Lisburn District

Annahilt Parish
3 May 1901 - Thomas CARGIN, full age, bachelor, labourer, Magheraconluce, s/o James CARGIN, deceased; married Anna Mary STEVENSON, full age, spinster, Magheraconluce, d/o Samuel STEVENSON, labourer; witn: Alexander STEVENSON & Hannah CARGIN; at Annahilt Church of Ireland.
Blaris Parish
20 May 1875 - Benson BORLAND, full age, bachelor, labourer, Lisadian, s/o Benson BORLAND, farmer; married Jane NEILL, full age, spinster, bottler, d/o Constantine NEILL, labourer; witn: David CARLISLE & Maggie CARLISLE; at Maze Presbyterian Church.
1 May 1929 - Robert Thomas CROUCH, 28 yrs, bachelor, bread server, Ravarnette, Lisburn s/o Robert Thomas CROUCH (deceased), farmer; married Rebecca CRAIG, 26 yrs, winder, 16 Millborook Rd., Lisburn, d/o Thomas CRAIG (deceased); witn: Sarah(?) CRAIG & Margaret LEETCH; at All Saint's Church.
Drumbeg Parish
11 July 1889 - Rev. Robert ROBSON, full age, bachelor, clergyman, Hillhall, s/o Hugh Robert ROBSON, farmer; married Agnes McCONNELL, full age, spinster, Lisnastrain, d/o John McCONNELL, farmer; witn: Chas. A. Robson & Mary McCONNELL; at Lisnatrunk (bride's father's home) according to the Form and Discipline of the Presbyterian Church.
31 October 1911 - Samuel JENNINGS, full age, bachelor, damask tenter, Armagh, s/o Rowan JENNINGS, merchant; married Jane GLENFIELD, full age, spinster, Dunmurry, d/o William Scott GLENFIELD, tenter; witn: Loftus JURY & Violet Olivia GLENFIELD; at Drumbeg Church of Ireland.
Drumbo Parish
28 November 1868 - William George JOHNSTON, not of full age, bachelor, labourer, Belfast, s/o Andrew JOHNSTON, labourer; married Margaret Jane TURTLE, 20 yrs, spinster, weaver, Drumbo, Parish of Drumbo, d/o Alexander TURTLE (deceased), labourer; witn: James CULVERT & Eliza TURTLE; at Ballycarn Meeting House.
20 August 1881 - John MILLAR, full age, bachelor, labourer, Ballycowan, s/o John MILLAR, weaver; married Sarah McMAHON, full age, widow, Ballycowan, d/o James Floyd, labourer; witn: John BURKE & Elizabeth BURKE; at Holy Trinity Church of Ireland.
Hillsborough Parish
20 August 1852 - David MURRAY, full age, bachelor, servant, Toghblane, s/o Thomas MURRAY, labourer; married Anna BRENNAN, 20 yrs, spinster, Toghblane, d/o Edward BRENNAN, weaver; witn: Hugh WOODS & Isaac CRAIG; at St. John's Church, Kilwarlin.
8 May 1863 - Samuel MILLAR, full age, bachelor, servant, Toghblane, s/o Samuel MILLAR, labourer; married Eliza Jane BRENNAN, 20 yrs, spinster, Toghblane, d/o Edward BRENNAN, labourer; witn: Samuel MILLAR & Eliza Jane BRENNAN; at St. John's Church, Kilwarlin.
15 August 1890 - James McCLARNIN, full age, bachelor, miller, Ravarnett, s/o Samuel McLARNIN, labourer; married Eliza Jane DAVEY, full age, spinster, Ravarnett, d/o James DAVEY, labourer; witn: Henry JOHNSTON & Agnes RITCHIE; at Annahilt Presbyterian Church.
Lambeg Parish
16 April 1913 - James CARSON, full age, bachelor, farmer, Tullynacross, s/o Samuel CARSON, farmer; married Elizabeth SPENCE, full age, spinster, Lisburn, d/o William SPENCE, farmer; witn: William SPENCE & Jane CARSON; at Hillhall Presbyterian Church.
Saintfield Parish
5 August 1846 - William STRAIN, 31 yrs, bachelor, weaver, Tonaghmore, Parish of Saintfield, s/o James STRAIN, weaver; Jincey SNODDEN, 31 yrs, spinster, farmer's daughter, Ouley, Parish of Saintfield, d/o William SNODDEN, farmer; witn: James W WHIGHAM & Nancy STRAIN; Saintfield Second Presbyterian Church.
13 August 1846 - Hugh DALES, full age, bachelor, farmer, Carricknacessnagh, Parish of Saintfield, s/o James DALES, farmer; married Maria SLOAN, full age, spinster, Ballyrush, Parish of Comber, d/o Robert SLOAN, farmer; witn: Robert SLOAN & James SLOAN; at Saintfield Second Presbyterian Church.
13 August 1846 - James FULTON, full age, widower, farmer, Ouley, Parish of Saintfield, s/o John FULTON, farmer; married Mary JAMIESON; full age, widow, Monlough, Parish of Comber, d/o John IRVINE, farmer; witn: John MEHAFFY & Jane NINNCE(?); at Saintfield Second Presbyterian Church.
17 July 1854 - Robert BURNS, full age, bachelor, farmer, Creevyloughgare, s/o Samuel BURNS, farmer; married Mary McCOMB, full age, spinste, Tonaghmore, d/o Matthew McCOMB, farmer; witn: John McCOMB & Hugh McCOMB; at Saintfield Second Presbyterian Church.
13 May 1887 - Robert MORROW, 20 yrs, bachelor, gardener, Crossgar, s/o Robert MORROW, labourer; married Agnes MAGREEVY, 18 yrs, spinster, Barnamaghery(?), d/o James MAGREEVY, labourer; witn: James CARSON & May MORRISON; at Saintfield Second Presbyterian Church.