Fermanagh Headstone Photos

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Text Filename Photos                                                      *=updated Date Contributor
Lisnaskea, Church of the Holy Trinity (CoI) Graveyard
2013 John Gardiner
Roslea, St Tierneys Graveyard
S. Rooney, J. Bailey & J. Olsen-Kennedy

Aghadrumsee, St. Mark's Parish, (CoI) Mar 2013 Dave Hall & John Gardiner
Aghalurcher Cemetery
Mar 2013
Dave Hall & John Gardiner
Aghavea Church - Tablets Aug 2008 ---
aghavea-new.htm Aghavea Church - New Section Jul 2014 C.J.
aghavea-old.htm Aghavea Church - Old Section Jul 2014 C. J.
Ardess, St Mary's Ardess Church Cemetery Jun 2016* B. Cushman, D. Swanwick, R. Ritchie, B. Wilson
Belanaleck, Cleenish Parish Graveyard
May 2011
Irwin Brown
belleek-coi-txt Belleek; Church of Ireland - Partial Jul 2014 Robyn Ritchie
belleek.txt Belleek; St. Patrick's (R.C) - Partial Jul 2014 Lois McGee
boho-rc.txt Boho; Church of the Sacred Heart (R.C.) Mar 2014 Janet Cassidy
brookeborough-rc.txt Brookeborough (R.C.) Graveyard Oct 2015 Anne McGirr
boa-island.txt Caldragh Graveyard, Boa Island Sep 2014 John Olson-Kennedy
callowhill.htm Callow Hill (Callowhill) Graveyard Sep 2020*
Dave Hall & James Connolly
castle-archdale.txt Castle Archdale; St. Patrick's (CoI) Aug 2014 Robyn Ritchie
cavanaleck.txt Cavanaleck Presbyterian Graveyard Nov 2016 Dave Hall
Clogh Church of Ireland Mar 2014 John Gardiner
colaghty-coi.htm Colaghty (CoI) Graveyard Jul 2018* Jann Hayman & Robyn Ritchie
Cooneen, Parish Church -- No Graveyard
Oct 2018
cooneen.txt Cooneen, St Joseph's RC Church (partial) Aug 2014 John McElroy
Crilly, St. George's Church of Ireland
Sep 2014*
Dave Hall
crom.txt  Crom, Holy Trinity Church Feb 2014 John Gardiner
devenish.txt Devenish Island Sep 2014 John Olson-Kennedy
st-molaise.txt Devenish Parish, Church of St. Molaise Graveyard Dec 2013 Dave Hall
kinawley.txt Derrylin, Kinawley Parish Church (CoI)
April 2014 John Gardiner
st-ninnidh.htm Derrylin,Knockninny Parish, St Ninnidh Part 1
Oct 2014 Bev Littig & Ken McBrien
Derrylin, Knockninny Parish, St Ninnidh Part 2
Mar 2019
derryvullen.txt Derryvullen North Parish Church July 2014* Dianne Swanwick & Robyn Ritchie
derryvullen-coi.htm Derryvullen South, St. Tighernach (CoI) Graveyard
Feb 2018 Dave Hall
Donagh Old Cemetery May 2013 John Gardiner

Drummully St. Mary's Church (CoI) near Clones (Monaghan)
Sep 2014*
Dave Hall
drumswords.htm Drumswords, St Macartan's, (RC), Part 1,  Aghadrumsee May 2014 C.J.
drumswords02.txt Drumswords, St Macartan's (RC) Part 2,  Aghadrumsee May 2014 C.J.
edenclaw.txt Edenclaw Little, Blackbog R.C. Cemetery, Ederney Sep 2014 John Olson-Kennedy
ederney-priests.txt Ederney, St. Joseph's R.C. Church Graveyard (Priests) Sep 2014 John Olson-Kennedy
rossory-old.txt  Enniskillen, Old Rossory Graveyard Jan 2014 Carl Maguire
rossory.txt  Enniskillen, Rossory Parish Church Cemetery Jan 2014* John Niemann & Carl Maguire
boho.txt Farnaconnell,  Boho (CoI) Dec 2014 Veronica Williams
florencecourt.txt Florencecourt: St. John's (Church of Ireland) Sep 2016* Briane K. Carter & Viola Wiggins
galloon.htm Galloon, St Comgall (CoI) Headstones Apr 2013 John Gardiner
--- Garrison (CoI), Devenish Civil Parish, Graveyard May 2017* Valerie Bowden
--- Irvinestown Graveyard (General Photos) Jan 2013 Dianne Swanwick
killadeas.txt Killadeas, The Priory Church Jul 2014 Robyn Ritchie
killesher.txt Killesher,  Old Graveyard Dec 2016 Dave Hall
st-nailes.htm Kinawley, St. Nailes (R.C.) Mar 2019*
Pat Traynor, Bev Littig,
James Connolly & Anonymous
lisbellaw.htm Lisbellaw Parish Church (CoI) Graveyard Dec 2017 Dave Hall & Beth Phillips
magheracross.htm Magheracross, Parish Church Graveyard, Ballinamallard Oct 2017 Lester Hamilton
Magheraveely Graveyard Apr 2013 John Gardiner
maguiresbridge.txt  Maguiresbridge, Church of Ireland Cemetery May 2013 John Gardiner
maguiresbridge-meth.txt  Maguiresbridge, Methodist Cemetery Mar 2013 John Gardiner
maguiresbridge-pres.htm Maguiresbridge, Presbyterian Cemetery Apr 2013 John Gardiner
muckross.txt Muckross, St. John's (CoI) Aug 2015 George Armstrong
mullaghdun-coi.txt Mullaghdun (CoI) Parish Church Cemetery Jan 2014 Dave Hall & Carl Maguire
mullaghfad.txt  Mullaghfad Church 'Chapel of Ease' for Tydavnet Jul 2012 Jack Storey
mulleek.txt Mulleek: St. Michael's Church - Partial Jul 2014 Lois McGee
newtownbutler.txt Newtownbutler (CoI) Cemetery
May 2012
Dave Hall
Sallaghy (CoI) Cemetery Apr 2013 John Gardiner
Teemore, St. Mary's R.C. Graveyard (South of Derrylin)
Feb 2019
--- Templerushin Grave Yard Jul 2015* Bridgid Wilson
Tempo C of I Cemetery (Armstrong, Forde, McCollum) Jul 2013 John Niemann
Extract Tower Cemetery, Irvinestown May 2018* Robyn Ritchie & Vynette Sage
trory.txt Trory, St. Michael's Church of Ireland, Jul 2014 Robyn Ritchie
--- Tubrid Church, Parish of Drumkeeran Jul 2015* Betsy Cushman & Bridgid Wilson
Single Headstone Photos
pubblegraveyard.txt Pubble Graveyard, Tempo - FEE Sep 2011 Sean Roche
Fee, Michael Tempo (RC) Graveyard - FEE Jul 2015 Sean Roche

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