Westmeath Church Records

File Description Size Date Contributor
Multiple Records
Asst. Baptisms Christ the King, Mullingar4K2012Charlotte Smith
Baptisms (CoI) Mullingar 1877-1900
Mar 2012
C. Hunt
Asst. Marriages Christ the King, Mullingar4K2012 Charlotte Smith
Marriages (CoI) Mullingar 1844-1899
Mar 2012
C. Hunt
Asst. Baptisms in Tubber & Rosemount - GLAVEY & GREEN5K2012Frank McGonigal
Christenings in Tubber & Rosemount - GORRY 9K2012Frank McGonigal
Asst Marriages Taghmon & Turin Parish 6K Nov 2015Judith Mason
Asstorted Records Taghmon & Turin Parish18KNov 2015 Judith Mason
Single Records
Devine, Mary;  May 21, 1840 1K Feb 2011 C. Hunt 
BRIGGS, Edward James & TYDALL, Jane, August 2, 18751KJan 2013Joyce Tunstead
DEVINE,  John & BANAN, Catherine; August 3, 1839 1K Feb 2011 C. Hunt

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