Headstones: MAYO, Murrisk Abbey Graveyard Part 3, Carrowsallagh, Co. Mayo, Ireland
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Contributed by Bernie McCafferty  clewbay@bernieworld.net


Photo No.300

Photo No.301
In loving memory of MARY GIBBONS, Mullagh.  Died 22nd Nov. 1992, aged 77
years.  Her husband ANTHONY, died 4th Mar. 2001 aged 94 years.

Photo No.302
In loving memory of SAL KILCOYNE Castlebar  Road, Westport, who died
12th June 1992 aged 65 years. (nee GILL, Thornhill).  Also her husband
PATRICK (PAID) Kilsallagh and Castlebar Road, who died 7th July 2007 in
his 92nd year.

Photo No.303
Remembering with love JOHN IREMONGER died 20th June 1991 aged 23 years.
COLETTE cherished aunt died 21st April 1998.

Photo No.304
In loving memory of JOSEPH A. GUINEY Doughamakeon.  May 1917 – Aug. 1992

Photo No.305
Treasured memories of a beloved husband and father JOHNNIE O’GRADY,
Castlebar and Westport.  Died 16th Oct. 1991 aged 50 years.

Photo No.306
In loving memory of SEAMUS PATRICK HARNEY died 20th April 1991 and his
beloved wife MARY PATRICIA HARNEY nee McGRATH died 3 Feb. 1994.  Loving

Photo No.307
In loving memory of EDDIE FAIR Gloshpatrick.  Died 24th Feb. 1991.
PATRICIA FAIR nee CAMPBELL died 30th Oct.1999.  Also remember in your
prayers KATHLEEN MARY FAIR nee WALSH interred in Mostow Manchester died
13th Jan. 1969.

Photo No.308
In loving memory of TOMMIE HAUGH Gloshpatrick.  Died 6th Nov. 1990.
JIMMY HAUGH died 15th Sep. 2003.  MARY HAUGH died 18th Aug. 2005.

Photo No.309
In loving memory of PATRICK WALSH, Culleen. Died 22nd April 1994, aged
85 years.  His beloved wife TERESA, died 30th June 2001 aged 87 years.

Photo No.310
In loving memory of PEGGY STAUNTON Thornhill.  Died 2nd Mar. 1992.

Photo No.311
Lord have mercy on the soul of AUSTIN O’DONNELL Gloshpatrick.  Died 14th
Dec. 1994 aged 40 years.  And his brother MICHAEL died 22nd April 2003,
aged 53 years.

Photo No.312
In loving memory of THOMAS CARROLL, The Pier, Murrisk.  Died 25th Jan.
1995 aged 94 years.

Photo No.313
In loving memory of JOHN RUANE (JOHNSIE), Gloshpatrick, died 17th Feb.
1995.  And his brother MARTIN, Gloshpatrick and Reading, died 17th Aug.
1998 aged 80 years.

Photo No.314
In loving memory of EDDIE GRODEN, Bristol and Murrisk, died 7th April
1995 aged 64 years.

Photo No.315
Treasured memories of PATRICK MORAN Mullagh and London, died 24th April
1995 aged 73 years and his wife MARJORIE died 28th Nov. 2006 aged 80

Photo No.316
In loving memory of AUSTIN GRADY Murrisk-na-Boll.  Died 3rd Jan. 2003
aged 60 years.
(In the same plot as Number 317)

Photo No.317
Treasured memories of ANDY GRADY Murrisk.  Died 4th October 1995 aged 30

Photo No.318
Cherished memories of a loving wife and mother NORA GRADY Murrisknaboll
died 31st Dec. 1995 aged 82 years.

Photo No.319
GEORGANNE came to us 9th Jan. 1982.  Went to God 6th Nov. 1995.

Photo No.320
In loving memory of PAT FLANAGAN A devoted husband and father.
Birmingham and Kilsallagh, died 22nd May 1996.  Also MOLLY his loving
wife and a cherished mother died 23rd February 1999.

Photo No.321
In loving memory of TOM FLANAGAN Kilsallagh.  Died 10th February 2003
aged 86 years.
(Small plaque: In Loving Memory of TOM FLANAGAN. Blackpool, England And
Kilsallagh.  Died February 2003. Aged 86 Years.)

Photo No.322
In loving memory of SHEILA REE, Far Lawns, Lecanvey.  Died 31st July

Photo No.323
In loving memory of PADDY WARDE Shop St., Westport.  Died 10th Nov.

Photo No.324
In loving memory of BRENDAN REIDY, Malahide, Co. Dublin.  Died June
29th, 2000, aged 50 years.

Photo No.325
In loving memory of PATRICK NEEDHAM (JOHN) Culleen died 19th Feb. 1999
aged 90 years.  And his wife MARY ELLEN died 18th May 2001 aged 96

Photo No.326
In loving memory of COLM FEENEY Sligo and Lecanvey. Died 28th February
1999 aged 63 years.

Photo No.327
Treasured memories of a loving husband and dad MICHAEL McGREAL, England
and Murrisk, died 4th Jan. 1999 aged 62 years.  And beloved wife JOAN
ANNE McGREAL died 19th March 2009 aged 69 years.

Photo No.328
Treasured memories of a wonderful husband and father BRIAN O’REILLY
John’s Row, Westport.  Died 20th Dec. 1999.  And his wife MARGARET died
7th Feb. 2002.

Photo No.329
In loving memory of EDWARD McDONAGH, Murrisk, 6/11/1920 ~ 26/12/2005 and
his wife CATHERINE (nee GRODEN) 22/6/1914 ~ 12/01/2007

Photo No.330
In loving memory of MARGOT BELL (nee McAREVEY) 21-10-1923 ~ 20-10-1998.
Her husband JOHNNIE 1-11-1916 ~ 13-07 2000

Photo No.331
Treasured memories of a dear son and brother COLIN GRADY Murrisknaboll
died 16th April 1998 aged 22 years.  And his brother DAMIEN died 11th
Aug. 2001 aged 19 years.  Also their brother PETER died 18th Aug. 2002
aged 19 years.

Photo No.332
Treasured memories of a loving wife and mother CHRISTINA CARNEY Breaffy,
late of Murrisk.  Died 3. Dec. 1998 aged 54 years.

Photo No.333
Treasured memories of a loving husband and father AUSTIN GAVIN, Murrisk-
na-boll. Died 14th April 1998, aged 87 years.  And his wife BRIDGET,
died 11th Jan. 2000 aged 84 years.

Photo No.334
In loving memory of PATRICK (PADRAIC) O’TOOLE, Lecanvey.  Died 15th
December 1997, aged 59 years.

Photo No.335
In loving memory of MOLLIE TUOHEY, "Lemosa" Murrisk.  1910-1997. And LEO
TUOHEY 1918-2001.

Photo No.336
In loving memory of Fr. MICHAEL (THADY) CONWAY S.M.A.  Kilsallagh and
Lagos.  1918-1997. Rest in peace dear loved one until we meet again.

Photo No.337
Cherished memories of our dear and much loved parents JACK CUMMINS
Thornhill, Murrisk.  Died 12th April 1999.  His wife SARAH died 16th
June 2000

Photo No.338
Much loved, sadly missed IMELDA CLAVIN, wife and mother,.  Died,
Murrisk, Dec. 18th 1999 aged 55 years.

Photo No.339
In loving memory of PETER FLANAGAN Kilsallagh died 3rd Feb. 2000 and his
sister BRIDGET died 28th Oct. 2004 aged 84 years.

Photo No.340
Pray for the soul of MARY GARETY Lecanvey.  Died 20th Aug. 2000

Photo No.341
In loving memory of JIM M. O’MALLEY Lecanvey.  Died 23rd Jan. 2003

Photo No.342
In ever loving memory of a dear husband and father EAMON GILL Thornhill
who passed away 7th December 2001 aged 66 years

Photo No.343
AINE 7th Sept. 2001 Furrigal. McDONNELL

Photo No.344
In loving memory of CHARLES RUDDY, Murrisk na Boll.  Beloved son of
CATHERINE and THOMAS RUDDY.  Born14th May 1921, died 13th March 2004

Photo No.345
In loving memory of MARY KILCOYNE Kilsallagh died 21st July 2001.

Photo No.346
In loving memory of TOMMY WALSH Carrowmacloughlin, Murrisk.  Died 22nd
July 2001 aged 69 years.

Photo No.347
In loving memory of MARY MCCORMACK Westport 31.1.1929 – 13.6.2001

Photo No.348
In loving memory of PADDY GANNON Lecanvey, Westport.  Who died 15th May

Photo No.349
In loving memory of PETER CONWAY Kilsallagh Died 10th May 2002 aged 87
Small plaque:
In loving memory of DELIA CONWAY (nee PRENDERGAST), Kilsallagh, died
December 30th, 2009 aged 91 years.

Photo No.350
In loving memory of JOHN GRIFFIN, London and Kerry, Born 11th June 1933
died 13th Jan. 2003

Photo No.351
In loving memory of NOEL FRANCIS BRENNAN, Dublin and Murrisk, 19th Dec.
1939 ~ 16th Nov. 2005

Photo No.352
In loving memory of JIMMY SCOTT, Thornhill, Murrisk, died 17th Oct. 2005

Photo No.353
In loving memory of a dear son and brother MICHAEL JOHN GRODEN died 12th
August 1983 aged 17 years.

Photo No.354
In loving memory of EDDIE GERAGHTY, Lecanvey, 7th Aug. 1919 ~ 12th April

Photo No.355
STEPHEN O'REILLY, Carrowkeel, died 17th March 2005 aged 52 years.

Photo No.356
In loving memory of ALAN WARDE, Westport, died 13th July 2005.  Baby
PETER WARDE 29th June 2004.

Photo No.357
SATCH KIELY (PHIL SMITH) Clareville, Rosbeg died 6th Nov. 2003.  KAREN
KIELY STAED, Bunratty, died 30th Oct. 2007

Photo No.358
In loving memory of MARGARET REILLY (nee FLANAGAN) Murrisk.  Died 3rd
August 2003 aged 72 years.

Photo No.359
In loving memory of MARTIN LEO SCAHILL, Islandeady and Murrisk, born
6-1-1974 tragically taken 11-6-2003

Photo No.360
In loving memory of a devoted & loving wife, mother, & grandmother
KATHLEEN MORTIMER (nee MCMAHAN) Born Irvinstown 12th Feb. 1938 died 19th
Mar. 2003

Photo No.361
In loving memory of JOSEPH GANNON Kilsallagh and London.  Died 18th Oct.
2002 aged 66 years

Photo No.362
R.I.P.  BREEGE GANNON 9th Mar 2010.

Photo No.363
In loving memory of JAMES HOBAN Murrisk, born 2nd Jan. 1923 died 30th
July 2002. And his loving wife NORA (nee KELLY) born 28th Sept. 1919
died 1st Jan 2008.

Photo No.364
In loving memory of a devoted and loving wife, mother, and granny, SAL
O'TOOLE (nee POWER) born Ballingarry 9th Jan 1935 died 11th June 2005

Photo No.365
In loving memory of KATHLEEN JORDAN (KIT) (nee KEANE) Newport, London &
Lecanvey.  1st Oct. 1929 - 25th April 2006

Photo No.366
In God's paradise with the angels.  BRUCE KELLY Treasure husband and
father Born on 27/2/1946 - Rose on 9/7/2006 aged 60 years.  JOSH KELLY
Beautiful adored baby son.  Born on 20/11/2005 - Rose on 28/12/2007 aged
2 years

Photo No.367
In loving memory of HENRY GILL, Ivy House, Thornhill.  Died 2nd Dec.
2006 aged 84 years.

Photo No.368
In loving memory of Baby ANTHONY GILL died 26th Oct. 1956

Photo No.369

Photo No.370
R.I.P. CHRISTIANE DOKTER. Died 19th Feb 2007. Liebe.

Photo No.371
In loving memory of MARTIN JOSEPH O'TOOLE, Pier House, Murrisk, born 3rd
November 1926 died 8th April 2007.

Photo No.372
Sweet little Pepin we love you.  PEPIN TITUS BERNARD le MASNEY 01 July
2007 ~ 07 Aug.2007

Photo No.373
Left side:
In Loving Memory of KAY O'MALLEY. Died 25th April 2010. Rest in Peace.
Right side:
In Loving Memory of BRENDAN O'MALLY. Died 27th November 2007. Rest in

Photo No.374
In loving memory of GERALD GERARD BRACKEN Born in Southampton, New York
State 05/06/1932 died in Murrisk 06/12/2007

Photo No.375
In loving memory of BREEGE GANNON (nee RABBETT) Lecanvey, Westport.
23-06-1931 ~ 08-02-2008

Photo No.376
Treasured memories of a wonderful son, brother, and true friend.  DYLAN
BEIRNE, Carrabawn, Westport.  30-10-1992 ~ 18-2-2008

Photo No.377
In loving memory of MARY ANNE McDONNELL, Furrigal, 07 March 1924 - 06
April 2008

Photo No.378
In loving memory of CARMEL ROCHE, Murrisk, died 24 May 2008

Photo No.379
In loving memory of SEAN BEIRNE, Murrisk late of Ballinagare Co.
Roscommon.  Died 19 December 2008

Photo No.380
In loving memory of ANN McGING. Died 19th January 2010. Rest in Peace.

Photo No.381
In loving memory of ROBIN PRICE. Murrisk na Boll. Died 20th January
2010. May he Rest in Peace.

Photo No.382
In loving memory of VALERIE REILLY. Died 27th April. R.I.P.