Churches: MONAGHAN & FERMANAGH, Clones Parish Registers, Marriages, 1825-1827, Town Division
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John Gardiner
Transcribed by Jean Phillips

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YEAR   MO.    DAY   GROOM         GROOM NAME   RESIDENCE                         BRIDE                      BRIDE NAME    RESIDENCE                                  NOTE
1825   May    16    WRIGHT        Thomas                                         HAFFY                      Margt         Clones
1825   May    31    MASTERSON     James        Clonfad                           LITTLE                     Isabella      Carneyhome, both in Clones Parh
1825   May    23    CAREY         Thomas                                         HOLDSWORTH                 Jane          Caravitra
1825   Jne    8     CAMPBELL      Henry        Parh of Magherycross              CLARKE                     Mary          Drumbelamy, Parh of Clones
1825   Jly    16    RENNICK       William      Haheranure                        MCMURRAY                   Anne          Longfield, both in Clones Parish
1825   Jly    29    COURTNEY      James                                          WILLIAMS                   Matilda       both of Clones
1825   Jly    29    MAGWOOD       Robert       Tiernaghinch                      NESBITT                    Rebecca       Glassdrummon, Parh of Knockbride
1825   Spt    6     GRAHAM        Robert       Nappagh                           BROWNLEE alias ARMSTRONG   Anne          "of said place. Parh of Clones
1825   Spt    16    DUNWOODY      David        Cliedrigal                        LEARY                      Frances       of Carn Island, both in Clones Parh
1825   Spt    25    KER           Robert                                         GORDON                     Sarah         both of Clones 
1825   Oct    5     JAMES         Michail      Clonkeen                          ABRAHAM                    Mary          Clones, both in Clones Parh 
1825   Oct    5     GREGG         John         Coravaghan                        GREGG                      Margaret      Clones 
1825   Oct    10    CAMPBELL      Thomas                                         CAMPBELL                   Mary          Clones 
1825   Nov    4     FORSTER       Andrew       Glassdrummond, Parh Ahalurcher    WIGGINS                    Mary          Parh of Clones
1826   Feb    17    FORSTER       John         Drumody                           ARMSTRONG                  Elizabeth     Clinatty. Both in the parish of Clones
1826   Feb    28    HOWE          John         Drumheriff                        ROWLAND                    Cathe         Knockballymore, both of Parh of Clones
1827   Apl    10    THOMPSON      John         Clones                            HAWKSHAW                   Sarah         Teernaghinch
1827   Apl    20    HETHERINGTON  James        Clones                            KELLY                      Julia         "sdplace"
1827   Jne    12    BRICE         Thomas       Parh of Currin                    WINTERS                    Margt         Parish of Clones
1827   Aug    28    MCMURRAN      Willm        Kilrid                            ELLIOTT                    Elizth        Lisrace
1827   Aug    31    DOONAN        Thos         Drummonus                         HOWE                       Jane          Shanowhy
1827   Aug    16    ALLEN         James                                          BROWNE                     Hanna         "both of this Parh"
1827   Aug    10    MARTIN        Rainey       Constabulary (Stradone)           JOHNSTON                   Suzanna       Clones
1827   Oct    12    ALLEN         Samuel                                         HOLDWORTH                  Mary          "both of this Parh"
1827   Oct    5     REED          James        Clonfad                           ALLEN                      Sarah         Clones
1827   Dec    3     FORSTER       John         Tiernaghinch                      SKELTON                    Elizth        Gortnawy
182?   Feb    1     PETERS        Richard      New Town                          ARMSTRONG                  Jane          Climaghty, Parh of Clones                  Year smudged (5, 6, 7)