret Roche            Shanoo          Walter Roche          Catherine Roche           m.John Sinnott,Rathangan 8/10/1954
 25/9/1825    Nevile Margaret              Michael Nevile          Mary Nevile                               John Furlong          Eliza Furlong
 15/2/1815    Nevill Catherine             Thomas Nevill           Mary Nevill                               James Barry           Anne French
 26/12/1819   Neville Allice               Michael Neville         Mary Neville                              Mathew Mcgrath        Margaret Neville
 30/01/1912   Neville Catherine            Thomas Neville          Mary Walsh                Gurtins         Martin Barry          Anne Kavanagh
 25/03/1943   Neville Catherine            Edward Neville          Alice Crowley             Gurtins         William Brennan       Margaret Crowley          m.James Byrne,Rathangan 21/6/1966
 1/12/1899    Neville Edward               Thomas Neville          Mary Welsh                Rochestown      Edward Neville        Mary Welsh                m.Alice Crowley,Rathangan 22/4/1931
 23/06/1920   Neville Edward               Edward Neville          Maryanne Shudal           Duncormick      Edward Neville        Margaret Cleary           m.Eliz. Brady,Mulrankin 5/5/1948 also
 22/09/1935   Neville Edward               Edward Neville          Alice Crowley             Gurtins         Patrick Codd          Bridget Crowley           m.Ellen Kelly,Taghmon 24/7/1967
 19/08/1907   Neville George               Edward Neville          Mary Anne Shudall         Duncormick      William Mayler        Catherine Redmond
 20/07/1954   Neville Gerard Joseph        Edward Neville          Elizabeth Brady           Duncormick
 25/03/1914   Neville Helena Josephine     Edward Neville           Mary A. Shudle           Rath            Nicholas Barry        Mary Shudle               m.Laurence Furlong,Rathangan 17/7/1944
 04/02/1934   Neville John                 Edward Neville          Alice Crowley             Gurtins         John Crowley          Mary Crowley              m.Anastatia Sinnott,Clearystown 10/10/81
 15/01/1942   Neville Margaret Mary        Edward Neville          Alice Crowley             Gurtins         Patrick Neville       Statia Crowley
 1/2/1829     Neville Martin               Michael Neville         Mary Neville                              Paul Furlong          Anty Roach
 17/06/1917   Neville Mary Anne            Edward Neville          Mary Anne Shudal          Wennystown      John Barry            Johanna Redmond           m.David O Connor,Rathangan 21/5/1951
 26/01/1907   Neville Mary Kate            Thomas Neville          Mary Welsh                Scurlogue       John Jordan           Brigid Barry
 01/01/1911   Neville Mary Kate            Edward Neville          Mary Anne Shudall         Rath            Patrick Magrath       Mary Ellen Turney         m.Ml John Moran,Rathangan 11/11/1935
 20/12/1951   Neville Mgt. Christina Anne  Edward Neville          Elizabeth Brady           Duncormick      Mark Redmond          Elizabeth Cullen
 4/5/1834     Neville Patrick              Michael Neville         Mary Neville                                                    Catherine Furlong
 19/08/1907   Neville Patrick              Edward Neville          Mary Anne Shudall         Duncormick      Thomas Neville        Margaret Walsh
 25/10/1909   Neville Patrick              Thomas Neville          Mary Walsh                Scurlogue       John Furlond          Statia Furlong
 08/02/1937   Neville Patrick              Edward Neville          Alice Crowley             Gurtins         Edward Brennan        Johanna Crowley
 04/11/1903   Neville Thomas               Thomas Neville          Mary Welsh                Scurlogue       Patrick Neville       Mary Jane Furlong
 14/09/1931   Neville Thomas               Edward Neville          Alice Crowley             Gurtins         John McGrath          Mary Neville
 20/12/1940   Neville Thomas                                       Mary Anne Neville         Duncormick      William Kehoe         Mary Kate Neville         
 29/4/1821    Neville William              John Neville            Mary Neville                              Luke Furlong          Anty Furlong
 17/8/1827    Newport ??                   Mick Newport            Mary Newport                              Matt Redmond          Mrs.Stafford
 14/4/1816    Newport Anastasia            Nicholas Newport        Ellen Newport                             John White            Mary Newport
 6/5/1813     Newport Andy                 Michael Newport         Bridget Newport                           James Stafford        Mary Hays
 28/5/1825    Newport Anne                 Mick Newport            Mary Newport                              James Stafford        Margaret Doyle
 23/12/1818   Newport Catherine            Nicholas Newport        Ellen Newport                             Patt Pender           Nancy Ronan
 12/5/1823    Newport Ellen                Michael Newport         Mary Newport                              Robert Stafford       Anne Colfer
 12/1/1817    Newport John                 Michael Newport         Mary Newport                              John Moor             Mary Furlong
 24/6/1831    Newport John                 William Newport         Mary Newport                              Richard Coghlin       Ellen Cheevers
 16/5/1826    Newport Margaret             Nicholas Newport        Ellen Newport                             Patt Ennis            Ellen Newport
 6/8/1829     Newport Margaret             Nicholas Newport        Mary Newport                              Richard Brown         Mary
 24/2/1820    Newport Mary                 William Newport         Mary Newport                              Walter Coughlan       Kitty Dake
 25/3/1821    Newport Matthew              Nicholas Newport        Margaret Newport                          James Ennis           Catherine Ronan
 2/2/1821     Newport Patrick              Mick Newport            Mary Newport                                                    Catherine Ronan
 12/2/1819    Newport William              Michael Newport         Mary Newport                              John White            Anty Newport
 10/07/1954   Nolan Ellen Johanna          Denis Nolan             Jane Mary Bolger          Camross         Robert Nolan          Rose Doyle
 00/12/1838   Nolan Mary                   John NOlan              Mary Nolan                                W. Stafford ??        Mary Cogley
 16/03/1946   Nolan Philomena Patricia     James Nolan             Margaret McConnick        Rathangan       David McEvoy          Anne McEvoy
 1/9/1822     Noole ??  William            Richard Noole ??        Anty Noole ??                             Nicholas Fortune      Fanny Radford
 1/9/1822     Noole ?? James               Richard Noole ??        Anty Noole ??                             Andrew Walsh          Fanny Radford
 22/1/1829    Nore Peter                   John Nore               Anty Nore                                 Peter Foley           Margaret Foley
 21/10/1831   Nowlan Anne                  William Nowlan          Eliza Nowlan                              Peter Reville         Anne Cleary
 25/4/1842    Nowlan Catherine             Murry Nowlan            Catherine Hartwell                        William Nowlan        Catherine Nolan
 11/7/1834    Nowlan Elizabeth             William Nowlan          Elizabeth Nowlan                          Mathew Reville        Mary Parle
 29/11/1818   Nowlan Ellen                 James Nowlan            Mary Nowlan                               Walter Coughlan       Mary Cullen
 29/6/1832    Nowlan Ellen                 Patt Nowlan             Ellen Pedigree                            John Parle            Mrs.Newport
 21/8/1835    Nowlan Ellen                 Murtha Nowlan           Catherine Nowlan                          John Nowlan           Mary Harlwell
 5/8/1813     Nowlan Henry                 John Nowlan             Mary Nowlan                               Richard Synnott       Ellen Purcell
 18/9/1820    Nowlan James                 George Nowlan           Ellen Nowlan                              Nicholas French       Mary Barrington
 9/6/1826     Nowlan James                 William Nowlan          Bess Nowlan                                                     Anne Parle
 25/7/1827    Nowlan James                 Patt Nowlan             ??                                        ?? Pedigree           Bridget Kehoe
 20/7/1837    Nowlan James                 Patt Nowlan             Bess Nowlan                               John Power            Margaret Murphy
 2/9/1822     Nowlan John                  Patt Nowlan             Catherine White                           John Barry            Mary Barry
 25/2/1829    Nowlan John                  William Nowlan          Bess Nowlan                                                     Margaret Murphy
 25/1/1840    Nowlan Joseph                Dan Nowlan              Marian Nowlan                             James Nowlan          Mary Nowlan
 24/9/1821    Nowlan Margaret              Patt Nowlan             Judith Nowlan                             James Johnson         Margaret Nowlan
 12/4/1828    Nowlan Margaret              George Nowlan           Nelly Nowlan                              Thomas Whitty         Mary Warren
 9/7/1820     Nowlan Mary                  William Nowlan          Bess Nowlan                               Wm Cleary             Ann Nowlan
 22/9/1821    Nowlan Mary                  James Nowlan            Mary Nowlan                                                     Margaret Foley
 2/6/1823     Nowlan Mary                  George Nowlan           Ellen Nowlan                              William Murphy        Susan Barrington
 18/11/1834   Nowlan Michael               Patrick Nowlan          Eliza Nowlan                              Mathew Murphy         Ellen Cleary
 28/11/1825   Nowlan Patrick               George Nowlan           Ellen Nowlan                              Walter Coghlan        Catherine Barrington
 14/5/1839    Nowlan Richard               Richard Nowlan          Anne Furlong                                                    Maray Gardinn
 31/12/1837   Nowlan Thomas                Murry Nowlan            Catherine Nowlan                          Terry O Brien         Ellen Nowlan
 7/3/1819     Nowlan William               George Nowlan                                                     Laurence Parl         Mary Nowlan
 25/1/1840    Nowlan William               Dan Nowlan              Marian Nowlan                             James Nowlan          Mary Nowlan
 21/3/1813    Nowlan Winny                 John Nowlan             Peggy Nowlan                              Michael Hays          Mary Cullen
 02/04/1912   O Brien Anastatia            Michael O Brien         Mary Cleary               Duncormick      Nicholas Cleary       Margaret Cleary           m.James Stafford,Rathangan 15/9/1943
 08/03/1955   O Brien Anne Teresa          Richard O Brien         Margaret O Connor         Duncormick
 17/11/1958   O Brien Brigid Bernadette    Thomas O Brien          Annette Phelan            Baldwinstown
 05/08/1963   O Brien Kieran Patk Gerad    Thomas O Brien          Annette Phelan            Baldwinstown    Vincent O Herlihy     Maura O Herlihy
 10/11/1952   O Brien Mary Margaret        Richard O Brien         Margaret O Connor         Duncormick
 06/01/1957   O Brien Mary Noelle          Thomas O Brien          Annette Phelan            Baldwinstown
 06/05/1946   O Brien Patrick Joseph       Michael O Brien         Anita Duggan              Mountain Gate   Thomas Whitty         Mary Anne Duggan
 26/01/1961   O Brien Philip Patrick       Richard O Brien         Margaret O Connor         Duncormack      Peter O Connor        Catherine Cleary
 29/06/1959   O Brien Richard Michael      Richard O Brien         Margaret O Connor         Duncormick      Sean Sinnott          Kitty O Brien             
 04/01/1946   O Callaghan Daniel Francis   Daniel O Callaghan      Ellen O Neill             Carrick on Suir Aidan Carty           Bernadette Grant          
 02/03/1952   O Connor Fintan Patrick      James O Connor          Margaret Bennett          Muchtown
 07/06/1953   O Connor James Gabriel       James O Connor          Margaret Bennett          Muchtown
 11/02/1949   O Connor Margaret Mary       Thomas O Connor         Catherine Devereux        Ambrosetown
 08/03/1948   O Connor Patrick Joseph      Thomas O Connor         Catherine Devereux        Ambrosetown                                                     
 14/08/1953   O Connor Thomas              Thomas O Connor         Catherine Devereux        Ambrosetown
 15/08/1939   O Gorman Mary                James O Gorman          Annie Hore                Newtown         John Cullen           Mary Hore                 m.Robt P Rucando,NJ,USA 24/6/1961
 02/01/1937   O Grady Catherine Mary       William O Grady         Mary Devereux             Baldwinstown    John Savage           Anne Savage               m.Wm. Brown,Rathangan 23/9/1959
 02/06/1942   O Grady Margaret             William O Grady         Catherine Devereux        Baldwinstown    James Devereux        Anne O Brien
 07/10/1913   O Grady Thomas               Peter O Grady           Mary Murphy               Baldwinstown    Stephen Parle         Mary Byrne
 27/08/1930   O Keefe Dominick Francis                             Mary Ellen O Keefe        Sleedagh        Bridget O Keefe       Laurence O Keefe
 29/9/1804    O Keefe Luke                 Edward O Keefe          Catherine O Keefe                         James Dake            Maria Roach
 26/04/1911   O Keefe Mary Josephine       James O Keefe           Elizabeth Furlong         Sleedagh        Patrick Lambert       Catherine Lambert
 5/4/1805     O Leary Martin               Matthew O Leary         Elizabeth O Leary                         Nicholas Coghlin      Margaret Barry
 28/10/1922   O Neill Anastasia            John O Neill            Eliza O Leary             Johnstown       John Mahony           Catherine Keys            m.James Cassidy, Waterford 19/9/1950
 13/06/1943   O Neill Bridget Margaret     James O Neill           Bridget O Shea            Shellbridge     Patrick O Neill       Mary McDonald             m.Ml O Grady,Rathangan 16/2/1965
 02/02/1928   O Neill James                John O Neill            Elizabeth O Leary         Duncormick      Frank Roche           Elizabeth Looney          m.Pauline Corcoran,Kerry 3/11/1953
 19/08/1950   O Neill James Joseph         James O Neill           Brigid O Shea             Gibberwell      Nicholas O Neill      Catherine O Neill
 25/04/1941   O Neill Johanna              Nicholas O Neill        Margaret M Kehoe          Rathangan       Michael O Neill       Margaret O Neill
 14/11/1939   O Neill Johanna Mary         James O Neill           Bridget O Shea            Rochestown      Michael O Neill       Johanna O Neill
 20/05/1943   O Neill Margaret Mary        Nicholas O Neill        Margaret Kehoe            Rochestown      Philip Murphy         Mary Neville              m.Ml O Brien,Rathangan 21/4/1964
 20/05/1954   O Neill Marian               Nicholas O Neill        Margaret M Kehoe          Rochestown
 31/10/1919   O Neill Mary                 John O Neill            Elizabeth Leary           Duncormack      John Furlong          Frances Doyle
 01/12/1917   O Neill Mary Alice           John O Neill            Elizabeth Leary           Duncormack      Michael O Brien       Bridget Rossiter
 04/04/1948   O Neill Mary Brigid          Nicholas O Neill        Margaret M. Kehoe         Rochestown      Michael Staples       Maureen Staples           RIP
 28/02/1946   O Neill Mary Josephine       James O Neill           Bridget O Shea            Nickaree        John Miskella         Mary Moore                m.Paschal Grimes,Rathangan 28/3/1967
 24/05/1953   O Neill Michael Oliver       James O Neill           Brigid O Shea             Gurtins         James Rochford        Margaret O Neill
 21/04/1951   O Neill Nicholas             Nicholas O Neill        Margaret Kehoe            Rochestown
 20/12/1948   O Neill Nuala Johanna        Michael O Neill         Catherine Nolan           Rathangan       Patrick O Neill       Mary Moore                
 01/07/1954   O Neill Patk Robt Marian     Michael O Neill         Catherine Nolan           Rathangan       James O Neill         Margaret O Neill        
 06/12/1912   O Neill Patrick              Thomas O Neill          Elizabeth O Neill         Baldwinstown    John Lambert          Mary O Neill
 19/09/1949   O Neill Patrick Anthony      Nicholas O Neill        Margaret M Kehoe          Rochestown
 10/05/1948   O Neill Patrick James        James O Neill           Bridget O Shea            Gibberwell      Michael Moore         Margaret O Neill
 04/04/1948   O Neill Patrick Joseph       Nicholas O Neill        Margaret M. Kehoe         Rochestown      John Byrne            Ellen Murphy              RIP
 17/07/1952   O Neill Thomas               Nicholas O Neill        Margaret Kehoe            Rochestown
 15/09/1946   O Neill Walter John          Nicholas O Neill        Mary Margaret Kehoe       Rochestown      Philip Berry          Mary Bolger               
 07/05/1924   O Shea William Joseph        Gerald O Shea           Bridget Shudal            Duncormick      Patrick Redmond       Mary Quinn                m.Anna Hibbard,Liverpool 8/9/1951
 25/05/1915   O' Brien Michael John        James O' Brien          Elizabeth Meyler          Mountaingate    Richard Whitty        Margaret O' Brien
 18/09/1913   O' Brien Patrick James       James O' Brien          Elizabeth Meyler          Mountaingate    James O' Brien        Esther Whitty
 18/09/1914   O' Keefe Lrnce Stanislaus    Laurence O' Keefe       Mary Hutchinson           Cherriestown    James O' Keefe        Mary Ellen O' Keefe
 10/08/1914   O' Keefe Margaret Mary       James O' Keefe          Elizabeth Furlong         Sleedagh        Nicholas Furlong      Elizabeth Furlong
 03/02/1913   O' Keefe Thomas Kevin        James O' Keefe          Elizabeth Furlong         Sleedagh        James O' Keefe        Anne O' Keefe
 17/08/1915   O' Neill Katherine Mary      Thomas O' Neill         Elizabeth O' Neill        Baldwinstown    John Furlong          Mary Ellen O' Neill       m.Patrick Murphy,Rathangan 26/8/1940
 27/03/1915   O' Neill Thomas              James O' Neill          Laura Johnson             Baldwinstown    Stephen Parle         Mary Ellen O' Neill
 19/1/1826    O'Brien Catherine            Lawrence O'Brien        Biddy O'Brien                             Patt Nowlan           Ellen White
 13/09/1906   O'Grady Mary Ellen           Peter O'Grady           Mary Murphy               Baldwinstown    Patrick Murphy        Frances Canning           m.James Devereux,Rathangan 19/4/1927
 02/06/1902   O'Keefe John Patrick         James O'Keefe           Eliza Furlong             Sleedagh        James Furlong         Ellen Furlong
 6/8/1822     O'Neal James                 Phelim O'Neal           Kitty O'Neal                              John O'Neal           Jean Barry
 27/5/1854    O'Neill Alicia               Patt O'Neill            Marg Coady                Shanae          Nick Byrne            Cath Codd
 15/9/1855    O'Neill James                James O'Neill           Eliza Furlong             Baldu           Thomas Walsh          Cath Meany
 16/5/1853    O'Neill Mary                 James O'Neill           Eliza Furlong                             James Power           Eliz Stafford
 13/8/1840    O` Roorke Anty               Ned O` Roorke           Peggy Kehow                               John Synnott          Elen Kehow
 18/5/1825    O`Brien Anne                 Terry O`Brien           Margaret O`Brien                                                Catherine Danly
 13/6/1829    O`Brien Johanna              Lawrence O` Brien       Biddy O `Brien                            Martin Parle          Ellen Devereux
 23/3/1828    O`Connor Mary                William O`Connor        Bess O`Connor                                                   Margaret Hayse
 4/12/1820    O`Neil William               Philem O` Neil          Kitty O` Neil                                                   Mrs. Barry
 16/9/1840    Osburns Joseph               Joseph Osburns          Anne Byrne                                James Judidan         Elen Furlong
 6/9/1829     Osten Anne                   John Osten              Anne Osten                                Peter Foley           Eliza Synnott
 28/6/1840    Owen Margaret                Thomas Owen             Catherine Fortune                         John Roach            Ellen Keefe
 18/12/1842   Owens Anne                   Thomas Owens            Catherine  ***            Mountain        James Scallon         Mary Dunne
 13/3/1828    Palmer Catherine             William Palmer          Margaret Palmer                           Richard Furlong       Ruth Meyler
 14/2/1819    Palmer Henry                 William Palmer          Mary Palmer                               John Barry            Catherine Johnson
 24/12/1827   Palmer Mary                  John Palmer             Mary Coffer                                                     Mrs. Browne
 17/4/1830    Palmer William               William Palmer          Margaret Palmer                           Patt Lambert          Mary Meyler
 20/9/1832    Palrmor Thomas ??            William Palrmor ??      Margaret  ??                              James Walsh           Mary French
 13/10/1824   Pamer Ellen                  William Pamer           Mary Pamer                                John Parle            Mary Walsh
 21/10/1821   Parle Anne                   Walter Parle            Mary Parle                                James Murphy          Mary Cloney
 13/8/1836    Parle Anne                   John Parle              Mary Parle                                John Murphy           Mrs Rosseter
 05/03/1908   Parle Anne                   Patrick Parle           Johannah Byrne            Baldwinstown    Stephen Parle         Mary Kehoe
 8/2/1839     Parle Anty                   John Parle              Mary Murphy                               Martin Colfer         Mary Roach
 27/02/1925   Parle Bernadette Jos.        Patrick Parle           Johanna Byrne             Baldwinstown    Walter Cullen         Mary E. Stafford          m.Stephen Roche,R/angan 29/8/1956
 6/12/1821    Parle Catherine              Richard Parle           Margaret Parle                            Maurice Breen         Ellen Furlong
 29/12/1826   Parle Catherine              Laurence Parle          Anty Parle
 5/9/1829     Parle Catherine              Lawrence Parle          Anty Parle                                Larry Fardy           Catherine Harbull
 24/2/1837    Parle Catherine              ?? Parle                Cate Conick                                                     Mrs.Sane
 19/3/1839    Parle Catherine              Will Parle              Anty DEvereux                             Nick Rossiter         Mary Walsh
 8/2/1840     Parle Catherine              Walter Parle            Ally Walsh                                Mick Corish           Margaret Walsh
 07/02/1918   Parle Catherine Agnes        Patrick Parle           Johanna Byrne             Baldwinstown    William Byrne         Lizzie Furlong
 11/07/1932   Parle Catherine Laura        James Parle             Margaret Hayes            Bridgetown      John Parle            Bridie Hayes              m.Kevin Geoghan,Athlone 7/8/1961
 22/12/1941   Parle Christina Mary         James Parle             Margaret Hayes            Longridge       Patrick Parle         Bernadette Parle
 30/10/1825   Parle Eliza                  John Parle              Mary Parle                                John Brown            Anty Murphy
 1/4/1819     Parle Ellen                  Walter Parle            Ellen Parle                               James Furlong         Nancy Dealy
 7/5/1804     Parle James                  Walter Parle            Maria Parle                               Stephen Stafford      Elizabeth Parle
 29/12/1827   Parle James                  John Parle              Mary Parle                                William Murphy         Judy Murphy
 04/01/1905   Parle James                  Patrick Parle           Johanna Byrne             Baldwinstown    Michael Parle         Mary Ellen Byrne          m.Margt Hayes,Mulrankin 12/8/1931
 6/7/1817     Parle Joanna                 Nicholas Parle          Ann Parle                                 Richard Parle         Mary Barrett
 7/3/1841     Parle Johanna                Will Parle              Anty Devereux                             John Byrne            Eliza Ennis
 14/1/1842    Parle Johanna                Jphn Parle              M. Richards
 20/04/1943   Parle Johanna Elizabeth      James Parle             Margaret Hayes            Longridge       John Cullen           Katherine Cullen          m.Antny Gallaghar,Drum ? 11/1/1961?
 31/2/1820    Parle John                   Nicholas Parle          Wife Parle                                John Colfor           Anty Hayes
 11/11/1829   Parle John                   John Parle              Mary Parle                                Micail Murphy
 19/9/1841    Parle John                   Thomas Parle            Anty Rosseter                                                   Mary Rosseter
 16/2/1856    Parle John                   Michael Parle           Anty furlong              Rathangan       Robert Pour           Mary Dumphry
 13/08/1900   Parle John                   Stephen Parle           Johanna Doyle             Ambrosetown     Walter Furlong        Catherine Doyle           m.Margt Murphy,Bannow 26/6/1940
 14/07/1911   Parle John Joseph            Patrick Parle           Johanna Byrne             Baldwinstown    Richard Phillips      Catherine Furlong         m.Ellen Cahill,Rathangan 18/8/1943
 26/3/1813    Parle Laurence               Matthew Parle           Ally Parle                                John White            Bridget Deegan
 09/05/1904   Parle Margaret Mary          Stephen Parle           Johanna Doyle             Ambrosetown     Laurence Byrne        Margaret Moran            m.Francis McGarry,Dublin 26/6/1929
 11/03/1915   Parle Margaret Mary          Patrick Parle           Johanna Byrne             Baldwinstown    Thomas Jackman        Margaret Harpur           m.John Magrogan,Baltimore US 25/11/50
 30/9/1853    Parle Margt                  Walter Parle            Alicia Walsh              Johnstoown      William Hood          Mary Nowlan
 17/5/1834    Parle Mary                   John Parle              Mary Parle                                Peter Murphy          Catherine Brown
 24/5/1840    Parle Mary                   Thomas Parle            Joany Parle                               Nicholas Power        Mrs.Dunne
 12/11/1909   Parle Mary Ellen             Patrick Parle           Johanna Byrne             Baldwinstown    John Byrne            Eliza Keating
 16/05/1906   Parle Mary Katherine         Patrick Parle           Johannah Byrne            Baldwinstown    Patrick Byrne         Catherine Byrne
 13/9/1817    Parle Matthew                Thomas Parle            Joanna Parle                              Joseph Purcell        Anty Furlong
 17/1/1832    Parle Micai;                 John Parle              Mary Parle                                John Colfer           Bess Murphy
 24/9/1836    Parle Nicholas               Thomas Parle            Joany Parle                               Thomas Dunne          Eliza Parle
 11/5/1815    Parle Patrick                Thomas Parle            Judith Parle                              John Purcell          Mrs. Walsh
 2/4/1853     Parle Patrick                Michael Parle           Anty Furlong              Pembrokestown   Matthew Whitty        Alice Power
 08/06/1922   Parle Patrick Colomba        Patrick Parle           Johanna Byrne             Baldwinstown    Micke Walsh           Maggie Roche
 14/02/1914   Parle Patrick Gerard         Patrick Parle           Johanna Byrne             Baldwintown     Martin Forrestal      Mary E. O' Neill
 16/07/1945   Parle Patrick Oliver         James Parle             Margaret Hayes            Longridge       Richard Parle         Maureen Murphy
 30/10/1841   Parle Peter                  John Parle              Mary Murphy                               Peter Barry           Mary Coughlan
 4/7/1842     Parle Phil                   John Parle              Johanna Dun                               Patt Donohoe          Mary French
 11/03/1919   Parle Richard Joseph         Patrick Parle           Johanna Byrne             Baldwinstown    William Cullen        Alice Furlong
 6/2/1811     Parle Stephen                Thomas Parle            Johanna Sinnott           Ambrosetown     Thomas Neville        Margaret Roche
 11/04/1941   Parle Stephen Joseph         John Parle              Margaret Murphy           Ambrosetown     John Byrne            Josephine Murphy
 19/3/1834    Parle Thomas                 John Parle              Ellen Parle                               William Furlong       Anne Parle
 19/7/1836    Parle Thomas                 John Parle              Margaret Parle                            Stephen Parle         Ellen Cleary
 20/4/1838    Parle Thomas                 John Parle              Margaret Parle                            Charles Richards      Hanna Hickey
 26/2/1840    Parle William                John Parle              Margaret Parle                            James Purcel          Eliza Richards
 13/10/1818   Pat Wallice                                                                                    J. Cullen             Ellen Furlong
 1/10/1836    Pedegre James                James Pedegre           Kitty Pedegre                             James Pedegre         Anty Synnott
 11/10/1822   Pedegree Ellen               John Pedegree           Margaret Pedegree                                               Catherine Coghlan
 13/5/1828    Pedigree Anastatia           James Pedigree          Kitty Pedigree                            Patt Leary            Anty Barry
 11/12/1833   Pedigree Clement             James Pedigree          Kitty Pedigree                            Richard Coglen        Catherine Hays
 6/4/1819     Pedigree John                 James Pedigree         Catherine Pedigree                        Thomas Whitty         Mary Barry
 16/3/1824    Pedigree Patrick             James Pedigree          Kitty Pedigree                            James Harpur          Mary Cullen
 31/5/1826    Pedigree William             John Pedigree           Mary Pedigree                                                   Ellen Ennis
 10/3/1827    Pedigree William             James Pedigree          Catherine Pedigree                                              Mary Bardon
 6/2/1831     Pedigree William             James Pedigree          Kitty Pedigree                            William Bardan        Mary Furlong
 08/10/1916   Pender Alice                 John Pender             Bridget Roche             Scar            John Berry            Mary Lambert              m.Wm Gallaghar,Dublin 23/4/1939
 10/7/1803    Pender Anne                  William Pender          Margaret Pender                           Nicholas Power        Maria Furlong
 21/5/1825    Pender Catherine             Thomas Pender           Rose Pender                               Thomas Furlong        Eliza Walsh
 9/12/1831    Pender Catherine             Thomas Pender           Rose Pender                               Peter Donohoe         Mary Furlong
 11/2/1837    Pender Catherine             James Pender            Mary Pender                               Mathew Murphy         Anty Power
 15/10/1918   Pender Catherine Teresa      John Pender             Bridget Roche             Scar            James Pender          Margaret Berry            m.John Furlong,Rathangan 10/1/1940
 11/11/1823   Pender Eliza                 Patrick Pender          Mary Pender                               John Walsh            Johanna Stafford
 28/02/1956   Pender Elizabeth Margaret    John Pender             Elizabeth Coles           Scar
 19/11/1818   Pender James                 Thomas Pender           Anty Pender                               Thomas Doyle          Eliza Pender
 26/11/1819   Pender James                 Thomas Pender           Mary Pender                               James Radford         Margaret Radford
 15/09/1906   Pender James Laurence        John Pender             Brigid Roche              Scar            William Roche         Mary Jane Furlong
 25/10/1821   Pender Jaspewr               Mick Pender             Mary Pender                               Wm Murphy             Nancy Lambert
 16/4/1856    Pender Johanna               John Pender             Margaret Barry            Scar            James Pender          Mary Barry
 02/01/1914   Pender Johanna Christina     John Pender             Brigid Roche              Scar            John Pender           Elizabeth Furlong
 6/5/1826     Pender John                  Patrick Pender          Mary Pender                               Walter Stafford       Anty BRowne
 26/11/1834   Pender John                  Thomas Pender           Rose Pender                               Patt Walsh            Bridget Dumphy
 07/07/1915   Pender John                  John Pender             Bridget Roche             Scar            Mathew Roche          Catherine Byrne           m.Elizabeth Coles,Taghmon 18/4/1949
 06/09/1949   Pender John Philip           John Pender             Elizabeth Coles           Scar            Walter Pender         Margaret Coles            m.Geraldine Mary McDermott,NY 17/11/79
 09/07/1961   Pender Josephine Martina     John Pender             Elizabeth Coles           Scar            Thomas Murphy         Eileen Murphy
 25/4/1842    Pender Lawrence              John Pender             Margaret Barry                            John Barry            Eliza Ennis
 29/9/1817    Pender Margaret              Thomas Pender           Joan Pender                               Mark Barry            Ester Pender
 4/1/1820     Pender Margaret              Michael Pender          Mary Pender                               John Stafford         Marian Redmond
 4/1/1821     Pender Mary                  Tom Pender              Betty Pender                              Mark Uanton           Margaret Cogley
 21/12/1823   Pender Mary                  Michael Pender          Mary Pender                               Patt Murphy           Mary Cullen
 2/2/1827     Pender Mary                  Thomas Pender           Wife Pender                               James Walsh           Catherine Harper
 1/7/1855     Pender Mary                  John Pender             Marg Barry                Sear            Laurence Pender       Marg Barry
 20/09/1908   Pender Mary Anne             John Pender             Bridget Roche             Scar            Lawrence Roche        Mary Lambert              m.James Dowd,Rathangan 9/9/1940
 16/02/1953   Pender Mary Brigid           John Pender             Elizabeth Coles           Scar            Patrick Berry         Mary Coles
 20/3/1826    Pender Patt                  Mick Pender             Mary Pender                                                     Margaret Walsh
 10/7/1805    Pender Thomas                Laurence Pender         Joanna Pender                             Thomas Coghley        Bridget Coghley
 9/1/1824     Pender Thomas                Thomas Pender           Mary Pender                               James Harpur          Ellen Harpur
 16/8/1839    Pender Thomas                Thomas Pender           Rose White                                John Walsh            Margaret Dunne
 27/2/1834    Pender Walter                James Pender            Mary Pender                               Thomas Pender         Anty Walsh
 06/01/1911   Pender Walter                John Pender             Brigid Roche              Scar            Joseph Roche          Johanna Lambert           m.Ellen Keating,Multaukin 11/4/1945
 26/11/1909   Pendergast Laurence          John Pendergast         Bridget Roche             Scar            Paul Lambert          Margt Anne Roche
 10/10/1912   Pendergast Margaret          John Pendergast         Brigid Roche              Scar            James hogan           Anne Pendergast           m.Patk Redmond,Rathangan 14/10/1942
 15/2/1805    Phelan Maria                 William Phelan          Ann Phelan                                Edmond ???            Maria Meylor
 10/6/1897    Philips Annah                Nicholas Philips        Catherine Butler          Baldwinstown    Patrick Tracy         Catherine Furlong         m.Andrew Griffin,Phibsboro 23/11/1922
 22/11/1899   Philips Elizabeth            Nicholas Philips        Kate Butler               Baldwinstown    James Murphy          Kate Frances Stafford     m.Joseph Ryan,Rathangan 14/11/1928
 10/6/1897    Philips Francis              Nicholas Philips        Catherine Butler          Baldwinstown    Alexander U Gorman    Margaret Stafford
 2/1/1893     Philips Richard Francis      Nicholas Philips        Catherine Butler          Baldwinstown    John Keating          Johanna Furlong
 6/7/1895     Philips Thomas               Nicholas Philips        Kate Butler               Baldwinstown    John Furlong          Delia Furlong
 24/06/1919   Phillips Evaline Mary        Michael Phillips        Magdeline Devereux        Baldwinstown    Thomas Phillips       Mary E Stafford           m.Patk Lalor,Dunleary 18/8/1958
 17/12/1822   Pierce Edward                Edward Pierce           Ally Larkin                                                     Mary Kelly
 1/11/1818    Poole Eliza                  Richard Poole ??        Margaret Poole ??                         Nicholas Poole        Eliza Roe
 15/2/1822    Poor John                    John Poor               Susanna Poor                              Thomas Pender         Anne Furlong
 14/7/1825    Poore Patt                   Nicholas Poore          Wife Poore                                Thomas Poore          Catherine Colfer
 1/7/1856     Pour Nicholas                Nicholas Pour           Anty Cody                 Park            John Sinnott          Anty Sinnott
 11/11/1803   Power Alice                  Robert Power            Maria Power                               Thomas Cody           Joanna Cody
 11/07/1958   Power Alice Mary             Ibar Power              Nuala Colloton            Park            John Rossiter         Mary Colloton
 24/11/1922   Power Anastasia              John Power              Eliza Maddock             Rathangan       John Murphy           Margaret Sinnott          m.Edward Murphy,Bannow 28/6/1950
 26/01/1925   Power Anna Elizabeth         Nicholas Power          Alice Hayes               Park            Mathew Rossiter       Margaret Hayes            m.John Leo Barry,Rathangan 25/8/1948
 22/5/1832    Power Anty                   Patrick Power           Anty POwer                                Patt Furlong          Bridget Rogers
 29/4/1855    Power Catharine              Nicholas Power          Anty Coady                Redmoor         Nicholas Coady        Mary Gough
 9/12/1833    Power Catherine              Walter Power            Ellen Power                               Patt Neil             Bridget Codde
 4/8/1816     Power david                  John Power              Susan Power                               Walter Power          Mary Doyle
 24/7/2836    Power Ellen                  Thomas Power            Catherine Power                           William Whitty        Catherine Whitty
 23/11/1963   Power Ibar Joseph            Ibar Power              Paula Culleton            Park            Nicholas Culleton     Anne Dwyer
 28/2/1816    Power John                   Patrick Power           Mary Power                                Nicholas Power        Nancy Ronan
 7/2/1839     Power John                   Walter Power            Ellen Costigan                            James Walsh           Anne Costigan
 1/1/1843     Power John                   Patt Power              Maria Mc Grath            Mountain        Peter Murphy          Mary Whitty
 7/1/1898     Power John                   Patrick Power           Anne Furlong              Park            John Barry            Mary Furlong              m.Mary Eliz Murphy,Armagh 12/1/1937
 22/11/1959   Power John Gerard            Ibar Power              Nuala Culleton            Park
 26/11/1819   Power Margaret               Nicholas Power          Mary Power                                Patrick Magrath       Ellen Harpur
 11/7/1829    Power Margaret               Patrick Power           Kitty Power                               James Breen           Mary Murphy
 23/11/1841   Power Martin                 Walter Powr             Ellen Costigan                            Patt Costigan         Marian Neil
 23/1/1821    Power Mary                   Patrick Power           Arrdy Power                                                     Betty Walsh
 22/6/1837    Power Mary                   Patrick Power           Mary Cosin                                                      Catherine Radford
 31/3/1841    Power Mary                   Peter Power             Catherine Lambert                         Peter Parle           Catherine Byrne
 12/05/1924   Power Mary                   John Power              Elizabeth Maddock         Gibberpatrick   William Maddock       Johanna Murphy            m.James Barnwell,Bannow 11/10/1944
 28/8/1837    Power Michael                Peter Power             Catherine Power                           John Parle            Johanna Hogan
 7/3/1827     Power Nicholas               Patrick Power           Anty Power                                James Walsh           Alica Powers
 3/7/1837     Power Nicholas               James Power             Catherine Power                           John whitty           Ellen Harpur
 15/01/1961   Power Nicholas Anthony       Thomas Ibar Power       Nuala Colloton            Park            Leo Barry             Patricia Colloton
 00/8/1838    Power Nick                   Nick Power              Margaret Power                            Patt Cogley           Eliza Fortune
 28/5/1895    Power Patrick                Patrick Power           Anne Furlong              Park            Patrick Furlong       Catherine Furlong
 17/3/1834    Power Patt                   Thomas Power            Catherine Power                           Peter Murphy          Mary Sinnott
 8/2/1894     Power Susan                  Patrick Power           Anne Furlong              Park            Edward Furlong        Anne Rossiter             m.Patk Howlin,Rathangan 10/6/1924
 03/12/1923   Power Thomas Harold          Nicholas Power          Alice Hayes               Park            John Rossiter         Susan Power               m.Nuala Culleton,Rathangan 13/8/1957
 5/7/1822     Power Wally                  Nicholas Power          Mary Power                                Wally Power           Catherine Lynch
 22/7/1820    Power walter                 Walter Power            Mary Murphy                               Wm Whitty             Joaney Cody
 29/9/1824    Power Walter                 John Power              Susan Power                               Thomas Power          Ellen Power
 13/11/1840   Power William                Thomas Power            Catherine Hayse                           Thomas Devereux       Judy Redmond
 28/2/1842    Purcel Bess                  James Purcel            Mary Parle                                James Furlong         Mary Furlong
 30/11/1835   Purcel Catherine             James Purcel            Mary Purcel                               Stephen Parle         Eliza Richards
 00/5/1838    Purcel Joe                   James Purcel            Mary Purcel                               Matt Revill           Anne Parle
 1/2/1833     Purcel Johanna               James Purcel            Mary Purcel                               John Parle            ??  Stafford
 21/8/1834    Purcel Richard               James Purcel            Mary Purcel                               John Purcel           Margaret Reville
 7/11/1840    Purcel Thomas                James Purcel            Mary Parle                                John Revil            Johanna Parle
 25/4/1834    Quin ??                      James Quin              Catherine Quin                            ?? Rosseter           ??  Rosseter
 19/8/1820    Quin ????                    Greg Quinn              ???? Quinn                                                      ??? Fortune
 00/6/1828    Quin Catherine               Gregory Quin            Wife Quin                                 Nicholas Barry
 10/7/1856    Quin Catherine               James Quin              Ellen Cahill              Duncormick      Patt Walsh            Alicia Hughes
 24/1/1819    Quin Ellen                   Stephen Quin            Eliza Quin                                John Stafford         Catherine Codd
 5/12/1828    Quin Johanna                 James Quin              Catherine Quin                            Stephen Barry         Mary Kielty
 17/2/1826    Quin John                    James Quin              Catherine Quin                            Nicholas Barry        Bidy Walsh
 16/4/1826    Quin John                    Gegory Quin             Catherine Quin                                                  Ann Hayse
 00/00/1837   Quin Margaret                James Quin              Catherine Quin                            John Barry            Anty Rosseter
 4/3/1832     Quin Mary                    Gregory Quin            Wife Quin                                 William Doran         Eliza Hayse
 16/1/1834    Quin Patt                    Patt Quin               Margaret Dunne                                                  Anne Kearn
 12/6/1820    Quin Richard                 Stephen Quin            Betty Quin                                Simon Hayse           Nancy Kelly
 29/8/1825    Quin Thomas                  Stephen Quin            Betty Quin                                Thomas Codde          Ally Stafford
 21/12/1820   Quin William                 Richard Quin            Mary Quin                                 Michael Roach         Mrs.Nayse
 14/7/1823    Quinn ??                     Gregory Quinn           Wife Quinn                                James Hays            & Daughter
 16/7/1819    Quinn Elizabeth              Gregory Quinn           Catherine Quinn                           Nicholas Barry        Bess White
 16/6/1816    Quinn Margaret               Stephen Quinn           Betty Quinn                               Nicholas Furlong      Catherine Brown
 13/10/1813   Quinn Mary                   Paddy Quinn             Ellen Quinn                               James Furlong         Nancy Furlong
 21/10/1831   Quinn Mary                   James Quinn             Catherine Quinn                           Nicholas Walsh        Catherine Cleary
 30/03/1913   Quinn Mary                   John Quinn              Anastatia Shudal          Duncormick      John Bennet           Eliza Moran
 27/2/1804    Quinn Patrick                Andrew Quinn            Catherine Quinn                           Nicholas Devereux     Alice Quinn
 9/3/1813     Quinn Thomas                 James Quinn             Dolly Quinn                               Nicholas Furlong      Judy Doyle
 9/2/1843     Quinn Thomas                 Peter Quinn             Catherine Quinn           Longridge       Richard Quinn         Mary Quinn
 6/9/1841     Quirk Patt                   Patt Quirk              Cath Cullen                                                     Mary Cullen
 20/04/1912   Quirke Anastatia             Michael Quirke          Mary Alice Quinn          Gainstown       Michael Stanners      Anastatia Kearns
 24/07/1916   Quirke Catherine             Michael Quirke          Mary Alice Quinn          Gainstown       Richard Staimers ??   Mary Lacy
 15/04/1911   Quirke Mary Elizabeth        Michael Quirke          Mary Alice Quinn          Garistown ??    John Kearns           Elizabeth Quinn
 9/1/1804     Radford Anna                 James Radford           Bridget Radford                           Joanna Radford        Bridget Radford
 23/6/1822    Radford Anne                 Benjamin Radford        Catherine Radford                                               Anastatia Doyle
 8/5/1831     Radford Anne                 Peter Radford           Anne Byrne                                Peter Hayse           Anne Radford
 00/8/1838    Radford Benjamin             Nath. Radford           Catherine Radford                         John Dunne            Anne Radford
 18/1/1822    Radford Catherine            Joe Radford             Margaret Radford                          Patt Jordan           Fanny Radford
 3/4/1842     Radford Catherine            Nat Radford             Catherine Doyle                           John Radford          Anty Furlong
 2/10/1819    Radford Eliza                Joseph Radford          Margaret Radford                          Peter Radford         Mary Meyler
 23/2/1826    Radford Fanny                Joseph Radford          Margaret Radford                          Patt Browne           Mary Radford
 30/5/1830    Radford James                Joe Radford             Margaret Radford                          James Jordon          Mary Fortune
 25/7/1824    Radford John                 Joseph Radford          Margaret Radford                          John Radford          Mary Walsh
 2/12/1827    Radford John                 John Radford            Mathew Radford                            Patt Radford          Bess Keefe
 22/2/1833    Radford John                 Peter Radford           Anne Radford                              Joe Radford           Bridget Fortune
 27/3/1840    Radford John                 Natton Radford          Catherine Doyle                           Richard Radford       Anne Furlong
 15/4/1832    Radford Joseph               Joseph Radford          Margaret Radford                          John Molloy           Mary Meyler
 24/4/1819    Radford Margaret             Benjamin Radford        Catherine Radford                         Marks Radford         Ellen Doyle
 27/4/1823    Radford Margaret             John Radford            Margaret Poor                             Peter Sinnott         Mary Kean
 00/00/1838   Radford Margaret             Joe Radford             Margaret Radford                          Stephen White         Catherine Rosseter
 3/2/1835     Radford Mary                 Joseph Radford          Margaret Radford                          Andy Jordon           Ellen Mc Coy
 24/5/1835    Radford Richard              Peter Radford           Anne Radford                              John Radford          Mrs.Flanigan
 11/4/1805    Radford William              James Radford           Maria Radford                             Joseph Radford        Anastasia Malloy
 03/09/1954   Rankin Anthony Michael       Anthony Rankin          Mary Teresa Doyle         Muchtown        Thomas Codd           Margaret Corish
 14/03/1956   Rankin James Patrick         Anthony Rankin          Mary Doyle                Muchtown        Peter Corish          Lily O Meara              m.Brigid Mary Mgt Lawlor, Luton
 22/01/1947   Rankin Margaret Mary         Anthony Rankin          Mary Doyle                Rathangan       James Doyle           Annie Doyle
 04/05/1948   Rankin Valentine James       Anthony Rankin          Mary T. Doyle             Rathangan       Charles Doyle         Mary Rankin              
 4/11/1834    Rashford James               Moses Rashford          Catherine Rashford                                              Mary Fortune
 20/4/1837    Rashford James               Luke Rashford           Kitty Rashford                            James Brown           Ellen Wallice
 11/6/1837    Rashford John                Moses Rashford          Catherine Rashford                        David Fortune         Eliza Fortune
 12/9/1841    Rashford Marianne            Moses Rashford          Catherine Fortune                         John Murphy           Bess Sane
 18/3/1836    Rashford Patt                Mogue Rashford          Catherine Rashford                        John Fortune          Anne Fortune
 4/7/1839     Ratchford William            Moses Ratchford         Catherine Ratchford                       James Walsh           Margaret Fortune
 2/6/1834     Raves Andrew                 Richard Raves           Ellen Raves                               James Connor          Betty Connor
 14/3/1856    Reddy Margaret               Laurence Reddy          Anty Cahill               Phi;ipstown     John Rossiter         Anne Dwyer
 29/8/1825    Redmond                      Mick Redmond		 
 13/8/1837    Redmond ??                   James Redmond           Essy Redmond                              Michael Grannel       Catherine Pender
 14/10/1821   Redmond Anne                 Wm Redmond              Catherine Redmond                                               Catherine Sinnott
 21/5/1854    Redmond Anne                 James redmond           Ester Pender                              James Harper          Anty Harper
 30/07/1917   Redmond Anne                 William Redmond         Mary Wallace              Duncormack      Patrick Redmond       Anne Roche                m.Stanislaus O Keefe,R/angan 24/2/1943
 14/07/1947   Redmond Brigid               Mark Redmond            Eileen Codd                                                                               m.Stephen Scallon,Rathangan 22/6/1966
 12/12/1833   Redmond Catherine            William Redmond         Catherine Redmond                         Andy Day              Fanny Synnott
 6/2/1839     Redmond Catherine            James Redmond           Essy Pender                               Patt Dunne ??         Mary Byrne
 14/03/1927   Redmond Catherine Teresa     Patrick Redmond         Margaret Carroll          Nickaree        Stephen Parle         Mary Crowley              m.Patk Anderson,Univ.Ch. Dbln 10/2/1957
 24/4/1842    Redmond Eliza                Mathew Redmond          Mary Barry                                Thomas Moore          Allice Kelly
 13/07/1943   Redmond Elizabeth            Patrick Redmond         Margaret Pender           Duncormick      John Redmond          Margaret Foley
 11/02/1905   Redmond George               Marks Redmond           Eliza Shudall             Duncormack      James Cullen          Eliza Hunt
 28/1/1824    Redmond James                William Redmond         Catherine Redmond                         ??  Keinan
 18/3/1832    Redmond James                Matt Redmond            Mary Redmond                              John Redmond          Bess Barry
 19/5/1840    Redmond James                Mathew Redmond          Mary Redmond                                                    Mary Moore
 11/03/1901   Redmond Johanna              Marks Redmond           Eliza Shudall             Duncormack      William Croache       Mary Anne Hudall
 25/9/1833    Redmond John                 Matt Redmond            Mary Redmond                              James Redmond         Catherine Moor
 26/12/1839   Redmond John                 Owen Redmond            Catherine Donnelley                       Tom White             Mary Corish
 9/1/1894     Redmond John                 Patrick Redmond         Anne Flynn                Duncormack      James Hogan           Catherine Murphy
 07/06/1948   Redmond John Patrick         Mark Redmond            Eileen Codd               Duncormick
 2/10/1835    Redmond Kitty                Mathew Redmond          Mary Redmond                              John Moore            Ellen Redmond
 30/07/1911   Redmond Margaret Alice       Patrick Redmond         Mary Harpur               Croase          Paul Furlong          Ellen Dillon
 20/07/1913   Redmond Margaret Alice       Patrick Redmond         Mary Harpur               Croase          Thomas Breen          Mary Kate Cloney
 26/09/1939   Redmond Margaret Mary        Patrick Redmond         Annie Murphy              Croase          Michael Redmond       Annie Redmond
 25/03/1946   Redmond Margaret Mary        Patrick Redmond         Margaret Pender           Duncormick      Richard Furlong       Mary Teresa Foley         
 26/05/1916   Redmond Mark                 William Redmond         Mary Wallace              Duncormack      John Devereux         Bridget Hunt              m.Ellen Codd,Waterford 31/10/1944
 13/08/1944   Redmond Mark John            Patrick Redmond         Margaret Pender           Duncormick      William Redmond       Catherine Cleary
 23/06/1949   Redmond Martin               Mark Redmond            Ellen Codd                Duncormick      James Murphy          Mary Walsh                
 9/12/1837    Redmond Mary                 Mathew Redmond          Mary Redmond                              Walter Stafford       Eliza Walsh
 26/3/1855    Redmond Mary                 Patt Redmond            Cathe Murphy              Sledagh         John Rashford         Cath Summers
 4/2/1856     Redmond Mary                 Michl Redmond           Anty Roche                Mountain        Pat McEvoy            Margt Furlong
 15/11/1930   Redmond Mary Eliza           Patrick Redmond         Margaret Carroll          Nickaree        John Murphy           Kate Hogan
 23/07/1915   Redmond Mary Ellen           Patrick Redmond         Mary Harpur               Croase          James Byrne           Mary M.Roche
 04/09/1919   Redmond Mary Ellen           William Redmond         Mary Wallace              Duncormack      George Shudal         Kate Redmond              m.Robert Cloney,R/angan 15/6/1943
 29/08/1925   Redmond Mary Margaret        Patrick Redmond         Maggie Carroll            Nickaree        Edward Neville        Katie Redmond
 18/08/1953   Redmond Mary Teresa A.       Mark Redmond            Ellen Codd                Duncormack      James Codd            Mary Jenkins              
 29/3/1832    Redmond Micail               Mick Redmond            Mary Redmond                              Patrick Miscalo       Mary Redmond
 18/4/1822    Redmond Michael              John Redmond             Christina Redmond                                              Judith Doyle
 08/06/1903   Redmond Patrick              Marks Redmond           Elizabeth Shudall         Duncormack      Michael Brien         Mary Cox                  m.Mgt Pender,Rathangan 14/10/1942
 11/03/1922   Redmond Patrick Bernard      Patrick Redmond         Margaret Carroll          Robinstown      Patrick Harpur        Ellen Redmond
 28/2/1819    Redmond Patt                 William Redmond         Catherine Redmond                                               Anty Sinnott
 20/5/1819    Redmond Patt                 John Redmond            Kitty Redmond                             Patt Sinnott          Margaret Murphy
 24/01/1929   Redmond Sarah                Patrick Redmond         Margaret Carroll          Robinstown      Richard Brien         Annie Redmond             m.Paul McCormack,Tagoat 14/8/1950
 15/07/1955   Redmond Teresa Ellen         Mark Redmond            Eileen Codd               Duncormick
 29/12/1826   Redmond William              William Redmond         Wife Redmond                              James  Barry          Fanny Sinnott
 10/03/1912   Redmond William              Patrick Redmond         Mary Harpur               Croase          William Redmond       Brigid Doyle
 17/02/1946   Redmond William              Mark Redmond            Ellen Codd                Duncormick
 15/7/1839    Reed Catherine               Pat Reed                Mary Reed                                 William Stafford      Ellen Rosseter
 08/02/1941   Reville Mary Catherine       John Reville            Anastasia Somers          Killag          Patrick Cullen        Josephine Cullen          m.James Roche,Rathangan 12/9/1962
 22/09/1936   Reville Nicholas Finbar      John Reville            Anastatia Somers          Killag          James Reville         Catherine Miskella        
 2/2/1839     Revvil ?? Philip             Philip Revvil           Catherine Revvil                          Edward Burn           Catherine Kelly
 11/4/1813    Reyly Mogue                  Michael Reyly           Bridget Reyly                             Ned Synnott           Mary Doyle
 17/5/1855    Rich Whitty                  Rich Whitty             Mary lambert              Mountain        James Donahoe         Mary Price
 24/5/1819    Richards Catherine           Enoch Richards          Mary Richards                             Mary White            Mary Dake
 16/1/1842    Roach  Nick                  Joseph Roach            Mary Neil                                 James Coady           Mary Coady
 21/11/1822   Roach ??  Anne               Robert Roach ??         Mary Roach                                John Parle            Catherine Donley
 9/7/1829     Roach Alicaia                Richard Roach           Margaret Roach                            William Stafford      Catherine Kent
 23/10/1831   Roach Allice                 Thomas Roach            Joanna Roach                              ?? Roach              Mrs .Ellen Roach
 6/7/1821     Roach Ally                   Michael Roach           Judy Roach                                Wm Murphy             Ellen Murphy
 3/5/1824     Roach Anaslaie               Lawrence Roach          Judy Roach                                John Walsh            Jean Barry
 26/3/1819    Roach Anne                   John Roach              Anne Roach                                                      Catherine Stafford
 23/5/1823    Roach Anty                   Mark Roach              Mary Roach                                                      Mary Larkin
 21/9/1835    Roach Arthur                 James Roach             Ellen Roach                               James Roach           Margaret Murphy
 27/4/1831    Roach Bridget                Joseph Roach            Ellen Roach                               James Larken          Alicia Murphy
 30/9/1817    Roach Catherine              John Roach              Nancy Roach                               John Harpur           Catherine Cullen
 24/11/1822   Roach Catherine              John Roach              Ellen Roach                               Walter Coghlin        Ann Walsh
 27/7/1823    Roach Catherine              Richard Roach           Margaret Roach                            Mashew Furlong        Bridget Barry
 22/6/1825    Roach Catherine              John Roach              Nancy Roach                               John Keating          Mary Furlong
 30/12/1822   Roach Eliza                  Joseph Roach            Ellen Roach                               Andrew Walsh          Margaret Larkin
 29/5/1837    Roach Elizabeth              Michael Roach           Mary Roach                                Walter Meyler         Catherine Meyler
 3/12/1824    Roach Ellen                  John Roach              Bridget Roach                                                   Mary Nayse
 1/6/1826     Roach Ellen                  Joseph Roach            Ellen Roach                               James Walsh           Mary Danley
 26/2/1830    Roach Ellen                  Joseph Roach            Ellen Roach                               Peter Corish          Bridget Cleary
 26/4/1833    Roach Ellen                  James Roach             Ellen Roach                               John Roach            Johanna Roach
 5/2/1834     Roach Ellen                  Thomas Roach            Johanna Roach                             Thomas Roach          Bess Murphy
 20/11/1837   Roach Ellen                  John Roach              Ellen Roach                               Nicholas Newport      Bess Pedigree
 28/1/1828    Roach James                  James Roach             Ellen Roach                               Thomas Roach          Mary Howlin
 25/7/1830    Roach James                  John Roach              Nancy Roach                               James Keating         Marian Day
 3/5/1818     Roach John                   Laurence Roach          Johanna Roache                            James Barry           Mary Walsh
 25/12/1819   Roach John                   Jophn Roach             Ann Roach                                                       Ellen Harper
 28/5/1821    Roach John                   John Roach              Nancy Roach                               Moses Donahue         Mary Rossiter
 22/5/1827    Roach John                   John Roach              Bridget Roach                             T.Ozlan               Mary Howler
 27/4/1836    Roach John                   Thomas Roach            Joanna Roach                              John Roach            Anty Brown
 20/9/1841    Roach John                   John Roach              Elen  Ennis                               Patt  Rowe            Ally Furlong
 2/1/1815     Roach Joseph                 Richard Roach           Mary Parle                                Charles Lambert       Margaret Stafford
 26/9/1819    Roach Joseph                 Nicholas Roach          Mary Roach                                James Lynch           Mary Rashford
 9/2/1820     Roach Lawrence               Richard Roach           Margaret Roach                            Richard Walsh         Anty Meyler
 27/5/1824    Roach Margaret               Mick Roach              Judith Roach                              Patrick Stafford      Bridget Breen
 25/11/1827   Roach Margaret               John Roach              Nancy Roach                               Phil Keating          Margaret Day
 17/7/1825    Roach Marian                 John  Roach             Ellen Roach                               Richard Barrington    Anty Roach
 24/12/1818   Roach Mary                   Michael Roach           Judith Roach                                                    Mary Kavanagh
 10/10/1823   Roach Mary                   George Roach            Mary  Hayse                                                     Mrs.Hayse
 25/4/1824    Roach Mary                   Joseph Roach            Ellen Roach                               Nicholas Walsh        Anne Roach
 12/1/1828    Roach Mary                   Thomas Roach            Joanna Roach                              James Roach           Ellen Roach
 12/11/1828   Roach Mary                   John Roach              Anty Roach                                Mick Murphy           Ellen Roach
 25/12/1832   Roach Mary                   John Roach              Mary Breen                                Paul Furlong          Biddy Furlong
 30/6/1833    Roach Mary                   John Roach              Ellen Roach                               Richard Whitty        Mary Coghlan
 15/6/1818    Roach Michael                Michael Roach           Anty Roach                                Joseph Roach          Judith Furlong
 7/6/1835     Roach Michael                William Roach           Anty Roach                                ??? Hayse             Margaret Hayse
 10/9/1839    Roach Michael                James Roach             Elen Pettit                                                     Mary Roach
 10/7/1813    Roach Nicholas               Stephen Roach           Mary Roach                                John Murphy           Nelly White
 13/2/1821    Roach Nicholas               Michael Roach           Anty Roach                                Michael Roach         Mary Furlong
 18/12/1837   Roach Patt                   Joe Roach               Ellen Roach                               William Walsh         Margaret Danly
 17/10/1813   Roach Paul                   John Roach              Mary Roach                                Patrick Barry         Ellen Walsh
 1/7/1826     Roach Peter                  Richard Roach           Margaret Roach                                                  Anne Hogan
 8/7/1830     Roach Peter                  John Roach              Mary Roach                                John Walsh            Bess Furlong
 3/2/1835     Roach Peter                  Joseph Roach            Nelly Roach                               John Larkin           Margaret Barry
 30/12/1823   Roach Thomas                 John Roach              Nancy Roach                                                     Margaret Kealing
 16/8/1824    Roach Thomas                 Michael Roach           Bridget Roach                                                   Catherine Gorman
 10/9/1842    Roach Thomas                 Will Roach              Ally Coady                                James Coady           Elen Furlong
 29/6/1836    Roach Walter                 John Roach              Ellen Roach                               James Stafford        Catherine Stafford
 2/1/1829     Roach William                Joseph Roach            Ellen Roach                               William Hays          Mary Murphy
 14/10/1829   Roach William                Thomas Roach            Joanna Roach                              John Roach            Mary Howlen
 24/2/1830    Roach William                William Roach           ??  Hayse                                 James Furlong         Betty Larkin
 16/4/1830    Roach William                James Roach             Ellen Roach                               Thomas Roach          Ellen Roach
 4/8/1839     Roache Elizabeth             Michael Roach           Mary Roach                                Nick Higgins          Mary Stammers
 15/9/1832    Roache James                 Wm Roache               Anty Roache                               James Hayse           Margaret Fench
 11/3/1834    Roache Margaret              Michael Roache          Mary Roache                               William Sommers       Eliza Higgins
 19/6/1833    Roache Teady                 Joseph Roache           Ellen Roache                              Gabe Furlong          Ally Larkin
 31/03/1903   Roche Anastasia              Peter Roche             Mary Murphy               Duncormack      William Codd          Mary Anne Murphy
 12/09/1944   Roche Angela Dolores         Joseph Roche            Susan Nagle               Croase          James Byrne           Veronica Roche
 18/2/1804    Roche Anna                   Peter Roche             Maria Roche                               Michael Meyler        Anna Roche
 25/06/1920   Roche Anne                   John Roche              Catherine Barry           New House       John Byrne            Maggie Moran              m.Patrick Browne,rathangan 6/11/1944
 02/04/1933   Roche Bernadette             Joseph Roche            Susan Nagle               Scar            William Nagle         Catherine Roche           m.Ml. Berry,Rathangan 22/4/1967
 3/4/1805     Roche Bridget                John Roche              Ann Roche                                 Patrick Cogley        Anna Fitzgerald
 28/04/1931   Roche Catherine              Joseph Roche            Susan Nagle               Scar            Patrick Berry         Mary E Nagle              m.Stephen Warren,Rathgar 4/8/1962
 06/02/1934   Roche Dermot                 Laurence Roche          Dora Dillon               Johnstown       John French           Crissie Dillon            m.Sarah Harpur,Carrig 9/9/1965
 09/09/1956   Roche Dermot Walter          Walter Roche            Pauline McDonald          St Annes        Kevin Stafford        Patricia Scott
 14/09/1959   Roche Dolores Patricia       Walter Roche            Pauline McDonald          St Annes        Gerard Roche          Margaret Roche            
 19/11/1928   Roche Elizabeth              Peter Roche             Elizabeth Egan            Knocktown       John Wallace          Mary Lambert              m.Malachy Grace,Rathangan 9/8/1950
 24/05/1948   Roche Elizabeth Joan         Walter Roche            Pauline McDonald          St Anns
 09/04/1926   Roche Ellen Mary             James Roche             Catherine Martin          Levittstown     John Fortune          Ellen Roche
 00/8/1803    Roche James                  William Roche           Maria Roche                               MMartin Scallen       Maria Rossiter
 11/9/1841    Roche James                  Thomas Roche            Johanna Roche                             James Roche           Mary Roche
 15/2/1855    Roche James                  John Roche              Catherine Hanlon          Clearystown     Andy Furlong          Eliza Mayler
 26/9/1856    Roche James                  Mathew Roche            Eliza Parle               Sear            James Lamberd         Mary Barry
 27/07/1930   Roche James                                          Johanna Roche             Belgrove        Patrick Roche         Anastatia Roche
 21/01/1921   Roche James Kevin            James Roche             Kate Martin               Levittstown     Michael Staples       Kate Staples              m.Loretto Harpur,Clearystown 21/1/1958
 06/08/1937   Roche James Oliver           Joseph R Roche          Susan Nagle               Scar            John P Byrne          Dorothy C Roche           m.Anastasia Fitzgerald,Bngham 27/2/1965
 05/10/1910   Roche Johanna                peter Roche             Mary Murphy               Bellegrove      Timothy O Farrell     Anne Kavanagh             m.James Hawkins,Rathangan 10/7/1940
 11/2/1842    Roche John                   James Roche             Mary Ennis                                Charles Fitzhenry     Sally Ennis
 6/5/1855     Roche John                   John Roche              Mary Roche                                Wm Roche              Mary Roche
 20/2/1856    Roche John                   John Roche              Catherine Hanlon          Cleorginton     James Harper          Mary Cullin
 09/12/1901   Roche John                   Richard Roche           Mary Anne Bolger          Scar            John Roche            Bridget Bolger            m.Margt O Neill,Dun Laoighre 6/10/1943
 27/01/1914   Roche John                   Peter Roche             Mary Murphy               Belgrove        Thomas Furlong        Ellen Murphy
 15/12/1924   Roche John                   Francis Roche           Annie Hunt                Duncormick      Clem Cox              Ellen Byrne               m.Cath. Kavanagh,Rathangan 12/10/1965
 16/01/1922   Roche John                   Philip Roche            Margaret Breen            Ballyconnick    Edward Hore           Margaret Doyle            m.Teresa Dooley,Barntown 9/6/1953
 14/01/1932   Roche John Kieran            Laurence Roche          Dora Dillon               Johnstown       John Dillon           Mary E Roche              m.Mary Gallaghar,Waterford 28/8/1956
 28/12/1949   Roche John Noel              Walter Roche            Pauline McDonald          St Annes        Patrick Roche         Elizabeth McDonald
 17/03/1905   Roche John Patrick           John Roche              Catherine Barry           Yoletown        Nicholas Murphy       Bridget Bolger
 28/4/1898    Roche Joseph                 Richard Roche           Mary Anne Bolger          Scar            Patrick Barry         Catherine Roche           m.Susan Nagle,Kilmore 10/10/1928
 08/02/1903   Roche Kate Agnes             Richard Roche           Mary Anne Bolger          Scar            John Pender           Mary M.Lambert            m.John French,Rathangan 26/8/1935
 15/09/1954   Roche Kevin Patrick          Walter Roche            Pauline McDonnell         St Annes        Fintan French         Nora McDonnell            
 08/10/1935   Roche Laurence               Laurence Roche          Dora Dillon               Johnstown       Patrick Dillon        Mary Dillon               m.Mgt. Monohan,WestlndRw.Dbln 11/2/65
 11/10/1893   Roche Marg Catherine         Richard Roche           Mary Anne Bolger          Scar            Patrick Byrne         Alice Roche
 19/5/1856    Roche Margaret               Daniel Roche            Anne Browne               Rochestown      John Flood            Eliza Jordan
 18/07/1906   Roche Margaret               Peter Roche             Mary Murphy               Bellgrove       Michael Grant         Anne Codd                 m.John Redmond,Rathangan 18/4/1945
 18/7/1896    Roche Margaret Anne          Richard Roche           Mary Anne Bolger          Scar            John Doyle            Johanna Byrne             m.Patk O Naill,Rathangan 22/6/1927
 3/5/1804     Roche Maria                  William Roche           Maria Roche                               Thomas Roche          Maria Kavanagh
 8/4/1840     Roche Marian                 Patt Roche              Marian Leaton                                                   Mrs. Stafford
 16/11/1911   Roche Mary Anne              John Roche              Catherine Barry           Yoletown        John Byrne            Margaret Harpur
 28/01/1928   Roche Mary Carmel            Laurence Roche          Dora Dillon               Scar            james Dillon          Katie Roche               m.Victor Conroy,Rathangan 2/9/1954
 05/12/1959   Roche Mary Catherine         Patrick Roche           Margaret Mary Kelly       New House
 29/10/1917   Roche Mary Elizabeth         Peter Roche             Elizabeth Egan            Knocktown       Joseph Roche          Maggie Roche              m.Patrick Miskella 23/7/1935
 19/12/1906   Roche Mary Ellen             Richard Roche           Mary Anne Bolger          Scar            Norman Kavanagh       Johannah Lambert          m.Thos Williams,Rathangan 30/8/1937
 11/12/1894   Roche Mary Kate              Richard Roche           Mary Anne Bolger          Scar            Patrick Byrne         Elizabeth Bolger
 03/07/1904   Roche Mary Kate              Peter Roche             Marg Murphy               Duncormack      John Doyle            Sarah Ellard
 18/05/1909   Roche Mary Kate              Richard Roche           Maryanne Bolger           Scar            Joseph Roche          Catherine Byrne           m.Richard Egan,Rathangan 20/6/1951
 05/05/1914   Roche Mary Kate              John Roche              Catherine Barry           Yoletown        Stephen Parle         Hannah Phillips
 19/12/1928   Roche Mary Margaret          Joseph Roche            Susan Nagle               Scar            Walter Roche          Anastasia Nagle           m.John Clarke,Kilmore 12/10/1954
 23/01/1947   Roche Mary Teresa            Walter Roche            Pauline McDonald          St Anns
 19/01/1930   Roche Mathew Gerald          Laurence Roche          Dora Dillon               Johnstown       Walter Roche          Elizabeth Dillon
 18/01/1904   Roche Matthew                John Roche              Catherine Barry           Yoletown        Patrick Parle         Alice Barry               m.Bridget Scallon,Rathangan 2/7/1926
 11/12/1899   Roche Matthew James          Richard Roche           Mary Anne Bolger          Scar            William Lambert       Bridget Roache
 30/08/1917   Roche Michael                Peter Roche             Mary Murphy               Belgrove        John Parle            Cissie Doran
 6/10/1839    Roche Nicholas               Thomas Roche            Johanna Roche                             William Roche         Johanna Coady
 24/8/1842    Roche Nicholas               James Roche             Ellen Pettit                              William Roche         Catherine Murphy
 27/01/1914   Roche Patrick                Peter Roche             Mary Murphy               Belgrove        James Walsh           Catherine Walsh           m.Mary K Whelan,Bride St Ch.24/11/1948
 17/03/1930   Roche Patrick Joseph         Joseph Roche            Susan Neagle              Scar            Walter Neagle         Mary K Roche              m.Margt Kelly,Bree 16/10/1956
 20/06/1951   Roche Pauline Anne           Walter Roche            Pauline McDonald          St Annes        Daniel Kavanagh       Breda McDonald            
 17/03/1910   Roche Richard                John Roche              Catherine Barry           Yoletown        Stephen Parle         Mary Byrne
 26/07/1926   Roche Richard Francis        Lawrence Roche          Dorothea C. Dillon        Scar            Joseph Roche          Josephine Dillon
 12/04/1934   Roche Richard John           Joseph Roche            Susan Nagle               Scar            Philip Berry          Bridget Nagle             m.Anne O Leary,Walkinstown 15/4/1959
 18/03/1908   Roche Richard Joseph         Richard Roche           Mary Anne Bolger          Scar            Laurence M.Roche      Mary Ellen Stafford
 19/10/1908   Roche Stasia                 Peter Roche             Mary Murphy               Bellgrove       Philip Grant          Catherine Furlong         m.George Goodison,Rathangan 6/11/1935
 12/06/1922   Roche Stephen Gabriel        James Roche             Catherine Martin          Levittstown     John Cogley           Anne Cogley               m.Bernadette Parle,R/angan 29/8/1956
 00/00/1842   Roche Thomas                 Thomas Roche            Johanna Roche                             William Roche         Anne Kehoe
 11/6/1856    Roche Thomas                 John Roche              Mary Roche                Cleorg          Thomas Roche          Alicia Roche
 23/02/1905   Roche Walter                 Richard Roche           Mary Anne Bolger          Scar            John Stafford         Catherine Bolger          m.Pauline McDonald,Mulrankin 20/2/1946
 04/09/1917   Roche William                John Roche              Kate Barry                Yoletown        Patrick Murphy        Mary Cahill
 11/06/1944   Roche William                                        Mary Kate Roche           Yoletown        Mathew Cullen         Mary Phil. Cullen
 17/04/1922   Roche William Francis        Francis Roche           Annie Hunt                Duncormick      Michael Breen         Catherine Hunt            m.Mary Walsh,Rathangan 30/10/1951
 19/06/1915   Rochford Aidan Joseph        Richard Rochford        Anne Cardiff              Croase          Richard Cardiff       Anne Eliza Rochford
 16/12/1899   Rochford Cath Johanna M.     William Rochford        Catherine O'Farrell       Belgrove        Philip Rochford       Mary U Farrell
 19/10/1911   Rochford Elizabeth Mary      Richard Rochford        Anne Cardiff              Croase          John Cardiff          Anne Eliza Rochford
 03/06/1903   Rochford James Patrick       William Rochford        Catherine O'Farrell       Belgrove        Richard Rochford      Johanna O'Farrell
 16/01/1902   Rochford Mary Anne           William Rochford        Catherine O'Farrell       Belgrove        Edan Rochford         Kate Rochford
 14/09/1904   Rochford Patrick Francis     William Rochford        Kate O'Farrell            Belgrove        Richard Rochford      Mary Furlong
 09/12/1912   Rochford Patrick Joseph      Richard Rochford        Anne Cardiff              Croase          Aidan Rochford        Margaret Callaghan
 4/10/1803    Rochford Thomas              Joseph Rochford         Joanna Rochford                           Richard Rochford      Maria Corcoran
 31/5/1897    Rochford William Edan J.     William Rochford        Catherine Farrell         Belgrove        Patrick U Farrell     Mary Anne Rochford
 14/9/1819    Roe Peter                    Patrick Roe             Mary Roe                                                        Mary Whitty
 29/3/1841    Ronan Margaret               Stephen Ronan           Mary Carty                                                      Elizabeth Mayler
 22/2/1839    Ronan Mary                   Stephen Ronan           Margaret                                  Terence Ronan         Emilia Kehoe
 13/3/1831    Roseter Anne                 Martin Rosseter         Anne Rosseter                             John Corish           Ally Devereux
 16/10/1823   Rosseter Anne                Peter Rosseter          Margaret Rosseter                         Phil Rosseter         Mary Kelly
 1/5/1835     Rosseter Anne                Joseph Rosseter         Mary Rosseter                             William Molloy        Ellen Harpur
 25/10/1826   Rosseter Anstice             Thomas Rosseter         Eliza Rosseter                            James Rosseter        M. Hayse
 22/10/1824   Rosseter Bridget             James Rosseter          Mary Rosseter                             James  Pural          Ellen Kehoe
 13/11/1823   Rosseter Catherine           Mick Rosseter           Bridget Rosseter                          Joseph Furlong        Mary Murphy
 28/11/1832   Rosseter Catherine           Joseph Rosseter         Mary Rosseter                                                   Elizabeth Molloy
 9/8/1837     Rosseter Catherine           Michael Rosseter        Judy Rosseter                             James Hayse           Mrs. Hayse
 9/11/1828    Rosseter Colm**              Thomas Rosseter         Eliza Rosseter                            John Hayse            Ellen Rosseter
 8/5/1836     Rosseter Eliza               James Rosseter          Eliza Sane                                                      Margaret Conick
 19/12/1823   Rosseter James               Thomas Rosseter         Elizabeth Rosseter                        Mark Barry            ?? Murphy
 31/4/1828    Rosseter James               Patt Rosseter           Mary Rosseter                                                   Mrs. Rosseter
 14/5/1829    Rosseter James               Patt Rosseter           Mary Rosseter                             Thomas Furlong        Bess Furlong
 7/7/1829     Rosseter James               James Rosseter          Mary Rosseter                             John Purcel           Maryan Purcel
 26/8/1839    Rosseter James               Martin Rosseter         Bidy Kehow                                James Rosseter        Mary Kehoeo
 00/08/1826   Rosseter Johanna             Martin Rosseter         Anne Rosseter                             A. Devereux           Mary ??
 2/6/1827     Rosseter John                Patt Rosseter           Wife Rosseter                             William Dunphy        Bess Murphy
 11/2/1830    Rosseter John                Francis Rosseter        Ellen Rosseter                            Joseph Rosseter       Mary Cloney
 12/4/1832    Rosseter John                Peter Rosseter          Margaret Rosseter                         Thomas Cloney         Mary Browne
 7/3/1824     Rosseter Judy                Thomas Rosseter         Marian Rosseter                                                 Ellen Roache
 16/9/1825    Rosseter Judy                Barrett Rosseter        Mary Rosseter                             Richard Corish        Catherine Rosseter
 25/6/1825    Rosseter Margaret            Robert Rosseter         Mary Rosseter                             Thomas Moran          Mary Walsh
 8/5/1823     Rosseter Marian              Francis Rosseter        Ellen Rosseter                            Patt Hogan            Rosey Murphy
 10/4/1842    Rosseter Marks               Peter Rosseter          Elen Kelly                                John Kelly            Bess Fortune
 18/2/1821    Rosseter Mary                Peter Rosseter          Margaret Rosseter                         Lawrence White        Mary Cloney
 18/12/1825   Rosseter Mary                Francis Rosseter        Ellen Rosseter                            Joseph Rosseter       Mary Cullen
 29/3/1828    Rosseter Mary                Michael Rosseter        Judy Rosseter                             John Rosseter         Mrs Hayse
 1/3/1829     Rosseter Mary                Michael Rosseter        Judy Rosseter                             Patt Rosseter         Anty Synnott
 18/5/1837    Rosseter Mary                Joseph Rosseter         Mary Rosseter                                                   Hanna Meyler
 21/10/1823   Rosseter Patrick             John Rosseter           Catherine Rosster                         James Walsh           Ellen Furlong
 17/8/1836    Rosseter Patt                Peter Rosseter          Margaret Rosseter                         Thomas Flood          Anty Sinnott
 25/1/1825    Rosseter Paul                Martin Rosseter         Anne Rosseter                                                   Margaret Harpur
 1/6/1834     Rosseter Philip              Peter Rosseter          Margaret Rosseter                         Nicholas Harpur       Mary Hayse
 25/9/1841    Rosseter Stephen             Will Rosseter           Mary Murphy                               John Murphy           Eliza Rosseter
 28/3/1821    Rosseter Thomas              Thomas Rosseter         Murian Rosseter                           ??  Cleary            Johanna Roach
 28/5/1824    Rosseter Thomas              Michael Rosseter        Judy Rosseter                             Thomas Sinnott        Catherine Rosseter
 2/11/1824    Rosseter Thomas              Patt Rosseter           Mary Rosseter                             James Rosseter        N. Furlong
 19/7/1828    Rosseter Thomas              Robert Rosseter         Mary Rosseter                                                   Mary Coghlin
 23/11/1828   Rosseter Thomas              Peter Rosseter          Margaret Rosseter                         Peter Hayse           Joany Kelly
 19/1/1841    Rosseter Thomas              Martin Rosseter         Bridget Kehoe                             Nicholas Cleary       Mary Kent
 15/3/1827    Rossetter Anastatia          James Rossetter         Mary Rossetter                            Nicholas Furlong      Mary Harpur
 27/3/1829    Rossetter John               Mick Rossetter          Bridget Rossetter                         Lawrence Larkin       Catherine Larkin
 4/10/1824    Rossetter Margaret           Stephen Rossetter       Ellen Rossetter                           James Rossetter       Mary Murphy
 16/9/1832    Rossiter  ???					 
 02/12/1901   Rossiter Anastasia           Thomas Rossiter         Mary Power                The Cull        Thomas Coady          Mary Jeffers
 14/8/1896    Rossiter Anastasia Mary      Thomas Rossiter         Marg Power                Cull            Patrick welsh         Mary Coady
 30/11/1949   Rossiter Anastasia Nuala     James Rossiter          Kathleen Maguire          Coolycawl       William Gaynor        Margaret Maguire          
 28/7/1820    Rossiter Ann                 Francis Rossiter        Ellen Rossiter                            Patt Browne           Bridget Harper
 23/2/1818    Rossiter Anne                Mark Rossiter           Mary Rossiter                             James Carrol          Ellen Radford
 24/11/1821   Rossiter Anne                Robert Rossiter         Mary Rossiter                             Walter Parle          Ellen Roach
 25/8/1853    Rossiter Anne                William Rossiter        Mary Murphy               Gibberpatrick   Edw Murphy            Julia Furlong
 25/5/1854    Rossiter Anne                William Rossiter        Mary Murphy               Gibberpatrick   Edw Murphy            Julia Furlong
 21/10/1821   Rossiter Catherine           Stephen Rossiter        Ellen Rossiter                            James Dealy           Betty Rossiter
 26/10/1821   Rossiter Catherine           Stephen Rossiter        Ellen Rossiter                            James Dealy           Catherine Rossiter
 12/3/826     Rossiter Catherine           Patt Rossiter           Mary Rossiter                                                   Elizabeth Rossiter
 19/4/1839    Rossiter Catherine           Peter Rossiter          Margaret Rossiter                         Patrick Dunne         Ellen Rossiter
 30/9/1822    Rossiter Eliza               Martin Rosseter         Anne Rosseter                             James Harper          Ellen Harper
 18/11/1955   Rossiter Elizabeth Mary      James Rossiter          Catherine Maguire         Coolycawl       John Kennedy          Mary Maguire
 2/9/1817     Rossiter Ellen               Martin Rossiter         Anne Rossiter                             John Dake             Kelly Dake
 7/12/1842    Rossiter George              Martin Rossiter         Biddy Kehoe               Edwards Town    Patt  Gorman ??       Anne Coghlan
 10/2/1815    Rossiter John                Mark Rossiter           Mary Rossiter                             Andrew Rossiter       Catherine Brown
 16/9/1813    Rossiter John                Martin Rossiter         Anne Rossiter                             James Pettitt         Ellen Devereux
 7/11/1832    Rossiter John                Robert Rossiter         Mary Rossiter                             Richard Coghlan       Catherine Coghlan
 16/3/1856    Rossiter John                Peter Rossiter          Alice Furlong             Clerystown      James Larkin          Mary Harper
 17/08/1906   Rossiter John                Thomas Rossiter         Mary Power                The Cull        Thomas Coady          Catherine Power
 21/04/1951   Rossiter Kathleen Mary       James Rossiter          Kathleen Maguire          Coolycawl       Raymond Kelly         Kathleen White            
 5/4/1804     Rossiter Margaret            James Rossiter          Maria Rossiter                            Patrick Stafford      Maria Coghlin
 19/10/1839   Rossiter Margaret            Peter Rossiter          Ellen Kelly                               Patt Redmond          Catherine Kelly
 11/11/1818   Rossiter Martin              Peter Rossiter          Margaret Rossiter                         Ed Molloy             Mary White
 2/5/1819     Rossiter Mary                Francis Rossiter        Mary Rossiter                             Peter Rossiter        Judith Hays
 13/5/1819    Rossiter Mary                Michael Rossiter        Anty Rossiter                             Mark Barry            Mary Murphy
 8/9/1855     Rossiter Mary                Peter Rossiter          Ellen Kelly               Hearenstown     Thomas Cloney         Alice Scallon
 16/9/1855    Rossiter Mary                Thomas Rossiter         Cath Kennedy              Mountain        James Fortune         Eliza Kennedy
 28/12/1855   Rossiter Mary                Michl Rossiter          Ellen Roe                 Scar            Nicholas furlong      Mary furlong
 15/09/1953   Rossiter Mary Dolores        James Rossiter          Kathleen Maguire          Coolycawl       Paul Furlong          Anne Furlong
 27/05/1957   Rossiter Mary Elizabeth      James Rossiter          Catherine Maguire         Coolycawl       Robert Maguire        Eileen Kelly              
 25/09/1950   Rossiter Mary Pauline        John Rossiter           Johanna White             Bellary
 03/01/1900   Rossiter Matthew             Thomas Rossiter         Mary Power                The Cull        John Welsh            Anne Power
 9/1/1826     Rossiter Michael             Michael Rositer         Bridget Rossiter                          John Murphy           Nancy Kehoe
 24/11/1897   Rossiter Nicholas            Thomas Rossiter         Mary Power                The Cull        John Barry            Mary Deveraux
 02/12/1901   Rossiter Patrick             Thomas Rossiter         Mary Power                The Cull        Nicholas Murphy       Mary E.Murphy
 04/07/1945   Rossiter Patrick             John Rossiter           Johanna White                             John Devereux         Elizabeth White
 22/2/1805    Rossiter Peter               Patrick Rossiter        Marianna Rossiter                         Andrew Rossiter       Elenor Cussins
 14/4/1826    Rossiter Peter               Peter Rossiter          Margaret Rossiter                         Richard Warren        Bess White
 6/6/1853     Rossiter Richard             James Rossiter          Ellen Sinnott             Redmoor         Nick                  Catherine French
 5/7/1804     Rossiter William             Stephen Rossiter        Maria Rossiter                            Patrick Walsh         Michael Walsh
 14/1/1819    Rossiter William             Bob Rossiter            Mary Rossiter                             John Walsh            Bridget Donly
 24/7/1894    Rossiter William             Thomas Rossiter         Mary Power                The Cull        John Power            Anne Rossiter
 12/14/1853   Rourke Anastasia             Edward Rourke           Mary Kehoe                Cellbridge      Philip Kavanagh       Catherine Ryan
 4/5/1856     Rourke James                 Edward Rourke           Margaret kehoe            Nicharse        Patt Walsh            Cath Furlong
 16/11/1909   Rowe Anne                    Martin Rowe             Eliza Hunt                Duncormack      Frank Codd            Catherine Redmond
 03/06/1910   Rowe Barbara Anna            Peter Rowe              Alice Codd                Ralphtown       Patrick Codd          Alice Petitt
 28/6/1838    Rowe Catherine               Martin Rowe             Kitty Rowe                                Patt Larkin           Catherine Furlong
 27/12/1841   Rowe Ellen                   Martin Rowe             Kitty Mayler                              Mathew Furlong        Mary Roche
 03/11/1904   Rowe Ellen                   Martin Rowe             Elizabeth Codd            Duncormack      Nicholas Ellard       Marianne Stafford
 20/02/1909   Rowe Francis Joseph          Peter Rowe              Alice Codd                Raestown        Jophn Rowe            Gretta Codd               m.Cath.Barry,Rathangan 20/1/1942
 26/2/1835    Rowe James                   Martin Rowe             Wife Rowe                                 Peter Stafford        Mary Walsh
 7/3/1836     Rowe James                   Martin Rowe             Kitty Rowe                                John Furlong          Margaret Larkin
 1/12/1854    Rowe John Denis              Patt Rowe               Marg Hayes                Commons         William White         Margt murphy
 26/02/1913   Rowe John Gerrard            Peter Rowe              Alice Codd                Ralftown        John Codd             Johanna Rowe              m.Margt Stafford,Rathangan 30/5/1951
 17/10/1944   Rowe Laurence David          Frank Rowe              Catherine Barry           Ralphtown       Patrick White         Barbara Rowe             
 28/06/1942   Rowe Margaret Mary           Frank Rowe              Catherine Barry           Ralphtown       Edward White          Mary White
 6/5/1856     Rowe Mary                    Patrick Rowe            Margaret Hayes            Duncormack      James Quinn           Ellen Cahill
 10/11/1908   Rowe Peter                   Martin Rowe             Elizabeth Hunt            Duncormack      John Hunt             Mary Cox                  m.Mary Anne Carley,Wexford 10/10/1942
 16/08/1943   Rowe Peter Hyacinth          Frank Rowe              Catherine Barry           Ralphtown       John Codd             Elizabeth Codd            m.Bernadette Flynn,Kilkenny 31/7/1969
 29/07/1911   Rowe Robert James            Peter Rowe              Alice Codd                Ralftown        Patrick Rowe          Lily Codd
 10/7/1832    Rowe Thomas                  Martin Rowe             Kitty Rowe                                William Hayse         Catherine Furlong
 13/9/1822    Roysellon ?? Ellen           Barney Roysellon        Mary Roysellon                            William Hays          Judy Corish
 9/4/1838     Ryan Anty                    Patt Ryan               Mary Ryan                                 Walter Sigin          Catherine Parle
 7/3/1832     Ryan Catherine               Patt Ryan               Mary Ryan                                 John Murphy           Bridget Roga
 27/5/1835    Ryan James                   Patrick Ryan            Mary Ryan                                 William Murphy        Catherine Siggins
 8/7/1833     Ryan John                    Patrick Ryan            Mary Ryan                                 James Higgins         Bess Redmond
 27/3/1833    Ryan Martin                  Matty Ryan              Mary Ryan                                 Martin Ceary          Betty Walsh
 18/05/1946   Ryan Thomas Ignatius         John Ryan               Elizabeth McCarthy        Bellary         Nicholas Boggan       Mary Boggan               
 17/8/1834    Sarsfield Eliza              Henry Sarsfield         Mary Sarsfield                                                  Anne Dillon
 7/6/1825     Scallan Bridget              James Scallan           Mary Scallan                              Patt Cogley           Mary Kelly
 1/1/1829     Scallan Catherine            John Scallan            Mary Scallan                              Andy Dunne            Ellen Stafford
 00/12/1838   Scallan James                James Scallan           Fanny Scallan                             Edward Brian          Mary Stammers
 23/2/1824    Scallan Judith               James Scallan           Mary Scallan                              Patt Cogly            Judy Stafford
 19/10/1821   Scallan Margaret             James Scallen           Mary Scallan                              Thomas Owens          Catherine Boyle
 27/6/1803    Scallan Peter                James Scallan           Elenora Scallan                           Peter Cogley          Catherine Doran
 6/10/1841    Scallon Biddy                Mark Scallon            Anty Cleary                               John Scallon          Bess Mayler
 19/3/1837    Scallon Catherine            James Scallon           Fanny Scallon                             William Power         Catherine Roach
 14/8/1831    Scallon Edward               John Scallon            Mary Scallon                              James Wilson          Margaret Bulger
 20/10/1826   Scallon James                John Scallon            Wife Scallon                              Thomas Dunn           Margaret Cogley
 13/1/1842    Scallon John                 James Scallon           Fanny Power                                                     Catherine Bulger
 29/1/1837    Scallon Margaret             James Scallon           Mary Scallon                                                    Catherine Whitty
 2/5/1834     Scallon Mary                 John Scallon            Mary Scallon                                                    Ellen Whitty
 7/2/1836     Scallon William              James Scallon           Fanny Scallon                             Michael Denison       Fanny Staimers
 12/3/1840    Scallon William              John Scallon            Mary Scallon                              Michael Keefe         Catherine Roche
 13/04/1941   Scott Joseph Pascal          William G Scott         Elizabeth J Derivan       Baldwinstown    John Morrisy          Patricia Scott            
 18/06/1925   Shalloe John William         Edward Shalloe          Mary Monahan              Robinstown      Edward Furlong        Katie Hogan               m.Barbara Price,England 28/6/1958
 21/05/1922   Shalloe Mary Margaret        Edward Shalloe          Mary Monaghan             Scar            Matthew Roche         Stasia Roche
 14/5/1842    Shea Ellen                   John Shea               Billy Rowe                                James Hool            Betty  Hool
 12/10/1838   Shea Mary                    James Shea              Mary Walsh                                Thomas Fenlon         Ann Larkin
 22/3/1836    Sheean Mary                  Cornelius Sheean        Ellen Sheean                              Patt Warren           Margaret Revel
 28/06/1943   Sheil James Patrick          Peter Sheil             Mary Collier              Graiguesallagh  James Sheil           Margaret Collier         
 25/10/1944   Sheil Mary Elizabeth         Peter Sheil             Mary Collier              Graiguesallagh  William Collier       Johanna Sheil             m.Ml. Murphy,Rathangan 22/6/1965
 16/08/1946   Sheil William Joachim        Peter Sheil             Mary Collier              Graiguesallagh  William Sheil         Annie Clarke              
 20/04/1949   Sheils Alice Mary            Peter Sheils            Mary Collier              Griaguesallagh  Robert Collier        Ruth Collier              m.Nicholas Culleton,R/angan 17/8/1966
 12/4/1835    Sheppead John                Hilltown Sheppead       Mary Wielsh                                                     Ellen Rosseter
 21/12/1825   Sheridan Hanna               John Sheridan           Mary Sheridan                             William Bardan        Nelly Murphy
 20/2/1828    Sheridan Nanna               John Sheridan           Mary Sheridan                             John Synnott          Catherine Cleary
 6/6/1823     Sheridon Catherine           Robert Sheridon         Ally Sheridon                             Stephen Dunne         Judy Dunne
 9/8/1829     Sheridon Elizabeth           Robert Sheridon         Wife Sheridon                             Robert Corrnick       Marian Corrnick
 20/4/1824    Sheridon Maurien             John Sheridon           Mary Sheridon                             Patt English          Jean Cullen
 19/7/1819    Sheridon Patt                Robert Sheridon         Ally Sheridon                             John Dunne            Catherine Sinnott
 13/3/1834    Sheridon Peter               Robert Sheridon         Ally Sheridon                             James Dunne           Mary Lambert
 29/5/1826    Sheridon William             Robert Sheridon         Ally Sheridan                                                   Catherine Furlong
 23/8/1828    Shoodall George              Charles Shoodall        Mary Shoodall                             William Baning        Mary Cullen
 4/5/1825     Shoodle William              Charles Shoodle         Mary Shoodle                              Patrick Nowlan        Cerin Chewers
 25/4/1856    Shore James                  John Shore              Bridget Doyle             Mountain        James Rochford        Bell Dunne
 17/7/1833    Shudal Anne                  Charly Shudal           Mary Shudal                               Nicholas Furlong      Mary Kehoe
 14/4/1823    Shudal Eliza                 Charles Shudal          Mary Shudal                               Walter Cullen         Anne O`Neil
 5/9/1830     Shudal Mary                  Charles Shudal          Mary Shudal                               James Cullen          Susana O` Neil
 9/1/1856     Shudal Mary                  William Shudal          Teresa Connoly            Duncork         William Barrington    Cathe Winter
 22/11/1902   Shudall Anastasia            William Shudall         Anastasia Parle           Duncormack      Clement Cox           Marianne Shudall
 5/12/1898    Shudall Bridget              William Shudall         Anastasia Parle           Duncormack      Patrick Kehoe         Bridget Wyse              m.Rich.Shea,Waterford 4/3/1924
 27/2/1841    Shudall Catherine            Patt Shudall            Eliza Shudall                             Mathew Parle          Hanna Hickey
 04/06/1904   Shudall Catherine            William Shudall         Anastasia Parle           Duncormack      Simon Purcell         Bridget Cleary            m.Rich. Cleary,Ballymitty 11/10/1922
 01/10/1901   Shudall Charles              William Shudall         Anastasia Parle           Duncormack      Richard Brennan       Mary Coady                m.Anastatia Galvin,Liverpool 16/8/1925
 10/03/1906   Shudall Ellen                William Shudall         Anastasia Parle           Duncormick      Francis Codd          Elizbaeth Hunt
 1/4/1838     Shudall John                 Charley Shudall         Mary Shudall                              William Furlong       Catherine Cullen
 6/4/1835     Siggin Martin					 
 13/5/1822    Siggins Catherine            Nicholas Siggins        Anne Siggins                              Nicholas Furlong      Mary Furphy
 1/9/1855     Siggins Catherine            James Siggins           Bridget Larkin            Nichorsch       James Larkin          Mary furlong
 28/10/1829   Siggins Ellen                Nicholas Siggins        Anne Siggins                              Mick Murphy           Mary Furlong
 3/4/1856     Siggins Ellen                Walter Siggins          Johanna furlong           Nichase         Martin Siggins        Catherine Furlong
 5/9/1836     Siggins James                James Siggins           Bridget Siggins                                                 Johanna Toole
 4/7/1826     Siggins Joseph               Nicholas Siggins        Anne Siggins                              Peter Murphy          Elizabeth Roach
 7/12/1842    Sigins Bob                   Watt Sigins             Johanna Furlong           Robinstown      Mick Power            Catherine Newport
 14/4/1824    Sigins John                  Nicholas Sigins         Anne Sigins                               John Doyle            Bess Murphy
 30/5/1830    Simmins Micail               Nicholas Simmins        Alicia Simmins                            Larry Larkin          Ellen **
 9/5/1841     Simson Anne                  James Simson            Catherine Cleary                          Thomas Cleary         Emily Hylan
 00/9/1838    Singleton William            THomas Singleton        Johanna Singleton                         John Hamilton         Catherine Hayes
 14/6/1856    Sinnott Alice                Thomas Sinnott          Doratha Murphy                            John Rossiter         Ellen Rossiter
 21/06/1955   Sinnott Angela Mary          John Sinnott            Philomena O Neill         Shanoo
 25/07/1911   Sinnott Anne Elizabeth       William Sinnott         Catherine Furlong         Newcastle       Nicholas Sinnott      Margaret Sinnott
 03/03/1913   Sinnott Anne Elizabeth       John Kehoe              Mary A. Sinnott           Millview        Thomas Keys           Margaret Corish
 19/09/1956   Sinnott Brendan John         John Sinnott            Philomena O Neill         Shanoo
 12/9/1820    Sinnott Bridget              Lawrtence Sinnott       Mary Sinnott                              Thos Cody             Margaret French
 31/8/1827    Sinnott Bridget              John Sinnott            Mary Sinnott                              James Ennis           Catherine Harper
 04/01/1948   Sinnott Brigid Mary Berndt   Oliver Sinnott          Hanna Lambert             Brownstown      Peter Lambert         Lily McGrath              m.Patk Goggins  3/9/1968
 5/8/1822     Sinnott Catherine            Richard Sinnott         Ellen Sinnott                                                   Mary BRowne
 25/04/1926   Sinnott Catherine Teresa     Nicholas Sinnott        Catherine Sinnott         Millview        Michael Kehoe         Johanna Kelly             m.Martin Whelan,Barntown 11/2/1952
 02/09/1939   Sinnott Edward Michael       John Sinnott            Mary K Fitzhenry          Gurtins         Martin Sinnott        Margaret Sinnott          m.Nora Blake,Birmingham 18/12/1959
 28/11/1931   Sinnott Ellen                Nicholas Sinnott        Catherine Sinnott         Millview        Jasper Cody           Catherine Cody
 27/04/1930   Sinnott Francis Brendan      Nicholas Sinnott        Catherine Sinnott         Millview        John Byrne            Annie Byrne               m.Anne Culleton,R/angan 6/8/1958
 30/09/1947   Sinnott Francis Jerome       John Sinnott            Margaret Dunne            Heavenstown     Martin Sinnott        Nuala Sinnott             m.Christina Lynch,London 29/4/1967
 05/05/1950   Sinnott James Anthony        Oliver Sinnott          Hanna Lambert             Brownstown      John Walsh            Kathleen O Connor         
 22/5/1820    Sinnott Joanna               John Sinnott            Mary Sinnott                                                    Mary Sinnott
 2/3/1824     Sinnott John                 Lawrence Sinnott        Mary Sinnott                              John Cogly            Mary Stafford
 30/10/1825   Sinnott John                 John Sinnott            Mary Sinnott                                                    Catherine Ennis
 27/12/1825   Sinnott John                 William Sinnott         Margaret Sinnott                                                Anty Browne
 3/3/1854     Sinnott John                 James Sinnott           Anty Bryan                Duncormick      Walter Furlong        Cath Brien
 13/10/1856   Sinnott John                 Patk Sinnott            Anne Sinnott                              Thomas White          Catherine Clooh
 09/06/1924   Sinnott John Francis         John Sinnott            Stasia Keating            Robinstown      John Sinnott          Lizzie Rossiter
 24/04/1912   Sinnott John Joseph          Nivholas Sinnott        Elizabeth Kennedy         Gainstown       David Fortune         Mary Eliza Doyle
 05/02/1947   Sinnott John Joseph          Oliver Sinnott          Hannah Lambert            Brownstown      John Sinnott          Shiela Lambert            
 1/11/1856    Sinnott Laurence             James Sinnott           Anty Bryan                Duncormick      Terrie Brian          Mary Coghlan
 11/04/1933   Sinnott Leo                  Nicholas Sinnott        Catherine Sinnott         Millview        Patrick Murphy        Margaret Murphy           m.Margt Bailey,Wexford 7/8/1962
 1/12/1818    Sinnott Margaret             James Sinnott           Mary Sinnott                              James Kavanagh        Ellen Murphy
 29/6/1837    Sinnott Margaret             James Sinnott           Eliza Sinnott                             James Murphy          Johanna Coady
 15/04/1927   Sinnott Margaret Eliza       Nicholas Sinnott        Catherine Sinnott         Millview        Patrick Sinnott       Ellen Murphy
 23/9/1819    Sinnott Mary                 Peter Sinnott           Catherine Sinnott                         Patt Sinnott          Fanny Sinnott
 13/3/1838    Sinnott Mary                 Thomas Sinnott          Ellen Petigree                                                  Catherine Clooney
 08/07/1937   Sinnott Mary                 Nicholas Sinnott        Catherine Sinnott         Rathangan       Michael Sinnott       Mary Quinn
 28/06/1939   Sinnott Mary Elizabeth       John Sinnott            Mary Ellen O Reilly                       Michael O Brien       Catherine Sinnott
 25/04/1926   Sinnott Mary Josephine       Nicholas Sinnott        Catherine Sinnott         Millview        Patrick Furlong       Mary A Keyes
 13/12/1856   Sinnott Maryanne             Thomas Sinnott          Dorothy Murphy                            John Hogan            Frances Sinnott
 26/07/1903   Sinnott MaryAnne                                     Mary Anne Sinnott         Rathangan       John Kehoe            Eliza Keyes               m.Edward Furlong,Barntown 5/6/1928
 2/5/1839     Sinnott Nicholas             Thomas Sinnott          Mary Sinnott                              Richard Furlong       Mary Sinnott
 25/4/1856    Sinnott Nicholas             Richard Sinnott         Annie Fortune             Clearystown     Myles Graham          Eliza Graham
 12/11/1934   Sinnott Nicholas Stanislaus  Nicholas Sinnott        Catherine Sinnott         Millview        Edward Chandler       Gretta Walsh
 08/07/1937   Sinnott Oliver               Nicholas Sinnott        Catherine Sinnott         Rathangan       Patrick Furlong       Margaret Sinnott          m.Brigid Gaffney,Templeudigan 16/7/1968
 9/7/1820     Sinnott Patrick              Patrick Sinnott         ????? Sinnott                             John Hogan            Fanny Radford
 24/10/1821   Sinnott Patrick              Andrew Sinnott          Anty Sinnott                                                    Fanny Barry
 17/12/1899   Sinnott Patrick              Richard Sinnott         Mary Anne Mullins         Robinstown      William Welsh         Margaret Welsh
 30/4/1822    Sinnott Patt                 Peter Sinnott           Catherine Sinnott                         Patt Sinnott          Fanny Sinnott
 12/3/1819    Sinnott Peter                Richard Sinnott         Ellen Sinnott                             Michael Fortune       Mary Kelly
 29/08/1934   Sinnott Philomena            John Sinnott            Mary Kate Fitzhenry       Kilmannon       Thomas Fortune        Margaret Hore
 19/04/1911   Sinnott Richard              Thomas Sinnott          Ellen Somers              Heavenstown     John Duggan           Mary Anne White
 06/03/1922   Sinnott Richard Oliver       John Sinnott            Stasia Keating            Robinstown      Patrick Sinnott       Mary E. Murphy
 01/09/1936   Sinnott Rose Mary            John Sinnott            Mary Kate Firzhenry       Kilmannon       Martin Fortune        Mary Sinnott              m.Thos Killeen,TerenureCh 4/9/1954 also
 24/08/1942   Sinnott Teresa Mary          John Sinnott            Mary Ellen O Reilly                       James O Reilly        Margaret Green
 12/9/1823    Sinnott Thomas               Thomas Sinnott          Wife Sinnott                              Mathew Brown          Catherine Browne
 20/4/1837    Sinnott Thomas               John Sinnott            Ellen Sinnott                             Patt Walsh            Catherine Sinnott
 16/2/1855    Sinnott Thomas               Patk Sinnott            Anne Clarke               Heavenstown     Thomas Clarke         Catherine White
 6/1/1836     Sinnott Walter               John Sinnott            Fanny Sinnott                             James Ennis           Betty Molloy
 25/12/1823   Sinnott William              Peter Sinnott           Catherine Sinnott                         Stephen Ronan         Mary Sinnott
 10/4/1825    Sinnott William              William Sinnott         Mary Lambert                              Billy Ennis           Catherine Hayse
 1/9/1826     Sinnott William              Peter Sinnott           Catherine Sinnott                         Michael Keife         Anty Kelly
 18/04/1925   Sinnott William Francis      Nicholas Sinnott        Catherine Sinnott         Mill View       Patrick Sinnott       Sarag Quirk               m.Josephine Patricia Colloton,R/gan 9/8/1961
 07/02/1918   Somers Anastatia             William Somers          Mary Roche                Killag          Peter Roche           Ellen Somers              m.John Reville,Rathangan 2/6/1936
 8/10/1853    Somers John                  John Somers             Marg Sinnott              Rathangan       Thomas Sinnott        Mary Bryan
 27/11/1826   Somers Mary                  John Somers             Catherine Somers                          Patt Sommers          Fanny Sinnott
 5/4/1856     Somers Thomas                John Somers             Margaret Sinnott          Rathangan       David Cullin          Anne White
 12/11/1835   Sommer Martin                John Sommer             Catherine Sommer                          John Molloy           Fanny Sinnott
 5/10/1825    Sommers Edward               Thomas Sommers          Mary Sommers                              John Sommers          Fanny Sinnott
 20/9/1838    Sparrow Anne                 William Sparrow         Mary Sparrow                              Wm Connor             Catherine Rossietr
 2/5/1832     Sparrow George               Kitt Sparrow            Mary Barron                                                     Kitty Murphy
 18/8/1829    Sparrow John                 William Sparrow         Mary Sparrow                              Matt Rogers           Eliza Hayse
 22/2/1827    Sparrow Margaret             William Sparrow         Mary Sparrow                              William Whelock       Mary Hayse
 7/9/1832     Sparrow Mary                 William Sparrow         Mary Sparrow                              James Hayse           Mary Hogan
 24/5/1835    Sparrow Michael              William Sparrow         Mary Sparrow                              Matt Derry            Anne Connor
 00/3/1828    Stafford ??                  William Stafford        Bess Stafford                             Thomas Doyle          Mary Fortune
 7/1/1854     Stafford Alice & Anastasia   John Stafford           Ellen Byrne               Ballurinstown   G.L.O'Toole           Cath Byrne
 10/3/1816    Stafford Anastasia           John Stafford           Mary Stafford                             Pat Murphy            Ann ??
 4/8/1898     Stafford Anastasia Alice     William Stafford        Mary Stafford             Baldwinstown    John Browne           Margaret Barry
 06/08/1921   Stafford Angela Mary Josn    George Stafford         Margaret Staples          Ballymagyr      Rev Robert Staples    Sarah Staples             m.James Sinnott,Univ. Ch. Dbln 7/11/1950
 26/10/1951   Stafford Anna Mary           William Stafford        Eileen Whelan             New House
 30/4/1835    Stafford Anne                Nicholas Stafford       Ann Wallice                               Patt Hayse            Ellen Wallice
 30/6/1895    Stafford Annie               William Stafford        Mary Stafford             Baldwinstown    James Keating         Mary Anne Stapleton
 8/11/1826    Stafford Anslace             John Stafford           Mary Stafford                             John Cousins          Elizabeth Hays
 15/10/1819   Stafford Anty                John Stafford           Mary Stafford                             John Codd             Mary Codd
 17/6/1820    Stafford Anty                Nicholas Stafford       Ellen Stafford                            James Coghlane        Mary Walsh
 18/2/1839    Stafford Anty                Walter Stafford         Mary Stafford                             James Walsh           Catherine Moore
 27/08/1914   Stafford Bridget             William Stafford        Ellen Breen               Blackmoor       Walter Breen          Mary Breen
 30/3/1804    Stafford Catherine           Nichloas Stafford       Elenor Stafford                           Patrick Stafford      Elenor Furlong
 12/3/1824    Stafford Catherine           James Stafford          Mary Stafford                             Thomas Murphy         Catherine Stafford
 25/6/1824    Stafford Catherine           John Stafford           Mary Stafford                             Nicholas Stafford     Anty Walsh
 20/3/1836    Stafford Catherine           Robert Stafford         Eliza Stafford                            Walter Furlong        Ellen Warren
 17/118136    Stafford Catherine           Walter Stafford         Mary Stafford                                                   Catherine Browne
 09/06/1912   Stafford Catherine           Laurence Stafford       Mary Bent                 Scar            Stephen Rossiter      Mary Ellen Rossiter
 09/02/1954   Stafford Catherine Marien    Lawrence Stafford       Catherine Byrne           Scurlogue
 20/03/1910   Stafford Edward Francis      Nicholas Stafford       Anstatia Mary Devereux    Upr Baldwinstwn Laurence Byrne        Anna Alice Creane         m.Ellen Mary Cardiff,Dublin 7/8/1946
 13/10/1838   Stafford Eliza               Robert Stafford         Eliza Stafford                            John Cox              Mary Furlong
 28/6/1823    Stafford Elizabeth           James Stafford          Elizabeth Stafford                        Joseph Coghlan        Jean Cullen
 15/1/1856    Stafford Elizabeth           Joseph Stafford         Alice Costigan            Bellory         Patt Stafford         Mary Nowlan
 9/6/1836     Stafford Frank               Patrick Stafford        Eliza Stafford                            Stephen Parle         Catherine Bryan
 29/11/1834   Stafford James               Michael Stafford        Mary Stafford                             Lawrence Dunne        Anne Whelan
 1/9/1828     Stafford Joanna              James Stafford          Betty Stafford                            James Brown           Judy Murphy
 10/7/1839    Stafford Joanna              John Stafford           Alice Stafford                            William Stafford      Mary Hayse
 23/1/1839    Stafford Joanne              Patrick Stafford        Mary Stafford                             John Evoy             Martha Evoy
 4/4/1841     Stafford Johanna             Walter Stafford         Mary Parle                                John Parle            Margaret Radford
 27/08/1906   Stafford Johannah Cath       Laurence Stafford       Mary Bent                 Scar            Mosas Bent            Margaret Stafford
 8/2/1819     Stafford John                John Stafford           Mary Stafford                             Matt Cardiff          Judy Codd
 29/7/1831    Stafford John                James Stafford          Betty Stafford                            James Nowlan          Mary Nowlan
 14/11/1834   Stafford John                Walter Stafford         Mary Stafford                             James Stafford        Ellen Redmond
 26/2/1842    Stafford John                John Stafford           Ally Murphy                               Peter Hayse           Anty Stafford
 18/12/1854   Stafford John                Joseph Stafford         Alice Costigan            Bellary         James Whitty          Mary Coady
 5/7/1804     Stafford Joseph              Richard Stafford        Joanna Stafford                           James Dake            Margaret Fortune
 9/1/1820     Stafford Joseph              James Stafford          Eliza Stafford                            John Carrol           Mary Barry
 27/3/1826    Stafford Joseph              James Stafford          Betty Stafford                            James Barry           Ellen Warren
 02/03/1912   Stafford Kathleen Agnes      Nicholas Stafford       Anastatia M Devereux      Baldwinstown    Michael Doran         Margaret Stafford         m.Ml.Barden,Ramsgrange 5/3/1957
 08/10/1917   Stafford Kevin Francis       George Stafford         Margaret Staples          Ballymagis      Catherine Breen       Michael Staples           m.Patricia Scott,Rathangan 13/9/1957
 20/4/1855    Stafford Laurence            John Stafford           Ellen Byrne               Baldwinstown    Laurence Byrne        Mary Keating
 05/06/1905   Stafford Laurence            Nicholas Stafford       Anastasia Devereux        Baldwinstown    Andrew Devereux       Ellen Doran               m.Cath.Byrne,Dublin 2/6/1943
 04/09/1918   Stafford Laurence Agustus    Laurence Stafford       Mary Bent                 Scar            Nicholas Codd         Elizabeth Kinsella        m.Anne O Brien,Rathangan 25/6/1952
 23/4/1828    Stafford Margaret            Walter Stafford         Mary Stafford                             Richard Parle         Margaret Stafford
 29/7/1831    Stafford Margaret            James Stafford          Betty Stafford                            John Whitty           Anty Barry
 18/6/1836    Stafford Margaret            James Stafford          Catherine Stafford                        John Murphy           Ellen Stafford
 21/11/1836   Stafford Margaret            Patt Stafford           Mary Stafford                             John Roach            Mary Stafford
 11/01/1916   Stafford Margaret Mary       Laurence Stafford       Mary Bent                 Scar            Nicholas White        Ellen White               m.John Rowe,Rathangan 30/5/1951
 12/08/1915   Stafford Martin Joseph       William Stafford        Bridget Barry             Scar            Martin Barry          Johanna Barry
 19/8/1815    Stafford Mary                James Stafford          Ellen Stafford                            Peter Neville         Kitty Murphy
 16/6/1830    Stafford Mary                James Stafford          Catherine Stafford                                              Catherine Stafford
 4/4/1831     Stafford Mary                John Stafford           Mary Stafford                             John Kealing          Alicia Stafford
 4/8/1832     Stafford Mary                Walter Stafford         Mary  Stafford                            Robert Stafford       Eliza Walsh
 21/11/1833   Stafford Mary                Mathew Stafford         Wife Stafford                             William Hogan         MaryKehoe
 20/3/1836    Stafford Mary                Robert Stafford         Eliza Stafford                            Richard Cox           Catherine Cullen
 29/02/1912   Stafford Mary                William Stafford        Ellen Breen               Blackmoor       Michael Stafford      Margaret Breen
 12/05/1932   Stafford Mary Brigid                                 Brigid Stafford           Blackmoor       Matthew Kielty        Anastatia Keane
 14/11/1900   Stafford Mary Ellen          Nicholas Stafford       Anastasia Deveraux        Baldwinstown    Laurence Stafford     MargDeveraux
 01/06/1914   Stafford Mary Ellen          Laurence Stafford       Mary Bent                 Scar            Patrick Berry         Anne White
 16/09/1901   Stafford Mary Josephine      William Stafford        Mary Stafford             Baldwinstown    James Browne          Ellen Byrne
 15/04/1910   Stafford Mathew John         Lawrence Stafford       Mary Bent                 Scar            Patrick Rossiter      Johanna Rossiter          m.Margt Underwood,Wexford 30/1/1945
 16/9/1803    Stafford Matthew             Patrick Stafford        Maria Stafford                            George Dunne          Maria Edwards
 27/06/1911   Stafford Michael Stanislaus  Lawrence Stafford       Mary Bent                 Scar            Martin Murphy         Mary Murphy               m.Ellen Mary Rochford,Clrystown 19/8/42
 29/5/1813    Stafford Nicholas            John Stafford           Biddy Stafford                            Luke Walsh            Kelly Crowley
 6/7/1826     Stafford Nicholas            James Stafford          Mary Stafford                             John Murphy           Mrs. Redmond
 13/02/1903   Stafford Nicholas John       Nicholas Stafford       Anastasia Marg Deveraux   Baldwinstown    Patrick Byrne         Kathleen Browne           m.Elsie Rochford,Clearistown 10/4/1950
 19/12/1950   Stafford Nicholas Lawrence   Lawrence Stafford       Catherine Byrne           Scurlogue
 19/09/1919   Stafford Patricia Mary       George Stafford         Margaret Staples          Ballymagir      Michael Staples       Bridget Murphy            m.Patk O Connor,Ballygarrett 8/6/1955
 24/1/1831    Stafford Patrick             Walter Stafford         Mary Stafford                             John Codd             Catherine Parle
 14/5/1833    Stafford Patrick             James Stafford          Catherine Stafford                        Thomas Claney         Hanna Nicky
 29/4/1834    Stafford Patrick             James Stafford          Betty Stafford                            William Whitty        Margaret Furlong
 6/3/1820     Stafford Patt                James Stafford          Mary Stafford                             Andrw Dunne           Mary Dunne
 18/3/1822    Stafford Patt                James Stafford          Eliza Stafford                            Richard Barry         Judy Browne
 15/1/1835    Stafford Patt                Matt Stafford           Margaret Stafford                         William Cogley        Catherine Kehoe
 19/11/1836   Stafford Patt                Michael Stafford        Mary Stafford                             John Stafford         Catherine Dunne
 21/2/1819    Stafford Philip              Walter Stafford         Margaret Stafford                         Piery Cogley          Anne Fortune
 18/5/1821    Stafford Philip              Watty Stafford          Margaret Stafford                         David Fortune         Margaret Fortune
 15/11/1840   Stafford Richard             Patt Stafford           Mary Crane                                Thomas Stafford       Ellen Cleary
 18/06/1911   Stafford Richard             William Stafford        Bridget Barry             Levetstown      John Barry            Mary Ellen Stafford       m.Mary Crowley,Rathangan 5/6/1935
 25/9/1838    Stafford Robert              Patt Stafford           Eliza Stafford                            Charles Richards      Eliza Walsh
 09/09/1913   Stafford Robert Joseph       William Stafford        Bridget Barry             Levitstown      John Stafford         Kate Lennon
 4/4/1834     Stafford Stephen             Patt Stafford           Eliza Stafford                            David Murphy          Catherine Stafford
 16/10/1820   Stafford Thomas              Richard Stafford        Judith Stafford                           John Cogley           Margaret Coghlane
 9/11/1834    Stafford Thomas              James Stafford          Mary Stafford                             John Brown            Anty Burner
 15/05/1922   Stafford Thos. Joe. Brendn   Lawrence Stafford       Mary Bent                 Scar            John Berry            Fanny Berry
 26/12/1827   Stafford William             James Stafford          Catherine Stafford                        James Joice           E. Joice
 00/9/1836    Stafford William             James Stafford          Mary Stafford                             William Byrne         Sally Brown
 30/07/1908   Stafford William Joseph      Nicholas Stafford       Anastatia Devereux        Baldwinstown    John Stafford         Mary Ellen Devereux       m.Eileen Howlin,Kilmore 21/2/1950
 20/11/1842   Staffort Fanny               James Staffort          Mary Byrne                Sheerduff       Peter Rosseter        Peggy Doyle
 15/11/1821   Stamers Mary                 Thomas Stamers          Elizabeth Stamers                                               Margaret Browne
 27/7/1822    Stammers Fanny               Michael Stammers        Mary Stammers                             Patt Cogley           Catherine Dunne
 14/12/1823   Stanners James               Thomas Stanners         Elizabeth Stanners                                              Mary Clancy
 02/11/1931   Staples Mary Josephine       John Staples            Margaret Whelan           Scar            Thomas Staples        Anastatia Whelan          m.Sean Eustace,Rathangan 24/9/1957
 16/05/1929   Staples Michael Thomas       John Staples            Margaret Whelan           Scar            James Staples         Esther Staples            m.Bridget Cullen,Bannow 8/8/1961
 12/03/1937   Staples Patricia Margaret    John Staples            Margaret Whelan           Scar            Kevin Stafford        Julia Byrne               m.Andw Doyle,Rathangan 27/4/1964
 21/6/1829    Summers Alicia               John Summers            Catherine Summers                         Thomas Synnott        Judy Sommers
 11/12/1832   Summers Johanna              John Summers            Catherine Summers                         Nicholas Synnott      Margaret Browne******+--
 24/10/1830   Summers John                 John Summers            Catherine Summers                         Patt Hogan            Anne Summers
 12/5/1855    Summers John                 Thos Summers            Eliza Donohoe             Mountain                              Mary Donnelly
 18/2/1828    Summers Patt                 John Summers            Catherine Summers                         Peter Summers         Anty Sinnott
 25/5/1834    Summors John                 John Summors            Catherine Summors                                               Catherine Kilty
 23/2/1835    Sutton Elizabeth             John Sutton             Mary Sutton                                                     Anty Larkin
 13/12/1840   Sutton Joseph                John Sutton             Mary Larkin                               Thomas Rosseter       Ally Roach
 16/1/1842    Sutton Joseph                John Sutton             Mary Larkin                               Joseph Roche          Mary Barry
 5/11/1830    Sutton Mary                  John Sutton             Mary Sutton                               William Hogan         Bess Fortune
 10/3/1833    Sutton Mary                  John Sutton             Mary Sutton                               James Larkin          Margaret Roach
 11/9/1831    Sutton Thomas                John Sutton             Mary Sutton                                                     Anastatia Larkin
 16/2/1832    Synnot John                  James Synnot            Betty Synnot                              Lawrence Synnot       Anty Synnot
 14/7/1828    Synnott Alicia               Peter Synnott           Nancy Synnott                             Larry Keeffe          Anty Synnott
 3/3/1834     Synnott Alicia               John Synnott            Ellel Synnott                             John Brown            Mary Walsh
 8/12/1817    Synnott Anastasia            Thomas Synnott          Betty Synnott                             James Moor            Kitty Colfer
 16/7/1840    Synnott Anne                 James Synnott           Bess Wallice                              Nick Murphy           Margaret Barry
 22/1/1820    Synnott Anslace              James Synnott           Betty Synnott                             John Stafford         Anne Synnott
 30/1/1805    Synnott Bridget              Walter Synnott          Martha Synnott                            James O Neill         Catherine Corish
 1/6/1805     Synnott Bridget              Richard Synnott         Joanna Synnott                            Mark Dake             Bridget Walsh
 14/8/1813    Synnott Bridget              Michael Synnott         Margaret Synnott                          Nicholas Walsh        Winny Stafford
 11/6/1823    Synnott Catherine            Nicholas Synnott        Catherine Hanton                                                Margaret Hays
 00/8/1803    Synnott Francesca            John Synnott            Elizabeth Synnott                         Thomas Synnott        Maria Redmond
 10/12/1823   Synnott James                James Synnott           Mary Furlong                              John Synnott          Anty Synnott
 26/2/1828    Synnott James                John Synnott            Mary Synnott                              William Dealy         Anty Cahill
 4/9/1829     Synnott James                John Synnott            Mary Synnott                                                    Fanny Molloy
 20/10/1835   Synnott James                Michael Synnott         Wife Synnott                              Mogue Murphy          Catherine Sane
 9/5/1822     Synnott Joana                Richard Synnott         Judy Synnott                              James Kavanagh        Mary Hanlon
 13/5/1822    Synnott Johanna              John Synnott            Mary Synnott                              Moses Ennis           Eliza Molloy
 29/10/1813   Synnott John                 Stephen Synnott         Ellen Synnott                             James Synnott         Betty Synnott
 14/5/1820    Synnott John                 John Synnott            Mary Synnott                              Patrick White         Betty White
 18/3/1838    Synnott John                 Nicholas Synnott        Judy Synnott                              James Doyle           Catherine Synnott
 23/8/1803    Synnott Margaret             Richard Synnott         Maria Synnott                             Rev. James Dake       Margaret Synnott
 28/9/1817    Synnott Margaret             John Synnott            Mary Synnott                              James Ennis           Mary Scallan
 21/3/1821    Synnott Margaret             Thomas Synnott          ????? Synnott                             Patrick Pender        Catherine Walsh
 3/9/1829     Synnott Margaret             Thomas Synnott          Ellen Synnott                             Thomas Furlong        Eliza Walsh
 8/5/1834     Synnott Mark                 James Synnott           James Synnott                             Stephen Coady         Ellen Doyle
 10/8/1824    Synnott Martin               Martin Synnott          Margaret Cullen                           John Kehogh           Mary Monan
 7/5/1813     Synnott Mary                 Laurence Synnott        Ellen Synnott                             Mogue Walsh           Sally White
 22/1/1814    Synnott Mary                 Laurence Synnott        Catherine Synnott                         James Synnott         Anty French
 9/7/1824     Synnott Mathew               John Synnott            Mary Synnott                              Martin Cerm           Mary Kehoe
 7/6/1813     Synnott Michael              Thomas Synnott          Ann Synnott                               Martin Doyle          Mary Redmond
  2/3/1804    Synnott Nicholas             William Synnott         Elizabeth Synnott                         John Rossiter         Maria Coorby
 20/12/1842   Synnott Nick                 Nick Synnott            Judy Doyle                Graigsally      John Larkin           Mary Roach
 6/10/1804    Synnott Patrick              John Synnott            Maria Synnott                             William Redmond       Maria O Keefe
 2/6/1831     Synnott Peter                John Synnott            Mary Synnott                              Thomas Walsh          Mary Ennis
 17/11.1818   Synnott Richard              Thos Synnott            Anne Synnott                              John Fortune          Mary Sinnott
 17/11/1833   Synnott Richard              Nicholas Synnott        Judy Synnott                              Andy Walsh            Bridget Sinnott
 30/6/1840    Synnott Richard              Nick Synnott            Johanna Doyle                             Lawrence Synnott      Mary Synnott
 23/5/1829    Tallon Anne                  John Tallon             Biddy Tallon                              Watt Harper           Anty Devereux
 27/6/1826    Tallon Catherine             John Tallon             Bridget Tallon                            Patt Neil             Margaret Radford
 3/11/1835    Tallon Edward                John Tallon             Bridget Tallon                            Peter Dugan           Essy Pender
 11/2/1823    Tallon John                  John Tallon             Bridget Tallon                            William Kelly         Catherine Sinnott
 23/4/1832    Tallon Piery                 John Tallon             Biddy Tallon                              Mathew Tallon         Eliza Byrne
 29/6/1803    Thalen Catherine             Thomas Thalen           Catherine Thalen                          Peter Fortune         Joanna Bulger
 8/7/1803     Thalen Elizabeth             John Thalen             Maria Thalen                              Edmond Fortune        Joanna Foster
 8/4/1855     Thompson Johanna             John Thompson           Mary Quin                 Johnstown       John Quin             Margt Coghlan
 7/2/1856     Thompson Mary                John Thompson           Mary Quin                 Johnston        James Quin            Margt Quinn
 8/9/1841     Totenham Biddy               William Totenham        Lucy Furlong                              James Harper          Bess Mayler
 27/1/1834    Totenham Mary                William Totenham        Rachel Totenham                                                 Mary Doyle
 30/10/1916   Tottenham Brigid Mary        Patrick Tottenham       Brigid Harpur             Ballyconnick    Patrick Harpur        Mary Monaghan
 02/05/1914   Tottenham Michael            Patrick Tottenham       Brigid Harpur             Ballyconnick    Joseph Murphy         Joanna Harpur
 29/6/1804    Tourner Catherine            James Tourner           Catherine Tourner                         Martin Dunne          Maria Stafford
 2/4/1837     Towler  ??                   William Towler          Mary Towler
 21/7/1828    Towler James                 William Towler          Mary Towler                               James Bulger          May Kelly
 12/4/1834    Towler Mariann               James Towler            Anne Towler                               John Molloy           Margaret Byrne
 6/11/1831    Towler Mary                  James Towler            Sally Towler                              James Jordon          Ellen Towler
 26/4/1855    Tracey Alicia                Michl Tracey            Mary Molloy               Kilkenny        Michl Cosgrove
 12/10/1836   Tracy Anastatia              Stephen Tracy           Mary Tracy                                James Walsh           Mrs.Murphy
 26/7/1842    Treacy Catherine             Stephen Treacy??        Mary Fitzgerald                           John Walsh            Catherine Rosseter
 16/7/1839    Treacy James                 Stephen Treacy          Mary Fichonis                             Mick Scallon          Mary Sheridan
 27/02/1958   Underwood Mary Catherine     Myles Underwood         Johanna Crowley           Belgrove
 10/1/1835    Varagus Bridget              James Varagus           Catherine Varagus                         John Larkin           Bridget Murphy
 7/7/1839     Vargus Ann                   James Vargus            Catherine Larkin                          Nick Newport          Johona Larkin
 15/12/1842   Vargus James                 James Vargus            Catherine Larkin          Duncormick      John Cullin           Ann Cahil
 16/1/1837    Vargus Peter                 James Vargus            Catherine Vargus                          John Cahil            Ellen Walsh
 3/6/1855     Waddington William           William Waddington      Cathe Rossiter                            John Rossiter         Mary Rossiter
 13/9/1821    Waker James                  John Waker              Mary Waker                                Nichgolas Coghlane    Mary Murphy
 08/01/1910   Walker Charles Francis                                                         Ballymagir                                                      Adult
 30/05/1949   Wall Anne Marie              Edward Wall             Margaret Doyle            Ballymagyr                                                     
 07/07/1946   Wall Anne Mary               Edward Wall             Margaret Doyle            Ballymagyr      Joseph Martin         Margaret Martin
 20/12/1944   Wall Christina               Thomas Wall             Margaret Colfer           Longridge       John Keating          Catherine Cullen          
 09/04/1938   Wall Ellen Teresa            Edward Wall             Margaret Doyle            Ballymagir      James Fitzharris      Annie Wall                m.Thos. Maloney,Rathangan 15/10/1956
 13/03/1942   Wall James Patrick           Edward Wall             Margaret Doyle            Ballymagyr      Charles Doyle         Margaret Culleton
 18/05/1946   Wall James Thomas            Thomas Wall             Margaret Colfer           Longridge       John Stafford         Catherine Stafford        
 08/08/1943   Wall Patrick                 Edward Wall             Margaret Doyle            Ballymagir      James Doyle           Elizabeth Doyle           m.Maire Jones,Cardigan 15/2/1969
 14/01/1948   Wall Peter                   Edward Wall             Margaret Doyle            Ballymagir
 08/02/1945   Wall Thomas                  Edward Wall             Margaret Doyle            Ballymagyr      Edward Doyle          Nancy Doyle
 16/11/1957   Wallace Bernard              Bernard Wallace         Anne Doyle                Johnstown
 30/12/1929   Wallace Bernard Nicholas     Michael Wallace         Catherine Maddock         Johnstown       John French           Helena Maddock            m.Anne Doyle,Bannow 13/9/1950
 17/12/1932   Wallace Elizabeth            John Wallace            Anastatia Maddock         Scar            John Byrne            Veonica Berry             
 3/6/1855     Wallace Johanna              Edward Wallace          Cathe wallace                             Mich Wallace          Marg Rossiter
 01/04/1921   Wallace Johanna              John Wallace            Anastasia Maddock         Duncormick      Mark Wallace          Annie Wallace             m.John Maher,Rathangan 2/8/1944
 30/04/1927   Wallace John                 John Wallace            Anastasia Maddock         Scar            Laurence Pender       Mary Lambert
 15/10/1826   Wallace Margaret             Nicholas Wallace        Ellen Wallace                             Mathew Wallace        Judy Hayse
 17/05/1918   Wallace Margaret Mary        John Wallace            Anastasia Maddock         Duncormack      Michael Burke         Elizabeth Sinnott         m.James McDonald,Rathangan 7/1/1941
 12/10/1838   Wallace Mary                 John Wallace            Anne Wallace                              James Cullen          Anne Kehoe
 22/05/1935   Wallace Mary Bridget         John Wallace            Anastatia Maddock         Scar            Michael Sinnott       Margaret Berry
 29/3/1856    Wallace Michael              Michael Wallace         Mary Redmond                              John Corish           Margaret Pender
 15/9/1824    Wallace Patrick              Nicholas Wallace        Ellen Wallace                             Luke Murphy           Mary Nayle
 15/01/1916   Wallace Patrick Joseph       John Wallace            Anastatia Maddock         Duncormack      Thomas Wallace        Margaret Maddock
 02/03/1924   Wallace Peter Joseph         John Wallace            Anastasia Maddock         Duncormick      Clem Barry            Maggie Cleary
 24/2//1855   Wallace William              Michl Wallace           Anne Murphy               Waddington      Robert Carroll        Cath Wallace
 11/06/1930   Wallace William Joseph       John Wallace            Anastasia Maddock         Scar            Peter Roche           Catherine Byrne
 25/2/1831    Wallice  Nicholas            Nicholas Wallice        Ellen Wallice                             Mark Kelly            Joany Whitty
 11/1/1829    Wallice Anne                 Nicholas Wallice        Ellen Wallice                             John Furlong          Anne Wallice
 14/2/1842    Wallice Bryan                Brian Wallice           Mary Corish                               Patt Cortigan         Bigy Breen
 31/8/1835    Wallice Cathrine             Brian Wallice           Mary Wallice                              Thomas Wallice        Margaret Corish
 14/2/1836    Wallice David                Nicholas Walllice       Ellen Wallice                             William Derry         Mary Connors
 26/9/1841    Wallice Ellen                Nicholas Wallice        Ellen Coghlane                            Nicholas Harpur       Eliza Derry
 19/5/1821    Wallice Mary                 William Wallice         Mary Wallice                                                    Eliza Wallice
 27/8/1837    Wallice Nicholas             Brian Wallice           Mary Wallice                              Patt Furlong          Margaret Corish
 25/8/1833    Wallice Patrick              Nicholas Wallice        Ellen Wallice                             Lawrence Coghlane     Mary Derry
 19/3/1839    Wallice Patt                 Patt Wallace            Margaret Furlong                          Pat Barnwell          Margaret Furlong
 26/6/1840    Wallice Peter                Brian Wallice           Mary Corish                               Mick Newport          Catherine Harper
 26/1/1840    Wallice Thomas               Nicholas Wallice        Ellen Coghlane                            Matt Derry            Anty Hogan
 21/5/1835    Wallis Sally                 Patrick Wallis          Margaret Wallis                           James Furlong         Betty Furlong
 25/9/1836    Walsh  ??                    James Walsh             Kitty walsh                               Patt ??               Ellen Codd
 16/06/1925   Walsh Alice                  Patrick Walsh           Annie Cleary              Gibberwell      Nicholas Cleary       Catherine Parle           m.Wm. Edwards,Rathangan28/6/1944
 13/11/1833   Walsh Alicia                 Patrick Walsh           Anty Walsh                                Robert Stafford       Ally White
 07/04/1921   Walsh Anastasia              William Walsh           Mary Mullins              Nickaree        John McGrath          Maggie Walsh
 27/06/1923   Walsh Anastasia              John Walsh              Catherine Walsh           Belgrove        Stephen Coady         Lizzie McLoughlin         m.Lawrence Furlong,Rathangan 28/11/1945
 21/1/1816    Walsh Andrew                 James Walsh             Margaret Walsh                            Nicholas Walsh        Anne Walsh
 23/5/1819    Walsh Andrew                 James walsh             Margaret Walsh                            Nicholas Walsh        Betty Sinnott
 08/02/1923   Walsh Andrew                 Patrick Walsh           Anne Cleary               Gibberwell      Nicholas Cleary       Maggie Cleary             m.Margt Walsh,Holyhead 5/10/1948
 20/02/1922   Walsh Andrew Michael         Richard Walsh           Mary E. Coady             Knocktown       Patrick Murphy        Maggie Cullen             m.Margt Kendrick,Rathangan 20/11/1963
 26/05/1950   Walsh Andrew Thomas          Kevin Walsh             Brigid Codd               Knocktown       Andrew Walsh          Margaret Furlong          
 26/8/1822    Walsh Ann                    Thomas Walsh            Nanna Walsh                               James Ennis           Mary Fortune
 28/08/1924   Walsh Anna Maria             John Walsh              Catherine Walsh           Belgrove        Jasper Coady          Maggie Walsh              m.Peter Colfer,Bannow 10/1/1957 ??
 14/6/1813    Walsh Anne                   James Walsh             Betty Walsh                               Patrick Nowlan        Judy Warren
 16/2/1819    Walsh Anne                   Thomas Walsh            Hanna Walsh                               John Molloy           Mary Ennis
 13/12/1828   Walsh Anne                   James Walsh             Margaret Walsh                            James Walsh           Mary Stafford
 8/2/1833     Walsh Anne                   John Walsh              Mary Walsh                                John Brown            Catherine Rosseter
 18/4/1856    Walsh Anne                   John Walsh              Johanna Furlong           Blackstone      Matthew Murphy        Mary Furlong
 02/06/1953   Walsh Anne Maria             John Walsh              Anna M Whelan             Graiguesallagh  William Walsh         Johanna Rossiter          
 20/05/1946   Walsh Anne Mary              Kevin Walsh             Bridget Codd              Knocktown       Paul Furlong          Bernadette Coady
 27/7/1832    Walsh Anty                   Charles Walsh           Mary Walsh                                Richard  Pendergast   Margaret Walsh
 30/10/1835   Walsh Anty                   Patt Walsh              Anty Walsh                                                      Mrs. Murphy
 25/5/1840    Walsh Anty                   ??? Walsh               Anty White                                                      Catherine Furlong
 26/3/1813    Walsh Betty                  John Walsh              Elizabeth Walsh                           John Furlong          Mary Roche
 23/6/1826    Walsh Catherine              James Walsh             Margaret Walsh                            Thomas Coady          Betty Walsh
 5/7/1827     Walsh Catherine              James Walsh             Mary Walsh                                Thomas Hawkins        Bridget Bean
 00/00/1838   Walsh Catherine              Philip Walsh            Mary Walsh                                James Whitty          Judy Redmond
 13/12/1840   Walsh Catherine              William Walsh           Bess Lambert                              Michael Lambert       Catherine Lambert
 26/9/1853    Walsh Catherine              Charles Walsh           Murphy Jane               Rochestown      Rich Kehoe            Anty Walsh
 09/11/1926   Walsh Catherine              John Walsh              Catherine Walsh           Gibberwell      William Walsh         Annie McLoughlin
 02/07/1947   Walsh Catherine Margaret     Kevin Walsh             Brigid Codd               Knocktown       John Crowley          Catherine Codd
 17/03/1957   Walsh Catherine Patricia     Kevin Walsh             Brigid Codd               Knocktown
 08/04/1924   Walsh Christopher            Patrick Walsh           Annie Cleary              Gibberwell      Patrick Jordan        Mary Alice Walsh
 04/04/1958   Walsh David Joseph           John Walsh              Anna M Whelan             Graiguesallagh  Philip Murphy         Johanna Walsh             
 14/7/1839    Walsh Elen                   John Walsh              Mary Rosseter                             John  Colfer          Catherine Brown
 9/8/1837     Walsh Eliza                  James walsh             Eliza Walsh                               Patt Redmond          Mary Doyle
 11/5/1853    Walsh Eliza                  Pat Walsh               Anty Larkin               Rathangar       Patk Stafford         Mary Bryon
 2/3/1856     Walsh Elizabeth              Patt Walsh              Anty Larkin               Rathangan       David Cullin          Cath Stafford
 16/10/1840   Walsh Ellen                  John Walsh              Mary Kelly                                Michael Murphy        Anne Byrne
 12/11/1926   Walsh Ellen                  John Walsh              Ellen Murphy              Baldwinstown    Thomas Walsh          Kate Barry                m.Denis Smith, Yorkshire 9/8/1952
 11/05/1932   Walsh Frances                John Walsh              Ellen Murphy              Ralphtown       Richard Walsh         Stasia Dumphy
 2/11/1824    Walsh Hanna                  Nicholas Walsh          Ellen Walsh                               Nicholas Codde        Eliza Codde
 5/4/1827     Walsh James                  Patt Walsh              Anty Walsh                                Thomas Harpur         Mrs. Harpur
 26/3/1833    Walsh James                  James Walsh             Mary Walsh                                Mick Kehoe            Catherine Quin
 29/11/1835   Walsh James                  William Walsh           Bess Walsh                                James Flood           Mary Barry
 4/2/1837     Walsh James                  John Walsh              Fanny Walsh                                                     Bridget Pettit
 00/00/1837   Walsh James                  Edward Walsh            Mary Walsh                                John Rosseter         Hanna Kielty
 00/8/1838    Walsh James                  Wm Walsh                Eliza Walsh                               James Dunn            Sarah Ennis
 15/09/1913   Walsh James                  Richard Walsh           Elizabeth Cody            Knocktown       James Furlong         Mary Murphy               m.Ellen Bent,Mulrankin 25/8/1937
 16/07/1955   Walsh James Gerard           Kevin Walsh             Brigid Codd               Knocktown
 20/03/1920   Walsh James Joseph           Patrick Walsh           Annie Cleary              Gibberwell      James Furlong         Catherine Walsh
 26/12/1951   Walsh Joan Christina         Kevin Walsh             Brigid Codd               Knocktown
 24/10/1834   Walsh Joanna                 Charly Walsh            Mary Walsh                                James Walsh           Margaret Larkin
 17/2/1833    Walsh Johanna                James Walsh             Elizabeth Walsh                           Martin Walsh          Catherine Kelly
 12/4/1839    Walsh Johanna                Nick Walsh              Anty Stafford                             Patt Murphy           Mary Murphy
 12/11/1927   Walsh Johanna                William Walsh           Mary Mullins              Graiguesallagh  Nicholas Sinnott      Mary Anne Pender
 22/3/1805    Walsh John                   William Walsh           Margaret Walsh                            Gerald Furlong        Margaret ???
 9/2/1820     Walsh John                   Nicholas Walsh          Catherine Walsh                           Lawrence Fortune      Catherine Molloy
 27/10/1822   Walsh John                   Nicholas Walsh          Ellen Walsh                               John Corish           Ellen Cardiff
 25/1/1825    Walsh John                   Patrick Walsh           Anty Walsh                                                      Anty Walsh
 3/6/1828     Walsh John                   John Walsh              Fanny Walsh                               Andrew Walsh          Bridget Pellate **
 16/1/1830    Walsh John                   John Walsh              Mary Walsh                                Nicholas Walsh        Eliza Walsh
 15/12/1833   Walsh John                   Philip Walsh            Margaret Walsh                            Andrew Walsh          Mary Whitty
 25/6/1834    Walsh John                   Nicholas Walsh          Bess Walsh                                                      Johanna Walsh
 19/1/1835    Walsh John                   Ned Walsh               Mary Walsh                                John Walsh            Mary Walsh
 19/5/1835    Walsh John                   John Walsh              Bess Lambert                                                    Mrs. Lambert
 3/12/1838    Walsh John                   John Walsh              Fanny Walsh                                                     Bridget Pettitt
 3/1/1856     Walsh John                   John Walsh              Marg Radford              Pitt            Richard Murphy        Frances Radford
 01/04/1914   Walsh John                   John Walsh              Rosanna Glynn             Rivertown       Jasper Cody           Margaret Walsh
 09/08/1959   Walsh John                   Kevin Walsh             Brigid Codd               Knocktown       Arthur Gaynor         Catherine Rossiter
 28/07/1953   Walsh John Anthony           Kevin Walsh             Brigid Codd               Knocktown
 08/01/1931   Walsh John Joseph            John Walsh              Ellen Murphy              Ralphtown       Nicholas Lambert      Margaret Parle
 18/07/1954   Walsh John Oliver            John Walsh              Anne Whelan               Graiguesallagh
 31/12/1919   Walsh John Patrick           William Walsh           Mary Mullins              Nickaree        James Sinnott         Margaret Walsh            m.Mary Hayes,Caroreigh? 16/2/1944
 25/2/1813    Walsh Joseph                 Thomas Walsh            Alice Walsh                               Richard Walsh         Judy Larkin
 22/03/1928   Walsh Joseph Patrick         Patrick Walsh           Anne Cleary               Gibberwell      John Kenny            Margaret Devereux         m.Cecily Meyler,Wexford 10/11/1959
 19/1/1813    Walsh Margaret               James Walsh             Margaret Walsh                            John Murphy           Margaret Walsh
 00/00/1829   Walsh Margaret               John Walsh              Fanny Walsh                                                     Bridget Pettit
 12/12/1842   Walsh Margaret               James Walsh             Christine Cood            Bellgrave       James Byrne           Margaret Cood
 09/07/1916   Walsh Margaret Alice         Richard Walsh           Mary Eliza Coady          Knocktown       Andrew Walsh          Kate Walsh                m.William Bates,Rathangan 26/4/1939
 11/12/1934   Walsh Margaret Anne          William Walsh           Mary Mullins              Graiguesallagh  John Mullins          Anne Mullins              
 14/4/1855    Walsh Margt                  John Walsh              Johanna Furlong           Cull            Walter Deveraux       Margt Murphy
 30/10/1835   Walsh Mariamie               Patt Walsh              Anty Walsh                                                      Mrs. Devereux
 6/5/1842     Walsh Mark                   James Walsh             Joany Kelly                               Thomas Sinnott        Mary Walsh
 7/4/1818     Walsh Mary                   James Walsh             Mary Maddock                              Mary Murphy
 27/10/1819   Walsh Mary                   James Walsh             Ann Walsh                                 Thomas Cleary         Betty White
 18/9/1820    Walsh Mary                   Nicholas Walsh          Ellen Walsh                               John Devereux         Fanny Moakler
 11/2/1835    Walsh Mary                   JamesWalsh              Bess Walsh                                                      Mary Browne
 1/1/1836     Walsh Mary                   John Walsh              Fanny Walsh                                                     Mary Coghlane
 15/1/1837    Walsh Mary                   William walsh           Eliza Walsh                               Lawrence Devereux     Ann Walsh
 17/4/1842    Walsh Mary                   Nicholas Walsh          Margaret Corish                           Patt Barry            Ellen Corish
 13/4/1856    Walsh Mary                   Charles Walsh           Jane Murphy               Rochestown      J.Colfer              Johanna Cousins
 30/04/1919   Walsh Mary                   Patrick Walsh           Annie Cleary              Giberwell       John Cleary           Kate Walsh
 12/05/1944   Walsh Mary                   John Walsh              Mary Hayes                Graiguesallagh  Patrick Walsh         Josephine Hayes
 12/11/1927   Walsh Mary Alice             William Walsh           Mary Mullins              Graiguesallagh  John Murphy           Anne McLoughlin           m.Thomas Byrne,Rathangan 13/1/1954
 09/01/1944   Walsh Mary Bridget           Kevin Walsh             Bridget Codd              Knocktown       John Walsh            Josephine Codd            m.Thos. Elmes,Birmingham 30/3/1963
 29/05/1932   Walsh Mary Eliza             Patrick Walsh           Anne Cleary               Gibberewll      Catherine Cleary      James Walsh               m.Wm. Roche,Rathangan 30/10/1951
 01/02/1925   Walsh Mary Ellen             Richard Walsh           Mary Eliza Coady          Knocktown       Patrick Sinnott       Catherine Keyes           m.Nich. Jordan,Rathangan 26/1/1944
 07/04/1923   Walsh Mary Kate              William Walsh           Mary Mullins              Graiguesallagh  Patrick Ennis         Mary Eliza Murphy         m.John Cullen,Rathangan 27/11/1957
 08/01/1929   Walsh Mary Kate              John Walsh              Ellen Murphy              Ralphtown       James Parle           Mary Hogan
 21/12/1921   Walsh Mary Margaret          John Walsh              Catherine Walsh           Belgrove        James Walsh           Lizzie Coady
 22/09/1925   Walsh Mary Margaret          John Walsh              Ellen Murphy              Baldwinstown    William Cullen        Mary Browne               m.Henry Richards,Dublin 30/10/1953
 25/02/1913   Walsh Mary Shee                                      Mary Shee Walsh           Knocktown       Richard Walsh         Mary Eliza Walsh          m.Mark Bates,Rathangan 9/2/1938
 01/10/1947   Walsh Mary Teresa                                    Kathleen Walsh            Robinstown      Richard Furlong       Alice Walsh               m.Thos. Scallon,Rathangan 3/9/1969
 17/7/1822    Walsh Maryan                 Patrick Walsh           Anty Walsh                                John Keating          Mary Harpur
 21/5/1825    Walsh Maryan                 James Walsh             Mary Walsh                                Mark Barry            Mary Cullen
 6/1/1824     Walsh Michael                James Walsh             Margaret Walsh                            Patrick French        Anty French
 05/04/1921   Walsh Michael Richard        Patrick Walsh           Anie Cleary               Gibberwell      Richard Cleary        Maggie Cleary
 23/9/1827    Walsh Nicholas               Nicholas Walsh          Ellen Walsh                               John Rosseter         Bess Fortune
 29/10/1813   Walsh Patrick                Nicholas Walsh          Betty Walsh                               Patrick Rossiter      Jean Brown
 11/4/1824    Walsh Patrick                Nicholas Walsh          Catherine Walsh                                                 Mary Codde
 27/2/1825    Walsh Patrick                James Walsh             Mary Walsh                                Lawrence Fortune      Kitty Molloy
 29/10/1830   Walsh Patrick                Patrick Walsh           Catherine Cahil                           Joseph Warren         Kelly Brown
 20/3/1831    Walsh Patrick                James Walsh             Margaret Walsh                            William Hayse         Anne Walsh
 5/11/1831    Walsh Patrick                John Walsh              Fanny Walsh                               Richard Pettitt       Bridget Pettitt
 9/6/1833     Walsh Patrick                William Walsh           Mary Walsh                                                      Kitty Molloy
 09/02/1922   Walsh Patrick                William Walsh           Mary Mullins              Graigsallagh    John Sinnott          Ellen Rossiter            m.Kathleen O Connor,Clrystown 25/11/53
 12/02/1922   Walsh Patrick                Patrick Walsh           Anne Cleary               Gibberwell      Christopher Cleary    Ellen Walsh               m.Cath. Merriman,Rathangan 24/8/1959
 14/08/1924   Walsh Patrick Joseph         John Walsh              Ellen Murphy              Baldwinstown    Patrick Walsh         Sissie Parle
 05/06/1919   Walsh Patrick Kevin          Richard Walsh           Mary E. Coady             Knocktown       Felix Furlong         Mary Furlong              m.Brigid Agnes Codd,Rathangan 8/3/1943
 04/10/1948   Walsh Patrick Kevin          Kevin Walsh             Mary B Codd               Knocktown       Thomas Codd           Anne Furlong              m.Johanna Cloney,Kilmore Quay 16/9/72
 01/05/1956   Walsh Patrick Martin         John Walsh              Anna Maria Whelan         Graiguesallagh  John Sinnott          Kathleen Walsh            
 27/3/1840    Walsh Philip                 Phil Walsh              Mary Day                                  Walter Walsh          Mary Walsh
 22/4/1821    Walsh Richard                James Walsh             Margaret Walsh                            Charles Walsh         Mary Murphy
 16/7/1822    Walsh Richard                John Walsh              ??? Walsh                                 Stephen Hanlon        Margaret Sinnott
 12/8/1822    Walsh Richard                Mogue Walsh             ??? Walsh                                 Watt Brown            Catherine Walsh
 10/9/1827    Walsh Richard                Richard Walsh           Joany Walsh                               Nicholas Pender       Anne Pender
 02/04/1945   Walsh Richard Thomas         Kevin Walsh             Bridget Codd              Knocktown       John Codd             Katherine Walsh           m.Brigid Maria Sheehy,Birmingham 26/6/65
 17/9/1832    Walsh Stephen                William Walsh           Ann Walsh                                 Andy Walsh            Alice Murphy
 26/05/1950   Walsh Stephen Martin         Kevin Walsh             Brigid Codd               Knocktown       John Mulligan         Catherine Codd            
 16/10/1803   Walsh Thomas                 Patrick Wal;sh          Anastasia Walsh                           Richard Roche         Anna Walsh
 21/12/1818   Walsh Thomas                 Nicholas Walsh          Ellen Walsh                               Patt Redmond          Mary Devereux
 18/10/1840   Walsh Thomas                 Ned Walsh               Mary Hackey                               Peter Dealy           Mary Walsh
 15/12/1842   Walsh Thomas                 John Walsh              Mary Sinnott              Paulinamc       Nick walsh            Mary Newport
 11/05/1932   Walsh Veronica               John Walsh              Ellen Murphy              Ralphtown       Thomas Byrne          Bridget Cullen
 23/9/1818    Walsh Walter                 Patt Walsh              Anty Walsh                                                      Judith Walsh
 26/11/1830   Walsh Walter                 John Walsh              Fanny Walsh                               Andrew Walsh          Bidy Roach
 24/1/1831    Walsh Walter                 Patrick Walsh           Anty Walsh                                Andy Walsh            Mary White
 5/1/1815     Walsh William                Thomas Walsh            Kitty Walsh                               William Radford       Kelly Malloy
 19/8/1815    Walsh William                Mogue Walsh             Mary Walsh                                Robert Power          Ann Colfer
 9/5/1834     Walsh William                James Walsh             Catherine Walsh                           Nicholas Byrne        Catherine Byrne
 12/12/1840   Walsh William                Nick Walsh              Margaret Corish                           Patt Barry            Bidy Corish
 14/06/1952   Walsh William Anthony        John Walsh              Anne Maria Whelan         Graiguesallagh  Patrick Walsh         Brigid Whelan             
 21/2/1839    Walshe Anne                  James Walshe            Kitty Codd                                John Byrne            Mary Codd
 06/05/1915   Walshe John Patrick          Richard Walshe          Anna Liza Coady           Knocktown       Patrick Walshe        Ellen Walshe
 19/2/1830    Warren Anne                  John Warren             Wife Warren                               Thomas Hawkins        Mary Harpur
 28/3/1828    Warren Betty                 John Warren             Betty Warren                              Patrick Warren        Mary Barry
 6/12/1818    Warren Catherine             Walter Warren           Anty Warren                               Barry Barron          Mary Barron
 6/11/1804    Warren David                 Walter Warren           Anna Warren                               James Hawkins         Maria Revill
 2/3/1823     Warren James                 John Warren             Betty Warren                              Nicholas Furlong      Biddy Stafford
 28/3/1826    Warren Joaney                John Warren             Betty Warren                              Walter Coghlan        Mary Warren
 7/11/1813    Warren Kitty                 William Warren          Nancy Warren                              James Furlong         Mary Ryan
 10/9/1818    Warren Mary                  John Warren             Elizabeth Warren                          Thos Cullen           Mary Hawkins
 1/1/1856     Warren Nicholas                                      Bridget Cummerfort        Ballary         John Coghlan          Ellen Whitty
 7/5/1820     Warren William               John Warren             Betty Warren                              Patt Murphy           Mary Cullen
 01/06/1941   Webster Anne Letitia         John Webster            Anne Murphy               Baldwinstown    Patrick Savage        Anne McCabe
 01/06/1941   Webster Mary Philomena       John Webster            Anne Murphy               Baldwinstown    Patrick McCabe        Mary Savage
 06/02/1938   Webster Stephen Mathew       Robert Webster          Anna Murphy               Baldwinstown    Patrick Furlong       Margaret Cullen
 18/4/1824    Weeken Eliza                 Robert Weeken           Ellen Weeken                              Michael Neil          Eliza Mgrath
 29/5/1831    Weeken Judy                  Patt Weeken             Anne Weeken                                                     Catherine Furlong
 14/1/1837    Weeken Mary                  Matt Weeken             Bridget Weeken                            Richard Coghlane      Margaret Coghlan
 11/5/1895    Welsh Anne Marg              John Welsh              Johanna Murphy            Gibberpatrick   David Cullen          Mary Anne Sinnott         m.Patk Ryan,Rathangan 18/4/1923
 01/02/1900   Welsh Catherine              James Walsh             Alice Furlong             Knocktown       John Welsh            Ellen Bates               m.Wm Furlong,Rathangan 28/11/1922
 11/1/1897    Welsh Ellen                  John Welsh              Catherine Murphy          Edwardstown     John Doyle            Catherine Deveraux
 3/1/1897     Welsh Ellen Bridget          James Welsh             Alice Furlong             Knocktown       Edan White            Delia Furlong             m.Thos kelly,Rathangan 18/2/1925
 21/8/1894    Welsh Johanna M.             James Welsh             Alice Furlong             Knocktown       Peter Furlong         Mary Bates
 11/12/1894   Welsh Laurence               John Welsh              Bridget Larkin            Robinstown      Patrick Sinnott       Marg Furlong              m.Eliz Butler,Murrintown 19/2/1924
 11/4/1898    Welsh Martin                 John Welsh              Johanna Murphy            Gibberpatrick   Patrick Murphy        Mary Furlong
 15/2/1893    Welsh Mary Anne              John Welsh              Johanna Murphy            Gibberpatrick   Patrick Sinnott       Mary Anne Welsh           m. Mathew Kavanagh Rathangan 27/2/24
 14/04/1903   Westnott Mary                Richard Westnott        Mary Kehoe                Rochestown      Richard Jordan        Mary Westnott
 6/10/1828    Whealan Peter                John Whealan            Bridget Whealan                           Robert Stafford       Dolly   **
 11/11/1927   Whelan Anne                  Patrick Whelan          Mary K. Duggan            Baldwinstown    John Duggan           Mary K Nugent
 5/5/1831     Whelan Catherine             John Whelan             Bridget Whelan                            John Cullen           Jean Lawler
 6/7/1834     Whelan Catherine             Patt Whelan             Kitty Whelan                                                    Kitty Redmond
 09/12/1918   Whelan Catherine             John Whelan             Catherine Goff            Blackstone      Edmond Furlong        Ellen Goff                m.John Howlin,Rathangan 31/7/1956
 06/07/1955   Whelan Francis Joseph        Frank Whelan            Catherine Sinnott         Rathangan       Lawrence Cahill       Angela Cahill            
 08/08/1930   Whelan James                 Patrick Whelan          Mary Kate Duggan          Baldwinstown    John Parle            Catherine Neill           m.Mgt. Singleton,Kingstn/Thames 19/7/53
 1/1/1842     Whelan John                  John Whelan             Bridget Stafford                          John Cox              Mary Neil
 15/11/1833   Whelan Margaret              John Whelan             Bridget Whelan                            John Synnot           Jean Cullen
 22/02/1909   Whelan Margaret Anastatia    John Whelan             Catherine Gough           Blackstone      .......Cleary         Margaret Gough
 10/05/1929   Whelan Margaret Mary         Patrick Whelan          Mary K Duggan             Baldwinstown    Michael Kehoe         Margaret Kielty
 04/12/1959   Whelan Martin John           Frank Whelan            Catherine Sinnott         Rathangan       Stephen Roche         Bernadette Roche          
 17/10/1839   Whelan Mary                  John Whelan             Bidy Stafford                             Nick Murphy           Bess English
 11/10/1911   Whelan Mary                  John Whelan             Kate Gough                Blackstone      James Whelan          Mary Anne Gough           m.Cornls. Sullivan,Cork 21/2/1950
 10/12/1956   Whelan Mary Josephine        Frank Whelan            Kathleen Sinnott          Rathangan       John Murphy           Margaret McCarrick
 29/07/1953   Whelan Nicholas Anthony      Francis Whelan          Kathleen Sinnott          Millview        William Sinnott       Sheila Cahill            
 16/8/1836    Whelan Patrick               John Whelan             Bridget Whelan                            Walter Furlong        Anty Sinnott
 03/06/1927   Whelan Patrick               John Whelan             Mary Anne Goff            Blackstone      John Harpur           Margaret Whelan
 23/04/1958   Whelan Patrick William       Frank Whelan            Catherine Sinnott         Rathangan       Oliver Sinnott        Anne Culleton
 29/8/1825    White                        Patrick White	 
 25/5/1804    White Anastasia              Carl White              Anastasia White                           John Keating          Maria Furlong
 01/12/1947   White Angela Concepta        John White              Eileen Whelan             Blackstone      Michael McCarrick     Kathleen White
 15/07/1949   White Anna Frances           John White              Eileen Whelan             Blackstone
 28/10/1821   White Anstace                James White             Mary White                                Nicholas Barry        Nancy Boggan
 04/09/1952   White Bernadette Anne        Martin White            Mary Farrell              Gibberwell      Edward White          Eileen Farrell
 6/2/1820     White Betty                  Nicholas White          Mary White                                John Parl             B. White
 5/6/1804     White Carl                   Patrick White           Maria White                               Thomas Pender         Margaret ??
 00/8/1803    White Catherine              Martin White            Joanna White                              Patrick Cleary        Bridget Cleary
 9/3/1824     White Catherine              Nicholas White          Margaret White                            Patt White            Mary Coghlane
 21/5/1839    White Catherine              Gregory White           Betty Wallice                             Tim Wallice           Margaret Reville
 09/09/1903   White Catherine              Patrick White           Mary Brennan              Scotsland       Edward Brennan        Margaret Fardy
 24/06/1910   White Catherine              John White              Mary Devereux             Coolycall       Andrew Walsh          Margaret Furlong
 25/08/1945   White Catherine Mary         John White              Eileen Whelan             Blackstone      Thomas White          Catherine Whelan
 8/7/1837     White Charles                William White           Mary White                                Robert White          Eliza Sinnott
 28/08/1906   White Edward                 Patrick White           Mary Brennan              Scottsland      John Cleary           Bridget Hunt              m.Margt Kenny,Rathangan 25/2/1952
 21/02/1916   White Edward Joseph          Edward White            Mary Byrne                Nickaree        Pat White             Annie Byrne               m.Mary Jos. Breen,6/11/1951
 13/10/1952   White Edward Mary Josph      Edward White            Mary J Breen              Nicaree
 19/1/1820    White Elizabeth              John White              Judy White                                                      Bridget Kehoe
 07/03/1914   White Elizabeth              Patrick White           Mary Brennan              Duncormick      Richard Cleary        Margaret Cahill
 22/5/1815    White Ellen                  James White             Mary White                                Patt Furlong          Mary ???
 8/7/1834     White Ellen                  Edward White            Anne White                                Mathew Parle          Mary White
 3/3/1835     White Hanna                  James White             Martha White                                                    Anastatia Brown
 29/4/1837    White James                  James White             Margaret White                            Nicholas Murphy       Catherine Murphy
 22/4/1838    White James                  James White             Mary White                                Michael White         Eliza Sinnott
 8/12/1840    White James                  Richard White           Catherine Harper                          Martin Cleary         Catherine Walsh
 17/05/1917   White James Gerard           Edward White            Mary Byrne                Nickaree        John Byrne            Maggie White              m.Mary King,Castlecomer 27/9/1950
 29/05/1959   White James Vincent          James White             Mary Ring                 Beckville
 07/11/1909   White Johanna                Patrick White           Mary Brennan              Duncormack      William Brennan       Anne Cleary               m.John Rossiter,Rathangan 24/11/1942
 15/11/1822   White John                   Patrick White           Margaret White                            Mich Rossiter         Margaret Murphy
 9/6/1834     White John                   Patt White              Mary White                                Walter Furlong        Ellen White
 3/4/1838     White John                   Richard White           Catherine White                           Richard Cleary        Anne Cleary
 23/12/1840   White John                   James White             Margaret Shudal                           Watt Furlong          Margaret Cullin
 6/12/1855    White John                   Thomas White            Catharine Cleary          Scotsland       John White            Alice Furlong
 22/09/1953   White John Gerard            John White              Eileen Whelan             Blackstone      Patrick Cleary        Catherine Sutton          
 20/9/1853    White Judy                   Thomas White            Catherine Cleary          Hill ofDuncormicJohn Cleary           Mary White
 17/03/1920   White Julia                  Edward White            Mary Byrne                Nickaree        John White            Bridget White
 10/8/1804    White Laurence               Michael White           Margaret White                            Stephen Roche         Elizabeth Radford
 22/2/1835    White Lawrence               Lawrence White          Bidy Bogan                                                      Ellen Furlong
 21/5/1835    White Margaret               William White           Mary White                                James Walsh           Margaret Lambert
 16/8/1803    White Maria                  Patrick White           Anna White                                James Furlong         Maria Furlong
 3/10/1803    White Maria                  Patrick White           Elenor White                              Joanna Roachford      Margaret Codd
 15/1/1836    White Martin                 Richard White           Catherine White                           James Walsh           Mary Walsh
 23/05/1912   White Martin                 Patrick White           Mary Brennan              Duncormick      Mathew Cleary         Annie Cleary              m.Mary Fardy,Clongeen 26/10/1949
 19/2/1813    White Mary                   Nicholas White          Mary White                                Thomas Murphy         Ellen Doyle
 29/6/1827    White Mary                   William White           Mary White                                John Hayse            Margaret Hayse
 12/12/1907   White Mary Anne              Patrick White           Mary Brennan              Scotsland       Patrick Sinnott       Mary Ellen Tierney
 28/09/1958   White Mary Bernadette        Edward White            Mary J Breen              Killagg
 01/10/1918   White Mary Ellen             Edward White            Mary Byrne                Nickaree        Thomas White          Mary Stafford
 06/03/1950   White Mary Josephine         Martin White            Mary Fardy                Gibberwell      Matthew Banville      Elizabeth White           m.Stephen Parle,Rathangan
 12/6/1828    White Patrick                Patrick White           Margaret White                            Martin Parle          Joany Keogh
 15/02/1957   White Patrick Joseph         Edward White            Mary J Breen              Beckville
 19/01/1954   White Pierce Francis Mary    Edward White            Mary Breen                Nicaree
 1/7/1803     White Stephen                James White             Maria White                               James Newport         Bridget Furlong
 12/8/1822    White Thomas                 Nicholas White          Margaret White                            Richard Coghlin       Margaret Flood
 15/6/1831    White Thomas                 Patrick White           Margaret White                            Martin Carin          Catherine Kavana
 10/6/1833    White Thomas                 William White           Mary White                                Barnaby Rosseter      Margaret Butler
 08/05/1905   White Thomas                 Patrick White           Mary Brenan               Scotsland       Patrick Brennan       Margaret White
 13/10/1958   White Thomas Eugene          John White              Ellen Whelan              Blackstone
 21/09/1951   White Veronica Collette      John White              Eileen Whelan             Blackstone      Matthew Harpur        Elizabeth Falherty
 11/06/1956   White Veronica Teresa        Martin White            Mary Fardy                Gibberwell
 3/1/1825     Whitty ??                    James Whitty            Susanna Whitty                            Peter Cogley          Mary Lynch
 6/11/1836    Whitty Allice                John Whitty             Margaret Whitty                           Nicholas Power        Catherine Power
 21/8/1831    Whitty Andy                  John Whitty             Margaret Whitty                           Andy Dunne            Catherine Hayse
 20/7/1803    Whitty Ann                   Patrick Whitty          Anne Whitty                               John Rossiter         Maria Cleary
 22/12/1824   Whitty Anne                  Peter Whitty            Mary Whitty                               John Synnott          Betty Synnott
 14/6/1837    Whitty Anne                  Richard Whitty          Mary Whitty                               John Whitty           Catherine Coghlane
 2/3/1819     Whitty Catherine             Nicholas Whitty         Margaret Whitty                           Walter Coughlan       Ann Dealy ??
 26/8/1824    Whitty Catherine             Lawrence Whitty         Anty Whitty                                                     Anty Nore
 18/2/1855    Whitty Catherine             James Whitty            Ellen Cullin              Mountain        Matthew Furlong       Mary Furlong
 29/10/1855   Whitty Catherine             Richaed Whitty          Mary Coghlan              Gibberede       Thomas Kehoe          Mary Coghlan
 4/4/1813     Whitty Edan                  James Whitty            Nancy Whitty                              James Hogan           Winny Walsh
 18/2/1855    Whitty Elizabeth             James Whitty            Ellen Cullin              Mountain        Peter Sinnott         Mag Kearns
 7/1/1824     Whitty Ellen                 Michael Whitty          Margaret Whitty                           John Whitty           Ellen Warren
 29/6/1829    Whitty Ellen                 Richard Whitty          Biddy Whitty                              Thomas Rowan          Bridget Rogger
 00/00/1837   Whitty Ellen                 Richard Whitty          Margaret Whitty                           Nicholas Moran        Catherine Whitty
 30/11/1819   Whitty Esther                James Whitty            Mary Whitty                               William Coghlane      Margaret Murphy
 5/11/1830    Whitty James                 John Whitty             Mary Whitty                               Andy Walsh            Catherine Cogley
 22/1/1832    Whitty James                 Nicholas Whitty         Margaret Whitty                           Walter Whitty         Catherine Murphy
 29/12/1839   Whitty James                 Martin Whitty           Ellen Madock                              John Whitty           Anne Kearn
 7/7/1842     Whitty James                 Patt Whitty             Margaret Furlong                          Peter Bany            Catty Devereux
 15/6/1818    Whitty John                  James Whitty            Susanna Whitty                            Patt Doyle            Esther Kain
 10/6/1819    Whitty John                  Laurence Whitty         Anstice Whitty                            Moses Rashford        Margaret Fortune
 6/11/1820    Whitty John                  Peter Whitty            Catherine Cullen                                                Mary Stafford
 29/12/1822   Whitty John                  James Whitty            Susanna Whitty                            Patt Cogly            Ellen Kelly
 10/11/1826   Whitty John                  Peter Whitty            Mary Whitty                               John Synnott          Mary Wilson
 13/8/1840    Whitty John                  John Whitty             Margaret Butler                           John Stafford         Catherine Whitty
 29/9/1841    Whitty John                  William Whitty          Catherine Synnott                         John Whitty           Mary Summers
 15/5/1842    Whitty John                  Will Whitty             Margaret Radford                                                Mary Furlong
 27/12/1854   Whitty John                  John Whitty             Johanna Mewport           Mountain        Pat Connors           Anne Donohoe
 29/11/1829   Whitty Kitty                 Richard Whitty          Wife Whitty                                                     Ellen Whitty
 28/3/1826    Whitty Margaret              Richard Whitty          Biddy Whitty                              James Brien           Catherine Dwoney
 9/9/1827     Whitty Margaret              Richard Whitty          Margaret Whitty                           Patt Cogley
 8/8/1829     Whitty Margaret              Nicholas Whitty         Margaret Whitty                           Nicholas Furlong      Mary Hawkins
 30/3/1831    Whitty Margaret              William Whitty          Anne Whitty                               Micail Banwell        Mary Talbet
 3/4/1833     Whitty Margaret              John Whitty             Mary Whitty                               Thomas Dunne          C.Whitty
 28/3/1834    Whitty Margaret              John Whitty             Margaret Whitty                           James Walsh           Ellen Murphy
 24/6/1827    Whitty Martin                James Whitty            Mary  Whitty                              John Whitty           Anty Barry
 30/6/1822    Whitty Mary                  Peter Whitty            Mary Whitty                               Nicholas Walsh        Ellen Whitty
 00/00/1824   Whitty Mary                  Richard Whitty          Margaret Whitty                                                 Margaret Whitty
 16/2/1825    Whitty Mary                  James Whitty            Mary Whitty                               Nicholas Whitty       Ellen Warren
 19/4/1825    Whitty Mary                  John Whitty             Margaret Whitty                                                 Allice Butler
 5/4/1826     Whitty Mary                  Nicholas Whitty          Margaret Whitty                          David Murphy          Anne Warren
 21/9/1828    Whitty Mary                  John Whitty             Mary Whitty                               John Cogley           Mary Whitty
 22/2/1839    Whitty Mary                  Peter Whitty            Catherine Whitty                          John Whitty           Bridget Burn
 28/10/1839   Whitty Mary                  Richard Whitty          Mary Coghlane                             Patt walsh            Ellen Newport
 2/8/1842     Whitty Mary                  Richard Whitty          Mary Caughlan                             Nick Cleary           Caty Walsh
 15/11/1823   Whitty Mathew                Richard Whitty          Bridget Whitty                            Patt Furlong          Catherine Walsh
 24/1/1804    Whitty Matthew               Stephen Whitty          Maria Whitty                              Joanna French         Maria Dake
 29/3/1822    Whitty Nicholas              James Whitty            Mary Whitty                               Patt Warren           Catherine White
 9/12/1829    Whitty Nicholas              Peter Whitty            Mary Whitty                               John Larkin           Biddy Synnott
 15/11/1832   Whitty Nicholas              James Whitty            Margaret Whitty                           Mick Parle            Catherine Murphy
 20/12/1835   Whitty Nicholas              ?? Whitty               Margaret Whitty                           William Whitty        Mariann Hawkins
 30/8/1839    Whitty Nicholas              William Whitty          Catherine Whitty                          James Fortune         Mary Sinnott
 31/7/1855    Whitty Nicholas              Walter Whitty           Anne Flin                 Duncormick      James Whitty          Alice Furlong
 5/1/1823     Whitty Patrick               John Whitty             Mary Whitty                               Moses Cogly           Mary Kelly
 9/4/1829     Whitty Patt                  John Whitty             Margaret Whitty                           John Cogley           Margaret Cogley
 27/8/1834    Whitty Patt                  Richard Whitty          Margaret Whitty                           James Whitty          Anne Mack
 15/1/1842    Whitty Patt                  Pater Whitty            Cath Byrne                                Watt Walsh            Ellen Murphy
 28/8/1833    Whitty Richard               Peter Whitty            Mary Whitty                               Andrew Walsh          Ally Larkin
 26/1/1840    Whitty Richard               Patt Whitty             Mary Furlong                              William Corish        Catherine Whitty
 4/12/1813    Whitty Stephen               James Whitty            Mary Whitty                               Patrick Whitty        Nelly Lambert
 29/10/1821   Whitty Stephen               Nicholas Whitty         Margaret Whitty                           James Brown           Anty Barry
 21/12/1821   Whitty Thomas                Lawrence Whitty         Anty Whitty                               Stephen Dunne         Mary Hore
 28/2/1827    Whitty Thomas                John Whitty             Wife Whitty                               Thomas Dunne          Catherine Butler
 18/8/1837    Whitty Thomas                Patt Whitty             Mary Whitty                               John Devereux         Margaret Coady
 25/6/1856    Whitty Thomas                Larry Whitty            Catherine Bulger          Mountain        John Hanly            Catherine Higgins
 29/6/1856    Whitty Thomas                Aston Whitty            Catherine Sinnott         Coolsatlon      John Sinnott          Eliza Sinnott
 25/5/1818    Whitty William               Richard Whitty          Nancy Whitty                                                    Ellen Devereux
 14/3/1819    Whitty William               John Whitty             Margaret Whitty                           Peter Cogly           E. Leasy
 25/12/1822   Whitty William               John Whitty             Margaret Whitty                           Patt Cogly            Mary Butler
 6/4/1832     Whitty Winfred               Richard Whitty          Margaret Whitty                           Thomas Dunne          Catherine Hayse
 3/10/1831    Wickham John                 Robert Wickham          Ellen Wickham                             John Power            Bridget  Rogers
 10/3/1804    Wickham Matthew              Richard Wickham         Catherine Wickham                         Peter Quinn           Catherine White
 18/5/1828    Widdup Margaret              Doctor Widdup           Margaret Dwyer                                                  Mrs.Larkin
 02/01/1904   Wilde Frances                Stephen Wilde           Mary Conelly              Wexford                               Margaret Brennan
 15/1/1839    Williams Elen                Mick Williams           Biddy Breen                               Will Furlong          Antey Synnott
 30/10/1825   Wilson Catherine             John Wilson             Eliza Wilson                              James Jordon          Eliza Meyler
 18/10/1828   Wilson Ellen                 John Wilson             Betty Wilson                              John Cullen           Ellen Cheevers
 22/1/1839    Wilson Ivan ??               James Wilson            Mary Wilson                               John Larkin           Joanne Larkin
 2/6/1837     Wilson James                 John Wilson             Eliza Wilson                              Edward Haden          Mary Furlong
 2/1/1843     Wilson Johanna               James Wilson            Mary Larkin               Kilmorran       James Whitty          Ann Maney
 10/1/1823    Wilson John                  John Wilson             Eliza Wilson                              Nicholas Kelly        Ellen Stafford
 20/12/1831   Wilson Lawrence              John Wilson             Betty Wilson                              William Bamdan        Margaret Cogley
 17/8/1834    Wilson Lawrence              John Wilson             Eliza Wilson                              John Parle            Margaret Cullen
 00/00/1841   Wilson Mathew                James Wilson            Mary Larkin                               Bart Furlong          Cath Keasy
 8/6/1804     Wilson Matthew               Matthew Wilson          Catherine Wilson                          John Doran            Margaret Doran
 20/2/1840    Wilson Patrick               John Wilson             Eliza Jordon                              Walter Cullen         Eliza English
 12/6/1836    Winter Mary                  William Winter          Bridget Winter                            James Keefe           Mary Ennis
 17/5/1832    Winters Bridget              William Winters         Bridget Winters                           Nicholas Hayse        Margaret Ennis
 18/7/1830    Wise John                    Thomas Wise             Wife Wisw                                 Michael Saultry       Mary Murphy
 01/08/1936   Wise John Joseph                                     Mary Anne Wise            Duncormick      Edward Neville        Ellen Purcell
 2/6/1833     Wise Patrick                 Thomas Wise             Catherine Wise                            Robert Stafford       Anty Synnott
 08/04/1905   Wyse Catherine               Nicholas Wyse           Bridget Stafford          Duncormack      Thomas Wyse           Mary Anne Stafford        m.Daniel Kenny,Rathangan 4/5/1927
 11/11/1910   Wyse Ellen                   Nicholas Wyse           Bridget Stafford          Duncormack      Thomas Coxe           Helena Murphy
 11/11/1910   Wyse Mary Anne               Nicholas Wyse           Bridget Stafford          Duncormack      Laurence Tierney      Margaret Walsh
 17/04/1900   Wyse Patk Nicholas           Nicholas Wyse           Bridget Stafford          Duncormack      James Stafford        Catherine Wyse