Galway Miscellaneous Records

File Description Size Date Contributor
Meeting of Catholic Inhabitants of Galway - 1792 5KSep 2015Mary Heaphy
Domvile Papers at the National Library, Dublin - Notice to Labourers 1K Jun 2007 Mary Heaphy
Walford's County Families, 1899 - Persse Abstracts 1K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Visitation of Ireland - Persse Family 28K Sep 2007 C. Labath
Dominick Lynch Family 5K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Bios - Galway > Pennsylvania, USA (CONROY, WAKEFIELD, WALSH, CAREY) 19K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Bios - New Members to American-Irish Historical Society, 1910 (LARKIN, O'SHAUGHNESSY) 2K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland - 1536-1810 - Galway Extracts "A-B Surnames" 7K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Extracts of Loughrea Natives - N.Y. Emigrant Savings Bank Records 1K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Surnames found in Galway 1100-1600 2K Oct 2007 Don Kelly

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