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Text Filename Photos Date Contributor
st-marks.txtArmagh City, St. Mark's CemeteryNov 2014Sharon Oddie Brown
st-patricks1.txtArmagh City, St. Patrick's Cathedral (R.C.) Part 1Sep 2015Sharon Oddie Brown
st-patricks2.txtArmagh City, St. Patrick's Cathedral (R.C.) Part 2Sep 2015Sharon Oddie Brown
crossmaglen.txtCrossmaglen, St. Patrick's (R.C.)Jan 2016Sharon Oddie Brown
st-aidans.txt Grange, St. Aidans Cemetery (CoI) May 2008 Terence Creaney
st-aidans-kilmore.txt Kilmore, St. Aidans Cemetery (CoI) Jun 2008 Terence Creaney
st-lukes.txt Loughgall Parish, St. Lukes Cemetery Jun 2008 Terence Creaney
mt-st-joseph.txt Lurgan, Mount St. Joseph ConventJun 2008Nancy Urban
tynan-coi.txtTynan Church of Ireland GraveyardJun 2015David Hall
Tynan RC Graveyard
Jan 2011
David Hall
Morrow, Hugh Wilson, Ballarat Cem. Victoria Image 88K Jul 2009 Jacquie Liddiard

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