Land: Lease Records At Croghan, Co. Offaly
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John Dames lease bears date 9th Aug 1740 for the lives of him
the said Jn Dames. Jn Dames, eldest son of Thomas Dames of
Rathmoyle...containing 90 acres being Bigghill of Croughan.
51 15 00

--*Nicholas Moran lease of Croughan bears date 9th June 1738
lives of Nichol Moran, James Moran + Nichl Moran
land surveyor of Edenderry at 11:6__ for as many as the same
shall contain by survey to be made. 6:16:0 * margin reads "not
in rent roll

--Wm Norths lease for the Togher of Croughan 19th July 1734
lives Wm North, James North his brother, + Matthew English,
son to Thoa English of Coole, the yearly__ 11.6 good for as
many as the same shall contain by survey___. 57 10 00

--James F. Sickes lease for the Mill of Croughan bears date
25th Sept 1735 lives James Sickes, Thomas Sickes + John Sickes
this set to Miles Barrett. 10:5:6

--Edward Briscoe Jan Rentall     5.1  3.5.6 in book charged
yearly but no other lease of his mentioned in book

--Edw Geoghegan   Croghan rentall     3.0.0 no entry

-- Jn + Tho North   in Rentall no entry vid: Briscoe + Dames
lower Down

-- Bryan Dunn   Croghan Rentall     2.12.0 no entry

-- Ely North     Coole rentall     38.2.0 no entry

-- Tho North     Ballysolough rentall     60.7.6 no entry

-- Ralph Briscoe     125 acres of Croghane part of John and
Thos North's late holding 35.18.9

-- Thomas Dames     120 acres of John Norths part  34.10.0 do
74 acres of Tom's part 18.10.0 These last three articles are
held only at will and not entered in the Book

-- Thos Dames     Croghan Rentall     80.10.0 not entered

Do     paddock rentall     11.3.4
     not entered