Miscellaneous: TIPPERARY, Some County Tipperary Inquests - 1834
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1-1-1834, John Shanahan, Cappaghwhite, Died from the injuries inflicted on
him on the 21st of December 1833 by Thomas Stapleton and his two sons
Patrick and Thomas Stapleton, and by Michael and John Dwyer, and others yet
unknown, and he died of those injuries the 31st. Dec. 1833.

7-1-1834, Patrick Connell, Solihidmore, Clanwilliam. Died from a large wound
on the head, inflicted by some person yet unknown, and from the inclemency
of the weather, the body being found in the centre of a large field on
Solihid lands.

23-1-1834, Anne Whelan, Toome, Kilenemanah, Suffocation, occasioned by

25-1-1834, Timothy Godfrey, Bansha. Died of the injuries inflicted on him on
Monday the 20th of Jan. inst, by John Ryan, alias Corragan, of Bansha, and
he died of those injuries on Sat. the 25th inst.

4-2-1834, John Grant, Tipperary, Accidentally drowned on Wed. the 3rd. Feb.

11-2-1834, Bridget Hannan, Clonpett, Found drowned on the 10th inst.
Supposed accidentally.

22-2-1834. John Ryan, Kilfeacle, Died from injuries inflicted on his head on
Thursday the 20th Feb. by persons unknown, of which injuries he died on
Friday the 21st Feb. 1834

9-3-1834, Catherine Ryan. Golden, Accidentally killed by a horse and car
going over her on the 8th March inst.

7-4-1834. Catherine Houragan, Shronehill, Accidentally killed by a runaway
horse on the 6th inst.

13-4-1834. John Mullowny, Knockavella, Accidentally killed by an explosion
of gunpowder when blasting stones in a quarry.

18-4-1834 Mary Hayes, Tipperary, Accidentally burned to death by her clothes
having caught fire.

19-4-1834 Catherine Ryan, Solihidmore, Accidentally burned to death (eight
years old) by her clothes taking fire.

21-4-1834, Bridget Breen, Donohill, Drowned by accidentally fallen into the
Alleen river on the 20th inst.

29-4-1834. John Dwyer, Rathliney, Died from inflammation of the bowels.

30-1834, Matthew Shanahan, Tipperary, Died from epileptic fits, brought on
by the over use of liquor.

5-5-1834, Edmund Berane, Kilshane, Died from excessive drinking, which
caused him to fall off his horse, where his neck was dislocated, on Sunday
4th May, inst.

9-5-1834 John Lee, Golden, Accidentally killed when falling off a large
tree, which fell upon him and caused death.

20-5-1834. Edward Devereux, Cappaghwhite, Murdered by some person or persons
unknown, by giving him several wounds and a fractured skull, on the 15th
inst. Died on Monday the 19th.

5-6-1834, Thomas Bourke, Bruis, Clanwilliam. Died by visitation of God.

9-6-1834, Pierce Cantwell, Solihidmore, Died from blows of stones inflicted
on his head by Patrick Dwyer, and Patrick Crowe, aided by Bridget Crowe, and
others unknown, on the 7th inst, and he died of those injuries on the 8th
June inst.

17-6-1834. Alicia Kennedy, Tipperary, Accidentally burned to death, her
clothes taking fire.

21-6-1834 John Harrigan, Solihidmore, Died from injuries inflicted on him on
Wed. the 4th June by Michael Ryan and James Diggin, of which injuries he
lingered and died on the 20th June inst.

21-6-1834 Michael Brien, Bansha, Died from injuries inflicted on his head
the morning of the 20th inst, by persons unknown, which injuries caused his
death the same evening.

14-7-1834. Thomas Peters, Clonbullog, Died from the effects of quackery and
taking drugs by order of a blacksmith, in order to cure a sore leg, and he
died on the 12th inst. From those causes.

19-7-1834, Catherine Godfrey, Bansha, Accidentally drowned by falling into
the Bansha River on the 18th.

21-7-1834. William Condon, Tipperary, Died from injuries he received from
John Carroll and Cornelius Godfrey, aided and assisted by several others, on
the 10th July, of which injuries he lingered and died on Sunday evening the
20th July 1834.

24-7-1834 Patrick Godfrey, Tipperary. Accidentally drowned when bathing on
the 22nd June inst.

6-8-1834, Daniel Ryan, Donohill, Died of injuries he received on the head
from Owen Neill of Emly, aided and assisted by Edmund Ryan of Rathleney on
the 28th July, and he lingered and died of those injuries on the 5th August.

11-8-1834. James Roache, Tipperary, Accidentally killed by a horse in the
Street of Tipperary on the 10th inst.

16-8-1834, Denis Quinlan, Tipperary, killed by gunshot wounds inflicted by
some persons yet unknown, on the night of the 15th Aug.

6-9-1834 William Delany, Tipperary, Died of apoplexy, brought on by
excessive drinking.

13-9-1834. William Carew, Conbeg, Died from injuries he received from
Matthew Moroney on the 5th Dec. aided and assisted by Michael Moroney, and
Matthew Noonan, and he died of those injuries on Friday the 10th Sept.

14-9-1834, John Keating, Clonbullog, Barbarously murdered by John Maher and
Peter Meahan, by inflicting wounds on his head with stones, and splitting
his head with a scythe on the 13th Sept. inst.

27-9-1834. Edmund Nagle, Golden, Died form injuries inflicted on his head on
Tuesday the 26th Aug. 1834, by Michael Quinlan and Thomas Brown, and John
Gibbons, when there was a faction fight, and he died of those injuries on
Friday the 26th Sept. 1834.

2-10-1834. C. M'Gwire, Esq. Killadriffe, Barbarously murdered by two men, on
Sat. morning, 1st. Oct. who are yet unknown.

4-10-1834 M. M'Kew, Donohill, Died of injuries inflicted on him the night of
the 29th, of Sept. by Patrick and John Brien, John M'Loghny and Patrick and
Edmund Devitt, and he died of those injuries on Friday the 3rd of Oct. 1834.

5-10-1834 Martin Laffan, Lattin, Apoplexy brought on by excessive drinking.

17-10-1834. David Roache, Kilkicklin, Died from intemperance when suffering
under a severe cold and pleurisy.

5-11-1834. T. Quinlan, Solihidmore, Barbarously murdered on the 4th
November, by some persons at present not known.

12-11-1834. Owen Ryan, Bruis, Accidentally killed by an explosion of
gunpowder in a quarry, the 11th. Inst.

14-11-1834, John Stanton, Lattin. Died from wounds inflicted on his head in
the streets of Tipperary, on Thursday the 13th Nov. by Morgan Brien and John
Finnan, aided and assisted by three other men, yet unknown, and died the
same day 13th November.

20-11-1834. P. Connolly, Tipperary, accidentally killed by falling out of a
car on the 19th inst.

9-12-1834, w. Waters, Emly. Died from the inclemency of the weather.

27-12-1834. Bansha. On the mutilated parts of a man found in the Galtee
Mountains, from the state of the body and want of evidence, cannot say the
cause of death, he is supposed to be a process server, who has been missing
and reported to be murdered.

28-12-1834, M. Robbins, Golden. Accidentally shot by his own gun, having
gone off whilst loading it on the 27th inst.

From originals held at Tipperary Library.