CLARE, Land, Canceled Valuation Books,Leagard North,Union of Ennistimon, abt 1870+
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Contributed by C. Hunt

About 1870+

** = later occupant
In fee = owned by occupant
Ho = House, Off = Office or outbuilding
(If only one name is show as changed it is assumed that the other name is the same.)
(?) not certain of name

LEAGARD N. (O.S. 30 & 31)

MAP    OCCUPIERS                IMMEDIATE           DESCRIPTION        COMMENT                                            YEAR
NO.                             LESSORS
1      Austin HANRAHAN          Burdette MORONY     Ho, Off, Land                                                         71 72
**     Mary                     Ellen L.                               Austin X out - Mary added
2      Mary HYNES               same                Land               2 & 3 joined w/ parentheses
4      Martin HILL              same                Herds, Ho, Land
5      Patrick SULLIVAN         Burdette MORONY     Ho, Land
**                              Ellen L.
6      John DWYER               same                Land
7      Patrick HANRAHAN         same                Land                                                                  75
**     Reps Michael McMAHON
8      Sinon (Simon?) GORMAN    same                Land
9      Patrick OBRIEN           same                Land
10     John DONNELLAN           same                Land               10 & 11A joined w/ parentheses                     70 75
**     Anne                                                            John X out - Anne added
11A    Thomas Burke                                                    Ellen L. MORONY has half (written in margin)
B      John SULLIVAN            same                Land                                                                  72
**     John CLANCY                                                     John Sullivan X out - John Clancy added
C                                                                      B & C joined w/ parentheses
12     James OBRIEN             same                Land
13     Mary COLLINS             same                Land
14     James BURKE              Burdette MORONY     Land                                                                  71  75
**     Michael CURTIN           Ellen L.                               James X out - Michael added
15A    James LYNCH              same                Land
b      James LYNCH              same                Land
16     Charles R. ELLIS         Edward MORONY       Herds, Ho, Land                                                       72
**     Edward MORONY            same                                   not sure if "same" meas Ellen or Burdette Morony
17     Michael OBRIEN           Burdette MORONY     Land                                                                  71
**                              Ellen L.
18     Patrick McMAHON          same                Land
19     John HEALY               same                Land               19, 20A, B joined w/ parentheses                   70
**     Mary                                                            John X out - Mary added
20A    Thomas Burke             same                Land

[Abbreviated names spelled out to aid in searching]

Source: FHL# 818434