Church: Parish Records Killaloe - Broadford Parish Records-Baptisms from 1845 and Donnass & Trugh& O'Gonnelloe
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Baptisms Killaloe-Broadford    FHL 979694  Item 3    Selected transpcriptions 1845-1866

                                                    NAME      NAME        NAME       ONE               TWO     

26   May        1845   Patt          Dillon         David     Jane        Linnane    Michael Moloney   Margaret Hallinan
27   January    1847   Honora        Clancy         John      Catherine   Vaughan    Michael Clancy    Mary Reddan
?    March      1848   Mary          McGrath        Dennis    Bridget     Kealy      Patt kealy        Catherine ?        
19   November   1850   Margaret      Dillon         David     Mary        Moe ?      Michael Dillon    Biddy Dillon      Ahaclare?
?    ?          ?      Patt          McDonnell      George    Catherine   Russell    Willm.Burke       Mary A McDonnell
25   December   1852   Mary          O'Brien        Martin    Margaret    Dillon     Mick Dillon       Bridget Dillon
21   February   1853   John          Dillon         David     Mary        McNamara   Patt McNamara     Bridget McNamara
31   July       1853   Michael       Molony         Pat       Mary        Clune      Patt Molony       Bridget Clune
8    April      1855   Bridget       Dillon         David     Mary        McNamara   Martin O'Brien    Ellen Mullane?
7    April      1856   Michael       Liddy          James     Bridget     Mack       Thos.Liddy        Bid Larkin
?    ?          1856   Patt          O'Brien        Martin    Margaret    Dillon     Wm.O'Brien        Ellen Donnellan
?    ?          ?      John          Dillon         Michael   Mary        McNamara   Edm.McNamara      Hanna Murphy      Killaderry
?    ?          1859   Margaret      O'Brien        Martin    Margaret    Dillon     W.O'brien         Ellen O'Brien     Ballykelly
25   March      1859   Thomas        Dillon         David     Mary        McNamara   Martin Grady      Margt.Grady       Ahaclare?
12   October    1859   Mary          Dillon         Michael   Mary        McNamara   Edm.Mcnamara      Anne Fahey
5    December   1860   Thomas        O'Brien        Martin    Margaret    Dillon     Jns.O'Brien       Kate O'Brien
2    January    1861   Edmund        Dillon         Michael   Mary        McNamara   Michl Murphy      Honor Murphy
18   May        1862   Mary          Clancy         John      Julia       Gunning    John Clancy       Margaret Clancy
                1862   Honora        Dillon         Michael   Mary        McNamara   James Dillon      Mary Collins
19   December   1863   Thomas        Shaughnessy    Thos      Mary        Butter     Dan Mack          Mary Ryan
20   February   1864   ?             Dillon         Michael   Mary        McNamara   Michl Dillon      Margt Dillon      Ahaclare?
?    ?          ?      Ellen         Shaughnessy    Thos      Mary        Butter     Thos Shaughnessy  Mary ?

Baptisms  Killaloe-Doonas and Trugh

6    April      1852   Patt          Dillon         Michael   Mary        McNamara   John Dillon       Bridget Hehir     Clon???

Baptisms  Killaloe-Feakle  commenced 22.4.1860

2    June       1860   Anne          Leydon         Patt      Jane        Doyle      Tom Halloran      Mary Dillon
14   August     1860   Michael       Morony         Michael   Mary        ?          Michl             & Hanoriah Morony
14   February   1861   Anne          McNamara       James     Mary        Commons    Patt Clune        Catherine McMahon

Baptisms  Killaloe-O'Gonnelloe   FHL Film 979694 item 1  1832-1869  1832=1869    FHL Film 979694 Item 1.

12   September  1832   Pat           Clune          Denis     Margaret    Clancy     Pat Clancy        Honora Clancy     Belkelly
24   September  1832   Judith        Culligan       Jns       Bridget     Flanery    Thos.Culligan     Ellen Clancy      Belkelly
4    December   1832   Pat           Gavan          Jns       Mary        Clancy     Thady Clancy      Anne Gavan        Aughanish?
6    January    1835   Margaret      Gavan          Jns       Mary        Clancy     Dan Gavan         Margt Moore       Aughanish?
20   January    1835   Pat           Clancy         Jno       Bridget     Ryan       Daniel Clancy     Bridget Hourigan  Carrowcore?
2    September  1835   Michael       Clune          Denis     Margaret    Clancy     Michael Clancy    Margt Clancy      Belkelly
15   August     1838   Denis         Clancy         Thady     Catherine   Mannix     M Clancy          Mary Clancy       Aughanish?
25   September  1838   Michael       Clancy         Jno       Bridget     Ryan       Martin Herbert    Anne Hanly
7    April      1839   Margaret      Clune          Denis     Margaret    Clancy     Patt Clancy       Margt.Sheridan    Belkelly
12   April      1842   Mary          Clune          Thomas    Margaret    Clancy     Darby Manix       Mary P….?         Belkelly
14   June       1842   Jus           Gavan          Jus       Mary        Clancy     Pat Gavan         Johanna Gavan     Aughanish?
18   July       1842   Margt         Dillon         Martin    Winifred    Brofan     Michael Dillon    Anne Connors
16   January    1843   Anne          Kenelly        John      Bridget     Morony     Danl.Clancy       Margt Morony