Aughaval Graveyard Part 3, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland
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Contributed by Bernie McCafferty

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Photo No.305
cemview with Croagh Patrick in the background

Photo No.306
cemview facing west towards Westport

Photo No.307
Baby REILLY, Angelus Park.  Sept 1975

Photo No.308
In fond and cherished memory of GEORGE REILLY, Fr. Angelus Park.  Died
7th April 1978.  And his wife ELLEN (NELLIE) died 5th Nov. 2009 aged 85

Photo No.309
In loving memory of MARTIN DEVER, James St. Westport.  Born 1924 - died

Photo No.310
In loving memory of BRIDGET CASEY (DELIA), Killeenacoff.  Died 5th Nov.
1977.  And her husband MICHAEL CASEY died 23rd Oct. 1987.

Photo No.311
In loving memory of a dear husband and father JOSEPH O'TOOLE, Inishturk.
Died 9th April 1976.  His wife MARY BRIDGET, died 24th Aug. 1996, aged
89 years.

Photo No.312
In loving memory of MARTIN JOHN O'LOUGHLIN, Peter Street.  1902 - 1975.
And his wife MARGARET 1908 - 2009

Photo No.313
RUTH HASTINGS, Castlebar St., Westport, died in infancy 12th June 1975.

Photo No.314
Pray for the souls of PETER DEVER, Ballynew House, Castlebar.  Born 8th
Dec. 1908 died 30th May 1990.  And his wife AGNES nee HERATY born 30th
Jan. 1912 died 30the Sept. 1992.

Photo No.315
In loving memory of JOHN JAMES FLYNN, Fr. Angelus Park.  Died 4th April
1976.  And his wife FRANCES died 28th Dec. 1995.

Photo No.316
In loving memory of THOMAS SLEVIN, Sunnyside.  Died 9th March 1975.  And
his wife ROSE ANNE died 5th Feb. 1988

Photo No.317
Pray for the soul of JOSEPH D. O'MALLEY, Streamstown.  Died 10th Mar.
1975 aged 57 years.  His wife MARGARET died 19th Sep. 2008 aged 94

Photo No.318
In loving memory of JACK DEVER, Tober Hill, Westport. Died 3rd April
1976, aged 65 years. His wife KATHLEEN died 1st March 1995 aged 78
years.  JOHN
ALFRED DEVER born 1-11-1983 died 9-11-1983.

Photo No.319
In loving memory of JEREMIAH MURRAY, Mill Street.  Died 1st July 1985
aged 73 years.  And his wife DELIA died 24th Oct. 1993 aged 80 years.
Also their son JERRY died 13th Oct. 2002 aged 50 years,

Photo No.320

Photo No.321
In loving memory of THOMAS GIBLIN, Streamstown.  Died 9th March 1975.

Photo No.322
In loving memory of MICHAEL KEARNS, 3 Leenane Road.  Died 24th Nov.
1980.  And his wife BRIDGET (Ciss) died 3rd Oct. 2003

Photo No.323
In loving memory of EDDIE CLARKE, Ballina and Westport.  Died 20th
February 1975.  And his loving wife MARY JULIA died 13th October 1979.

Photo No.324
In loving memory of JAMES McMANUS 1904 - 1976.

Photo No.325
In loving memory of MAUD WALSH, Mill Street.  Died 10th Aug. 1987.  And
her husband STEPHEN died 6th Mar. 1996.  Our little Angel Ava HENRY 9th
Jan. 02 - 3rd Mar. 05

Photo No.326
In loving memory of JOSEPHINE O'HANLON (nee GIBLIN), Streamstown and
Shannon.  Died 20th Dec. 1974 aged 37 years.  And her husband PETER,
Foxford & Shannon, died 31st Oct. 1990 aged 65 years.

Photo No.327
In loving memory of SARAH HASTINGS, Castlebar Road.  Died 15th Jan.
1976.  TIMOTHY HASTINGS died 27th Feb. 1977.

Photo No.328
Treasured memories of a loving husband, dad, and grandad JOE CRAWFORD,
Fr. Angelus Park.  Died 24th Dec. 2006 aged 76 years.

Photo No.329
In loving memory of ROSE GOLDEN, Kings Hill.  Died 20th June 2007 aged
82 years.

Photo No.330
In loving memory of TONY (ANTHONY) NAUGHTON, Clew Bay Close, The Quay,
late of Galway Road, Tuam.  Who died 13th Jan. 2009.

Photo No.331
In loving memory of JOHN LINCE 1915 - 1978.

Photo No.332
In loving memory of WILLIAM NAVIN, Ballinrobe Rd., Westport.  Died 26th
December 1972 aged 83 years.  And his wife WINIFRED died 10th December
1976 aged 81 years.  And their sons PATSY died 23rd Aug. 2007.  LEONARD
died 23rd May 2009.

Photo No.333
Lord remember your servant BERNARD LUDDEN, Westport.  Died 2-May-1971
aged 86 years.  And his wife MARY TERESA died 19-July 1975 aged 80

Photo No.334
In loving memory of ELLA McGOVERN, Sandymount House, Newport.  Died 20th
May 1971.  And her husband JAMES VINCENT died 29th June 1972.

Photo No.335
In loving memory of MARY E. MOLLY, Leenane Road, Westport.  Died 21st
July 1977.  And her husband WILLIAM MOLLOY died 8th Jan. 1988.

Photo No.336
In loving memory of GEORGE HASTINGS, 19 Fr. Angelus Park.  Died 13th
July 1977 aged 81 years.  His wife ELIZABETH died 22nd Oct. 1984 aged 89
years.  Their daughter KITTY died 10th Aug. 1991 aged 70 years.  Their
son CHARLIE died 17th Sep. 2007.

Photo No.337
Treasured memories of JOHN FEEHAN, Islandeady, Westport 1899 - 1988.
And his wife ANNE 1906 - 2004.

Photo No.338
Pray for the repose of the soul of LORCAN GILL, Belclare, Westport.
Died 18th April 1972.  And his wife MARY (MIN) died 23rd Feb. 1987.

Photo No.339
In loving memory of PADDY GIBBONS, James St., Westport.  Died 16th March
1973.  His wife KITTY died 22nd Oct. 1982.

Photo No.340
Pray for BARNEY McALEER, died 26th Aug. 1973, aged 33 years.  And his
father BENNIE (BERNARD), died 10th Aug. 1979, aged 68 years.  Also his
mother MAUREEN died 26th June 2005, aged 95 years.

Photo No.341
In loving memory of MARY McGREAL, Altamount Street, Westport.  Died 7th
May 1973.  And her sister KITTY died 7th Sept. 1989.  Also her brother
TOMMY died 6th Jan. 1990.

Photo No.342
Pray for the soul of MICHAEL HOBAN, John's Row, Westport.  Died 23rd May
1973.  And his wife SARAH died 16th Sept. 2002.

Photo No.343
In loving memory of WILLIAM FERGUSON, Rosbeg.  Died 16th April 1975.
And his brother THOMAS died 7th Dec. 1975.  Erected by his brother Tom
and sister Bea Walsh.

Photo No.344
Pray for the soul of PATRICIA BROWNE, Omagh and Westport.  Died 26th
September 1976 aged 34 years.

Photo No.345
In cherished memories of a darling husband and loving father JAMES
MORAN, "Reek View House", Carnaclay.  Died 10th February 1974 aged 72
years.  Also his loving wife and a devoted mother MARY died 2nd May 1983
aged 78 years.

Photo No.346
In loving memory of PETER FALLON, Pearse Tce.  Died 27th Dec. 1973.  And
his wife NORA died 23rd March 1979.

Photo No.347
Moran Family grave

Photo No.348
In loving memory of MICHAEL JOHN MORAN, The Lodge Rd. Westport.  Died 6-
Sep 1973 aged 74 years.  And his wife BRIDGET died 21st Oct. 2003 aged
92 years.

Photo No.349
Precious memories of REGINA MORAN, Lodge Rd., Westport.  Died 12th Dec.
2002 aged 19 years.

Photo No.350
In loving memory of PATRICK J. O'CONNELL, Castlebar St. Died 4th Oct.
1973.  Also his father BILL died 13th Feb. 2002 aged 88 years.

Photo No.351
Our little angel in Heaven Baby LORRAINE O'CONNELL. 19th Dec. 1978.

Photo No.352
In loving memory of JOSEPHINE T. GIBBONS, Carrowbeg, Westport.  Died 6th
Nov. 1973.  And her husband PATRICK died 2nd Jan. 1978.

Photo No.353
In loving memory of MARTIN WALSH, Slogger.  Died 16th Nov. 1973 aged 73
years.  In loving memory of MARY WALSH, Slogger.  Died 16th Dec. 1986.

Photo No.354
Pray for the souls of P. J. KELLY (Nifty) died 27th Dec. 1972.  His
sisters MARY E. KELLY died 12th Oct. 1988.  ALICE GILBOY (nee KELLY)
died 28th Sep. 2005.

Photo No.355
In loving memory of AUSTIN JOSEPH JOYCE (JOE), Owenwee.  Born the 16th
January 1910 died the 18th February 1974.  And his wife KATHLEEN born on
1st April 1919 died on 4th September 1994.

Photo No.356
In loving memory of THOMAS McLOUGHLIN, Bohea. Died 10th Jan. 1973 aged
68 years.  And his wife MAMIE died 6th Mar. 1996.

Photo No.357
In loving memory of JOHN MORAN, Ardmore, The Quay.  Died 4th Mar. 1974
aged 88 years.  Also his wife ANNIE died 11th April 1977 aged 86 years.

Photo No.358
In loving memory of JOSEPHINE HUGHES, Johns Row, Westport.  Died 14th
Jan. 1975 aged 53 years.  Her husband HARRY died 4th Jan. 1995 aged 83

Photo No.359
In loving memory of a dear husband and father PATRICK J. BERRY,
Altamount St., Westport.  Died 1st Mar. 1976 aged 88 years.  And his
wife ROSE, died 3rd Jan. 1980.

Photo No.360
In loving memory of DANIEL J. BOURKE, Upper Quay.  Died 21st May 1973.
And his wife MARGAREY (Baby) died 31st Dec. 1984

Photo No.361
In loving memory of AGNES LAVELLE, Driminabo.  Died 18th Sep. 1974.  And
her husband PETER died 7th Oct. 1982.  ELIZABETH O'HARA died 24th Feb.

Photo No.362
In loving memory of PATRICK McGREAL, Knappagh.  Died 15th Feb. 1973 aged
59 years.  And his wife MARY B. died 9th Sept. 1999 aged 82 years.

Photo No.363
In loving memory of KATIE GAVAN, Lower High St. Westport.  Died 4th Feb.
1973.  And her brother DAN died 8th July 1976.

Photo No.364
? Pray for the soul of OWEN? MULKERIN, ? Westport, died ? 197?.  And his
brother JOHN died 12th Dec. 1996?

Photo No.365
In loving memory of PATRICK QUINN, John's Row.  Died 8th Feb. 1973.  And
his wife ANNIE, died 7th Dec. 1992.  And their son TOMMIE died 4th April
2008 aged 85 years.

Photo No.366
In loving memory of my dear husband JOHN HOGAN (JACK) 21 St. Patrick's
Tce.  Late of Kilkenny.  Died 2nd Nov. 1972.  Erected by his loving wife

Photo No.367
In loving memory of EDDIE KING, Octagon.  Died 30th Aug. 1979.  And his
father-in-law MALACHY CARTY died 5th Aug. 1972.  And Eddie's loving wife
CRISS died 4th Feb. 2009.

Photo No.368
In loving memory of MARGARET McGREAL, Rosbeg.  Died 24th June 1972.
MAURA McCAULIFFE, died 21st Jan. 2000.  Her devoted husband DES died
22nd Aug. 2006.

Photo No.369
In loving memory of PADDY WALSH, St. Patrick's Tce., Westport.  Died
10th Mar. 1973 aged 52 years.

Photo No.370
In loving memory of TOM ELLICOTT, Quay Road, Westport.  Died 29th April

Photo No.371
In loving memory of LINDA O'CONNELL, Altamount Street.  Died 19th April

Photo No.372
In loving memory of MARY GIBBONS, Owenwee, died 9th Mar. 1972 aged 78
years.  And her husband JOHN died 21st Aug. 1983 aged 87 years.  And
their son PETER died 8th Oct. 1995 aged 68 years.  And their son AUSTIN
died 8th Nov. 2007 aged 81 years.

Photo No.373
In loving memory of FRANK FLANAGAN, Westport.  Died 23rd Feb. 1972.  And
his wife MARIE died 13th Sep. 1984

Photo No.374
In loving memory of JOHN F. KILCOYNE, Drummindoo.  Died 26th Jan. 1972
aged 71 years.  And his wife BRIDGET TERESA died 3rd May 1987 aged 76
Their son TONY died 30th Nov. 2001 aged 55 years.

Photo No.375
In loving memory of MARY KEARNS, Mitchfield.  Died 17th Nov. 1971, aged
30 years.

Photo No.376
In loving memory of MARIA RYDER, High Street, Westport.  Died 4th Nov.
1971 aged 77 years.  Her husband MARK died 21st Dec. 1990 aged 89 years.
Their daughter BEATRICE died 9th Oct. 1991 aged 61 years.

Photo No.377
Precious memories of a loving wife and mother BRIGID AGNES KELLY. 24 Fr.
Angelus Park.  Died 27th May 1992 aged 74 years.  And her husband
RICHARD (DICK) KELLY died 30th Nov. 1998 aged 83 years.

Photo No.378
Pray for the souls of PATRICK KEARNS, Glynsk.  Died 6th April 1916.  And
his wife ANN died 16th July 1917.  Also their son PATRICK died 4th Oct.
1972.  And his wife ANNIE died 30th Nov. 1973.

Photo No.379
In loving memory of EUGENE McFADDEN, Streamstown.  Died 8th Sept. 1970
aged 58 years.  His wife CATHERINE died 29th Nov. 2008 aged 93 years.

Photo No.380
In fond and cherished memory of my dear husband BRENDAN McBRIDE, Fr.
Angelus Park.  Died 22nd Aug. 1970 aged 37 years.  Erected by his loving
wife Ane and children.

Photo No.381
In loving memory of MARILLA? Beloved husband of Erwin R. BROWN, Late of
Alpine Lodge.  Died 27th Jan. 1979.

Photo No.382
A.H.L. (BOBBY)?) BROWN, died and Alpine Lodge 23rd Aug. 1970.

Photo No.383
In loving memory of Dr. MICHAEL McGREAL, Dun Maeve, Westport, who
departed this life on 22nd Oct. 1964.  And his wife JOSEPHINE who
departed this life on 4th Oct. 1991.

Photo No.384
In loving memory of MAI GAVIN, Bridge Street, Westport.  Who died on
11th Mar. 1966.  And her husband JIM died 27th Oct. 1979.  Her mother
MARGARET WALSH died 20th July 1973.  Her sister RITA WALSH died 9th Sep.

Photo No.385
Baby PATRICK DAVID GALLAGHER, Belclare, Westport, died 14th April 1970.
And his brother BERNARD died 16th May 1971.

Photo No.386
McNeela family plot

Photo No.387
In loving memory of PATRICK McNEELA, died 30th Jan. 1976.

Photo No.388
In loving memory of KENNETH J. McNEELA. Late of Bulawayo, Rhodesia.
Died 1st May 1970.  PAT McNEELA, late of Boulevard, died 28th May 2008.

Photo No.389
In loving memory of MAI McNEELA died 14th April 1996.

Photo No.390
In loving memory of MICHAEL WALSH, Prospect, Westport.  Died 8th May
1970.  His wife SARAH die 28th July 1991.  Their son PADDY died 27th
Aug. 2002.  Their daughter MARY died 31st July 2007.  Their grandson

Photo No.391
In fond memory of EMMET SHAUGHNESSY, born 4th March 1989 died 3rd Nov.

Photo No.392
In loving memory of AUSTIN McGREAL (Cussie) Fairgreen.  Died 8th May
1970 aged 63 years.  And his wife SARAH JANE (Jenny) died 21st Sept.
1994 aged 90 years.  And their beloved daughter IRENE died 23rd Sept.
2000 aged 53 years.

Photo No.393
In loving memory of PATRICK J. O'MALLEY, Lifford, formerly of The Mall,
Westport.  Died 14th June 1970.  And his wife CASSIE died 10th April

Photo No.394
In loving memory of my dear mother MARGARET RATHBAND, John's Row,
Westport.  Died 17th June 1970.  Erected by her fond son Frank.

Photo No.395
In loving memory of our dear mother SARAH BRENNAN, John's Row, Westport.
Died 14th Feb. 1981.

Photo No.396
In loving memory of DANNY Fitzpatrick, Quay Road.  Died 18th Oct. 1970.
And his son CHRISTOPHER died 25th March 2009.

Photo No.397
In loving memory of THOMAS KELLY, Reek View Terrace, Westport.  Died 1st
April 1971 aged 56 years.  His wife DELIA, died 31st Aug. 2000 aged 78

Photo No.398
In loving memory of JOHN DOYLE, John's Row, Westport.  Died 2nd April
1971.  And his wife JANE C., died 13th Nov. 1998.

Photo No.399
In loving memory of EDWARD STAUNTON, Quay Road, Westport.  Died 6th June
1974. And his wife SARAH, died 17th April 1971.  And their son GERARD,
died 1st Mar. 1998, aged 52 years.  Also, their son JOE died 27th Feb.
2007 aged 54 years.

Photo No.400
Our Lady of Knock pray for the soul of MATY J. MARRINER (nee HOBAN)
Cluain Ard.  Died 2nd June 1979 aged 79 years.  And her husband ROBERT
(Bob) died 16th Jan. 1994.

Photo No.401
In loving memory of TOM WALSH, Fr. Angelus Park and Rosbeg.  Died 2nd
June 1974.  And his wife MENA (nee McGREAL) died 12th Feb. 1997.  Also
their infant son.  MARTIN McGREAL, Bridget St., Westport died 12th Oct.
1995.  And his wife JULIA (nee KILCOYNE) died 27th Nov. 1996.  Always
remembered by their niece Gay.

Photo No.402
In loving memory of MICHAEL KEARNS, Moyhastin.  Died 11th Nov. 1970.
His wife NORA died 16th Aug. 1981.

Photo No.403
In loving memory of MARTIN McGREAL, Peter St., Westport.  Died 21st
November 1970 aged 60 years.  And his wife KITTY died 27th April 1996.

Photo No.404
In loving memory of STEPHEN NAVIN, Farnaught.  Died 6th April 1971 aged
years.  His wife NORA, 1896-1978 and son THOMAS, 1936-1977.  Daughter
MARY, 1930-1990.

Photo No.405
In loving memory of PATRICK FRANCIS MADDEN, Castlebar Road, Westport.
Died 20th Mar. 1970.  And his wife ELLEN died 26th July 2004.  And their
son FRANKIE died 28th Nov. 2000.

Photo No.406
Pray for the soul of EDWARD ? ?, 1883-1969

Photo No.407
In loving memory of Miceal O'Donnell, James St. Westport.  Died 27th
April 1969.  And his wife ANNA died 10th Feb. 1985.

Photo No.408
In loving memory of PATSY McGREAL, Westport.  Died 12th Mar. 1970 aged
54 years.  And his wife JOSEPHINE (Josie) (nee O'Loughlin) died 6th June
1991 aged 76 years.

Photo No.409
In loving memory of KATHLEEN McGOWAN, James St., Westport.  Died 1st
Mar. 1970.  And her husband MICHAEL died 6th April 1981.

Photo No.410
In loving memory of EILEEN CURRY, St. Patrick's Tce., Westport.  Died
14th Nov. 1969, aged 58 years.  Her husband MARTIN (Sonny) died 27th
Sep. 1985 aged 78 years.

Photo No.411
Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of PATRICK GANNON,
Streamstown, Westport.  Died 22nd July 1969 aged 76 years.  And is wife
CELIA died 25th June 1978 aged 78 years.

Photo No.412
In loving memory of GERTIE HOBAN, The Quay Westport.  Died 10th Nov.
1969.  Her husband TOMMIE died 26th Dec. 1976.  Their darling daughter
MARY died 14th Feb. 1978 aged 21 years.

Photo No.413
In loving memory of FRANCIS XAVIER GILL Westport and Dublin.  18th
January 1923 to 15th January 1993.  And his beloved daughter MAIRE GILL
16th August 1965 to 28th July 1973.

Photo No.414
In loving memory of JOHN LOHAN, John's Row, Westport.  Died 15th
November 1969.  And his wife MAY died 11th Dec. 1974.

Photo No.415
In loving memory of JOHN RYDER, St. Patrick's Tce.  Died 9th Mar. 1970.
His wife MARY died 10th Sep. 1969.  And twin grandchildren MICHAEL and
JOSEPH CANNING.  Their son FRANK died 3rd Feb. 2002 aged 66 years.

Photo No.416
In loving memory of SHANE ANDREW HARRISON, 22nd ? 19?8.

Photo No.417
Baby JOAN MARIE DUFFY, Westport.  Died 13th April 1969

Photo No.418
In loving memory of CATHERINE LILLIAN RUDDY died 15th April 1969, aged
68 years.  Her husband THOMAS J. RUDDY, died 19th Apri; 1971.  And their
son JAMES died 15th Jan 1997.

Photo No.419
In loving memory of BRIDGET MAYOCK, Gortaroe. Died 21st April 1969, aged
72 years.  Her husband PATRICK, died 18th Feb. 1979, aged 87 years.

Photo No.420
In loving memory of EDWARD WALSH, Knockfin.  Died 2nd Jan. 1970.  His
wife NORA died 14th Nov. 1969.

Photo No.421
Baby HASTINGS Castlebar Street, died Feb. 1969.

Photo No.422
Baby HORVATH 1969.

Photo No.423
In loving memory of RITA KING, The Mall, Westport.  Died 15th Oct. 1963.

Photo No.424
In loving memory of THOMAS HOBAN (Mick) Barrack Hill, Westport. Died
16th Oct. 1963 aged 30 years.  And his mother BRIDGET died 5th Dec.
1974.  And his father THOMAS died 30th July 1983.  His sister MARY died
11th Oct. 2005.

Photo No.425
In loving memory of MANUS CONWAY, The Quay, Westport.  Died 18th Sep.
1939.  And his wife NORAH died 23rd Oct. 1964.

Photo No.426
In loving memory of TIMOTHY GANNON (Broddie) St. Patrick's Tce.  Died
26th Aug. 1984.  His wife MARY (Molly) died 17th Dec. 1997 aged 77

Photo No.427
Baby TERESE ANN CROW died 16th Jan. 1967.

Photo No.428
Pray for the soul of FRANK BRUEN, The Quay, Westport.  Died 19th Nov.
1963 aged 54 years.

Photo No.429
In loving memory of JOHN SCAHILL, Knappach.  Died 20th Feb. 1967.  And
his sister DELIA died 10th Dec. 1979.  Erected by his sister BRIDGET.

Photo No.430
In loving memory of Joseph Joyce, Tubber Hill, Westport.  Died 31st Jan.
1973 aged 70 years.

Photo No.431
In loving memory of AUSTIN McGREAL, Loughloon/Drummindoo, Westport.
Born 29.6.1893 died 24.12.1976.  And his dear wife MARY (Mollie) ni
CHADHAIN.  An Corr, An Man, Co na Gaillimhe.  Born 1.1.1901 died

Photo No.432
In loving memory of PAUL CARTER (Baby) Bridget St. Born 24th Nov. 1964,
died 26th Nov. 1964.  And his sister FIONA (Baby) Born 13th Mar. 1971
died 15th Oct. 1972.

Photo No.433
In ever loving memory of BRIDGET GANNON nee KILCOYNE, Belclare.  Died
7th Feb. 1964 aged 52 years.  And her husband JOHNIE died 9th Jan. 1989
aged 83 years.

Photo No.434
In memory of TOMAS O COININ died 3 December 1964.  And his wife MAIRE
died 30 March 1940. And their son LAIM O COININ who died 25 March 1972
and NORA Ni CHOININ died 14th December 1997.

Photo No.435
In loving memory of JOHN TUNNEY, Knappach.  Died 29th Jan. 1967.  And
his wife ANNIE, died 6th Dec. 1963.  Also their son THOMAS died 5th Mar.
1992.  And his wife BRIDGET (Biddy) died 18th Sep. 1997.

Photo No.436
Pray for the souls of THOMAS R. MALYNN, Westport.  Died 7th Dec. 1966.
And his beloved wife DELIA died 19th Dec. 1972.

Photo No.437
In loving memory of CECELIA O'CONNELL, "Beechmount" Castlebar Road,
Westport.  Died 7th December 1964.  And her husband PATRICK J. O'CONNELL
died 30th September 1996.

Photo No.438
In loving memory of MARGARET THORNTON, Peter St., Westport.  Died 5th
Feb. 1964.  And her husband MARTIN died 24th Aug. 1966.  Their daughter
KATHLEEN died 28th July 2002 aged 83 years.

Photo No.439
In loving memory of MICHAEL FLYNN, Bridge St., Westport.  Died 10th Feb.
1965 aged 69 years.  And his wife SARAH died 1st May 1993 aged 92 years.
MICHAEL FLYNN )Jnr.), Bridget St., Westport and Chicago.  25-1-1934 to

Photo No.440
Fond and treasured memories of ELIZABETH HORAN, Peter St. Died 25th June
1981.  Her husband PATRICK (Sonny) died 21st Sep. 1983.  Her daughters
IRENE died May 1953 aged 6 weeks.  GERALDINE died 18th April 1966 aged 8

Photo No.441
In loving memory of MAUREEN McGING, Bridge St., Westport.  Died 21st
February 1965 aged 55 years.  Her husband DAN died 6th April 1985 aged
86 years.  Infants DANIEL and DOROTHY died 26th Nov. 1970.

Photo No.442
In loving memory of BARBARA HORAN, The Paddock.  Died 19th Feb. 2002.
And her husband PATRICK (Clarrie) died 28th Mar. 2005.

Photo No.443
In loving memory of JOHN CAMERON, The Quay, Westport.  Died 28th Dec.
1963 aged 72 years.  And his wife MARY died 10th Mar. 1972 aged 85

Photo No.444

Photo No.445
Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of JOHN JOE GIBBONS, Quay
Road, Westport.  Died 19th Mar. 1964.  His wife MARY (nee NOLAN) died
26th Oct. 1985

Photo No.446
Saint Oliver pray for the souls of JOHN BRAWN, Bridge St., Westport.
Died 17th Sep. 1965.  And his son HARRY BRAWN, died 19th Feb. 1976.
BRIGID BRAWN died 2nd May 1979.

Photo No.447
Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of CATHERINE KELLY, James
St., Westport. Died 13th Aug. 1964 aged 68 years.  And her husband JOHN
A. KELY, died 20th Dec. 1974 aged 83 years.

Photo No.448
In loving memory of WILLIE SHERIDAN 3 Reek View Tce.  Died 19th Dec.
2001.  And baby daughter died in infancy 24th Aug. 1964.

Photo No.449
In loving memory of our beloved parents LUKE LOFTUS Mill Street Died
14th Oct. 1965.  His wife CATHERINE died 10th Feb. 1974.

Photo No.450
In loving memory of JOSEPH (Josie) JOYCE, Fairgreen. Died 31st Aug. 1964
aged 70 years.  And his wife MARY died 10th Oct. 1984 aged 83 years.
And their son MICHAEL (Chic) died 9th May 1998 aged 64 years.  Also
their daughter CATHERINE (Kay) SIDI died 9th May 2007 aged 76 years.

Photo No.451
In loving memory of THOMAS ROSE, Carrabawn.  Died 10th June 1978, aged
57 years.  His beloved wife MARY FRANCES ROSE (nee LOFTUS) died 9th
January 1980, aged 63 years.  Their granddaughter SHIRLEY ANN ROSE,
Dooncastle, Westport.  Died 27th September 1976 aged 3 years.

Photo No.452
In loving memory of MARTIN NEE, Westport.  Died 26th Aug. 1965.  His
wife BEA, died 24th Mar. 1974.

Photo No.453
In loving memory of MICHAEL BURNS, McBride's Tce., Westport.  Died 7th
Nov. 1965, aged 69 years.  And his wife ANNE died 23rd Nov. 1970, aged
68 years.

Photo No.454
Pray for the soul of MARY WALSH (nee CAWLEY) Crescent Row, Westport
Quay.  Died 24th Jan. 1969.  Her husband PATRICK, died 24th Nov. 1985.

Photo No.455
Cemview middle of section 3