Land: Abstracts of Deeds Inrolled in Chancery -1836, Offaly
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CHANCERY ... 1834-1839"

by George Hatchell. H.M. Stationery Office, 1840
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8. Deed, dated 22nd February, 1836, between JANE HOLMES, and
GEORGE ARBUTHNOT HOLMES, of Moorock, in the King's County, her
husband: whereby, in consideration of a marriage intended to
be solemnized between one CUTHBERT JOHN CLIBBORN and JANE
HOLMES, the younger, the latter of whom, for the purpose of
making a provision for her younger sisters, by deed dated the
day next before the date of these presents, consented to
charge the lands contained in the deed of marriage settlement
of JANE HOLMES, the elder, and GEORGE A. HOLMES, with a sum of
£3000; and in consideration of said intended marriage, and of
the said sum of £3000, the said JANE HOLMES, the elder, with
the privity and concurrence of GEORGE A. HOLMES, her husband,
freely and voluntarily consents to release and discharge the
lands of Monrock, containing 149 acres; King's Corroe,
containing 61 acres and 25 perches; and Ballyard, containing
99 acres 2 roods and 17 perches, with the pasturable bog
belonging thereto, in the barony of Gurrycastle, and King’s
County, and all other premises comprised in the deed of
settlement, dated 22nd February, 1813, of so much of her
jointure of 300 per annum as amounts to the yearly sum of
831.6s. 8d.—Inrolled 14th April, 1836. 

9. Deed, dated 6th May, 1836, between the Honorable ROBERT
LEESON, of Ely-place, in the city of Dublin, of the first
part; ROBERT LEESON, the younger, of the second part; MICHAEL
HARRIS, of Merrion-street, of said city, of the third part;
of Gardiner's-row, in the city of Dublin, and THOMAS ARTHUR
FORDE, of Mountjoy-square, in said city, of the fifth part:
whereby, for the purpose of barring and extinguishing all
estates tail, created by the will of JOSEPH, first Earl of
Miltown, dated 10th October, 1783, or by any deed subsequent
thereto, and inconsideration of 10s., the . ROBERT LEESON, the
younger, with the consent of ROBERT LEESON, the elder,
granted, bargained, and sold to said MICHAEL HARRIS, the plot
of ground on the north side of Saint Stephen's-green,
containing in front and rere to said square 60 feet, and in
length on the west 280 feet, and on the east 288 feet;-the
lands of Mucully otherwise Macully, otherwise M’Cully, and
Cloughranche otherwise Cloughrancke, otherwise Cloranke, in
the barony of Fassaghdyman, and county of Kilkenny;—the
lordship, town, and lands of Noughvale, Aghan, Cloghduffe,
Ruans, Caroley, Agha?in, Ardnecrane, Carroboy, and Dungorman,
containing 596 acres and 38 perches, in the barony of Kilkenny
West; Crohole and Conry. Crohole, containing 285 acres and 24
perches; Cuppajune otherwise Cappahenhan, and Cumloghard,
Upper Miltown, called Gregory's lot, containing 36 acres;
Tirrafin otherwise Tierafin, containing 34 acres and 1 rood;
Clonarvin part, called Cahisnagh, containing 69 acres, in the
barony of Rathconrath, and county of Westmeath ; Parsonstown
otherwise Purcells town, otherwise Parcelstown, situate in the
barony of Corcoree and Quolens, in the barony of Clonlenan,
same county; Kill otherwise Kielbabby, otherwise
Killbalbraigh, and Callaightown otherwise Collierstown, and
Rathmore, in the barony of Moygwish, same county;-the manor of
Bormount, and also the lands of Whitestown, Bogganstown,
Jacketstown, Staplestown, Quoanstown, the 40 acres,
Polerankin, Ballyknockane, Ballyfinogue, Bulgerstown,
Muckwood, the Bowling-greenhouse and parks, containing 3 acres
2 roods, one house in the town of Wexford, in the barony of
Bantry, and county of Wexford ;- Ballymacdonoughfin, in the
barony of Ballagheene, same county;-Ardeath, in the barony of
Meath. Duleek, and county of Meath : To hold to the said
MICHAEL HARRIS, in trust, to preserve the life estate of
ROBERT LEESON, the elder, with power of appointment of a
jointure for the said HARRIET LEESON, his wife, for the use of
the said ROBERT LEESON, the younger, his heirs and assigns for
ever; and in further performance of said agreement, and in
consideration of 10s., said ROBERT LEESON, the elder and
younger, granted, sold, and assigned to the said George
Frederick Brooke and Thomas Arthur Forde, the town and lands
of Pallis otherwise Pallas, Lower Aanmore otherwise
Lowertownmore, otherwise County. Lurtanmore, in the barony of
Ballyboy, and King's County; together with all the other
lands: To hold in trust, to preserve to said HARRIET LEESON
her jointure of 461 l. 10s. 9d., and then to the several uses,
provisoes, and conditions. in said deed mentioned.—Inrolled
26th May, 1836.

10. Deed, dated 10th September, 1836, between JOHN WAKELY, of
Ballyburley, in King's County, of the one part; and BENJAMIN
LUCAS, of Mount Lucas, in said county, of the other part:
whereby, for the purpose of barring and defeating all estates
tail, and in consideration of 5s., said, JOHN WAKELY granted,
sold, and assigned to the said Benjamin Lucas, the demesne
lands of Ballyburley, containing 436 acres 1 rood and 6
perches; theoran, containing 179 acres 2 roods and 35 perches;
Mooney's, containing 126 acres 2 roods and 23 perches;
Dunville, containing 24 acres 1 rood and 2 perches;
Greenhills, containing 348 acres 1 rood and 10 perches; the
Wood, containing 349 acres 1 rood and 26 perches; Ballynamona,
containing 94 acres 3 roods and 30 perches; Fahy, containing
91 acres 3 roods and 15 perches; Coolville, part, called the
avenue, 7 acres 2 roods and 34 perches, and Coolcor, part,
called the avenue, containing 18 acres; total, 1,927 acres and
21 perches; in the parish of Ballyburley otherwise Primalt,
and Coolcor, in the barony of Warrenstown, and King's County;
the advowson and patronage of the church and parish of
Ballyburley otherwise Primault, and Coolcor: To hold to the
use of the said JOHN WAKELY, his heirs and assigns for ever.
—Inrolled 20th September, 1836.

11. Deed, dated 16th July, 1836, between THEOBALD PEPPER
ROBERTS, of Mota, in the county of Tipperary, of the first
part; CHARLOTTE, his wife, of the second part; and the Right
Honorable BENJAMIN, Lord Bloomfield, of Loughton, in the
King's County, of the third part: whereby, for the purpose of
barring and extinguishing all estates tail and right of dower,
and in consideration of 700l., and also of 5s., said THEOBALD
PEPPER ROBERTS and CHARLOTTE, his wife, granted and assigned
to the said Benjamin, Lord Bloomfield, the town and lands of
Mota and Ballyscanlan, being a sub-denomination, containing
300 acres, in the barony of Lower Ormond, and county of
Tipperary : To hold said lands, subject to said 700l., with
interest at 5 per cent, and to redemption.—Inrolled 23rd
November, 1836.

12. 307.—Deed, dated 24th November, 1836, between HENRY SMITH,
of Clareen, in the King's County, and ELINOR, his wife, of the
first part; RALPH SMITH, of Clareen, of the second part; and
Vizer Bridge, of Ashberry, in the county of Tipperary, of the
third part: whereby, for the purpose of settling and assuring
the following lands, and for the consideration of 10s., the
said HENRY and RALPH SMITH granted, sold, and aliened to the
said Vizer Bridge, the mansion-house, offices, and lands of
Clareen, with 101 acres 2 roods and 20 perches, together with
5 acres of the bog of Carigotaine, in the barony of Clonlisk,
and King's County : To hold in trust for the use of the said
HENRY and RALPH SMITH, for the residue of a term of 960 years,
granted by a certain lease, bearing date the 4th day of
August, 1798. And further, for the purpose of barring and
extinguishing all estates tail, and in consideration of
10s.,the said HENRY, ELINOR, and RALPH SMITH granted, aliened,
and released to the said VIZER SMITH, the lands of
Cremrossmore alias Cranrosmore, alias Cranrossmore, alias
Cranerossmore, containing 51 acres and 1 rood; Ballynavalley
alias Ballinavally, containing 141 acres 2 roods and 35
perches; Adagh otherwise Sherwood, containing 86 acres 3 roods
and 35 perches; and Ballynavally alias Ballinvally, containing
42 acres, 1 rood and 36 perches, in the barony of Forth, and
county of Carlow: To hold in trust for the use of the said
HENRY SMITH, during his life, and then upon the several
conditions and provisoes in said deed mentioned.—Inrolled 29th
November, 1836.