Church: FERMANAGH, Marriages recorded in Knockmanoul Methodist Church, Darling Street, Enniskillen. 1864-1906
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DATE         GROOM              SURNAME             OCCUPATION                            ABODE                                                              GROOMS FATHER                    OCCUPATION             BRIDES NAME	                   BRIDES SURNAME     ABODE                                                           BRIDES FATHER                      OCCUPATION               WITNESSES                                       CHURCH
27/1/1864    David              MCGRATH             Carpenter                             Drumcullion                                                        Bernard McGrath                  Slater & Plasterer     Catherine		                   JOHNSTON           Enniskillen                                                     David Johnston                     Labourer                 Edward Guard & Robert Johnston                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
5/2/1864     Francis            CRAWFORD            Merchant                              Fermanagh Street, Clones                                           George Crawford                  Farmer                 Margaret		                   COALTER            Church Street, Enniskillen                                      James Coalter                      Merchant                 William Arthur & Robert D. Fowler               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
28/4/1864    James              MORRISON wid.       Farmer                                Curran (Currin?), Par. of Magheracross                             Aukey  Morrison                  Farmer                 Mary Anne		                   WOODS              Cavanalough, Par. of Magheracross                               Andrew Woods                       Farmer                   William Corrigan & Jane Woods                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
1/11/1864    Adam               COWAN wid.          Police Pensioner                      Sydare (Sidaire?)                                                  David Cowan                      Farmer                 Mary		                   GRAHAM             Ballinamallard                                                  James Graham                       Weaver                   Henry Evans & Thomas Tippett                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
12/1/1865    Alexander          FULLERTON           Wesleyan Minister                     Ardvara, Co. Donegal                                               James Fullerton                  illegible              Mary Jane		                   MOFFIT             Springtown, Co. Fermanagh                                       Thomas ?? Moffit                   Farmer                   William Moffitt & Thomas Fullerton              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
4/3/1868     Hugh               MOORE               Builder                               6 Linen Hall Street, Londonderry                                   Hugh Moore                       Farmer                 Sarah		                   BEACOM             Carrickmacmay (Carrickmacmea?), Par. of Derryvullan             James Beacom                       Farmer                   R. Gordon & J. Ballentine                       Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
6/3/1868     James              GRAHAM              Farmer                                Drumsloe, Par. of Magheracross                                     James Graham                     Farmer                 Margaret wid.	                   FAIR               Currin, Par. of Magheracross                                    Thomas Keys                        Farmer                   Adam Cowan & Edward Elliott                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
13/3/1868    Robert             COWAN               Shoemaker                             Bedony???? (Badony??), Par. of Kilskeery                           John Cowan                       Cooper                 Mary Jane		                   ELLIOTT            Fearney (Ferney?), Par. of Magheracross                         Edward Elliott                     Farmer                   William Fair & James Rutledge                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
9/9/1868     James              LITTLE              Bootmaker                             Ballinamallard                                                     James Little                     Farmer                 Sarah		                   IRVINE             Tullyavy                                                        Robert Irvine                      Farmer                   Robert Edwards & James Coalter                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
2/11/1868    Thomas             SYKES wid.          Porter                                12 Copeland Street, Belfast                                        David Sykes                      Farmer                 Rebecca		                   RUTLEDGE           Whitehill, Enniskillen                                          John Rutledge                      Farmer                   David Sykes & John Rutledge                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
18/1/1869    Jonathan           KEY                 Pvt, Soldier 21st Regt.               Henry Street, Enniskillen                                          John Key                         Labourer               Anna		                   JOHNSTON           Henry Street, Enniskillen                                       James Johnston                     Farmer                   John Gordon & M. Graham                         Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
26/8/1869    John               KIRK                Farmer                                Curran (Currin?), Par. of Magheracross                             James Kirk                       Farmer                 Susan		                   BRIEN              Curren (Currin?), Par. of Magheracross                          John Brien                         Farmer                   Henry Brien & Mary M. Brien?                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
29/12/1869   Robert             PARKER              Farmer                                Aughrim, Par. of Devenish                                          William Parker                   Farmer                 Fanny		                   MOORE              Breagho, Par. of Enniskillen                                    Robert Moore                       Farmer                   John R. Moore & William Howe                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
13/2/1870    Glover D.          LAIRD               Petty Sess. Clk                       Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim                                            Arthur Laird                     Clk - Petty Sessions   Jane		                   ROBERTS            The Rigg, Par. of Rossory                                       Hugh Roberts                       Farmer                   Will Johnston & Allan Armstrong                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
25/3/1870    Henry              TUBMAN              Farmer                                Drumrainey (Drumrainy?), Par. of Cleenish                          Francis Tubman                   Farmer                 Mary - wid		                   WEIR??             Drumrainey (Drumrainy?), Par. of Cleenish                       Thomas Davis                       Farmer                   James Tubman & Eliza Davis                      Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
24/5/1870    John Robert        MOORE               Farmer                                Breagho, Par. of Enniskillen                                       Robert Moore                     Farmer                 Margaret Jane	                   HURST              Tullyrane (Tullyrain?), Par. of Magheracross                    William Hurst                      Farmer                   C. Wilson & Lendrum Hurst                       Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
9/5/1871     Alexander          CARROTHERS          Farmer                                Brendrum (Breandrum?)                                              Charles Carrothers               Farmer                 Martha		                   BEATTY             Farnamullen (Farnamullan?), Par. of Cleenish                    John Beatty                        Farmer                   John Graham & William Robinson                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
21/9/1871    John               BEATTY wid.         Farmer                                Coa, Par. of Magheracross                                          Christopher Beatty               Farmer                 Jane		                   WOODS              Drumbad, Par. of Magheracross                                   Andrew Woods                       Farmer                   George Coalter & William Beatty                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
7/2/1872     James Alexdr       TROTTER             Farmer                                Longrobb (Longrob?), Par. of Devenish                              William Trotter                  Farmer                 Margaret Jane	                   ARMSTRONG          Blackslee, Par. of Innishmacsaint                               William Armstrong                  Farmer                   William Trotter & Robert Rogers                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
5/9/1872     Robert             THOMPSON            Farmer                                Cloncandra, Par. of Kilskeery                                      Robert Thompson                  Farmer                 Eliza		                   MONTGOMERY         Effernan, Par. of Kilskeery                                     Archibald Montgomery               Farmer                   Robert Thompson & Eliza Montgomery              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
5/10/1872    Robert             WRIGHT              Svt                                   Curren (Currin?), Par. of Magheracross                             John Wright                      Farmer                 Mary wid.		                   COWAN              Knockmanoul, Par. of Magheracross                               James Graham                       Farmer                   Francis A. Graham & Mary Shannon                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
22/1/1873    William            MORRISON wid.       Farmer                                Curren (Currin?), Par. of Magheracross                             George Morrison                  Farmer                 Eliza Jane		                   MEGAGHEY           Cleenaghan, Par. of Magheracross                                William Megaghey                   Farmer                   James Megaghey & William Megaghey               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
13/2/1873    William            HUMPHREYS           Farmer                                Trillick, Par. of Cleenish                                         William Humphreys                Farmer                 Margaret		                   ABERCROMBY         Bowhevney (Bohevny?), Par. of Cleenish                          Hugh Abercromby                    Farmer                   Mary Abercromby & Patt Grady                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
26/3/1873    Thomas             HADDICK             Farmer                                Ralagh (Relagh?), Par. of Magheracross                             Isaac Haddick                    Farmer                 Alice		                   LITTLE             Ralagh (Relagh?), Par. of Magheracross                          Henry Little                       Farmer                   Robert Little & William Emerson                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
11/7/1873    James              MCVITTY             Farmer                                Drumbagh                                                           James McVitty                    Farmer                 Anne Jane		                   BEATTY             Belinaleck (Bellanaleck?)                                       John Beatty                        Farmer                   Moore Betty & Henry Crawford                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
27/8/1873    Joseph             STINSON             Farmer                                Aughoo Park????                                                    Richard Stinson                  Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   WEIR               Letterbreen                                                     James Weir                         Farmer                   William Weir & Letitia J. Weir                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
2/2/1874     John               JOHNSTON            Farmer                                Monenbawn???? (Moneenbane?), Par. of Kinawley                      Thomas Johnston                  Farmer                 Maggie		                   MOORE              East Bridge Street, Enniskillen                                 Robert Moore                       Farmer                   Sarah Jane Moore & Thomas Chambers              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
9/9/1874     Samuel Beatty      HUMPHREYS           Clerk                                 Enniskillen                                                        Thomas Humphreys                 Farmer                 Mary Elizabeth	                   COALTER            Enniskillen                                                     James Coalter                      Merchant                 W.R. Humphreys & James Coalter                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
10/11/1874   James              WILSON              Clerk                                 East Bridge Street, Enniskillen                                    William Wilson                   Mechanic               Mary Anne		                   SMITH              East Bridge Street, Enniskillen                                 Richard Smith                      Gunsmith                 Ann Little & Mary Irvine                        Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
19/11/1874   Thomas             BROWN               Farmer                                Mullagarry?? (Mullygarry?)                                         James Brown                      Farmer                 Rebecca Jane	                   BROWN              Kilmore                                                         Thomas Brown                       Farmer                   Maggie Jane Stevenson & Thomas Armstrong        Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
23/4/1875    Alexander          FOSTER              Soldier, 27th Regt.                   Barracks, Enniskillen                                              Thomas Foster                    Farmer                 Margaret		                   COYLE              Omagh, Co. Tyrone                                               Nicholas Coyle                     Messman                  John Mulloy & Anne Jane Connor??                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
6/4/1876     Hugh               BRACKEN             Merchant                              Blacklion                                                          William C. Bracken               Farmer                 Mary		                   ARMSTRONG          Cappy                                                           Philip Armstrong                   Gentleman                William A. Bracken & Annie E. Armstrong         Ashford House, Cappy
19/2/1878    James              COOPER              Merchant                              The Diamond, Enniskillen                                           Francis Cooper                   Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   COOMBER            Brookview Lodge, Enniskillen                                    William Coomber                    Gentleman                John L. Woods & Elizabeth Coomber               Brookview Lodge, Enniskillen
5/3/1879     William            CRAWFORD            Merchant                              Manorhamilton                                                      Isaac Crawford                   Farmer                 Janie		                   GORDON             Enniskillen                                                     Thomas Gordon                      Merchant                 ?????? O'Grady & Sara Adams                     20 Church Street, Enniskillen
31/3/1879    Samuel             CRAWFORD wid.       Cattle Dealer                         Tempo                                                              John Crawford                    Farmer                 Susan		                   RUTLEDGE           Derryclawan???, Par. of Derryvullan                             William Rutledge                   Farmer                   Mary Jane Wiley & Samuel Crawford Jnr.          Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
28/5/1879    John               GORDON              Merchant                              Enniskillen                                                        William Gordon                   Farmer                 Maggie		                   ARMSTRONG          Ashford House                                                   Philip Armstrong                   Gentleman                F? Gordon Annie E. Armstrong                    Ashford House, Cappy
28/5/1879    Robert             VEITCH              Farmer                                Knockninny, Par. of Kinawley                                       Andrew Veitch                    Farmer                 Mary Eleanor	                   MAGEE              Drumconner (Drumconor?), Par. of Kinawley                       William Veitch                     Gentleman                D. Magee & I. Latimer                           Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
27/8/1879    John               NOBLE               Farmer                                Innishmore, Par. of Derrybrusk                                     Thomas Noble                     Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   MONTGOMERY         Innishmore, Par. of Derrybrusk                                  Andrew Montgomery                  Farmer                   George Irvine & Maria Irvine                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
10/3/1880    John               WHITLEY wid.        Gate Keeper                           Drumderg, Par. of Tempo                                            John Whitley                     Farmer                 Mary		                   BREEN              Drumarn (Drumaran?), Par. of Derryvullan                        Noble Breen                        Caretaker or Herd        William Hurst, William Maguire & Jane Breen     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
12/3/1880    William            PORTER              Farmer                                Derry, Par. of Kilskeery                                           William Porter                   Farmer                 Margaret Jane	                   HURST              Tullyrane (Tullyrain?), Par. of Magheracross                    Joseph Hurst                       Farmer                   Eliza Jane Brian & Stuart Breen                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
30/4/1880    John               CLUFF               Farmer                                Drigh (Dreigh?), Par. of Kilskeery                                 Thomas Cluff                     Farmer                 Jane		                   THOMPSON           Coolcandra???? (Cloncandra?), Par. of Kilskeery                 William Thompson                   Farmer                   George Prescott & Mary Cowan                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
18/6/1880    Thomas             PRENTICE            Farmer                                Killee, Par. of Tempo                                              Thomas Prentice                  Farmer                 Mary		                   PRENTICE           Shane???, Par. of Lisbellaw                                     John Prentice                      Farmer                   Francis Petty & Eliza Prentice                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
5/7/1880     William            PRICE               Labourer                              Ballinaleck (Bellanaleck?), Par. of Cleenish                       William Price                    Labourer               Jane		                   BUSHFIELD          illegible, Par. of Cleenish                                     John Bushfield                     Labourer                 Allan Cathcart & Eliza Jane Carmichal           Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
17/8/1880    William            HARPUR              Methodist Minister                    Enniskillen                                                        James Harpur                     Farmer                 Jeanie		                   WALSH              Bellanaleck House, Par. of Cleenish                             Christopher Walsh                  Gentleman                Christopher Hunter & Alicia Hunter              Bellanalack House
28/9/1880    Robert             MORRISON wid.       Merchant                              Portadown, Par. of Drumcree                                        William Morrison                 Farmer                 Eliza Jane		                   MORRISON           Knockmanoul, Par. of Magheracross                               Jeremiah Morrison                  Farmer                   William Henry Morrison & I. J. Morrison         Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
13/10/1880   Allen              NIXON               Postmaster                            Drumkeerin (Drumkeeran?), Co. Leitrim                              John Nixon                       Clk - Petty Sessions   Mary Catherine	                   ROBERTS            Rigg, Par. of Rossory                                           Hugh Roberts                       Farmer                   James Johnson Roberts & Jane Laird              Rigg, Enniskillen
31/8/1881    Joseph             WYLIE               Farmer                                Lisnahanna, Par. of Kilskeery                                      David Wylie                      Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   BEATTY             Inishway, Par. of Devenish                                      John Beatty                        Farmer                   Guy Beatty & Maggie Beatty                      Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
23/9/1881    Henry              HOWE                Farmer                                Derryleck, Par. of Mullaghdun                                      Thomas Howe                      Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   EWART              Drumcalgy, Par. of Mullaghdun                                   Thomas Ewart                       Farmer                   Thomas Ewart & Anne Jane Howe                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
18/10/1881   Thomas Edward      FALLIS              Farmer                                Drumcunnis (Drumconnis?), Par. of Magheracross                     Gabriel Fallis                   Farmer                 Margaret wid.	                   FIFE               Drumcullion, Par. of Magheracross                               John McCaffrey                     Farmer                   John Campbell & Catherine Breen                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
22/11/1881   William John       DUNDAS              Shop Assistant                        High Street, Enniskillen                                           Moses Dundas                     Farmer                 Martha Margaret Morris? ? Matilda     BROWN              East Bridge Street, Enniskillen                                 James Brown                        Painter                  John C. Griffin & Lottie Simons                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
8/2/1882     Robert Francis     LEMON               Ironmonger                            Enniskillen                                                        John Lemon                       Ironmonger             Anne		                   COALTER            Alma Terrace, Enniskillen                                       James Coalter                      Merchant & J.P.          James A. Lemon & Lucy Coalter                   Alma Terrace, Enniskillen
22/2/1882    James              NIXON               Labourer                              Brook Street, Enniskillen                                          John Nixon                       Farmer                 Annie Jane		                   NIXON              Market Street, Enniskillen                                      George Nixon                       Farmer                   William Coulter & Hannah Keel                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
27/4/1882    Andrew             BROWNLEE            Colour Sgt, 1st Leicester. Regt.      Gardrum, Par. of Cleenish                                          John Brownlee                    Farmer                 Mary Anne		                   STAFFORD           Bohevny, Par. of Cleenish                                       Thomas Stafford                    Farmer                   Francis Smith & Harriet Henderson               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
4/5/1882     Robert             ELLIOTT             Sgt of Police                         Aughyarron (Aghyaran?), Co. Tyrone                                 Robert Elliott                   Farmer                 Maria		                   BROWNLEE           Leamore, Par. of Mullaghdun                                     Christopher Brownlee               Farmer                   George Wilson & Mary Elliott                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
19/5/1882    John               PETTY               Farmer                                Shanco, Co. Fermanagh                                              William Petty                    Farmer                 Margaret Jane wid.	                   ARMSTRONG          Coolnagran????, Co. Fermanagh                                   William Noble                      Farmer                   John Petty & Katie Connor                       Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
5/7/1882     Thomas             AUSTIN              Grocer                                Fess Quay Gate, Londonderry                                        Thomas Austin                    Merchant               Elizabeth		                   COALTER            16 High Street, Enniskillen                                     William Coalter                    Merchant                 George S. Austin & Rebecca Coalter              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
30/8/1882    Robert             BEACOM              Farmer                                Carrickmacmea, Par. of Derryvullan                                 James Beacom                     Farmer                 Ellen		                   MAGUIRE            Magheradunbar, Par. of Rossory                                  Adam Maguire                       Farmer                   William Beacom & Maggie J. Maguire              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
18/10/1882   John               ELLIOTT wid.        Farmer                                Derryraughan (Derryraghan?)                                        William Elliott                  Farmer                 Catherine		                   HUNTER             Concoro (Concaroe?), Moneyea??(Monea??)                         Thomas Hunter                      Farmer                   John Hunter & James Elliott                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
1/11/1882    Robert             STINSON             Farmer                                Dooletter, Par. of Boho                                            Robert Stinson                   Farmer                 Susanna		                   WADSWORTH          Slisgarrow, Par. of Innishmacsaint                              John Wadsworth                     Farmer                   Samuel Canning & John Wadsworth                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
22/11/1882   William            FAIR                Farmer                                Curags??? (Currogs?), Par. of Aghalurcher                          James Fair                       Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   PARKER             Clintymullen (Clontymullan?), Par. of Killesher                 Robert Parker                      Farmer                   illegible Fair & Alexander Arthurs              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
24/1/1883    James              MOFFIT              Farmer                                Drumhirk, Clabby                                                   William Moffit                   Farmer                 Ellen		                   ELLIOTT            Colugh, Par. of Garvery                                         William Elliott                    Farmer                   George Elliott & Richey Thompson                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
14/2/1883    Charles            O'DONNELL           Labourer                              Knockmanoul, Par. of Magheracross                                  Charles O' Donnell               Labourer               Jane		                   MCQUAIDE???        Curren (Currin?), Co. Fermanagh                                 Christopher McQuaide               Labourer                 Andrew Moore & Charles Wade                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
23/2/1883    William            CREAN wid.          Labourer                              Killee, Par. of Magheracross                                       Robert Crean                     Farmer                 Isabella wid.	                   GILLESPIE          Bigh (Beagh?), Par. of Magheracross                             Henry Brien                        Farmer                   Thomas Foster & Robert Cowan                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
18/5/1883    Thomas             CARSON              Farmer                                Drumbargy, Par. of Cleenish                                        John Carson                      Farmer                 Bessie		                   CARSON             Clintymullen (Clontymullan?), Par. of killesher                 Christopher Carson                 Farmer                   Alice Mulhern & Anne Jane Connor                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
25/7/1883    Ralph B.           BRADSHAW            Grocer's Assistant                    The Diamond, Enniskillen                                           William R. Bradshaw              Farmer                 Mary		                   BRADY              Darling Street, Enniskillen                                     John Brady                         Farmer                   Anne Jane Brady & John Brady                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
18/2/1884    William            MILLS               Sgt, No.1 Batt. 1st Somerset. 13 Regt Main Barracks, Enniskillen                                         James Mills                      Coachman               Mary Anne		                   CONNOR             Castle Street, Enniskillen                                      Charles Connor                     Coachman                 James Connor & Tom Hathaway                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
21/5/1884    William            FERIS               Farmer                                Remalay (Ramaley?), Co. Fermanagh                                  Mathew Feris                     Farmer                 Eliza Jane		                   CHAMBERS           Moysnaught??? (Moysnaght?), Co. Fermanagh                       James Chambers                     Farmer                   Robert Hilliard & John McWilliams               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
20/8/1884    Samuel Thomas      ROBERTS             Farmer                                Rigg, Enniskillen                                                  Hugh Roberts                     Farmer                 Margaret Jane	                   NIXON              Drumlaghy, Letterbreen                                          Thomas Nixon                       Farmer                   Robert Stewart & Helena Buchanan                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
29/10/1884   Thomas             EWART               Farmer                                Drumcalgy, Letterbreen                                             Thomas Ewart                     Farmer                 Annie		                   HODGINS            Tattenamona, Florencecourt                                      John Hodgins                       Farmer                   Thomas Hodgins & Sarah Nixon                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
26/11/1884   John               BRACKENRIDGE wid.   Farmer                                Moybrone, Letterbreen                                              Alex Brackenridge                Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   WILSON             Mullaghmeen, Ballinamallard                                     Robert Wilson                      Farmer                   Andrew Moore & Lizzie Moore                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
17/12/1884   James              DUFF                Railway Clerk                         Belmore Street, Enniskillen                                        William Duff                     Farmer                 Anne Jane		                   BRADY              Wesley Street, Enniskillen                                      John Brady                         Farmer                   Thomas Thompson & Rebecca Brady                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
31/12/1884   william            JOHNSTON            Railway Agent                         Newbliss, Co. Monaghan                                             William Johnston                 Civil Bill Officer     Sarah		                   CONROY             Enniskillen                                                     Gordon Conroy                      Farmer                   Thomas Conroy & L. Conroy                       Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
25/1/1885    John               MOORE               Warder                                Mountjoy Prison, Dublin                                            Robert Moore                     Farmer                 Margaret		                   EDWARDS            Cavantillycormick, Ballinamallard                               William Edwards                    Farmer                   Martha Liddy & John Edwards                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
12/2/1885    John               CRAWFORD            Farm Labourer                         Drumcor, Clabby                                                    Thomas Crawford                  Farmer                 Jane		                   ANDERSON           Drumcor, Clabby                                                 Allen Anderson                     Farmer                   Robert S. Lynn & Annie Hunter                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
13/2/1885    Wesley             NOBLE               Farmer                                Inishmore Island                                                   Thomas Noble                     Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   NOBLE              Inishmore Island                                                Thomas Noble                       Farmer                   William Noble & Gerard Noble                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
27/2/1885    Christopher        BEATTY              Farmer                                Screeby, Par. of Kilskeery                                         Robert Beatty                    Farmer                 Margaret		                   PATTERSON          Effernan, Par. of Kilskeery                                     Robert Patterson                   Farmer                   Thomas Rutherford & Mary Cowan                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
13/3/1885    John               LIVINGSTON          Farmer                                Killyvilly                                                         Thomas Livingston                Farmer                 Margaret Jane	                   HURST              Mullinaskea (Mullanaskea?)                                      Lendrum Hurst                      Farmer                   Archie Livingston & Anna Maria Hurst            Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
20/3/1885    William            COOKE               School Master                         Derryinch, Par. of Cleenish                                        James cooke                      Farmer                 Margaret Jane	                   LEADLEY            Derryinch, Par. of Cleenish                                     Thomas Leadley                     Farmer                   John T. Armstrong & John Balfour                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
2/6/1885     John Edward        APPLEGATE           Clerk in Post Office                  Enniskillen                                                        David Applegate                  Shopkeeper & Farmer    Elizabeth Anne	                   CONLON             Enniskillen                                                     Robert Conlon                      Town Sgt                 Alfred Ripson???? & Robert Conlon               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
30/7/1885    Robert Alexander   BROWNE              Inland Revenue Officer                Lombard Street West, Dublin                                        Thomas Browne                    Contractor             Rebecca		                   COALTER            Enniskillen                                                     William Coalter                    Marchant                 Thomas A. Illegible & Jennie Coalter            Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
16/12/1885   William            JOHNSTON            Farmer                                Drumcrea???? Rennick????, Par. of Clones                           James Johnston                   Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   MONTGOMERY         Innishmore, Par. of Derrybrusk                                  William Montgomery                 Farmer                   Francis Lough??? & Dinah Graham                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
9/2/1886     Thomas             MCMULLEN            Farmer                                Drumclay, Enniskillen                                              Thomas McMullen                  Farmer                 Henrietta Evelyn McCrea dy            MCSHANE            The Diamond, Enniskillen                                        John McShane                       Builder                  William Wilson & Marion Poole??                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
5/5/1886     John               FLECK               Constable                             Pettigoe                                                           John Fleck                       Farmer                 Rhoda Maria	                   BEATTY             Farnamullen (Farnamullan?), Lisbellaw                           John Beatty                        Farmer                   Alexander Carrothers & Martha Carrothers        Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
27/1/1887    John               MONTGOMERY wid.     Labourer                              Tullyharney, near Lisbellaw                                        John Montgomery                  Labourer               Elizabeth wid.	                   WILSON             Garvery, Near Enniskillen                                       John Wilson                        Farmer                   Mary Anne Booth & Jane Wilson                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
3/2/1887     Robert             COALTER             Merchant                              The Diamond, Enniskillen                                           James Coalter                    Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   COOMBER            Brookview, Enniskillen                                          William Coomber                    Inland Rev. Officer      James Cooper & M.J. Carson                      Brookview, Enniskillen
7/4/1887     Thomas             WALSH               Farmer                                Drumcorban, Par. of Devenish                                       Thomas Walsh                     Farmer                 Mary		                   PARKER             Gillyholm (Gillyholme?), Par. of Devenish                       Robert Parker                      Farmer                   Hugh Kerr & Annie Kerr                          Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
12/5/1887    William            DOGHERTY            Farm Labourer                         Russian (Rushin?), Par. of Cleenish                                John Dogherty                    Labourer               Margaret		                   KERR               Mullymesker, Par. of Cleenish                                   Edward??? Kerr                     Labourer                 George Fawcett & Anne Jane Fawcett              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
11/10/1887   William Cranwell   SHERU???            Clerk                                 59 Manor Street, Dublin                                            William Sheru???                 Commercial Trav.       Nannie		                   BLACK              Coudrick House , Ballycassidy                                   James Black                        not listed               Thomas H. Sheru??? & Annie Hilliard             Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
8/12/1887    George Henry       NEVILLE             Farmer                                Relagh, Par. of Kilskeery                                          Edward Neville                   Farmer                 Margaret Jemima	                   NOBLE              Drumkeen, Par. of Magheracross                                  Christopher Noble                  Farmer                   Edward Montgomery & Elizabeth Mary Maguire      Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
28/3/1838    Robert             SMYTH wid.          Grocer                                47 William Street, Londonderry                                     Christopher Smyth                Farmer                 Mary Anne		                   WILSON             Gortmessan, near Enniskillen                                    Mathew Wilson                      Farmer                   William Wilson & Elizabeth Wilson               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
2/7/1888     Irvine             BLEAKLEY            Farmer                                Relagh, Par. of Kilskeery                                          Charles Bleakley                 Farmer                 Margaret		                   BROWN              Kilmore, Par. of Devenish                                       Thomas Brown                       Farmer                   William Bleakley & Mary Mitchell                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
31/7/1888    Samuel             LYNN                Farmer                                Tattynuckle                                                        Samuel Lynn                      Farmer                 Susanna		                   IRVINE             Cavantillycormick                                               John Irvine                        Farmer                   James C. Irvine & William Anderson              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
24/12/1888   William Henry      GREGG               Pvt, 1st Bedfordshire Regt.           Wellington Place, Enniskillen                                      James Gregg                      Tailor                 Mary Anne		                   LADLIER/SADLIER    Wellington Place, Enniskillen                                   Richard Ladlier or Sadlier         Farmer                   W. Galden??? & Margaret J. Ladlier or Sadlier   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
21/1/1889    Andrew             WOODS               Farmer                                Cavanalough, Par. of Magheracross                                  Andrew Woods                     Farmer                 Margaret		                   DARRAGH            Cavanalough, Par. of Magheracross                               John Darragh                       Farmer                   Mathew Darragh & John Morrison                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
30/1/1889    John               JEFFERS             Carpenter                             Forthill, Enniskillen                                              John Jeffers                     Carpenter              Emily		                   CONLON             Forthill, Enniskillen                                           Robert Conlon                      Caretaker                Robert Conlon & Arthur Robert Drummins???       Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
8/2/1889     Thomas             BOYD                Farm Labourer                         Knockmanoul, Par. of Magheracross                                  William Boyd                     Labourer               Maggie		                   JOHNSTON           Coolbuck, Co. Fermanagh                                         John Johnston                      Mason                    Adelaide Johnston & Kathleen Moran              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
27/3/1889    James              ARMSTRONG           Farmer                                Skreen, Par. of Mullaghdun                                         Thomas Armstrong                 Farmer                 Eliza Jane		                   MITCHELL           Coolyermer??, Par. of Mullaghdun                                John Mitchell                      Farmer                   Fred Mitchell & Maria Wilson                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
11/7/1889    Nixon              MILLER              Farmer                                Aghannagh, Co. Fermanagh                                           Andrew Miller                    Farmer                 Margaret Jane	                   STINSON            Drumanure, Co. Fermanagh                                        James Stinson                      Farmer                   Jeremiah Miller & Rebecca Stinson               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
23/10/1889   Edwin John         JOHNSTON            Farmer                                Boheaveny (Bohevny?), Co. Fermanagh                                William Johnston                 Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   NIXON              Cosbystown, Co. Fermanagh                                       Hugh Nixon                         Farmer                   William Hugh Nixon & Catherine Anne Elliott     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
11/2/1890    John               GRAYDON             Farmer                                Piperhill (Pipers Hill?), Co. Fermanagh                            William Graham Graydon           Farmer                 Mary Anne		                   PETTY              Shanco                                                          Francis Petty                      Farmer                   John Robert McIlroy & Maggie Jane Elliott       Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
9/4/1890     Richard Wilson     STINSON             Stonecutter                           Samsonagh, Par. of Bohoe (Boho?)                                   Robert Stinson                   Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   HEANEY             Market Street, Enniskillen                                      James Heaney                       Labourer                 Thomas Illegible & Elizabeth Coulter            Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
30/5/1890    William John       WARRINGTON          Farmer                                Breagho, Co. Fermanagh                                             Thomas Warrington                Farmer                 Adelaide		                   JOHNSTON           Coolbuck, Co. Fermanagh                                         John Johnston                      Farmer                   Eveleen Nora Moran??? & Jane Ellen Breadon      Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
21/11/1890   William Robert     MCFARLAND           Groom                                 Killyhevlin                                                        John McFarland                   Labourer               Margaret		                   ARMSTRONG          Killyhevlin                                                     John Armstrong                     Labourer                 Robert Somerville & Lizzie Porteus              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
26/2/1891    Robert             DALY                Butter & Egg Merchant                 Drumharriff??, Enniskillen                                         William Daly                     Farmer                 Emily Jane		                   WILSON             Rahallan, Enniskillen                                           William Wilson                     Farmer                   Frederick Daly & Mary Anne Daly                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
15/8/1891    Robert Stevenson   WADSWORTH           Doctor of Med                         10 Everton Terrace, Belfast                                        George Wadsworth                 Farmer                 Martha Jane	                   JOHNSTON           16 East Bridge Street, Enniskillen                              John Johnston                      Farmer                   J. H. Johnston & Caroline Smith                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
14/6/1891    Thomas             PRENTICE wid.       Farmer                                Shanco                                                             Thomas Prentice                  Farmer                 Margaret Jane	                   MORRISON           Derryrahan???? (Derryraghan?)                                   John Morrison                      Farmer                   James Morrison & Sarah Wilson                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
11/7/1891    James              MORRISON            Farmer                                Derryrahan (Derryraghan?), Co. Fermanagh                           John Morrison                    Farmer                 Eliza Jane		                   DARRAGH            Ballyreagh, Co. Fermanagh                                       Andrerw??? Darragh                 Farmer                   J.C. Dawson & Ellen Reid                        Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
14/7/1891    George             ELLIOTT             Farmer                                Clon------????, Lisbellaw                                          William Elliott                  Farmer                 Mary		                   MCCLINTOCK         Feddins                                                         Robert McClintock                  Farmer                   William Geoerge Irvine & Susan Liddy            Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
21/8/1891    James              WILSON              Farmer                                Gortmessan, Enniskillen                                            Robert Wilson                    Farmer                 Margaret wid.	                   CHAPMAN            Mullyknook , Enniskillen                                        Thomas Wilson                      Farmer                   James Wilson & John Burns                       Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
3/6/1892     William John       EDWARDS             Farmer                                Ballyreagh                                                         Richard Edwards                  Farmer                 Eliza Jane		                   DARRAGH            Cavanalough                                                     John Darragh                       Farmer                   John Darragh & Eliza Jane Thompson              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
21/1/1893    Edward             MCFARLAND wid.      Merchant                              New York                                                           see comments                     not listed             Margery		                   BEACOM             Bundoran, Co. Donegal                                           Henry Beacom                       not listed               William Beacom & Maggie Majers????              Killynure, near Enniskillen
23/8/1893    John Arthur        ERSKINE             Merchant                              Sligo                                                              Joseph Erskine                   Merchant               Annie		                   GORDON             Enniskillen                                                     Thomas Gordon                      Merchant                 James A---ine???? & Minnie Adams                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
4/4/1894     William            FIFE                Farmer                                Drumcullion                                                        William Fife                     Farmer                 Jane		                   TUBMAN             Drumcullion                                                     James Tubman                       not listed               Joseph Ball & Minnie Cowan                      Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
4/5/1894     William            BEATTY              Merchant                              Fernamullen (Farnamullan?)                                         Charles Beatty                   Farmer                 Elizabeth Anne	                   MOSGROVE           Hackincon, Irvinestown                                          Thomas Mosgrove                    Farmer                   Charles Beatty??? & Isabella Mosgrove           Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
4/5/1894     John               BROWNLEE wid.       Farmer                                Drumageever???, Letterbreen                                        Thomas? Brownlee                 Farmer                 Maria		                   WILSON             Coolyermer, Letterbreen                                         James Wilson                       Farmer                   William Mitchell & Lizzie Brownlee              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
25/1/1895    John               VEITCH wid.         Farmer                                Drumcullion, Tamlaght                                              Charles Veitch -Dec'd            Farmer                 Sarah Ann		                   HUNTER             Concaroe, Drumcose                                              Thomas Hunter Dec'd                Farmer                   William Boyd & Kate Dane                        Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
23/5/1895    James              COULTER             Farmer                                Crievehill (Creevehill?)                                           William Coulter                  Farmer                 Annie		                   WATSON             Ballyreagh                                                      Francis Watson                     Farmer                   William Coulter & Margaret Watson               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
30/5/1895    George             COALTER wid.        Farmer                                Ballydoolagh                                                       Andrew Coalter                   Farmer                 Jane wid.		                   FRITH              Levaughy (Levaghy?)                                             Mathew Dane                        Farmer                   George Coalter & Isabella Dane                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
19/6/1895    Thomas E.          TAYLOR              Farmer                                Mullaghbane                                                        James Taylor                     Farmer                 Wilhelmina S.	                   DUNDAS             Cleens????, Springfield                                         William Dundas                     Farmer                   John Patterson & Eliza Jane Murphy              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
17/9/1895    John               ROONEY              Draper                                34 Townhall Street, Enniskillen                                    James Rooney                     Farmer                 Eliza Anne		                   BURNS              Gortmessan                                                      Thomas Burns                       Farmer                   Alex Burns & Mary Jane Burns                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
27/9/1895    Christopher        BOYD                Farmer                                Culky                                                              John Boyd                        Farmer                 Mary Anne		                   DIXON              Keelaghan                                                       George Dixon                       Farmer                   John Price & Rebecca Dane                       Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
1/11/1895    John Robert        ABRAHAM             Farm Labourer                         Currin                                                             James Abraham                    Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   NEELY              Kilmacormick                                                    James Neely                        Farmer                   John Hutcheson & Mary J. Kidney                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
15/11/1895   William Gilbert    MCNEICE             School Teacher                        Drumshambo                                                         Anthony McNeice                  Farmer                 Minnie		                   MASTERSON          Derry, Par. of Kilskeery                                        Joseph Masterson                   Farmer                   Robert Masterson & Lizzie J. Masterson          Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
27/11/1895   William            JOHNSTON            Farmer                                Unshinagh, Par. of Rossinver, Co. Leitrim                          James Johnston                   Farmer                 Fanny		                   JOHNSTON           Ballydoolagh                                                    David Johnston                     Farmer                   James Pye & Lizzie Johnston                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
20/12/1895   William            HUNTER wid.         Farmer                                Keelaghan                                                          Thomas Hunter                    Farmer                 Lizzie		                   ABERCROMBIE        Derryhoulagh (Derryhowlaght?)                                   William Abercrombie                Farmer                   James Elliott & Maggie J. Moore                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
26/2/1896    George             MOORE wid.          Farmer                                Ballydoolagh                                                       Robert Moore                     Farmer                 Jane		                   WATSON             Ballyreagh                                                      Joseph Watson                      Farmer                   William Johnston & Lizzie Johnston              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
4/3/1896     John               BROWN               Farmer                                Whitehill                                                          Robert Brown                     Farmer                 Anne		                   FAUCETT            Kilmore                                                         John Faucett                       Farmer                   Thomas Bothwell & Lizzie Waterson               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
22/4/1896    John               LITTLE wid.         Farmer                                Mullanavehey (Mullanavehy?)                                        Glover Little                    Farmer                 Margaret		                   MCKENZIE           Cavanalough Glebe                                               Francis McKenzie                   Farmer                   Alexander Abercrombie & Christian McKenzie      Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
21/8/1896    William            MELDRUM             Farm Labourer                         Drumgay                                                            Robert Meldrum                   Farmer                 Elizabeth Jane	                   WALKER             Cavanalough Glebe                                               Thomas Walker                      Farmer                   Hugh Gibson & Eliza Jane Thompson               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
4/9/1896     Thompson           ROONEY              Farmer                                Gortmessan                                                         James Rooney                     Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   BURNS              Gortmessan                                                      Thomas Burns                       Farmer                   Robert Burns & Lily Coalter                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
23/9/1896    John               CONNOR              Clerk                                 Wesley Street                                                      Charles Connor                   Gardiner               Margaret Jane	                   JOHNSTON           East Bridge Street, Enniskillen                                 William Johnston                   Civil Bill Officer       Joseph Ross & Lizzie Johnston                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
18/11/1896   James              BUCHANAN            Farmer                                Lurgandarragh                                                      Arthur Buchanan                  Farmer                 Ellen		                   JOHNSTON           Tattygar (Tattygare?)                                           Hugh Johnston                      Farmer                   W. Buchanan & Emily Johnston                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
15/1/1897    Thomas Alexander   WATSON              Farmer                                Ballyreagh                                                         Robert Watson                    Farmer                 Margaret Ellen	                   FALLIS             Drumconnis                                                      Gabriel Fallis                     Farmer                   Thomas Elliott & Henrietta Campbell             Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
19/2/1897    Mathew             DARRAGH             Farmer                                Cavanalough Glebe                                                  John Darragh                     Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   BEATTY             Coa                                                             John Beatty                        Farmer                   Minnie Beatty & William J. Edwards              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
23/2/1897    William John       FULLERTON           Draper                                Temperance Hotel, Portadown                                        John Fullerton                   Farmer                 Susan		                   MCCORDOCK          4 High Street, Enniskillen                                      Hugh McCordock                     Farmer                   Alex Burns & Ada R. Clifford                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
4/3/1897     Thomas Waren       CLARKE              Grocer                                123 Kettering Road, Northampton                                    John Clarke                      Merchant               Sarah		                   WALKER             Cavantillycormick                                               John Walker                        Farmer                   William Walker & Rebecca Walker                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
31/3/1897    Thomas             HODGINS             Farmer                                Tattenamona, Florence Court                                        John Hodgins                     Farmer                 Sarah		                   NIXON              Drumcalgney (Drumcalgy?), Letterbreen                           James Nixon                        Farmer                   Edward Nixon & Sarah Jane Hodgin                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
18/5/1897    William            GRAHAM              Farmer                                Knockmanoul                                                        William Graham                   Farmer                 Margaret Jane	                   BOWLES             Knockmanoul                                                     Edward Bowles                      Farmer                   J. Connor & Margaret J. Connor                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
20/8/1897    John               MOORE               Farmer                                Mackan Glebe                                                       James Moore                      Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   WALMSLEY           Druminiskill                                                    John Walmsley                      Farmer                   George Monahan & Martha Jane Monahan            Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
12/11/1897   John               EMO                 Railway Porter                        Killyhevlin                                                        Robert Emo                       Labourer               Annie		                   PORTEUS            Killyhevlin                                                     John Porteus                       Labourer                 Robert Porteus & Maggie Johnston                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
27/1/1898    John               GRAHAM              Farmer                                Killycloghey (Killycloghy?), Maguiresbridge                        John Graham                      Farmer                 Maggie Ann		                   EMERSON            Coa, Ballinamallard                                             John Emerson                       Farmer                   Robert Graham & Eliza Blair                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
14/6/1898    Michael            COSTELLO            Labourer                              Ashwoods                                                           Patrick Costello                 Farmer                 Bella		                   MCTEGGART          Ashwoods                                                        Thomas McTeggart                   Labourer                 William John Miller & Eliza J. Miller           Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
6/7/1898     Thomas             RUTHERFORD wid.     Cattle Dealer                         Mill View, Enniskillen                                             John Rutherford -Dec'd           Horse Dealer           Minnie		                   CONLON             Forthill, Enniskillen                                           Robert Conlon                      Town Sgt                 J?? Henderson & M. Irvin                        Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
26/8/1898    Robert             GRAHAM              Farmer                                Tatnamona (Tattenamona?), Brookeborough                            Robert Graham -Dec'd             Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   MCKENZIE           Cavanalough Glebe, Coa                                          Frank McKenzie                     Farmer                   Samuel Crawford & Lizzie McKenzie               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
14/9/1898    William John       BENSON              Farmer                                Letterbreen                                                        William Benson                   Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   JOHNSTON           Braade, Derrygonnelly                                           David Johnston                     Farmer                   William Mitchell & Eliza Johnston               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
16/12/1898   Thomas Mosgrove    EMERSON             Farmer                                Ratoran, Tempo                                                     Robert Emerson -Dec'd            Farmer                 Ellen		                   LITTLE             Relagh, Ballinamallard                                          Henry Little Dec'd                 Farmer                   Henry Little & Margaret Mitchell                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
26/1/1899    William John       MONAHAN             Railway Guard                         32 Belmore Street, Enniskillen                                     John Monahan                     Farmer                 Mary Ann		                   BEACOM             Knockalough, Enniskillen                                        Robert Beacom                      Farmer                   Jasen W.G. Coalter & Emily Corrigan             Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
8/2/1899     Joseph             BALL                Farmer                                Drumcullion, Ballinamallard                                        Francis Ball -Dec'd              Farmer                 Sarah		                   SOMERVILLE         Tullyrain, Ballinamallard                                       John G. Somerville                 Farmer                   George Armstrong & Elizabeth McIlwaine          Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
19/5/1899    James              ELLIOTT             Labourer                              Drumsloe                                                           Andrew Elliott -Dec'd            Farmer                 Sarah Jane		                   CAMPBELL           Curran (Currin?)                                                Robert Campbell Dec'd              Farmer                   William James Fair & Maggie Abraham             Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
29/11/1899   William            CROZIER             Merchant                              Tempo                                                              James Crozier                    Farmer                 Maggie Jane	                   KERR               illegible, Derrygonnelly                                        James Kerr                         Farmer                   W.T. Smyth & Alice Kerr                         Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
7/2/1900     George             HALL                Carpenter                             Drumcalgy, Letterbreen                                             John Hall                        Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   MCCOURT            Drumderg, Letterbreen                                           Hugh McCourt                       Farmer                   James Carson & Lizzie McCourt                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
11/4/1900    George John        COALTER             Teacher                               Ballinamallard                                                     Thomas Coalter                   Farmer                 Olivia Maud	                   HURLY              Ballinamallard                                                  John Robert Hurly                  Teacher                  William James Coalter & Lily Isabella Coalter   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
18/4/1900    Alexander          CHAMBERS            Farmer                                illegible, Clabby                                                  James Chambers                   Farmer                 Ellen		                   HUNTER             Imeroo, Tempo                                                   Francis Hunter                     Farmer                   Charles Hunter & Robert Chambers                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
23/5/1900    Hugh               COLLUM              Labourer                              Springfield, Donegal                                               John Collum                      Labourer               Margaret Jane wid.	                   ELLIOTT            Bowarron (Bowarran?)                                            Simon Elliott                      Farmer                   Mathew Fearis & Jane Buchanan                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
16/10/1900   George             WALMSLEY            Merchant                              Philstone Road????, Antrim                                         John Walmsley                    Farmer                 Sarah Anne		                   BURNS              Gortmessan, Enniskillen                                         Stewart Burns                      Farmer                   William Henry Rea & Sara Blakely                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
31/10/1900   William Nixon      BALFOUR             Farmer                                illegible, Balnaleck (Bellanaleck?)                                John Balfour                     Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   KERR               Skea                                                            David Kerr                         Land Steward             Andrew Hassard & Anne Jane Connor??             Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
9/11/1900    John               IRVINE              Farmer                                Derryharvey???, Irvinestown                                        Thomas Irvine                    Farmer                 Annie Jane		                   BRIEN              Relagh, Ballinamallard                                          Thomas Brien                       Farmer                   John Riddell & Angel Brien                      Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
3/12/1900    Robert             BEATTY              Farmer                                Cleenaghan, Ballinamallard                                         Robert Beatty                    Farmer                 Mary Anne		                   JOHNSTON           illegible, Tempo                                                William Johnston                   Farmer                   John Beatty & Sarah Jane Johnston               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
14/2/1901    James              JOHNSTON            Farmer                                Drummsail????                                                      William Johnston                 Farmer                 Martha Jane	                   MONAHAN            Terravalley????                                                 George Monahan                     Farmer                   George Monahan & Maggie Johnston                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
12/4/1901    William            BEATTY              Farmer                                Currin, Ballinamallard                                             Robert Beatty                    Farmer                 Annie susan Elizabeth                 KIRK               Currin, Ballinamallard                                          John Kirk                          Farmer                   Thomas Beatty & Maggie J. Phair                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
19/4/1901    William James      MCLOUGHLIN          Labourer                              Derryrahan (Derryraghan?)                                          James Mcloughlin                 Army Pensioner         Jane		                   BEATY              Shankill                                                        Alexander Beaty                    Labourer                 John Foster & Theresa McManus                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
22/5/1901    Thomas             WOODS               Farmer                                Derryclawna????, Lisbellaw                                         Johnston Woods                   Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   GRAHAM             Cavancarragh, Lisbellaw                                         John Graham                        Farmer                   John Ramsey & Cassie Graham                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
12/6/1901    John               MCCOURT             Farmer                                Drumderg, Letterbreen                                              Hugh McCourt                     Farmer                 Angelina		                   MONTGOMERY         Derrygiff, Mullaghy??                                           Thomas Montgomery                  Farmer                   James Carson & Lizzie McCourt                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
3/7/1901     Robert             MONTGOMERY          Farmer                                Derrygiff, Mullaghy                                                Thomas Montgomery                Farmer                 Mary Anne		                   CARSON             Letterbreen                                                     William Carson                     Farmer                   George Elliott & Annie J. Carson                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
27/8/1901    Robert             POLLOCK             Farmer                                Knockmanoul, Ballinamallard                                        Charles Pollock                  Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   CODY               Colehill, Mullingar                                             William Cody                       Farmer                   John Pollock & T.B. Cody                        Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
23/10/1901   Robert             EDWARDS             Boat Merchant                         Ballinamallard                                                     Robert Edwards                   Boatmaker??            Mary Elizabeth	                   HILLIARD           Largey (Largy?), Garvery                                        William Hilliard                   Farmer                   William Edwards & Elizabeth Edwards             Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
9/1/1902     William            LITTLE              Farmer                                Knockmanoul, Ballinamallard                                        Thomas Little                    Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   JOHNSTON           Ballydoolagh, Enniskillen                                       William Johnston                   Farmer                   George Elliott & Mary Neeson                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
6/2/1902     Robert             BEATTY wid.         Farmer                                Cornaga----????, Lisnaskea                                         John Beatty                      Farmer                 Mary		                   BEATTY             Farnamullan, Lisbellaw                                          John Beatty                        Farmer                   Emily E. Carrothers & Alexander Carrothers      Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
12/2/1902    William            FERRIS              Farmer                                Imeroo, Tempo                                                      William Ferris                   Farmer                 Anne Jane		                   HETHERINGTON       Camgart, Clabby                                                 William Hetherington Dec'd         Farmer                   William Hetherington & Rachel Ferris            Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
14/5/1902    John               KERR                Farmer                                Dromore, Derrygonnelly                                             James Kerr                       Farmer                 Margaret		                   NIXON              Carrownagiltagh, Tempo                                          Thomas Nixon                       Farmer                   William Crozier & John Thomas Nixon             Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
27/8/1902    Thomas             WILSON wid.         Merchant Tailor                       Barnhill, Larne                                                    Robert Wilson                    Merchant Tailor        Letitia E.		                   LITTLE             Modina (Modeenagh?), Tempo                                      Thomas Little                      Farmer                   John T.?  Little & Rebecca Jane Little          Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
3/9/1902     Walter             DOWNES              Bookkeeper                            6 Molyneux Drive, Illegible????                                    Samuel Downes                    Bookkeeper             Ada		                   WALKER             11 Darling Street, Enniskillen                                  Adam Walker                        Merchant                 Arthur Downes & Netta Craig Walker              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
3/9/1902     William James      FAIR                Farmer                                Drumkeen, Ballinamallard                                           William Fair                     Farmer                 Anne Jane		                   FAIR               Salloon, Ballinamallard                                         William Fair                       Farmer                   Thomas Beatty & Mary Ellen Graham               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
17/9/1902    William George     DINNEN              Farmer                                Cavanalough Glebe                                                  Mathew Dinnen                    Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   MOORE              Mullanaskea, Castlecoole                                        John Robert Moore                  Farmer                   John Hueston & Mary Jane Woods                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
25/11/1902   James Beatty       QUINTON??           Sgt                                   Tempo                                                              William Quinton??                Farmer                 Susan		                   BEATTY             Tempo                                                           Thomas Beatty                      Farmer                   Thomas Edwin Beatty & Annie Jollie              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
1/1/1903     Thomas             WALKER              Farmer                                Makeny (Makenny?), Irvinestown                                     John Walker                      Farmer                 Jeanie		                   CRAWFORD           Waternerry, Enniskillen                                         Robert Crawford                    Farmer                   Willie Crawford & Lizzie Crawford               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
4/2/1903     Henry              LITTLE              Farmer                                Relagh, Ballinamallard                                             Henry Little                     Farmer                 Mary Jane		                   MAYERS             Ballydoolagh, Enniskillen                                       Thomas Mayers                      Farmer                   John J. Mayers & Jessie M. Coalter              Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
21/7/1903    James              CLARKE              Farmer                                Drumgallan, Enniskillen                                            James Clarke                     Farmer                 Martha Louisa	                   ORR                Oakfield, Culky                                                 Robert W. Orr                      Farmer                   Eliza Jane Orr & John Orr                       Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
6/10/1903    Henry              REID                Farmer                                Foidra (Foydragh?), Cornafanog (Cornafannoge?), Lisbellaw          Henry Reid                       Farmer                 Elizabeth		                   MCKENZIE           Cavanalough, Ballinamallard                                     Joseph Mckenzie                    Farmer                   William Emerson & Maggie Reid                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
12/11/1903   William James      MONTGOMERY          Farmer                                Drumhirk, Inishmore                                                James Montgomery                 Farmer                 Margaret		                   WIGGINS            Carry, Inishmore                                                James Wiggins                      Herd                     William Noble & Mary Jane Wiggins               Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
17/11/1903   Robert             EMERSON             Farmer                                Coa, Ballinamallard                                                Robert Emerson                   Farmer                 Rebecca		                   MCKENZIE           Cavanalough, Ballinamallard                                     Joseph Mckenzie                    Farmer                   John Hueston & M.J. Gilmore                     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
6/1/1904     Robert             HOWEY               Labourer                              Aughaward, Enniskillen                                             James Howey                      Farmer                 Mary		                   WEIR               Levaghy, Enniskillen                                            James Weir                         Farmer                   John Halliday & Maggie Coalter                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
30/3/1904    William Henry      MCCOURT wid.        Farmer                                Drumderg, Letterbreen                                              Andrew McCourt                   Farmer                 Emily		                   LUCY               Drumconnor, Springfield                                         Joseph Lucy                        Farmer                   Lizzie Collum & Robert McCourt                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
13/4/1904    Thomas             NOBLE               Farmer                                Falls, Lisbellaw                                                   William Noble                    Farmer                 Sarah Jane		                   JOHNSTON           Edenagilhorn, Tempo                                             William Johnston                   Farmer                   John Murphy & Elizabeth Johnston                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
7/6/1904     George             FEELY               Blacksmith                            Enniskillen                                                        George Feely                     Blacksmith             Lily		                   SPROULE            Killymitten (Killymittan?), Ballinamallard                      Robert Sproule                     Farmer                   Nixon Miller & Sarah Sproule                    Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
1/12/1904    William            ELLIOTT             Farmer                                Mully-------????, Clabby, Fivemiletown                             John Elliott                     Farmer                 Harriett		                   FORDE              Orchard Terrace, Enniskillen                                    George Forde                       Farmer                   Andrew Stewart & Lizzie Brady                   Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
7/12/1904    John               BREEN               Farmer                                illegible, Derrygonnelly                                           John Breen                       Farmer                 Emily		                   ROGERS             Tullynagowan                                                    Edward Rogers                      Farmer                   William Graham & Isabella Rogers                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
26/12/1904   John Richie        WEBB                Baker                                 Belturbet                                                          not listed                       not listed             Sarah		                   SPROULE            The Square, Enniskillen                                         Robert Sproule                     Farmer                   George Feely & Annie Feely                      Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
19/4/1905    William            MCCLEAN wid.        Platelayer                            Tullyrain, Ballinamallard                                          Johnston McClean                 Farmer                 Eliza		                   ARMSTRONG          Cleenaghan, Ballinamallard                                      John Armstrong                     Farmer                   John Armstrong & Cassie Hetherington            Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
6/9/1905     John               FOSTER              Farmer                                Killee, Ballinamallard                                             Thomas Foster                    Farmer                 Minnie		                   BEATTY             Coa, Ballinamallard                                             John Beatty                        Farmer                   George Foster & Maggie Morrison                 Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
8/11/1905    Thomas             CORCHER??           Commercial Trav.                      River Weir, Portadown                                              James Corcher??                  Farmer                 Edith Maud		                   DICKSON            Beechmount, Enniskillen                                         Richard Dickson                    Comml. Travel            J. Bright & Maud Ritchie                        Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
8/11/1905    John               GRAHAM              Farmer                                Farnamullen (Farnamullan?), Lisbellaw                              Noble Graham -Dec'd              Farmer                 Elizabeth Jane	                   GRAHAM             Cloon, Lisbellaw                                                illegible                          Farmer                   Thomas Hunter & Mary Anne Graham                Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
31/3/1906    William            COULTER             Farmer                                Cavancarragh, Lisbellaw                                            James Coulter                    Farmer                 Lizzie		                   ORR                Killee, Ballinamallard                                          John Orr                           Farmer                   Joseph Mulholland & Maggie Orr                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
9/5/1906     John               ROBINSON            Farmer                                Drumsloe, Ballinamallard                                           John Robinson                    Farmer                 Maggie		                   HAMILTON           Imeroo, Tempo                                                   William Hamilton                   Farmer                   Thomas Armstrong & Isabella Hamilton            Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
25/5/1906    John               MORRISON            Creamery Manager                      Ballinamallard                                                     Wiliam Morrison                  Farmer                 Frances		                   WATSON             Coolgarron (Coolgarran?), Ballinamallard                        George Watson                      Farmer                   Richard Watson & Lizzie Watson                  Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen
15/12/1906   William Thomas     GUNNETT OR GANNETT  Soldier                               Main Barracks, Enniskillen                                         George?? Gunnett or Gannett      Grocer                 Rose Anne		                   KETTLES            Willoughby Place, Enniskillen                                   John Kettles                       Labourer                 Frederick John Downes & John William Sinton     Wesleyan Chapel Enniskillen