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VICTORIAN CHAPEL, Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.

(VICTORIAN CHAPEL) | This Plaque has been erected | to commemorate the re-
opening | of this Church for Services | by | The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of
Dublin | Councillor MARY FREEHILL | 1st June 2000


VICTORIAN CHAPEL | Interior - Entrance Door into the Chapel.

VICTORIAN CHAPEL | Interior view showing a number of the following Memorials.

STEPHEN HOLMES Memorial Tablet

Top Tablet of number 006:  Near | here | repose the remains of | STEPHEN
HOLMES Esq., | Knight of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order | A Lieutenant
Colonel in the Army | and Deputy Inspector General of Constabulary: | Died
19th December 1839 - aged 48 years

Middle Tablet of number 006:  (HOLMES) | Distinguished in his Military Career
| by his personal prowess, | as a leader of one of the assaults | on the
Castle of Burgos in Spain, | and in public, and social life, | by the
integrity, modesty, and benevolence | of his character: | Some personal
friends, including his late colleagues |  to whom he was endeared by such
estimable qualities | inscribe this Table of his memory. | And to the memory
also of his eldest son | EDWARD SYDENHAM | who departed this life, at the age
of nine years, | a few hours before his father, | and was buried with him, in
the same grave.
Base: "They were lovely in life, and in death they were not divided.

Bottom Tablet of number 006:  AMELIA | wife of Lt. Colonel STEPHEN HOLMES,
K.H. | eldest daughter of | Major General Sir PATRICK ROSS Knight,
G.C.M.G.K.C.H. | Born at Clonmel, August 12th 1806 | Died at Brighton, June
19th 1867 | and interred in the Extramural Cemetery Brighton | In grateful
Memory of the beloved mother, | who through the long years of her widowhood |
devoted the best affections | of her most loving heart, and all the energies
of | her bright talents to their welfare. | This Tablet is erected by | her
three surviving and sorrowing children, | who desire to record | their humble
testimony to the divine grace | which enabled her through much tribulation |
to glorify her God and Saviour. | In Him alone she trusted, and was not
Base: Through Faith - Women received their Dead, raised to life again" Hebrews
XI. 35

This Tablet was erected | In | Affectionate Remembrance of | ADAM S. FINDLATER
| The Slopes, Kingstown | who departed this life | 12th October 1879 | "With
Him who stills the waters. | The light beyond the sea. | He rests, his
strivings over | thro' all eternity"

In Memory of | ALEXANDER FINDLATER J.P. | Merchant of the City of Dublin | who
departed this life | 9th Aug. 1873 | This Tablet is erected by a | FRIEND | In
Remembrance of much kindness | received from him.

Sacred | To the Memory of | EMILY | the most dearly beloved wife of | JOHN
HARVEY LEWIS Esqr. | of | Harcourt Street, Dublin, | and only child of |
GEORGE BALL Esqr. | Late of | Richmond Hill Surrey | She departed this life |
on | the 11th day of Novr. 1850 | to the inexpressible grief | of her |
bereaved husband and father | aged 37. | "To her to live was Christ | and to
die was Gain"

JAMES GRATTON Memorial Tablet

Inscription on number 013:  Sacred | To the Memory of | The Right Honorable |
JAMES GRATTAN | eldest son of the late | Right Honorable HENRY GRATTAN | of |
Tinnehinch, in the County Wicklow | which county he represented in Parliament
21 years | died October 24th 1854 | Beloved ashes, here repose! | Earth
awhile, be thou their keeper! | The Saviour, who from death arose, | He shall
raise thee up, O sleeper! | She who has, shared on earth thy love | o'er thy
Tomb though now she weepeth, | she trusts to meet again above, | knows "He is
not dead, but sleepeth" | Sleep until that day of glory | when the Archangel's
trump shall sound! | O Grave, where is thy victory? | Thy sting, O death, no
more is found! | This Monument | was erected to her beloved husband by | Lady
LAURA GRATTAN | "As in Adam all die, | even so in Christ shall all | be made

FRENCH Memorial Tablets.

Inscription on top Tablet of number 015:  In the Family Vault here | rest the
remains of | WILLIAM JOHN FRENCH | youngest son of | ROBERT FRENCY M.P. | of
Clonsilla & Grandson of | ARTHUR FRENCH M.P. | of French Park Co of Roscommon
| He died at Ardsallagh County of Meath | from the effects of an accident |
Dec. 24th 1876 | aged 64. | Upright & straightforward | in all the relations
of life | He was respected most | by those who knew him best. | Preceding him
only by a few months | & to his inexpressible grief | his son | ARTHUR ROBERT
FRENCH | whose affectionate disposition | & manly character | endeared him
alike to his | sorrowing family & friends | was Lost at Sea in the Yacht
"Madcap" | off the Craig of Ailsa Augt. 3rd 1876 | aged 33 | In sadness of
heart | this Tablet is placed here by | HARRIET ANNA FRENCH | To the Memory of
| a truly fond husband & dearly loved son | Her only consolation | the firm
belief that they are "Not lost but gone before"

Inscription on bottom Tablet of number 015:  This Tablet is here placed | In
Loving Memory by her sorrowing children | to the above | HARRIET ANNA FRENCH |
widow of WILLIAM JOHN FRENCH who died | 27th February 1890, aged 78 years

TUTHILL Memorial Tablet

Inscription on number 018:  To the Memory of | THOMAS EDWARD VILLIERS TUTHILL
B.A. Cambridge | of Rathgar Mansion and of Ballinstona | Co Limerick Esquire |
He departed this life on Ascension Day in the year 1859 | Also To the Memory |
of his dearly beloved wife ANNE | second daughter of JOHN STACK | of
Ballyconry House Co of Kerry Esquire | She died on the 29th July 1854 | Also
To the Memory of his son | JACKSON VILLIERS TUTHILL Captain 2nd Dragoon Guards
| who died on the 18th September 1867 | Also of his eldest daughter ELIZABETH
VILLIERS widow of | Revd. JOHN STUDDERT, Ex. S.T.C.D. Precentor of Killaloe,
she died 3rd May 1877
Base: Jesus said " I am the resurrection and the Life, he that | believeth in
Me though he were dead yet shall he live" | John XI. C 25 V

To the Glory of God | and In Memory of | Dr. CHARLES HARRISON | 19 North
Frederick Street | who died 26th November 1876. | Also his wife | FRANCES |
who died 20th April 1885 | And their children | FRANCES | died 3rd October
1862 | ANNE MARY | died 20th March 1871 | JOHN JAMES | died 9th February 1891
| HARRIET LYON | died 17th May 1907 | who are interred in this Cemetery |
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

"I know that my Redeemer liveth" | Sacred | To the Memory of | JOHN TOLEKEN |
Born at Cork, died in Dublin 1850 | aged 78 years | MARY TOLEKEN | his wife,
died in Dublin 1855 | Also their children | Dr. JOHN TOLEKEN | Fellow of TCD |
died 1887, aged 84 years | JAMES TOLEKEN | died 1878, aged 74 years | MARY
TOLEKEN | died 1892, aged 83 years | KATE TOLEKEN | died 1878, aged 63 years |
"They were lovely and pleasant | in their lives and in their death | they were
not divided" | 2. Sam. 1. 23.

Underneath | sleep in Christ | WILLIAM GIBTON | 16th Novr. 1789 + 9th Augt.
1842 | and his beloved wife | ELIZABETH GIBTON | 16th Decr. 1794 + 8th Sept.
1856 | "Till the Day break and the shadows flee away" | Cant. 11. 17. | Also
to | MARY GIBTON | eldest daughter of the above | who died March 4th 1892 |
"He giveth his beloved sleep" Ps. CXXVII. 2.

To the Memory | of | Captn. FRANCIS STEWART | of Blessington Street | and late
| of the Honble. E. I. Company's | Service | who departed this life | on the |
XX day of April MDCCCLIII | in the 73rd year of his age.

In the adjoining Cemetery are deposited, | the remains of | JOHN FOWLER Esqre
| Grand Inspector Central 33rd Degree | who for nearly thirty years filled the
office | of Deputy Grand Secretary | to the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted
Masons | of Ireland. | He died the 25th day of January 1856 | aged 87 years. |
The Grand Lodge | in order to record their regret for his loss, | and their
appreciation of his services | to the | Masonic Order, | have erected this
Monument to his Memory.

This Monument | is erected as a tribute of affection | To the Memory of |
SOPHIA WILLOUGHBY | the beloved wife of | THOMAS TILSON MAGAN | 70 Lower
Baggot Street, Dublin | who died 29th March 1846 | aged 46 years | "Yea,
though I walk through the Valley of the | shadow of death I will fear no evil,
for thou art | with me, they rod and they staff they comfort me"

This Table | is erected by | R. H. BEATTIE | Philadelphia | In Loving Memory
of | his brother | CHRISTOPHER BEATTIE | Born in Ballymena | Co. Antrim |
March 17th 1825 | died in Dublin August 3rd 1877 | and interred in | Mount
Jerome Cemetery

In Loving Memory of | My Ever Loved and Lamented Brother | Sir JOHN BARRY Bart
| who died 5th May 1891, at his residence | 95 Clermont Road, Sandy Mt. | And
of my dear brother | JAS. BARRY Esqr | who died 11th March 1875 | Now placed
by their loving sister | PENELOPE BARRY

In Memory of | ANN the beloved wife | of MATTHEW LAW | who died | May XIX th

In Memory of | MATHEW LAW Esq | who died | March XXI th MDCCCLXIII

STRAHAN Memorial Tablet
"I know that My Redeemer Liveth"

Inscription on number 030:  Sacred To the Memory of | Mr ANTHONY JAMES STRAHAN
| of Henry Street Dublin | who in the 27th year of his age | perished in the
calamitous fire in Westmoreland St. | on the evening of the 7th of June 1866.
| Nobly sacrificing his own life | in the vain endeavour | to rescue five
female fellow sufferers | from so terrible a death | True hearted, kind and
brave, | he was beloved by all who knew him, | and as a mark of universal
sympathy | this Monument is erected by public subscriptions.

In Affectionate Remembrance of | Colonel JOSEPH MARK HARTY K.H. | Formerly
Commanding the 33rd or | Duke of Wellington's Regt. With which Corps he |
served at the capture of the Isles of France, | and Bourbon, at the Assaults
of Merxem, | and Bertgen-Op-Zoom; and lastly at the Battles of Quartre Bras;
and Waterloo. | He lived beloved by every one who knew him | and died on the
17th April 1879, aged 85 years.

In a Casket behind this Tablet | have been laid to rest the Ashes of | my
dearly beloved husband | Capt. WILLIAM DAWSON M.B.E. | Late R.F.C. and R.A.F.
| Died 17th December 1853, | at his home Pinner Middlesex | aged 59 years.

In Memory of | JOHN JOHN SCRIVEN | Capt. Royal Marines | who died in Dublin
21st December 1850 aged 70. | JANE | his wife daughter of JOSEPH MEDLICOTT
Esqr | who
died at Tynan, Co. Armagh, 29th May 1866, aged 78. | GEORGE SCRIVEN | their
third son Ensign 19th Native Infantry | who died at Tannah near Bombay, 25th
May 1841, aged 20. | JOHN ENRAGHT SCRIVEN | their fourth son, who died at
Denver, Colorado, | 21st Jany. 1872, aged 49 | CATHERINE ANNE MARY | their
eldest daughter | wife of Revd. JAMES H. JANVRIN M.A. Oxon | who died in
Paris, 4th March 1864, aged 38.

In Loving Memory | of | ANNE W. JELLICOE | Foundress of Alexander Colless |
and Alexander School, | Also of the Governess Association | of Ireland | Born
March 26th 1823 | Died Oct. 18th 1880 | Interred at Rosenallis Queen's County.
| Also of her husband | JOHN JELLICOE | Born Oct. 27. 1819 | Died Dec. 27/
1862. | "In sure and certain hope of the | Resurrection to Eternal Life" |
"For I know whom I have believed and | am persuaded that he is able to keep |
that which I have committed unto him | against that day" 2 Tim. 1c 12v

JOHN PURSER Memorial Tablet
Erected by a few of those whom he loved

Inscription on number 036: To the | Memory of | JOHN PURSER Esq. | Born 2nd
December 1783, | Died 5th April 1858 | Throughout a long life spent in the |
zealous discharge of many public | duties, in affectionate care for | his
family, in faithful friendships | and liberal benevolence, he rendered | to
his divine Master, the love and | obedience of one remembering his
commandments to do them | "I have sinned but thou hast died | this is all I
have to plead  this is all the plea I need"

In Memory of | JAMES FERRIER | Merchant of the City of Dublin | who after a
long active, | and honourable life | departed in hope of a blessed |
Resurrection | on 2nd May 1851, aged 75 years.

To the Beloved Remembrance | of | HENRY SHAW | who entered into the joy of his
| Lord and Saviour | on the 28th January 1884 | in his 65th year. | This
Tablet is dedicated by | his sister | CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON | widow of CHARLES B.
JOHNSTON | whose trusted friend and colleague, | in the administration of |
Mount Jerome Cemetery | he was for many years.

This Tablet | is placed here by his | widow and his mother | in Perpetual
Remembrance of | Dr. DALKEITH H. PLUNKETT-JOHNSTON | youngest son of | CHARLES
and CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON | He was born at Mount Jerome, | on New Year's Day
1851, | He died, beloved and regretted, | at Street, Somersetshire | on the
2nd of March 1885, | and he rests in hope | at Glastonbury. | "He that hath
the son of God hath life"

ROBERT SHAW Memorial Tablet

Inscription on number 041:
Top Tablet: This Tablet | is erected To the Memory of | Sir ROBERT SHAW Bart,
| of Bushy Park in the County of Dublin, | the first Chairman of the | Dublin
General Cemetery Company, | over the interests of which | he presided from its
formation | and for a period of fifteen years. | His brother Directors |
desire thus to record their sense | of his unwearied efforts for | the welfare
of the Company. | and their deep regret for the loss of | so efficient a
Member of their Board, | who | by the many virtues of | his private life, |
and by the uprightness of | his public character| so justly won affection and
Bottom Tablet:  Sir ROBERT SHAW | died at his residence Bushy Park | on the
10th of March 1849 | in the seventy sixth year of his age.

In Memory of | CHARLES BOLTON JOHNSTON | Born Octr. 2nd 1902 | Died May 15th
1872 | Best known to the public as having originated | Mount Jerome Cemetery,
| of which, to the day of his death, he was | the successful Manager. | Within
a delicate frame there dwelt a wonderful energy, | ever ready for exercise at
the call of duty. | Blessed with high principals of honour, | a well regulated
mind, | a sound judgement, a gentle spirit, | a refined taste, and warm
affections, | he was endeared to a loving family | and to a large circle of
friends, | who fondly cherish the memory of one | whom to know was to love. |
He lived and died cheered by the blessed hope of | everlasting life through
Jesus Christ our Lord | Also in Memory of his cherished | and devoted wife |
CHARLOTTE, daughter of BERNARD SHAW Esq. | who, in patient hope, survived him
for 18 years, | loving, beloved, revered. Her spirit breathed grace | and
peace. She died January 1890, aged 81.

This Tablet, | erected by his widow | is Sacred To the Memory | of | GEORGE
BERNARD JOHNSTON, | Bengal Staff Corps, | who died 2nd March 1867 | at
Calcutta, | where his Brother Officers | have erected a Memorial | to one so
much beloved | and regretted. | Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty: |
they shall behold the land that is very far off. Isaiah XXXIII. 17

In Memory of | ROBERT WALTER SINCLAIR | B.A. T.C.D. | who died Jany. 28th 1882
| aged 22 years | Erected by his friends & fellow students | as a token of
their affection & esteem.

In a Casket behind this Tablet | have been reverently laid to rest | the Ashes
of | EMMA WRIGHT | daughter of the late ROBERT STANLEY | (of Mespil) | Born
23rd June 1833 | died (in London) 8th January 1917. | Erected by her son LLOYD
B. WRIGHT, | In Loving Memory | and grateful recognition of his mother's |
life-long devotion and companionship. | "Until the day break, and the shadows
flee away"

In Memory of the above | LLOYD B. WRIGHT M.D. | who died on 3rd day of
February 1941, aged 74 years | They were lovely and pleasant in their lives |
and in death they were not divided | "I am the resurrection and the Life"

VICTORIAN CHAPEL | Interior view

VICTORIAN CHAPEL | Stained Glass window as seen in the right corner of
text/photograph number 048.

In Affectionate Remembrance | of | RICHARD WILSON J.P. | of | Thornfield,
Donnybrook, | and formerly of | Upper Sackville St. Dublin | Born 5th March
1798, | died 10th October 1880.

Sacred | To the Memory of | MARY | the beloved wife of | RICHARD WILSON |
Upper Sackville St. | who died | on the 29th November 1853 | aged 46 years |
Gone but not lost | "Blessed are the dead which die | in the Lord" | Rev. 14.

In | Memory of | Br. WILLIAM ARCHER | Member of the Ruby Orange Lodge | No.
1619 | who for many years filled the Office | of Assistant Secretary of the |
Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland. | This Tablet is erected by | his Brother
Orangemen | of various Lodges | as a tribute of fraternal regard | Buried in
St. Kevin's Churchyard | 1874

In Memory of | ARCHIBALD MONTGOMERY | of the Poor Law Commission Office | of
this City | who died at Sligo, 24th August 1849 | after a short illness, | in
the 34th year of his age | His sterling virtues won him | the esteem of his
fellow Clerks, | several of whom have raised this Tablet | in testimony of
their high regard | for one who truly deserved | the title of | "AN HONEST
MAN". | The ruling maxim of his life | was | "Be just and fear not"

VICTORIAN CHAPEL | Interior view.

To the Memory | of | a much loved friend | The Revd. THOMAS GREGG | who |
"Having kept the faith" | and | "Finished his course" | departed to be with
Christ | on the 22nd day of April | in the year of our Lord 1846 | "What I do
thou knowest not now but thou shalt know hereafter"

Sacred | to the Memory of | ANNE | Relict of | Right Revd. SAMUEL KYLE D.D. |
Lord Bishop | of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, | and daughter of | WILLIAM DUKE MOORE
Esqre. | and | ELIZABETH GRIERSON | his wife | died Sept. 28th 1852 | aged 74

M.S. | Lieut. Coll. HALLAM D'ARCY KYLE | (youngest son of | SAMUEL Lord Bishop
of Cork &c.) | who, Octr. 11th 1857 aged 42 | while commanding the 27th |
Regt. (Inniskillings) at Pershawur | during the Indian Mutiny, | fell a victim
to his sense of duty, | refusing at such a crisis to | yield to the urgent
entreaties | of those around him to retire | for a short time to the hills |
although suffering severely from | fever and dysentery caused | by exposure,
fatigue, and anxiety. | He had served his country, in | Australia and with
considerable | distinction in the Kafir War | at The Cape of Good Hope | He
died admired and respected | as a gallant and accomplished soldier, and
universally | beloved and regretted as a warm | and sincere friend | W:C:K.

M.S. | JOHN CHARLES KYLE , 9th Regt. 1st Bn. Third son of | W. COTTER KYLE
Esqr. L.L.D. J.P. & Grandson of SAMUEL Lord Bishop of Cork, &c. | He died June
16th 1866 aged 22. Of Typhoid Fever at | Simonstown, Cape of Good Hope, where
| his Brother Officers have erected a Monument | in memory of one so |
universally beloved and regretted. | W:C:K. 1866

Sacred To the Memory of | ALICIA DOROTHEA MOORE | widow of the Revd. THOMAS D.
MOORE | and daughter of the late | Right Revd. SAMUEL KYLE D.D. | Bishop of
Cork | The Soul prepared needs no delays | the summons comes the Saint obeys |
Swift was her flight and short the road | She closed her eyes and saw her God
| on January 18th 1876 | "Washed in the blood of the Lamb"

In Memory | of | KATHARINE | the devoted | and long loved wife of | RICHARD |
PENNEFATHER LLOYD A.M. | Barrister At Law | This Marble is inscribed | as a
tender tribute | due to her virtues | her accomplished mind | and affection to
himself | by her sorrowing husband. | She died August 7th 1875 | aged fifty

October 9th 1866 | passed into her rest aged 61 | JANE | daughter of JOHN
COTTER Esqr. | of Ashton, Co. of Cork | and wife of | Venble. SAMUEL MOORE
KYLE | Archdeacon of Cork, V.G. | A sorrowing husband to | a beloved wife |
"Blessed are the dead which | die in the Lord"

M.S. | EDMUND LOMBARD HALLAM | KYLE | Lieut. 45th Regt. | (Sherwood Foresters)
| second surviving son | of | WILLIAM COTTER KYLE Esqr. | L.L.D. J.P. | He
died June 30th 1872 | aged 29 | at Toonghoo British Burmah | from the effects
of climate | during service in | India | in the Abyssinian War | and in |
British Burmah | "Multis ille flebilis" | W.C.K. 1872

M.S. | WILLIAM COTTER | KYLE | L.L.D. J.P. | Born 4th June 1802 | died 25th
March 1879 | aged 76 years | Also of | his second son | WESTWOOD HENRY | KYLE
| Born 25th Augt. 1840 | died 30th July 1878 | aged 37 years.

M.S. | SAMUEL MOORE | KYLE D.D. L.L.D. | eldest son of | SAMUEL KYLE D.D. |
Bishop of | Cork Cloyne and Ross | Born 1st February 1801 | died 1st May 1890
| For | nearly forty years | Archdeacon of Cork | and for many years | Vicar
General | of the United Diocese | of | Cork Cloyne and Ross.

In Fond Memory of | The | Revd. JOHN TORRENS | KYLE B.D. | Canon of Cloyne |
and forty years | Rector of | Clondrohid Co. Cork | son of | SAMUEL KYLE D.D.
| Bishop of Cork | Cloyne and Ross | died 13th Novr. 1883 | Interred in Cork |
"Behold, I come quickly; | and my reward is with | me" Rev. XXII | Also to |
FRANCES MARY | last surviving | daughter of | The Rt. Revd. | SAMUEL KYLE D.D.
| B. 1815. D. Nov: 16. 1895

PARKES Memorial Tablet

Inscription on number 066:  This Tablet | is erected by | a few attached
friends, | of one family | to record | their respect and regard | for | Mrs
MARY (WILKES) PARKES | widow of | JOHN PARKES | formerly of this City | She
was translated | from things temporal, | into things eternal, | on the 30th
day of July 1850 | in Birmingham | where her remains are laid. | She had lived
in the fear of God | and died | confiding in His mercy | through | Jesus
Christ our Lord.

VICTORIAN CHAPEL | Glass widow as seen in number text/photograph number 054:
A | 1874 | D

Top Tablet:  Within this | Ancient Canopic Alabaster Vase | have been
reverently deposited the Ashes of:
Main Tablet: RICHARD MANIFOLD CRAIG | late Lieutent Colonel | in the Royal
Army Medical Corps, | who died on the 5th day of May 1913 | at 69 York
Mansions, Battersea Park | London S.W. | aged 67 years.
Base:  "Lord, be merciful to me a sinner"

In Memory of | The Very Revd. JAMES GREGORY A.M. | Dean of Kildare | Incumbent
of St. Bridgets Parish, Dublin | in which he labored as a faithful Minister of
Christ for 30 years | He departed this life deeply regretted | on the 5th
March 1859 | aged 69 | His end was peace | "Thanks be to God which giveth us
the | victory through our Lord Jesus Christ" | 1st Corns. Chaper. 15. Verse 57

In Memory | of | Sir HENRY MARSH Bart | formerly a Major in the 3rd | Dragoon
Guards | who died | on the 27th of May 1868 | aged 47 years.

In Memory | of | Sir HENRY MARSH Bart. M.D. | who died the 1st day of December
| 1860 | aged 70 years | This Tablet is erected by his son.

VICTORIAN CHAPEL | Interior view showing some of the following Memorial


Inscription on number 074:  Erected by the Master | Wardens & Brethren of
Masonic Lodge CCL | To the Memory of their late Senior Warden | CHARLES
LAURIER BENNETT | of Kenilworth Square, Rathgar | as a token of the high
esteem | and brotherly affection | in which he was deservedly held by them. |
He died at Bray Sept. 5th 1870, | in his 31st year

In the adjoining Cemetery | are deposited | the remains of | JOHN ELLIOTT
HYNDMAN Esqr | Late Grand Secretary of | The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted
Masons | in Ireland | who died on the 21st April 1859 | aged 63 years | The
Grand Lodge | to record their appreciated of | his services | have erected
this Monument to his memory.

JOHN BARTON Memorial Tablet

Inscription on number 077:  In Memory of | JOHN BARTON Esqre | of Stonehouse
Co. Dublin | who passed away to the presence of his God, | at the advanced age
of 91 years | on the 9th Feby. 1874 | Surrounded by his attached and beloved
family | possessing in Jesus Christ | "That peace which passeth all
understanding" | His upright and honorable character | through a long and
useful life, graced by | a genial mien, and never failing courtesy, | won for
him the esteem and warm regard of | a large circle of the leading men of this
City | with whom he was associated. | But it was only in the inner circle of
domestic | life, that his ready sympathy, warm affection, | and valued
counsel, could be fully appreciated | there, each added year, endeared him, |
more and more to her who was for 61 years, | his beloved and devoted wife, |
and who now with her sons and daughters, | in grateful and loving memory |
erect this Tablet.

SHARP Memorial Tablet

Inscription on number 079:  In Memory of | CHRISTOPHER SHARP | of Dublin | who
died 24th Feby. 1835, | aged 40 years | whose improvements in that branch | of
Practical Science to which his life was | devoted Horology, have placed his
name high | amongst men of Science, | while his sterling worth and amiability
| of character made him beloved | by those who enjoyed his friendship. | Also
of CATHERINE his wife | and likewise of their son | RICHARD SHARP M.R.I.A. |
who "with equal practical dexterity and zeal | for his profession exceeded his
father | in inventive powers" | His eminent mechanical genius was manifested |
in his methods of figuring | The Acting Surfaces of the Dead Beat, | the
Invention of the Chronograph | and several other valuable instruments, | He
died in Dublin on the 13th of April 1850 | at the early age of thirty one.

Top small Tablet: Psalm XXIII | "Thou art with Me"
Sacred To the Memory of | The Right Honble Sir JOSEPH NAPIER Bart. | Lord
Chancellor of Ireland, in 1858 | Born 26th December 1804, died 9th December
1882 | An earnest and humble Christian, | he consecrated | to the Master's
service the rare abilities he possessed, | and after a life spent in advancing
the interests of | justice, learning and religion, | he was summoned to the
nearer and holier service | of the Church above, | having won the victory
through his Lord and Saviour | Jesus Christ | "At evening time it shall be
light" Zech. XIV. 7 | "Sursum Corda"

Top small Tablet: Psalm XXIII
Sacred To the Memory of | WILLIAM JOHN NAPIER | eldest and loving son | of Sir
JOSEPH and Lady NAPIER | Born 31st of October A.D. 1837, | died 3rd of
December A.D. 1874 | His short but useful life was adorned | by gentle
goodness and active benevolence, | the love of what was pure and just. | His
dutiful and devoted affection for his parents | and by a simple humble sincere
faith | in Christ, his Lord and Saviour.


Inscription on number 083:  Erected To the Memory of | BARBARA the beloved
wife of | FREDERICK .C. FERGUSON Esq. | De Vesci Terrace, Kingstown, | who
departed this life | on the 13th January 1865 | Adorned with the graces | of
the Christian, she was gentle, | amiable, and eminently pious | dying as she
lived in the | well-grounded hope of a | blessed immortality through | the
merits of the Saviour | whom she loved | Also To the Memory of | FREDERICK
their beloved son | who fell asleep July 27th 1858 | aged 26 years.


Inscription on number 085:  Sacred To the Memory of | FREDERICK C. FERGUSON
Esqr. | who departed this life | on the 20th October 1872, | at 6 De Vesci
Terrace, Kingstown. | He was a true Christian | firm friend, courteous, gentle
| and beloved by all | who knew him. | "Therefore being justified by faith |
we have peace with God through our | Lord Jesus Christ | By whom also we have
access by faith | into this grace wherein we stand | and rejoice in hope of
the glory | of God" 	Romans V. 1. 2. | "Blessed are the pure in heart for |
they shall see God" Matt. V. 8

Erected by | the Chairman and Committee | of the | Great Industrial Exhibition
| of | MDCCCLIII | To the Memory | of their Deputy Chairman | Major CHARLES G.
FAIRFIELD | 	D.L. J.P. | who departed this life | on the XVI Octr.

In Loving Memory | of | ABRAHAM THOMAS CHATTERTON | who entered into rest |
1st January 1908.

In Memory of | Mr. WILLIAM LE FEBURE | for thirty years a zealous Travelling
Agent of the | Sunday School Society for Ireland, | in England, Scotland and
Ireland | From early youth | an affectionate and successful Sunday School
Teacher | He labored indefatigably | for the extension of scriptural
instruction among the young; | He ever carried on this, his favourite work, |
in the spirit of THE MASTER, and wherever known, | was greatly respected and
beloved | throughout the whole course of his useful life. | He fell asleep in
Jesus at Edermine Rectory, County of Wexford, | on 31st May 1873, aged 70
years. | "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord" Rev. XIV. 13.

ROBERT GRAY Memorial Tablet

Inscription on number 090:  To | the Memory of | ROBERT GRAY | of | Temple
Hill Blackrock | County Dublin | Born January 3rd 1792 | died December 25th
1871 | "Behold, I shew you a mystery, | we shall not all sleep, | but we shall
all be changed, | in a moment, | in the twinkling of an eye, | at the last
trump" | 1 Cor. XV. 51. 52

GRAY Memorial Tablet

Inscription on number 092:  Sacred | To the Memory of | MARGARET SILL, the
beloved wife of ROBT. GRAY | Temple Hill Blackrock County Dublin | who
departed this life on the 13th of January 1851 aged 42 years | As mother and
wife she was exemplary | and discharged those duties which the Christian
character | confers, and which the Christian can alone sustain | "Blessed are
the dead which die in the Lord from the henceforth: | Yea, saith the Spirit,
that they may rest from their labours; | and their works do follow them" |
Revelations XIV. 13
Tablet at base:  Her remains are deposited | in the Family Vault underneath.

In Remembrance of | CHARLES LOPBELL | Castle Lodge, Gort, County Galway, J.P.
| Interred in Grave A15 - 310 | on 26th February, 1837 | Also his Grand-
children interred with him, | the daughters of | MARION and THOMAS
O'SHAUGHNESSY, | Solicitor of this City | ANNE 12th March 1849 | MARY ANNE
19thMarch 1856

In Loving Memory | of | JANE THOMSON WRIGHT | beloved wife of | WILLIAM
CRAWFORD WRIGHT | Born in Dublin 8th Dec. 1869 | died in Belfast 5th Sept.
1937 | Interred Soldierstown, Co. Antrim


Inscription on number 096:  In Memory of | The Reverend TRESHAM DAMES GREGG,
D.D. | for many years Chaplain of Swifts Alley Free Church and | subsequently
of St. Nicholas Within Dublin. He was a man of enlarged | capacity, great
acquirements, and of conspicuous ability as a public | speaker, an earnest and
devoted Minister of the Reformed Church | of Ireland, a profound Theologian, a
most learned and skilled | controversialist, he faithfully exposed the errors
of Romanism, | and won triumphs for the truth in a great public discussion |
in The Rotunda Dublin, in the year 1838. | He founded the Dublin Protestant
Operative Association, and directed | its proceedings for many years, with
much success, unselfish in character, | unswerving in principal, he devoted
his energies to the promotion of | God's glory and the good of his fellow men,
respected by the public, | admired by his friends, and beloved by his family.
He fell asleep in Jesus | on the 28th October 1881, in the 82nd year of his
age | 2. Timothy IV. 7. 8.

In Loving Remembrance of | WILLIE | only son of WM. and ELLEN GRAHAM |
(Stillorgan, Co. Dublin) | Trusting in Jesus he passed from this life | April
10th 1880, aged 21 years | His graces so gifted, loving and true, | are sweet
flowers of remembrance, to all whom he knew | "Blessed are the pure in heart"

A | Tribute of Affection | & Esteem To the Memory of | WILLIAM GRAHAM J.P. |
Born in Dublin May 11 1829 | called to his rest eternal May 22 1912 | at his
residence Glentaner, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin. | Beloved & regretted as a
sincere friend. | Calm on the bosom of thy God | Fair spirit rest thee now |
E'en while on earth thy footsteps trod | His seal was on thy brow | "They
dwell under His shadow | shall return" Hosea. 14.7. | Psalms. 91. 1.

WILLIAM GRAHAM Memorial Tablet
Base:  "Blessed are the dead | which die in the Lord" | Rev. 14 Chap.13 Verse

Inscription on number 100:  Sacred To the Memory of | WILLIAM GRAHAM | (son of
the late | JAMES GRAHAM M.D. | of Cashel - and son in law of | ROBERT GRAY
Esqre of Tempel Hill) | who died on the 8th of Feby. 1864 | aged 33 years |
Beloved by his relations and justly | esteemed and honored by his numerous |
friends he lived unselfish even | doing good for those who needed. | This
Tablet is erected by his | sorrowing widow and by his brother | Captain J.
GRAHAM | to commemorate their undying | affection and esteem for the best |
and kindest husband and brother.

JAMES DUDGEON Memorial Tablet

Inscription no number 102:  Sacred To the Memory of | JAMES DUDGEON Esqre |
third son of | JAMES DUDGEON Esqre | of Upper Fitzwilliam Street, | in this
City | who died at Paris, on 10th May 1875, | aged 50 years. | Beloved by all
who knew him | "Just as I am without one plea | but that my blood was shed for
me | And that thou bidd'st me come to thee | On Lamb of God, I come" | This
Tablet | is erected in remembrance of | her beloved husband by | LIZZIE

PATRICK REID Memorial Tablet
Base: "Them also that sleep in Jesus | will God bring with him" | 1 Thess. 4.
C. 14. V.

Inscription on number 104:  Sacred To the Memory of | PATRICK REID Esqr | an
eminent Merchant of this City | who departed this life | at Holmston House |
in the County of Dublin on | the 17th January 1864 | in his 79th year | This
Tablet is erected by | a privileged few who enjoyed his | friendship and who
cherish | a grateful recollection | of the untiring kindness, unswerving |
integrity and sterling worth | of their departed friend.

Sacred to the Memory of | Sir PHILIP CRAMPTON Bart, M.D. F.R.S. | Born June
7th 1777 | died June 10th 1858 | Universally honored beloved and lamented | at
the age of 81. | This Tablet is erected to the best of fathers | by his
children | "When the ear heard him then it blessed him | and when the eye saw
him it gave witness to him"

Sacred To the Memory of | RICHARD JAMES | Late Band Master of | the 4th Royal
Irish Dragoon Guards, | died 13th October 1862, aged 41 years | Erected by the
Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers | and Men of the Regiment, | as a token of
esteem and regard.

To the Glory of God | and In Memory of | Rev. JAMES HARRISON A.B. | Late Vicar
of Ballykean, Diocese of Kildare, | who died 5th May 1885 | And his beloved
wife | ELIZABETH | who died 27th January 1904 | Also their children | JOHN
WILLIAM | died 10th April 1873 | LOUIS AUGUSTUS | died 2nd May 1877 | CHARLES
| died 22nd May 1903 | JAMES | died 25th December 1925 | and are interred in
this Cemetery | "Safe in the arms of Jesus"

Sacred | To the Memory of | JAMES EDWARD BRADSHAW | Lieutenant 4th Light
Dragoons | died 22nd Jany. 1861 | in his 21st year | Erected by | his brother

These Tablets have been erected by | LOUIS A. HARRISON 1948 | (Refers to
text/photograph numbers 108 and 109)

VICTORIAN CHAPEL | Glass window:  A | 1847 | D | (Widow is on the left side of
the front of the Chapel as per text/photograph number 001)

VICTORIAN CHAPEL | Glass window:  A | 1845 | D | (Widow is on the right side
of the front of the Chapel as per text/photograph number 001)

In Affectionate Remembrance of The Honble Mrs SCOTT | who entered into rest
16th April 1868 | in the 70th year of her age | The beloved wife of | The Revd.
THOMAS SCOTT | and youngest daughter of the First Lord Lismore | Her delight
was to do the work of God | and to add to the sum of human happiness | "Dead in
Christ" 1 Thess IV. 15