From the main index for the IGP Archives - you have 2 search engines to choose from.  

The Top one is a Google Search engine. The one below the Logos is a FreeFind Search Engine. Also good to try.
I am doing a hypothetical search for a Henry Bond from Dublin who died about 1892.
It is a good idea to start on the main page for your initial serach. You might find your person in a location your weren't expecting. Or you may not know the County.
If you do a simple search like Henry Bond  or "Henry Bond" you will probably get too many hits. Try playing with additional terms by adding Dublin & you might find your person.
Adding Dublin as an extra term did give only two hits including the right Henry Bond.

However if that initial search fails - you can drill down by going to Dublin's records. Click on Dublin on the Table of Counties. Then click on Headstones.
From the Headstones page for Dublin try a search in this search box. "Henry Bond"  in Quotes will bring up instances of the name being exactly Henry Bond. If quotes don't work try again without them. The name *might* not be exact in the transcription.  You will just have more hits to work through.

Below are the Results for "Henry Bond".  I am looking for a man who died around 1892. One of the 2 search hits is for Henry Bond and shows he died in 1892.

Now CLICK on the link that looks like the best choice. In this case the bottom match looks better.

When you arrive at the full page for this match - Use your Browsers Find in Page feature. (Or Ctrl F) Put in Bond. In this case Bond quickly found the person I wanted listed in the transcription.
 Note the No. 4193 which is the number of the Photo.

Scroll back to the top of the page and see which set of headstones the photo is in. It is Mount Jerome, Part 28. Most of our Headstone sets are only 1 or 2 pages or parts.
Deansgrange and Mount Jerome are two that are very large and take up multiple pages or parts.

On the page for Mount Jerome Part 28 (screenshot below) you will see thumbnails of all the photos for that page.
Move your curser over the headstones looking for Headstone No. 4193. The filenames show up as your cursor goes over the page of Photo Thumbnails.

To see a larger photo - click in on the correct thumbnail.


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