County Galway, Ireland - Newspaper Records

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File Description Date Contributor
Galway Session, Molloy, Fugitives for Debt, 4 Dec 1739
May 2010 M. Heaphy
Loyal National Repeal Association, Freeman's Journal, 10 Oct 1840
Jun 2008 Mary Heaphy
Ejections from the Village of Ballinglas, Freeman's Journal - March 1846 May 2008 Mary Heaphy
Wreck of the emigrant Ship, St. John of Galway, Nov 3 1849
Nov 2020
Sharon Slater
Newspaper items from the London Times, May 2, 1883 Jun 2007 Mary Heaphy
London Times - Woodford Evictions, 1887 Mar 2008 Mary Heaphy
Henry Persse Persecuted, Washington Post; March 1, 1908 Aug 2007 C. Labath
Oliver Persse, Washington Post; April 21, 1912
Aug 2007 C. Labath
Various News Items - Lord Clanricarde & his estate Aug 2007 C. Labath

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