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Text Filename Photos                                                                                                 *=updated Date Contributor
Aghadrumsee, St. Mark's Parish, (CoI) Mar 2013 Dave Hall & John Gardiner

Aghalurcher Cemetery Pt. 1
Mar 2013
Dave Hall & John Gardiner

Aghalurcher Cemetery Pt. 2Mar 2013John Gardiner
Aghavia ChurchAug 2008unknown
Ardess, St Mary and Ardess Church CemeteryJan 2014*Betsy Cushman & Dianne Swanwick
Belanaleck, Cleenish Parish Graveyard
May 2011
Irwin Brown
Clogh Church of Ireland Mar 2014 John Gardiner
Crilly, St. George's Church of Ireland
Oct 2011
Dave Hall
crom.txt Crom, Holy Trinity ChurchFeb 2014John Gardiner
st-molaise.txt Devenish Parish, Church of St. Molaise GraveyardDec 2013Dave Hall
 Derrylin, Kinawley Parish Church (CoI)April 2014John Gardiner
derryvullen.txtDerryvullen North Parish Church (Partial)Jan 2014Dianne Swanwick
---Derryvullen South, St. Tighernach (CoI) (gerneral views)Mar 2014Dave Hall
Donagh Old CemeteryMay 2013John Gardiner
Drummully St. Mary's Church (CoI) near Clones
Jun 2013*
Dave Hall
rossory-old.txt Enniskillen, Old Rossory GraveyardJan 2014Carl Maguire
rossory.txt Enniskillen, Rossory Parish Church CemeteryJan 2014*John Niemann & Carl Maguire
Galloon, St Comgall (CoI) Headstones Pt 1 A-OApr 2013John Gardiner

Galloon, St Comgall (CoI) Headstones Pt 2 P-endApr 2013John Gardiner
 Irvinestown Graveyard (General Photos)Jan 2013Dianne Swanwick
st-nailes.txtKinawley Cemetery (partial)Mar 2014Pat Traynor & Bev Littig
Lisnaskea, Church of the Holy Trinity (CoI) Cem. Part 1Jun 2013John Gardiner
Lisnaskea, Church of the Holy Trinity (CoI) Cem. Part 2Jun 2013John Gardiner
lisnaskea3.txtLisnaskea, Church of the Holy Trinity (CoI) Cem. Part 3Jun 2013John Gardiner

Magheraveely GraveyardApr 2013John Gardiner
 Maguiresbridge, Church of Ireland CemeteryMay 2013John Gardiner
 Maguiresbridge, Methodist CemeteryMar 2013John Gardiner
 Maguiresbridge, Presbyterian CemeteryApr 2013John Gardiner
 Mullaghdun (CoI) Parish Church CemeteryJan 2014Dave Hall & Carl Maguire
mullaghfad.txt Mullaghfad Church “Chapel of Ease” for TydavnetJul 2012Jack Storey
newtownbutler.txt Newtownbutler (CoI) Cemetery
May 2012
Dave Hall
 Roslea, St. Tierneys (R.C.) Cemetery - RooneysJun 2012Sean Rooney
Sallaghy (CoI) CemeteryApr 2013John Gardiner
Tempo Church of Ireland Cemetery (Armstrong, Forde, McCollum)Jul 2013John Niemann
tubrid.txt Tubrid Church, Parish of Drumkeeran Sep 2009 Betsy Cushman
Single Headstone Photos
pubblegraveyard.txt Pubble Graveyard, Tempo - FEE Sep 2011 Sean Roche

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