Miscellaneous: TIPPERARY, Some County Tipperary Inquests - 1835
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Contributed Mary Heaphy


3-1-1835 W. Harrigan, Toome, Died by the visitation of God.

9-3-1835 John Bradshaw, Donohill, Accidentally drowned in the Alleen river,
8th inst.

31-3-1835 D. Murphy, Kilpatrick, Apoplexy brought on by excessive drinking,
which caused his death the 30th inst.

18-2-1835 Mary Benton, Solihidmore, Accidentally drowned on the 17th inst.

26-2-1835 R. Cavanagh, Kilfeacle, Killed by a gun shot, on the 25th inst.
Fired by a person unknown.

6-3-1835 Simon Ryan, Tipperary. Died from excessive drinking at a wedding,
on Tuesday night, the 4th inst.

10-3-1835 Patrick Finn, Emly, Died from injuries inflicted on his head, on
Tuesday, the 3rd March, by one Thomas Connolly, a carpenter, and he died of
those injuries on Monday 9th March.

23-3-1835 Mary Shea, Bansha, Found dead in a field near her own house,
cannot ascertain the cause.

29-3-1835 T. Cahill, Tipperary, Accidentally shot by a pistol of his master's,
Henry Massey, Esq. which pistol fell off the mantel-piece in the parlour,
exploded, and killed him on the evening of the 28th inst.

3-4-1835 M. Molony, Tipperary. Apoplexy.

24-4-1835 P. Duggan, Kilshane, Died of injuries he received on Thursday
evening the 23rd inst from William and Matthew Hickey and their mother Ally
Hickey and William Stokes, and from one John Bourke, (and he died the same

23-5-1835 W. Herr, Cappaghwhite, Apoplexy produced by the over use of

6-6-1835 On a female child, Tipperary, Born alive, deserted and destroyed by
some person or persons yet unknown, by being thrown into the Carromendy
Lake, near Tipperary.

20-6-1835 On a male child, Clonbullog, Born alive and deserted, yet from its
weakly state could not have lived.

22-6-1835 T. Delany, Bansha, Accidentally killed by a mountain large stone
having rolled down on him on the 21st inst.

18-7-1835 E. Doorty, Templence, Died in consequence of a fight between two
factions on Friday 17th and that Patrick Hickey and his two sons Daniel and
John, and several others yet unknown, did assault the deceased.

24-7-1835 V. Davern, Templence, That he was struck with a stone the evening
of the fair of Kilfeacle, the 10th of July, by John Farrell, which caused a
wound on his head, of which he died on Thursday 23rd July 1835.

8-8-1835 M.M.Hill, Clonbeg, Barbarously murdered by four armed men, who
assaulted and fired at him, when he instantly expired on the lands of
J.M.Dawson, Esq. (Said four men not known.)

10-12-1865. M. Devereux, Cordangan, Accidentally killed by a horse and car
going over him, on Tuesday the 3rd inst.

11-12-1835 M. Heffernan, Donohill, Died of injuries he received on Sat. the
15th August from Richard and John Lahy, and one William Foley, who fractured
his skull, and he lingered and died of those injuries on Thursday 10th
December 1835.

16-1-1836 C. Quirke Killalduffe, Barbarously murdered on Thursday night the
14th inst by three men, yet unknown, who inflicted many wounds which caused
immediate death.

29-1-1835 James Carroll, Ballintemple, Accidentally killed by a fall from a
jaunting car, when the driving reins broke.

11-2-1835 Andrew Ryan, Kilshane, Died by visitation of God.

13-2-1835 L. Power, Clonbullog, Died from a gun shot fired at him when at
the door of his house on Sunday night, the 4th October, by some person at
present unknown, and he lingered and died on Thursday the 11th Feb 1836.

1-3-1835 E. Trihy, Kilpatrick, Accidentally killed by his horse and car when
returning from Cashel the 28th Feb.

From originals held at Tipperary Library.