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Date Contributor
ballintoy.txt Ballintoy; (CoI) Cemetery - Part 1
Dec 2010* Terence Creaney & Marian Aelick
Ballintoy; (CoI) Cemetery - Part 2
Jan 2011*
Marian Aelick
Belfast; City Cemetery (partial)
Oct 2013*
Yvonne Russell
bonamargy.txt Bonamargy Friary Graveyard Jan 2014 Carl Maguire
bushmills.txt Bushmills; St. John the Baptist, Parish of Dunluce Oct 2013 Yvonne Russell
layd.txt Cushendal; Layd Church Sep 2013 Yvonne Russell
cushendun-old.txt Cushendun; Old Church Graveyard Oct 2013 Yvonne Russell
st-cuthberts.txt Dunluce; St Cuthbert’s Sep 2013 Yvonne Russell
kilead.txt Killead; Presbyterian Cemetery (partial) Jun 2012 David Hall
mcalister.txt McAlister Burying Ground Oct 2007 Elise Klug
mcalister02.txt Assorted McALISTERS, unknown cem. near Larne Nov 2007 Elise Klug
raloo.txt Raloo; Church of Ireland Graveyard Oct 2007 Elise Klug
milltown.txtMilltown Cemetery, BelfastAug 2014John Olson-Kennedy
Milltown; Poor Ground & Cillin
Jul 2010
Mary Theresa Antonia Maguire
muckamore.txt Muckamore; Muckamore Cemetery May 2012 David Hall
Single Headstones
Smyth, James Image Aug 2014 Anita Lovegrove

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