Churches: MONAGHAN & FERMANAGH, Clones Parish Registers, Marriages 1821-1825
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Contributed for use in Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives by:
John Gardiner
Transcribed by Barbara Wimble

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YEAR    MO.    DAY     GROOM SURNAME   FORENAME          RESIDENCE             BRIDE SURNAME           FORENAME      RESIDENCE	                DIVISION   NOTES      
1821    26    Dec      ARMSTRONG       Noble             Kappa                 BROWNLOW                Anne          Kappa                      NW        
1821    26    Dec      ARMSTRONG       Thomas            Enniskillen           ELLIOTT                 Miss Jane     Ahadrumsee                 NW        
1822    18    Jan      WILSON          John              Drummully Parish      HOWE                    Margt         Drumheriff                 NW        
1822    18    Jan      IRWIN           John              Kilnalifford          McVITTY                 Jane                                     NW        
1822    11    Mar      BANNAN          George            Carneyhome            ABRAHAM                 Mary          Carneyhome                 NW        
        30    Apr      BEATTY          John              Annaghreagh Curran    BLEAKLEY                Mary Anne     Bosallagh                  SW        
        2     May      GORDON          Thomas            Aughnashamber         MAGWOOD                 Elizabeth     Anagulgan                  SW        
        13    May      ARMSTRONG       George            Clincorn              THOMPSON                Jane          Clones                     SW        
        15    Aug      BOOTH           Joseph            Dublin                ARMSTRONG               Jane          Clones                     SW        
        26    Aug      PURDY           Joseph            Legnakelly            NELSON                  Mary          Caravitra                  SW        
        30    Sep      MAGWOOD         James             Anagolgan             McLURE                  Mary          Springrove                 SW        
        8     Nov      LIDDLE          William           Killyland Drummully   THOMPSON                Elizabeth     Bordothan                  SW        
1823    12    Jan      REYNOLDS        Thomas                                  Costin alias COCHRANE   Elizabeth     Clones                     SW         Thomas a pensioner
        25    Jan      NELSON          John              Caravitra             LITTLE                  Eliza         Clones                     SW        
        7     Feb      GLASS           Daniel            Clones                COULTER                 Elizabeth     Tiernaghinch               SW        
        17    Feb      GRAHAM          Charles                                 FITZPATRICK             Catherine     Clones                     SW         Charles private 58 Regiment Foot
        18    Feb      DARLING         John              Drummully             CROWE                   Frances Anne  Clones                     SW        
        7     Mar      THOMPSON        William Marshall  Clones                HAMILTON                Elizabeth     Clones                     SW        
1822    3     May      CLERKE          Henry             Drumbeleany           KENNEDY                 Eleanor       Carneyhome                 NW        
        17    Jul      NICOL           Thos              Kilrud                JOHNSON                 Elizth        Drumsee                    NW        
        19    Feb      READ            Wm                Glencar               LESLIE                  Anne          Aharousky                  NW        
        24    Aug      MAYNE           Wm                Golan                 MAYNE                   Eleanor       Mountdarby                 NW        
        17    Sep      GORDON          James             Killnalifford         ROSS                    Mary          Golan                      NW        
        22    Nov      GAWLEY          James             Drumbohis (?)         JOHNSON                 Sarah         Cortrasna                  NW        
        22    Nov      FOSTER          James             Rateen                McVITTY                 Jane          Rateen                     NW        
1823    21    Jan      HOLDEN          Joseph            Coraghy               IRWIN                   Mary          Glincor                    NW        
1823    23    Jun      ACHESON         George            Summerhill            HAMILTON                Martha        Summerhill                 NW
        23    Jun      FORSTER         Charles           Lisrace               JOHNSTON                Sarah         Lisrace                    NW
        18    Jul      WIGGINS         James             Arnets Grove          CLEMENGER               Mary                                     NW
1824    14    Jan      McCOY           John              Clones                WALSH                   Mary Anne     Newtonbutler Galloon       NW
        24    Feb      HOLDSWORTH      John              Drumadumy             LEVINGSTON              Sarah         Rosbrick                   NW
        21    May      EGERTON         Thomas            Clonfall              ALEXANDER               Anne          Amaynagh                   NW
        21    Jun      McCUTCHEON      Alexander         Cornamuckla           LOUGH                   Margaret      Caravitra                  NW
        5     Oct      WHITE           Charles           Clentibrit            GLASS                   Jane          Clentibrit                 NW
        8     Oct      GRAHAM          Richard           Sandhole Drummully    GUTHRIE                 Margaret      Clones                     NW
        2     Nov      WELLBURN        William           Clones                STORY                   Eleanor       Ennishannon                NW
        10    Nov      CROZIER         John              Clincumber            MOORE                   Elisabeth     Clincumber                 NW
        11    Dec      GOODWIN         Patrick                                 HERBERT                 Margt         of the island near Clones  NW
1825    3     Jan      CLARKE          Samuel            Newtonbutler Galloon  ARMSTRONG               Eliza         Clones                     NW
        7     Jan      WALLACE         John              Clones                REID                    Margaret      Clones                     NW
        9     Jan      McMURRAY        William           Aghanhome             KENNEDY                 Anne          Gortanure                  NW
        15    Mar      MOOREHEAD       James             Newbless              THOMPSON                Anne          Clones                     NW
        22    Mar      THOMPSON        David             Clonkeen              ARMSTRONG               Martha        Teernaghinch               NW