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Text Filename Photos                                                                                                          * = Updated Date Contributor
addergoole.txtAddergoole Cemetery  Views & BROWNEOct 2015David Hall
Ballina; Ardnaree Friary (5 images)
Oct 2011
Maureen Morrow
ballycastle.txtBallycastle; St. John's (CoI)Dec 2015David Hall
barna-carroll.txt Barna Carroll Cemetery Dec 2007 Eve Casserly
bushfield01.txt Bushfield (R.C.) Cemetery - Left side part 1 Nov 2014* Kev Murray
--- Bushfield (R.C.) Cemetery - Right side part 2 Jun 2012 Kev Murray
---Cong; Neale CemeteryJun 2013Cheryl Dieter
curraunboy.txtCurraunboy (Cornboy) CemeteryAug 2015David Hall
---Doonfeeny CemeteryAug 2015*John Brennan & Dave Hall
killasser.txtKillasser Cemetery (partial)Sep 2015Stephanie Morgan
pullathomas.txtPullathomas Cemetery NamesAug 2015Dave Hall
crossmolina.txt St. Mary's CoI Church Cem., Crossmolina Sep 2015* Jan Waugh & Dave Hall
tourmakeady.txt Tourmakeady; Christ Church (CoI) Ballyovie Parish Jul 2012 Brendan Dixon
McFadden, Martin & Bridget (Fergus) Photo Aug 2011 Mary Ellen Chambers
Ryan, Maire Brenda- Knock Image Oct 2012 Anna Ryan

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