General Ireland Emigration Records

File Description                                                                                                                   Size Date Contributor
"Portland" to Charlestown - 29 Mar 18032KJan 2010Mary Heaphy
"Eagle" to New York - 29 Mar 1803 2K Jan 2010 Mary Heaphy
"Susan" Dublin, 3 Apr 18032KMar 2010Mary Heaphy
"American" 9 Apr 1803 - to New York3KJul 2013Mary Heaphy
"Mohawk" 23 Apr 1803 - Going to Philadelphia4KJul 2013Mary Heaphy
"Ardent" 23 Apr 18033KJul 2013Mary Heaphy
"Ship Jefferson" 28 April 1803 (from Sligo)2KJun 2013Mary Heaphy
"Baltimore" 30 Apr 18032KJun 2013Mary Heaphy
"Ship Patty" 5th May 18032KJul 2013Mary Heaphy
"Ship Active" 6th May 18032KDec 2012Mary Heaphy
"Strafford" 14 May 18032KJun 2013Mary Heaphy
"Ship Diana" 18 May 18032KDec 2012Mary Heaphy
"Pennsylvania" Londonderry 16 Apr 18033KMar 2010Mary Heaphy
"Ship Wilmington" 9th July 18032KDec 2012Mary Heaphy
"Brig Sally" to New York 5 Aug 18032KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"Brig George" to New York, 16 Aug 18032KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
Ship "Eagle" to New York 27 Aug 18033KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"Brig George" Dublin, 29 Aug 18031KJan 2010Mary Heaphy
"Fortitude" Cork 1 Sep 18031KJan 2010Mary Heaphy
"Susan" Dublin 6 Sep 18031KJan 2010Mary Heaphy
"American" Londonderry 10 Sep 18032KJan 2010Mary Heaphy
"Susan" Dublin, 13 Sep 18031KJan 2010Mary Heaphy
"Betsy" 22 Sep 18032KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"Snow George" to Philadelphia from Belfast, 22 Sept. 18032KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"Lady Washington" 22 Sep 18032KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"Independence" 31 Oct 18032KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"Venus" 14 Nov 18032KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"Fortitude" 18 Feb 18042KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"George" 25 Feb 18042KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"Prudence" Dublin, 9 Mar 18041KMar 2010Mary Heaphy
"Eagle" Belfast-NY, 10 Mar 18043KJun 2010Mary Heaphy
"Maria" Sworn at Londonderry, 10 Mar 18041KJun 2010Mary Heaphy
"Susan" Dublin-NY 28 Mar 1804 28 Mar 18042KJun 2010Mary Heaphy
"Charles and Harriott" & Passengers Sworn at Sligo, 29 Mar 18043KJun 2010Mary Heaphy
"Alexis" to Wilmington, NC 29 Mar 18041KJun 2010Mary Heaphy
"American" Sworn at Londonderry 31 Mar 18042KJun 2010Mary Heaphy
List of person to Baltimore 14 Apr 18043KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"Brothers" to Philadelphia 14 Apr 18043KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"William and Jane" 14 Apr 18043KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"Jane" for New York 17 Apr 18043KJan 2013Mary Heaphy
"Mary" 17 Apr 18043KFeb 2013Mary Heaphy
"Serpent" 5th May 1804 - to Baltimore3KSep 2013Mary Heaphy
"Sally" 9th May 1804 - Sworn at Newry2KSep 2013Mary Heaphy
"Ship Jefferson" 10th May 1804 -To Newcastle & Philadelphia2KSep 2013Mary Heaphy
"President" for Newcastle 21 Apr 18042KFeb 2013Mary Heaphy
"Commerce" 28 Apr 18043KFeb 2013Mary Heaphy
"Diligence" (for NY) 30 Apr 18043KFeb 2013Mary Heaphy
"William and Mary" Londonderry to NY. 18 May 18043KNov 2010Mary Heaphy
"Duncan" Londonderry to NY 26 May 18042KNov 2010Mary Heaphy
"Mechanic" Dublin to Baltimore 28 May 18041KNov 2010Mary Heaphy
"Ceres" Newry to NY 31 May 18041KNov 2010Mary Heaphy
"Catherine" Killybegs - Newcastle & Philadelphia 9 Jun 18044KNov 2010Mary Heaphy
"Atlantic" bound for Boston 19 June 1804
Feb 2011
Mary Heaphy
"Live Oak" Londonderry to NY 23 Jun 18043KNov 2010Mary Heaphy
"Eagle" bound for New York 4 August 1804
Feb 2011
Mary Heaphy

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