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Text Filename Photos                                                                                                   *=updated Date Contributor
ardcarne-1.txt Ardcarne Old Cemetery (partial) May 2015 Kev Murray
Ardcarne New Graveyard & Site of Templemihil
Dec 2010
Dave Hall     
arigna-1.htm Arigna Cemetery A-H May 2015 Kev Murray
arigna-2.htm Arigna Cemetery K-W May 2015 Kev Murray
assylinn-new.htm Assylinn New Cemetery, Upper Side, Pt 1 Aug 2015 Kev Murray
assylinn-new2.htm Asslyinn New Cemetery, Upper Side, Pt 2 Dec 2015 Kev Murray
assylinn-new3.htm Assylinn New Cemetery, Upper Side, Pt 3 Sep 2015 Kev Murray
aughrim-coi.htm Aughrim (CoI) Cemetery Aug 2017 Dave Hall
aughrim.txt Aughrim Old Cemetery, Elphin Oct 2016* Dympna Joyce & David Hall
ballinameen.txt Ballinameen Graveyard Jul 2016 Kev Murray
ballinlough.htm Ballinlough Graveyard (CoI), Kiltullagh Parish Oct 2016 Angela Gallagher
boyle-coi.txt Boyle (CoI) Cemetery Dec 2015 Dave Hall
ballintober.txt Castlerea, Ballintober Cemetery Apr 2016 Dympna Beckett Joyce
--- Castlerea, St. Joseph's Graveyard (Map)    
--- Clooncraff Graveyard Oct 2013 Dave Hall
drumlion-1.txt Drumlion Cemetery, Crohan, Part 1 Section A & B Jun 2015  Kev Murray
drumlion-2.txt Drumlion Cemetery, Crohan, Part 2 Sections C, D & E Jun 2015 Kev Murray
dysart.htm Dysart, (R.C.) Graveyard near Ballyforan Aug 2014 Janice Hunt
Elphin, Caldra Cemetery
Feb 2019*
Kev Murray & Patrice Nemetz-Gardner
elphin.htm Elphin Cathedral Oct 2017 Dave Hall
st-patricks-elphin.htm Elphin, St. Patrick's (R.C.)
Mar 2019
Patrice Nemetz-Gardner & Adelaide Ward
--- Estersnow, Crohan, Cemetery Jun 2012 Kev Murray
frenchpark.txt Frenchpark, Tibohine (CoI) Cemetery (HYDE family) Mar 2016 Dympna Beckett Joyce
Kilgefin Cemetery
Jan 2017
Dave Hall
kilglass.txt Kilglass Cemetery May 2015 Kev Murray
Killeenan Graveyard
Oct 2011
Dave Hall
--- Killukin Cemetery Oct 2012 David Hall
killapogue.txt Killapogue Cemetery, Croghan, Boyle Feb 2015 Kev Murray
killummod.htm Killummod Old Cemetery, (Croghan R.C. Parish) Jan 2018* Kev Murray & Dave Hall
kilmore.txt Kilmore; Kilmore Graveyard Apr 2013* Christine Moran
--- Kilronan Church of Ireland Cemetery - part Jun 2013 David Hall
kilteevan.txt Kilteevan (R.C.) Cemetery Jan 2015*
Janice Hunt
Lisacul Cemetery
Apr 2019
Patrice Nemetz-Gardner
---Rooskey Church of Ireland and Cemetery remainsJun 2017Dave Hall
shankill.txt Shankill Cemetery (partial) Mar 2015 Dave Hall
st-comans.txt St Coman's Cemetery Feb 2007 Geoffrey Gillon
bumlin.htmStrokestown, Bumlin CemeteryNov 2017David Hall
scramogue.txt Strokestown, Scramogue Cemetery (RC) (partial) Feb 2015 Alana Hagan
strokestown.htm Strokestown (R.C.) Cemetery Feb 2015 Alana Hagan
strokestown-coi.htmStrokestown (CoI) CemeteryFeb 2017Dave Hall
lisonuffy.htm Strokestown, Lisonuffy Cemetery Sep 2017 Dave Hall
taughmaconnell.txt Taughmaconnell Cemetery (partial) Mar 2016 Oliver Nicholson
toomna.txt Toomna (CoI) Graveyard - Aughavas Parish Dec 2010 Dave Hall

Tulsk Graveyard Sep 2016 Dympna Beckett Joyce
Foreign Burials
Cassidy, Martin St. Lukes, Bergin, NJ May 2015 L. Haren
Flanagan, Patrick, Mary, Peter, Della, Bridget St. Lukes, Bergin, NJ Mar 2017 L. Haren
Leyden, James Stephen Edward Arrilalah Cemetery, Queensland, AUS Nov 2017 Michael Leyden

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