Ballyshannon Methodist Circuit Churches Marriages, County Donegal, Ireland 1872-1930
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Transcribed By George Armstrong
Proni. Mic/1e/35 & Mic/ 1e/38
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Key: (not list) = (not listed) *=as listed  Meth Ch. = Methodist Church.

*The locations of the Churches was in Donegal close to Fermanagh. Many of the residences were Fermanagh and other locations.
Pettigoe is on the border of Donegal and Fermanagh. Beleek is in Fermanagh.

CHURCH                           MARRIAGE     GROOMS                 GROOMS       AGE     STATUS      OCCUPATION              ABODE                                       GROOMS FATHER           OCCUPATION	        BRIDES NAME                BRIDES         AGE       STATUS    OCCUPATION                ABODE                                                BRIDES FATHER          OCCUPATION          MARRIED/                  LICENCE/	WITNESSES                                    COMMENTS
				 DATE	      NAME		     SURNAME																					   SURNAME																			RECORDED BY		  BANNS							     SEE BELOW
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               7/3/1872     Andrew                 KIRKPATRICK  F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Tullywee, Parish of Laghy??                 Andrew Kirkpatrick      Farmer		Catherine                  Henderson      F/A       Spinster  not listed                Drumawark, Parish of Templecarn                      James Henderson        Farmer              Hugh McGahie              not listed	Caldwell Henderson & Isabella McGee?
Meth. Chap., Belleek             14/2/1877    John                   GRAHAM       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Drumgrow                                    Christopher Graham      Farmer		Jane                       Green          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Lurgan                                               Guy Green              Farmer              James Frazer              Licence	William Owens & Annie Macartney
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               27/2/1879    William                IRVINE       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Drumharvey, Parish of Derryvullan           Thomas Irvine           Farmer		Mary                       Moore          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Gortnessy (Gortinessy?), Parish of Templecarn        William John Moore     Farmer              John Crawford Trotter     Licence	John G--ertt?? & Eliza Moore
Meth. Ch, Parish of Drumkeeran   29/5/1880    Thomas                 HETHERINGTON F/A     Bachelor    Draper                  Town of Pettigoe                            Robert Hetherington     Farmer		Annie E.                   Craig          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Town of Sligo                                        Charles Craig          Farmer              N.J. Warner               Licence	Christopher Robinson & Martha Ellis
Meth. Chap., Belleek             30/6/1880    Andrew John            NELSON       20      Bachelor    Watchmaker              Ballyshannon                                James Nelson            Clerk			Henrietta                  Irvine         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Ballyshannon                                         Henry Irvine           Tailor              William Ludlow            Licence	David Hanna & Mary E. Hanna
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               13/1/1881    William Robert         MOORE        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Drumnalagh????                              William Moore           Farmer		Catherine Jane             Moore          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Carrecoutre (Carrickoughter?)                        James Moore            Farmer              John Johnston             Licence	James Moore & C.J. Moore
Meth. Chap., Belleek             27/7/1881    Robert                 ROBINSON     F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Bundoran                                    James Robinson          Farmer		Catherine                  Armstrong      F/A       Spinster  not listed                Bundoran                                             Simon Armstrong        Farmer              M. Douglas                Licence	Robert Gordon & Kate (illegible)
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               6/7/1882     John                   GILMORE      F/A     Bachelor    Merchant                Town of Pettigoe                            James Gilmore           Farmer		Margaret                   Falls          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Lowery                                               John Falls             Farmer              John Johnston             Licence	James Falls & Anna Johnston
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               21/9/1882    James                  FALLS        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Lowery                                      John Falls              Farmer		Lizzie                     Crawford       20        Spinster  not listed                Cullion                                              John? Crawford         Farmer              Andrew McIlwaine          Licence	J. Crawford & Anna Johnston
Meth. Chap., Belleek             28/8/1883    Hugh                   HASSARD      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  White--eks??, Church Hill                   Francis Hassard         Farmer		Margaret                   Dundas         F/A       Spinster  not listed                                                                     Aaron Dundas           Farmer              Gabriel Coulter           Licence	W. J. Johnston & Martha Hassard
Meth. Chap., Belleek             2/4/1885     Richard                VANCE        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Garvanagh                                   Alex Vance              Farmer		Letitia                    Lone           F/A       Spinster  not listed                Grouse Lodge                                         John Lone              Farmer              James Elliott             Licence	Robert Loane & Jane Loane
Meth. Chap., Belleek             14/7/1885    John                   MCCLELLAND   F/A     Bachelor    Chemist                 Ballyshannon                                John McClelland         Farmer		Anne Jane                  Thompson       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Ballyshannon                                         Thomas Thompson        Merchant            James Elliott             Licence	Robert Ker (as record) & Robert Johnston
Meth. Chap., Belleek             30/9/1885    Thomas                 JOHNSTON     F/A     Widower     illegible               Enniskillen                                 Thomas Johnston         Farmer		Eliza Jane                 Hogg           F/A       Spinster  not listed                Bundoran                                             Mathew Hogg            Farmer              Robert Johnston           Licence	John R. Johnston & James Dixon
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               11/3/1886    John                   IRVINE       F/A     Widower     Farmer                  Lurganboy                                   Alexander? Irvine       Farmer		Sarah                      Bird           F/A       Spinster  not listed                Gortnagullion                                        John Bird              Farmer              James Elliott             Licence	Robert Irvine & Maggie A. Meldrum
Meth. Chap., Belleek             14/5/1886    William                FRAZER       F/A     Widower     Labourer                Bundoran                                    Hans Frazer             Farmer		Elizabeth                  Crawford       F/A       Spinster  Shop keeper               Bundoran                                             George Crawford        Cabinet Maker       Robert Johnston           Licence	William C. Wray & (illegible)
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               8/6/1886     James                  GILMORE      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Cornacrea                                   James Gilmore           Farmer		Lizzie Anne                Loane          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Grouse Hall                                          John Loane             Farmer              James Elliott             Licence	Alexander Gilmore & Eliza Jane Elliott
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               30/9/1886    James                  HENDERSON    F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Cabra (Cabragh?)                            George Henderson        Farmer		Sarah Jane                 Henderson      F/A       Spinster  not listed                Cesaskilty (Sessiaghkeelta?)                         James Henderson        Farmer              Henry Kennedy             Licence	William Henderson & William John Henderson
Meth. Chap., Belleek             20/8/1888    Crawford James         DUNDAS       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Drumgrow                                    William Dundas          Farmer		Elizabeth Anne             Johnston       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Bolustia???                                          Thomas Johnston        Farmer              James Elliott             Licence	Simon Johnston & Isabella Johnston
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               19/2/1889    John                   SPENCE       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Banagh (Bannagh?)                           John Spence             Farmer		Jane                       Funston        F/A       Spinster  not listed                Clonilly (Clonelly?)                                 Henry Funston          Farmer              George Barnes             not list.	Henry Funston & Lizzie Funston
Meth. Chap., Belleek             20/3/1889    David                  KNOX         F/A     Bachelor    Commercial Traveller    Derry & Belleek                             William Knox            Merchant		Ellen                      Donaldson      F/A       Spinster  not listed                Clyhone                                              John Donaldson         Merchant            William McMullin          Licence	George Row Webster & Anna McMullin
Meth. Chap., Belleek             29/10/1889   Joseph                 ELLIOTT      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Lurgan, Ballyshannon                        William Elliott         Farmer		Margaret                   Moore          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Glassmullagh??, Ballyshannon                         John Moore             Farmer              Gabriel Coulter           Licence	Richard Freeborn & Catherine Moore
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           26/6/1890    John                   STRONG       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Shanagho??, Ballintra                       not listed              not listed		Margaret                   Elliott        F/A       Spinster  not listed                Lurgan, Ballyshannon                                 William Elliott        Farmer              Gabriel Coulter           Licence	A. Love & Emily M. McClay
Meth. Chap., Belleek             2/3/1891     John                   ACHESON      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Gurteen, Garrison                           James Acheson           Farmer		Mary Jane                  Maye           F/A       Spinster  not listed                Gurteen, Garrison                                    John Maye              Farmer              Gabriel Coulter           Licence	Robert Maye & Joseph McVitty
Meth. Chap., Belleek             16/6/1891    John                   MCBRIEN      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Roscor (Rosscor??), Belleek                 Thomas McBrien          Farmer		Elizabeth                  McBrien        F/A       Spinster  not listed                Lower Ardees, Belleek                                John McBrien           Farmer              Gabriel Coulter           Licence	John McBrien & John Mills
Meth. Chap., Belleek             15/7/1891    Robert                 WHITTAKER    F/A     Bachelor    Merchant                Church Hill                                 Robert Whittaker        Farmer		Eliza Jane                 Johnston       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Boheveney (Bohevny?), Church Hill                    John Johnston          Farmer              Gabriel Coulter           Licence	William Ovens & Jane Corrigan
Meth. Chap., Belleek             15/7/1891    James                  MCKINSTRY    F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Moss Side, Dunmurray, Co. Antrim            James McKinstry         Farmer		Sarah Ellen                Blair          F/A       Spinster  not listed                illegible, Garrison                                  William Blair          Farmer              Gabriel Coulter           Licence	Edward Blair & Lizzie McKinstry
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               11/2/1892    William                BLEAKLEY     F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Cabra (Cabragh?), Irvinestown               Charles Bleakley        Farmer		Martha Jane                Loane          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Grouse Lodge, Pettigoe                               John Loane             Farmer              John Coulter              Licence	Robert Loane & A. Coulter
Meth. Chap., Belleek             13/5/1892    Robert                 MORROW       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Bolusty Beg                                 Andrew Morrow           Farmer		Jane                       Corrigan       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Church Hill                                          Edward Corrigan        Farmer              James Dixon               Licence	Edward Morrow & Lizzie A. Corrigan
Meth. Ch, Bundoran               13/9/1892    Benjamin Irvine        GORRELL      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Kinine                                      Robert Gorrell          Farmer		Martha                     Gilmore        F/A       Spinster  not listed                Bundoran                                             Robert Gilmore         Farmer              Moses Douglas             Licence	Thomas Armstrong & Margaret Jane Wilson
Meth. Ch, Kilbarron              22/9/1892    John George            PATTERSON    F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Carricknahorna                              William Patterson       Farmer		Margaret                   Ferguson       F/A       Spinster  Schoolteacher             Carricknahorna                                       John Ferguson          Schoolteacher       Moses Douglas             Licence	James Lipsett & Maggie Ferguson
Meth. Chap., Belleek             27/10/1892   James Robert           ACHESON      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Gorteen                                     Robert Acheson          Farmer		Matilda                    Johnston       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Boheveney (Bohevny?)                                 Thomas Johnston        Farmer              Moses Douglas             Licence	John William Johnston & Lena Johnston
Meth. Chap., Belleek             9/3/1893     Alexander              BROCK        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Glen West                                   William Brock           Farmer		Mary Jane                  Carson         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Gortnana????                                         John Carson            Farmer              Moses Douglas             Licence	Thomas Smith?? & Elizabeth Orr
Meth. Ch, Kilbarron              14/2/1894    Thomas McMillan        REOCK        F/A     Bachelor    Plasterer               Ballyshannon                                John Reock              Plasterer		Catherine Fluid (as record)Vincent        F/A       Spinster  Laundress                 Ballyshannon                                         William Vincent        Labourer            Moses Douglas             Licence	William Thomson (as record) & Kate Bannon
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               6/12/1894    Thomas                 MONTGOMERY   F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Whitehill, Irvinestown                      William Montgomery      Farmer		Cassie                     Strong         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Aughadoey (Aghadowey?), Ballintra                    William Strong         Farmer              William Addy              Licence	Archie Funston & Annie Magee
Meth. Ch, Kilbarron              15/5/1895    Robert                 MARSHALL     F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Carricknahorna                              William Marshall        Farmer		Mary Jane                  Bruce          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Teevebrack (Tievebrack?)                             James Bruce            Farmer              William Caldwell          Licence	Thomas Farrell & Eliza Bruce
Meth. Ch, Kilbarron              26/8/1896    Alexander William      DONALDSON    F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Clyhone, Belleek                            John Donaldson          Farmer & Merchant	Elizabeth Catherine        Crawford       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Cullion, Pettigoe                                    Isaac Crawford         Farmer              Jones Whitla              Licence	Robert Donaldson & Helena Ann Crawford
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           23/9/1897    Francis                ROULSTON     F/A     Bachelor    Blacksmith              Brookboro, Co. Fermanagh                    William Roulston        Blacksmith		Mary Elizabeth             Howe           F/A       Spinster  not listed                Bundoran, Co. Donegal                                John Howe              Blacksmith          William R. Carson         Licence	David Scott & Letitia Gunn?
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           14/4/1898    Andrew                 GRAHAM       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Durnish (Durnesh?), Drumholm, Ballintra     John Graham             Farmer		Rebecca                    Thompson       not list. Spinster  not listed                Drumholm, Ballintra                                  William Thompson       Farmer              Henry J. Munton           Licence	Andrew Thompson & Fanny Graham
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           23/6/1898    John                   SCOTT        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Glassboly (Glasbolie?)                      John Scott              Farmer		Isabella                   Moore          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Glassboly (Glasbolie?)                               John Moore             Farmer              Henry J. Munton           Licence	Hamilton Bustard? & Lizzie Moore
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           17/1/1899    David Agustus          COULTER      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Boynea (Boyney?)                            John Coulter            Farmer		Elizabeth Catherine        Thompson       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Alla                                                 James Thompson         Farmer              John Hadden               Licence	Thomas Bell & Mary Jane Henderson
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               6/4/1899     John Robert            BEATTY       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Farnamullen, Lisbellaw                      John Beatty             Farmer		Rebecca                    Johnston       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Gortnagullion, Pettigoe                              William John Johnston  Farmer              Jones Whitla              Licence	Francis Knox & Annie Knox
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           11/10/1899   Edward                 BLAIR        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Garrison, Co. Fermanagh                     George Blair            Farmer		Isabella                   Johnston       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Carran Beg                                           Thomas Johnston        Farmer              John Hadden               Licence	William Ovens? & Harriett Anderson
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           12/4/1900    Paul                   KENER        F/A     Bachelor    Waiter in Hotel         Magazine Street, Londonderry                Fritz Kener             Architect		Elizabeth                  Thompson       F/A       Spinster  Milliner                  Drumholm, Ballintra                                  William Thompson       Farmer              Thomas Orr                Licence	Paul S. Smyth & Jennie? Thompson
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           22/8/1900    Andrew                 NESBITT      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Ardfarren?? (Ardbarren?), Co. Tyrone        Robert Nesbitt          Farmer		Elizabeth Eleanor          Jackson        F/A       Spinster  not listed                Lurgan, Co. Donegal                                  James Jackson          Farmer              Thomas Orr                Licence	Absalom Jackson & Jennie Jackson
Meth. Chap., Belleek             6/12/1900    Thomas James           MCBRIEN      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Ardiss???? Upper, Co. Fermanagh             James McBrien           Farmer		Catherine                  Bruce          F/A       Spinster  Farmers daughter          Tullycherry (Tullychurry?), Co. Fermanagh            Thomas Bruce           Farmer              Albert E. Glanville       Licence	John Mills & Emma E. Currie
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           20/3/1901    William                MORROW       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Rockhill, Drumholm                          Alexander Morrow        Farmer		Eliza                      Bruce          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Trecelock?????, Co. Donegal                          James Bruce            Farmer              Thomas Orr                Licence	Andrew Morrow & Mary Jane Mackey
Meth. Chap., Belleek             9/4/1902     George                 WARREN       F/A     Bachelor    Commercial Traveller    Ballincar, Co. Sligo                        George Warren           Farmer		Florence Eleanor           Macbrien       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Drumenagh Beg, Parish Innishmacsaint, Co. Fermanagh  Archibald Macbrien     Architect           William H. Weir           Licence	Young Warren & Eva Macbrien
Meth. Chap., Belleek             28/4/1902    John William           JOHNSTON     F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Boheveny (Bohevny?), Co Fermanagh           John Johnston           Farmer		Annie                      Donaldson      F/A       Spinster  Farmers daughter          Drumcrow, Co. Fermanagh                              David Donaldson        Farmer              William H. Weir           Licence	James Carson & Helena M. Johnston
Meth. Chap., Belleek             28/5/1902    William James          CRAWFORD     F/A     Bachelor    Servant                 Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal                   Samuel Crawford         Farmer		Mary                       Downey         F/A       Spinster  Servant                   West Pore, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal                 Patrick Downey         Farmer              Thomas Walmsley           Licence	Joseph Keenan & Lizzie Elliott
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               28/1/1904    Joseph James           MCCREA       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Gortnagullion, Kesh                         Edward McCrea           Farmer		Elizabeth Anne             Spence         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Clonelly, Co. Fermanagh                              William Spence         Merchant            Charles A. Cronhelm????   Licence	William W. Read & E.J. Dundas
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           10/8/1904    John                   GREEN        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Lurgan, Co. Donegal                         Guy Green               Farmer		Elizabeth                  Moore          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Glasbolie, Co. Donegal                               John Moore             Farmer              James Dickson             Licence	John Wilson & Minnie Bustard
Meth. Chap., Belleek             23/8/1904    Nixon                  ANDERSON     F/A     Bachelor    Grocer                  Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal                   Alexander Anderson      Farmer		Ada                        Coulter        F/A       Spinster  not listed                Derryherk, Co. Leitrim                               Thomas Coulter         Farmer              James Dixon               Licence	Stuart Coulter & Lily Coulter
Meth. Chap., Belleek             13/10/1904   Oliver                 RAMSEY       F/A     Bachelor    Railway Porter          East Port, Ballyshannon                     William Ramsey          Farmer		Margarita                  Swanston       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Bundoran                                             William Swanston       Farmer              James Dickson             Licence	Hamilton Steenson & Maggie McFeeters
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               24/11/1904   James                  MCCUTCHEON   F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Rushen (Rushin?)                            Robert McCutcheon       Farmer		Margaret                   Clinton        F/A       Spinster  not listed                Tullylark                                            Alexander Clinton      Farmer              Charles A. Cronhelm????   Licence	Mary Carson & Robert Crawford
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           3/4/1905     Francis                ELLIOTT      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Cordiver                                    Francis Elliott         Farmer		Margaret Jane              Patterson      F/A       Spinster  not listed                Higginstown                                          James Patterson        Farmer              James Dickson             Licence	William John Elliott & Margaret Patterson
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               8/2/1906     John                   WILSON       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Rossnowlagh, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal      Abraham Wilson          Farmer		Fannie A.                  Clendinning    F/A       Spinster  not listed                Rushenbane (Rushinbane?), Pettigoe, Co. Fermanagh    William Clendinning    Farmer              John Coulter              Licence	Thomas Kee & Meta F. Collins
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               5/6/1906     John                   MCCUTCHEON   F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Rushenbane (Rushinbane?), Pettigoe          Robert McCutcheon       Farmer		Eliza Jane                 Clendinning    F/A       Spinster  not listed                Rushenbane (Rushinbane?), Pettigoe, Co. Fermanagh    William Clendinning    Farmer              John Coulter              Licence	James Clinton & Meta F. Collins
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               21/2/1907    Samuel                 WILSON       F/A     Bachelor    Warehouse Man           17 Woodvale Road, Belfast                   Christopher Wilson      Farmer		Mary E.                    Read           F/A       Spinster  not listed                Pettigoe, Co. Donegal                                Robert Read            Merchant            John Coulter              Licence	James Wilson & Rebecca Jane Read
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           11/4/1907    Andrew                 BRUCE        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Tullycherry (Tullychurry?), Co. Fermanagh   James Bruce             Farmer		Fanny J.                   Carruthers     F/A       Spinster  not listed                Tullycherry (Tullychurry?), Co. Fermanagh            Alexander Carruthers   Farmer              James Dickson             Licence	A.K. Cathers & Sarah Jane Brandon
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           7/8/1907     Philip James           WOODS        F/A     Bachelor    Designer                Belfast                                     Hugh Woods              Surveyor		Florence Edith             Quin           Minor     Spinster  not listed                Belfast                                              Stewart B. Quin        illegible           John G. Whittaker         Special Lic.   William E. Pye & Fanny Johnston
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           4/9/1907     Robert                 STINSON      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Ballynag-----???, Co. Donegal               James Stinson           Farmer		Mary Jane                  Elliott        F/A       Spinster  not listed                Alla, Co. Donegal                                    Thomas Elliott         Farmer              John G. Whittaker         Licence	Jamey McClay & Elizabeth McClay
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           24/4/1908    Francis                HUNTER       F/A     Bachelor    Grocer                  Bundoran                                    Francis Hunter          Farmer		Eleanor Hannah             Kirke          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Bundoran                                             William Kirke          Farmer              John G. Whittaker         Licence	James Kirke & Eileen Donah? Mary Hamilton
Meth. Chap., Belleek             30/9/1908    Robert George          WOOD         F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Boheveny (Bohevny?), Church Hill            Robert Wood             Farmer		Isabella                   Johnston       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Boheveny (Bohevny?), Church Hill                     Robert Johnston        Farmer              Richard Green             Licence	Archibald Wood & Catherine Jane Johnston
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               13/4/1909    William West           READ         F/A     Bachelor    Draper                  Pettigoe                                    Robert Read             Draper		Margaret Florina           Collins        F/A       Spinster  not listed                Mill Street, Pettigoe                                John S. Collins        Draper              W. Clarke                 Licence	Robert Moffitt & May Collins
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           24/6/1909    Andrew                 CHAPMAN      F/A     Bachelor    Shop Assistant          Sligo                                       Arthur Chapman          Farmer		Matilda                    Strong         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Rossnowlagh                                          Adam Strong            Farmer              A.A. Crawford             Licence	Mary Strong & Samuel Chapman
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           1/9/1909     Francis John           DUNDAS       F/A     Widower     Engineer                Cashelnadrea, Co. Fermanagh                 Wilson Dundas           Farmer		Mary Jane                  Walsh          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Knocknashangan, Co. Fermanagh                        James Henry Walsh      Farmer              W.J. Rooney               Licence	Thomas L. Dundas & Eliza Jane Dundas
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               9/12/1909    John                   MILLS        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Aghnablaney                                 Edward Mills            Farmer		Georgina                   Devitt         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Brookhill                                            John Devitt            Farmer              W. Clarke                 Licence	Lewis Graham & Maggie Moore
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               19/1/1910    Joseph                 KNOX         F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Drumgivery, Ederny                          Andy Knox               Farmer		Maggie Jane                Bell           17        Spinster  Teacher                   Gortnessy (Gortinessy?), Pettigoe                    William Bell           Farmer              W. Clarke                 Licence	Bob Bell & Susan Irwin
Meth. Chap., Belleek             30/3/1910    John                   WILSON       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Bunahone, Church Hill                       William Wilson          Farmer		Isabella                   Morrow         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Portnaclyduff (Portnacloyaduff?), Church Hill        Andrew Morrow          Farmer              Edward Whittaker          Licence	Robert William Johnston & Lizzie Ferguson
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           15/5/1912    William Robert         DIXON        F/A     Bachelor    Railway Officer         Bundoran                                    Henry Dixon             Railway Officer	Caroline Ellen             McCullagh      F/A       Spinster  Milliner & Draper         Bundoran                                             John McCullagh         Farmer              Gabriel J. Spence         Licence	Ernest Gilmore & Edith M. Beacom
Meth. Chap., Belleek             9/10/1912    Thomas Lytle           DUNDAS       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Cashelnadrea, Co. Fermanagh                 William Dundas          Farmer		Catherine Elizabeth        Wandsworth     F/A       Spinster  Farmers daughter          Slisgarrow, Co. Fermanagh                            John Wandsworth        Farmer              Edward Whittaker          Licence	William Ovens & Matilda J. Hamilton
Meth. Chap., Belleek             11/2/1913    Edward                 HALL         F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Tonagh, Derrygonnelly                       Edward Hall             Farmer		Anne                       Dundas         F/A       Widow     Farmer                    Dristernan, Derrygonnelly                            William Moore          Farmer              Edward Whittaker          Licence	Thomas E. Hall & Lilly Graham
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               11/6/1913    Samuel Henry           CORRELL      F/A     Bachelor    Shopkeeper              Carnew????                                  Samuel Correll          Merchant		Elizabeth                  Devitt         F/A       Spinster  Milliner                  Brookhill, Letter, Co. Fermanagh                     John Devitt            Farmer              W.J. Young                Licence	Arthur Webster & Meta Devitt
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           14/10/1913   Andrew                 CORR         F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Mount Charles, Co. Donegal                  Thomas Corr             Farmer		Margaret                   Patterson      F/A       Spinster  Farmers daughter          Ballyshannon                                         William Patterson      Farmer              Thomas Walmsley           Licence	John Morrow & E.J. Drysdale
Meth. Chap., Belleek             25/2/1914    Edward Hall            MORROW       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Portnacloyaduff, Church Hill                Andrew Morrow           Farmer		Elizabeth Ellen            Johnston       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Carrick, Derrygonnelly                               James Johnston         Farmer              Edward Whittaker          Licence	George Ferguson & Ralie(as record) Johnston
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               4/3/1914     Nathaniel R.           READ         F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Pettigoe, Co. Donegall                      Robert Read             Shopkeeper		Elizabeth                  Spence         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Clonelly, Pettigoe, Co. Fermanagh                    James Spence           Farmer              J. Johnston               Licence	Harwell C. Spence & William J. R. Collins
Meth. Chap., Belleek             23/5/1916    Mathew                 HAMMOND      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Lismintan, Co. Donegal                      John Hammond            Farmer		Ethel Wilhelmina Margretta Earls          F/A       Spinster  not listed                Slavin, Belleek                                      Edward Earls           Farmer              Edward Bennett            Licence	James Anderson & Mary Jane Likely????
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           17/10/1916   Wesley                 MCCAUSLAND   Minor   Bachelor    Soldier                 Finns?? Camp, Ballyshannon                  David McCausland        Railway Official	Selina Elizabeth           Wilson         Minor     Spinster  Railways Official's dau.  Camlin                                               John Wilson            Miller              John Cullen               Licence	David Wilson & Edith Walker
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               21/2/1917    Frank                  ROBINSON     F/A     Bachelor    Methodist Minister      Drumclay??, Enniskllen                      William Robinson        not listed		Edith Jane                 McCrea         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Aghalan (Aghalaan?), Pettigoe                        George McCrea          Merchant            Edward Bennett            Licence	S.C. Robinson & Eva E. McCrea
Meth. Chap., Belleek             6/3/1918     Edward Bailey          HASSARD      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Tully, Church Hill                          Jason Hassard           Farmer		Sarah                      Fowler         F/A       Spinster  Farmers daughter          Church Hill, Co. Fermanagh                           Robert Fowler          Farmer              Alex M. Ludlow            Licence	William K. Hassard & Mary E. McKeague
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           24/4/1918    Barbour Alexander      REGAN        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Muninane??, Cashelgarron, Sligo             Thomas Regan            Farmer		Edith                      Wallace        F/A       Spinster  not listed                Derngloughlin??, Tullaghan, Co. Leitrim              Lewis Wallace          Farmer              William Telford Dennison  Licence	Thomas William Dickson & Lily Regan
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           26/2/1919    Thomas                 KINCADE      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Connagher, Derrygonnelly                    William Kincade         Farmer		Caroline Ellen             Saunderson     F/A       Spinster  not listed                Drumreask, Church Hill                               Robert Saunderson      Farmer              William Telford Dennison  Licence	Francis Dundas & Mary Jane Ferguson
Meth. Chap., Belleek             27/2/1919    Wesley A.              BRUCE        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Tullycherry (Tullychurry?), Belleek         William Bruce           Farmer		Mary                       Cathcart       F/A       Spinster  not listed                Carn, Pettigoe, Co. Donegal                          John Cathcart          Farmer              Edward Bennett            Licence	James Cathcart & Helena Lucy Bruce
Meth. Chap., Belleek             16/4/1919    Christopher            ROSS         F/A     Bachelor    Police clerk            Belleek, Co. Fermanagh                      Edward Ross             Merchant		Isabella Elizabeth Jane    Knox           F/A       Spinster  not listed                Staffordshire, England                               John Knox              Farmer              Edward Bennett            Licence	E.F. Johnston & L.M. Maud Lyons
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               29/5/1919    George                 STRONG       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Larmore, Clonelly, Pettigoe                 Arthur Freeburn Strong  Merchant		Henrietta Mete             Coulter        F/A       Spinster  not listed                Larmore, Clonelly, Pettigoe                          James Coulter          Farmer              Edward Bennett            Licence	John Coulter & Minnie Coulter
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           13/5/1920    Wesley                 ACHESON      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Glen West, Garrison, Co. Fermanagh          Robert Acheson          Farmer		Anne Jane                  Graham         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Manger, Ballyshannon                                 Robert Graham          Farmer              William Telford Dennison  Licence	David Graham & Elizabeth Elliott
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               16/9/1920    James Frederick        ADDY         F/A     Bachelor    Pharmaceutical Chemist  73/ Main Street, Bangor, Co. Down           Edward Thomas Addy      Farm Merchant		Annie Sophia               McCrea         F/A       Spinster  Chemist                   Aghalawn (Aghalaan?), Pettigo, Co. Fermanagh         George McCrea          Merchant            James Gibson              Licence	Sidney Lowden & Eva Elizabeth McCrea
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               2/3/1921     Samuel                 MAXWELL      24      Bachelor    Farmer                  Tullydoortans??, Castlederg                 Samuel Maxwell          Farmer		Ethel Jane                 Wark           22        Spinster  Farmers daughter          Rossharbour, Pettigoe                                William Wark           Farmer              James Gibson              Licence	James C. Maxwell & Minnie Ellen Wark
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               14/8/1924    Robert Lipsett         SPENCE       F/A     Bachelor    Merchant                Clonelly, Co. Fermanagh                     William Spence          Merchant		Florence Isabel            McCrea         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Aughalane House, Clonelly, Co. Fermanagh             George McCrea          Merchant            Thomas Walmsley           Licence	James Spence & Kathleen McCrea
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               18/3/1925    William Henry          SPENCE       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Banagh, Clonelly, Co. Fermanagh             John Spence             Farmer		Elizabeth Jane             Wilson         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Townavanney, Letter                                  Thomas Wilson          Farmer              Thomas Walmsley           Licence	William John Wilson & Emma Spence
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           16/7/1925    David                  MAHON        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Garvanagh, Cavengarden                      Andrew Mahon            Farmer		Elizabeth                  Watson         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Dromore, Ballintra                                   James Watson           Farmer              W. Clarke                 Licence	Alex Mahon & Mary Watson
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               7/7/1926     Albert Ernest          EARLS        F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Slavin (Slawin??), Belleek, Co. Fermanagh   Edward Earls            Farmer		Mary Anne                  Walmsley       F/A       Spinster  Farmers Daughter          Drumbadmeen??, Belleek, Co. Fermanagh                JohnWalmsley           Farmer              Thomas Walmsley           Licence	George Earls & Katie Walmsley
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               24/9/1926    Frederick B.           MILNE        F/A     Bachelor    Captain R.U.S.C.        Clonelly, Co. Fermanagh                     George Fred Milne       illegible		Mary Elliott               McCrea         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Aughalane (Aghalaan?), Clonelly, Co. Fermanagh       George McCrea          Merchant & Farmer   Thomas Walmsley           Licence	G. Spence, (illegible) McCrea & George McCrea
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               25/1/1927    William                MCDOWELL     F/A     Bachelor    Engine Driver           Lowery, Tullyhommon, Pettigoe               illegible               Whitesmith		Sarah Jones                Kyle           F/A       Spinster  not listed                Lowery, Tullyhommon, Pettigoe                        Robert (????) Kyle     illegible           Thomas Walmsley           Licence	William Kyle & Elizabeth M. Kyle
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               24/2/1927    George Edward Mowbray  MCCREA       F/A     Bachelor    Merchant                Aghalaan, Clonelly                          George McCrea           Merchant & Farmer	Harriett Wilhelmina        Spence         F/A       Spinster  Farmers daughter          Bannagh, Clonelly                                    James Spence           Farmer              Henry R. Armstrong        Licence	Fred James McCrea & Kathleen w. McCrea
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           3/1/1929     James                  CRAWFORD     F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Rosscat, Rossnowlagh, Co. Donegal           John Crawford           Farmer		Elizabeth                  Greene         F/A       Spinster  Farmers daughter          Lurgan, Cavengarden, Co. Donegal                     John Greene            Farmer              Francis Moran             Licence	John Crawford & Janie Greene
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               19/3/1930    William Andrew         JOHNSTON     F/A     Bachelor    Mechanic                Coal Island, Co. Tyrone                     Mervyn Johnston         Farmer		Dorothy Isabel             Henderson      F/A       Spinster  School Teacher            Pettigoe, Co. Donegal                                Andrew Henderson       Farmer              Frederick McIvor          Licence	Robert E. Johnston & Olive J. Henderson
Meth. Chap., Belleek             13/3/1930    Gabriel                FOLLIS       F/A     Widower     Farmer                  Minrin (Minran?), Derrygonelly              Edward Follis           Farmer		Elizabeth Jane             Dundas         F/A       Spinster  not listed                Magho, Church Hill                                   Hugh Dundas            Labourer            David Wesley Morrow       Licence	Edward Abercrombie & Emily Wilson
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           3/4/1930     Thomas James           MORROW       F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Tubber??(Tober?), Cavengarden               Andrew Morrow           Farmer		Rebecca Jane               Scott          F/A       Spinster  Farmers daughter          Lurgan, Cavengarden, Co. Donegal                     John Scott             Farmer              Francis Moran             Licence	Andrew Morrow & Margaret Elizabeth Scott
Meth. Ch, Pettigoe               2/9/1930     John Oliver            MACKEY       F/A     Bachelor    Grocer                  Heronshaw???, Belleek, Co. Fermanagh        John Mackey             Carpenter		Annie Elizabeth            Beacom         F/A       Spinster  not listed                                                                     Thomas Beacom          Merchant            G. Walter Farley          Licence	Sam Donaldson & Loucie Beacom
Meth. Ch, Ballyshannon           11/11/1930   Thomas John            STEWART      F/A     Bachelor    Farmer                  Tullyfad, Legg, Co. Fermanagh               William Stewart         Farmer		Josaphine                  Bruce          F/A       Spinster  Farmers daughter          Tievebrack, Ballintra, Co. Donegal                   James Bruce            Farmer              William J. Ewart          Licence	John Anderson & Isa Bruce

1.  1. Grooms father listed as "Decased"
2.  2. Brides father listed as "Deceased"
3.  3. Father of bride & groom both listed as "Deceased"
4.  4. Father of bride & groom both listed as "Deceased"
5.  5. Grooms father listed as "Decased"
6.  6. Grooms father listed as "Decased"
7.  7. Grooms father listed as "Decased"
8.  8. Brides father listed as "Deceased"
9.  9. Father of bride & groom both listed as "Deceased"
10. 10.Father of bride & groom both listed as "Deceased"
10. 10.Bride listed under her previous married name, Brides father listed as "Deceased"
11. 11.Grooms father listed as "Decased"
12. 12.Father of bride & groom both listed as "Deceased"
13. 13.Father of bride & groom both listed as "Deceased"
14. 14.Grooms father listed as "Decased"
15. 15.Grooms father listed as "Decased"
16. 16.Grooms father listed as "Decased"
17. 17.Brides father listed as "Deceased"
18. 18.Grooms father listed as "Decased"
18. 18.Grooms father listed as "Decased"