Census Substitutes: Cavan, Hearth Money Rolls of 1664 - Castlerahan and Mointerconaght
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AGHENTEGGELL - David Prior, Tirlagh Relly, Laghlyn C Relly, Philip Lynch, Philip McClery.

AGHKINCROCHAN _ Owen Lincy, Brian Relly, Katherin Geaghran (Widdow)

AGHULEAN - Hugh Relly, Charles Clerkan.

BALLAGHDOROGH - Richard Sandome, Gilneese Relly, Edmond Relly.

BARECONY -  Cahir  Relly, William Lincy, Phillip Lincy, John Relly.

BEARNAGH - Phillip McCullin, Tirlagh McIlmartin.

BRACKLONEY - Phillip Relly, Edmond Relly, Thomas Shimon.

CARNAN - Daniell Gallagan, Patrick McCale. Morris O'Hery, Saly Relly (Widdow)

CASTLERAHEN - Phillip Clery, Brian Clery, Hugh Clery.

CLADAGH _ Hugh Relly, Jpan Relly (Widdow)

CLOGAGH - Tirlagh Lincy, Phillip Lincy, John Lincy.

CORMEDIDUFF- John Relly,  Tirlagh Ffarrelly, Charles Lincy, Patrick Clerkan

CORMEENE - John Relly, Owen Magawran, Brian Genall, Una ny Conaght (widdow).

CORNEHELT _ Shane McBrien.

CORNEKILLE - Edmond McSymon, Conor Corwill, Thomas Corwill, John Corwill.

CORNEMUCKLAGH - Phelym Relly, Hugh Degenan.

CORONAGH - Phelym Relly

CROSSCOOLE  Edmond Relly, Phillip Relly.

DIRILORGAN AND POTTLENECAPLE - Richard Relly, Sily ny Relly. 

EITER AND CARGAGH _ Henry Palmer, Brien Relly, Hugh Relly, Patricke Benit, Cahir Relly, Philip Relly, Owen Bennett.

ENAGH - Tiragh Clerkan, Thomas Clerkan, John Relly.

GARROWROSSE - Patricke Lincy, Denis Daly,Edmond Nugent.

GLANKEWHYE- Thomas Caffry, Hugh Lincy, Daniell Colloone, Brian Brady, Brian Collon, Rose Boilan (widdow)

KILCULLY - Ffareell LINCY, Charles RELLY. William Lincy, Suan ny Lincy (Widdow)

KILDORROGH _ John Brady, James Murrey, James Lincy, Rose Lincy (Widdow)

KNOCKEGARTAN- Brian Relly, Brian McShane Relly, Patricke Lincy.

KNOCKETEMPLE - Phillip Geaghran, James McCaffry.

KNOCKNEVEA - Thomas Tippin, Shane Magawry.

LACKAN - Edmond McCabe, Teige McConin, James McCabe.

LISMACANEGAN - Thomas BURTON, Esq, Phillip BREADY, Ellinor TERRELL (widdow).

MONECOHELL - Tirlagh Lincy, Denis Hargan.

ROSODDEN - Conor Relly, John Relly, Tirlagh Conaght, Edmond Relly, Catherine Relly (Widdow)

Total - 103 Hearths 

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