Obituaries from Kilmaley Parish, County Clare, Ireland

Transcribed by Elizabeth Haren

 Joseph McMahon

From the Clare Champion, Saturday, August 28th, 1920

 The funeral of Joseph McMahon , a native of Kilmaley, Ennis, was a striking tribute of respect to the memory = of the deceased. From county Cavan where he met his untimely death the remains were conveyed to Ennis and placed in the cathedral on Monday evening.

 On Tuesday morning solemn requiem mass was celebrated for the repose of his soul and subsequently his funeral took place to Kilmaley burial ground. Business was entirely suspended in En= nis with all the shops being closed and shuttered. The coffin was draped in the tricolour and bore a number of beautiful wreaths.

 Preceded by the de Valera Enn is pipe band, upwards of one thousand volunteers, many in military formation marched all the way to the burial ground. Then followed the Urban Council a nd officials, a cycling corp, calvary corp and members of the general public.

 After the internment two voll eys were fired and the last post sounded over the grave. Fourteen priests were prese nt at the obsequies. Deceased, aged twenty-five years, was a carpenter. He left this county about twelve months ago and had since been working at his trade in county Cavan. His unexpected death has caused widespread and intense regret, particularly amongst his companions in the volunteer organisation of which  he was a prominent and active member.

To his sorrowing relatives we tender our deepest sympathies.

Captain Joe McMahon
By (name withheld)

 My great-granduncle was Capta in Joe McMahon. Born in 1900 he lived at Lecarrow, Kilmaley where Patsy McMahon now lives. He was attached to the General Headquarters of the I.R.A. and was of ten on the run and staying in safe houses while fighting for his country. He was killed in Co. Cavan on August 15, 1920 while making a bomb.

His remains were brought back to Kilmaley via Ennis for burial in his native parish. It was one of the large st funerals ever to leave Ennis. All the windows in the town were shuttered up as the cortege, which included thirteen clergymen, left for Kilmaley. As the l ast shovel of earth was placed on the grave, volunteers who were on the run, ca me from behind the cemetery wall to pay final tribute in arms to this outstand ing Soldier of Ireland.

Mrs. Annie McInerney (nee Hayes)

From the Clare Champion, Saturday February 11, 1939

 We regret to report the death of Mrs. Annie McInerney, relict of the late Lot McInerney, Gortnagannive, Kilmaley, which took place on the 27th of January. Deceased was well known  and highly respected. The funeral cortege to Kilmaley Church on the 28th and to the Kilmaley cemetery on the 29th was large and impressive, bearing ample testi mony to her esteem and popularity.

During the Black and Tan and  Civil Wars, her home was well known to members of the IRA on active service. All  her sons were actively associated with the IRA. One of them sleeps his last in  the Kilmaley Republican plot.

 The prayers at the graveside  were recited by Rev. Fr. Rohan CC assisted by Rev. Fr. Roche PP and Rev. Fr. Rei dy CC.

 The chief mourners were James, Michael and Martin (sons), Mrs. Pat Malone (daughter), Patrick Hayes (broth er), Mrs. M. Barry (sister), Pat Donnellan, Patrick and Daniel Malone, Susan, Mo lly, Nan and Josephine Donnellan, Pauline McInerney (grandchildren), Martin and Michael Barry, John and Pat Hayes (nephew), Susan Hayes, Mrs. P. Kerin, Mrs. Sheehan, Mrs. John Meany, (nieces), Pat Malone (son in law), Mrs. Martin McInerney (daughter in law), and Martin Barry (brother in law).

 On Monday, January 30th, High Mass was celebrated for the repose of her soul at Kilmaley Church by Rev. Fr. Ro che assisted by Fr. Rohan and Fr. Reidy.


Brigadier-General M.L. O'Hehir
From the Clare Champion, Saturday, May 1st, 1954

 His many friends throughout t he country have learned with deep regret of the death of Brigadier-General Mic hael O'Hehir, which occurred at the Central Hospital, Galway.

 The deceased was a native of Kilmaley and took a very prominent part in the fight for Independence, havi ng participated in all the principal engagements of the East-Clare Brigade. He threw in his lot with the National Army on it's foundation and had attained the rank of Brigadier-General on his retirement.

 At the General Election of 19 23 he contested the Clare Constituency on behalf of Cumann na nGaedheal but was defeated by a narrow margin.

 In the past quarter of a cent ury he was a Land Commission Inspector during which period he served in Castlerea, Tralee and in Galway up to his illness.

Peggy Haren, Tullaghaboy, Connolly
From the Clare Champion, Saturday, June 13, 1953

 Deep regret was caused by the death of Peggy Haren, which occurred on Wednesday, 3rd of June at St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin at the early age of sixteen years.

 Her death came as a great sho ck to her parents, brothers and sisters and all those with whom she came in conta ct. She was of a quiet and loveable disposition and made close friends with all who knew her. Her passing after a prolonged illness, which she so patiently bor e, brought widespread sorrow to her many relatives and friends.

 Her remains were removed from Connolly Church on Thursday to the family burial ground at Killernan follow ed by a large concourse of people. The prayers at the graveside were recited by Rev. Fr. Keane C.C, Kilmaley. Solemn Requiem Mass for the repose of her soul was celebrated on Tuesday, 9th of June.

 The chief mourners were Danie l and Mary Haren (parents), Mrs. A. King, Bridget and Catherine (sisters), Dan, Terence, Frank, Patrick and Thomas (brothers) and other relatives too numer ous to mention.

Mr. Richard Daffy, Inch
From the Clare Champion, Monday, July 5th, 1907

 There has just passed away a  member of an old and highly respected family in Mr. Richard Daffy of Strasbourg, I nch, to the sincere grief of a wide family circle. Mr. Daffy was a good type of "The Old Stock" and was widely esteemed for his many excellent qualities and this was strikingly demonstrated by the imposing proportions  of the funeral on Sunday. The funeral took lace at Newhall and the officiating Clergyman was Rev. Luke O'Brien, C.C, Kilmaley. Mr. Daffy was in his 68th y ear. (born approx. 1839).

Mr. Patrick Francis Daly, Kilmaley, Ennis

From the Clare Champion, April 27th, 1935

 We regret to announce the dea th of Mr. Patrick Francis Daly, late Garda Siochana, which took place in the prim e of his life after a brief illness at his father's residence, Kilmaley on the 1 4th, inst. Although his death was unexpected it came as a great shock to his relatives. He was ten years in the guards, five of which he spent in Wexford and five in the Phoenix Park Depot in Dublin. Despite the best medical skill and the care of his father and sisters, he passed away fortified by the Rit es of the Holy Church..

Requiem Mass was celebrated on Tuesday morning for the repose of his soul and the funeral took place at 1p m to the family burial ground at Kilmaley.

Mass cards were sent by the following, his loving father, his sister Mary Ellen, John Joe, wife and fam ily, James and Kathleen Lennon, James and Bridie Duggan, Jarlath and Christie Da ly (nephews), Cousin May, Uncle Tom, John and Mary Cahill, John Markham and family, his comrades second Company Garda Siochana Depot, Dublin.

Mrs. M. Hogan, Lifford, Ennis
From the Clare Champion, Saturday, June 29th, 1935

 The death took place on Monda y at an advanced age of Mrs. John Hogan, Lifford, the deceased was a native of I nch and a member of a well known and a highly respected family in the district.

Solemn Requiem Mass for the r espose of her soul was celebrated in the Pro-Cathedral on Wednesday by Rev. P. Cah ill, C.C. Deacon Rev. M. Madden C.C. and sub-deacon and very Rev. J. Roche Adm. There was a large attendance at the funeral afterwards to Drumcliffe.

The Chief mourners were Mr. J ohn Hogan (husband), Mrs. Bridget Keane (sister), Mr. Matt Hogan, (brother in l aw) and Mrs. Hogan, Messrs James, John and Michael Keating, John and Martin McNamara and Patrick Hogan (nephews). Mrs. Kate McMahon and Miss Jane Keane (nieces) and Miko Clune (cousin).

Michael Killeen
From the Clare Journal, Monday Evening, March 16, 1903

 We much regret to announce the death of Mr. Michael Killeen at the age of 71 years. The sad event took pla ce unexpectedly, the deceased having been about the previous day, while he was in town as late as Tuesday.

 Mr. Killeen was a well known  and esteemed resident of this district and the news of his demise will be recei ved with widespread regret. For years he was one of the most valued and practic al members of the Ennis Poor Law Board, representing for a continuity of years the town division and for a constant period he occupied the position of vice-ch airman. Lately owing to failing health, he took little part in local matters though his interest in them remained undiminished.

Mr. Michael Killeen
From the Clare Journal, Thursday Evening, March 19, 1903

 The remains of the much-lamen ted gentleman were interred on Sunday at Kilmaley burial ground. They had been brought overnight from Clonfeigh to Inch church whence the funeral started  at 1 o'clock. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, the attendance was extremely large, the most distant parts of Clare being represented.

 The chief mourners were P.M. Killeen, R. Killeen, Dr. T.R. Killeen, Mr. James F. Killeen and John Killeen (sons). Patrick K. Molskey, Michael Killeen, Solr., Joseph, Michael, Patrick Killeen, Corofin. Pat C. Nagle, D.C., M. Neylon, Corofin, Christopher Kelly, Craggaknock (nephews), Dr. E. Frost, J.P., J. Frost, J Frost (coroner), Tho mas Frost, D.C., John S. Frost D.C., Thomas Frost, Dromline, John B. Frost, R. Frost, SoIr., William Frost, Sixmilebridge, William Kelly, Fortview, James Kelly, Fanore, Thomas Kelly, Clonina, Christopher Kelly, Craggaknock, Domin ick Kelly, James Killeen, Cree, Pat Kelly, Donsallagh, Pat Kelly, Knocknahilla, Thomas Kelly, SoIr,, Kilrush, Pat Kelly, Bushypark, Ennis., David Kelly, Bu shy park, Ennis. The officiating clergymen were Rev. J. Glynn, PP, Rev J. Harty, CC, and Rev J. O'Brien, CC. The funeral arrangements were excellently carri ed out by Messrs McInerney, Market Street, Ennis.

Mr. David Dillon, Connolly

From the Clare Champion, Saturday, Jan. 13th, 1951

 It is with deep regret we ann ounce the death of Mr. David Dillon P.C. which took place at his residence, Glaun, Connolly on 30th December. Though in failing health for some time his death came as a shock to a wide circle of friends and neighbours amongst whom he  was held in the highest esteem as evidenced by the large and representative attend-ance which despite very inclement weather attended at the removal of the remains to Connolly Church and again to the family burial ground at Kilmale y. The celebrant of the Mass was Rev. Fr. O'Meara,C.C. who also officiated at  the graveside. The chief mourners were Mrs. Dillon (widow), Patrick, Michael and David (sons), Mrs. Hogan and Mrs. Devitt (daughters), Mrs. O'Connor, U.S.A. (sister), Patrick Hogan and James Devitt (Sons-in-law), Mary and Dillie Dil lon (Daughters-in-law).
Thomas Kearney (Brother-in-law), Mrs. Meehan, Mrs. Breen, Catherine and Margaret Kearney (Sisters-in-law), Matthew Hogan, David and Mary Dillon, Ja mes, Mary and Bridie Devitt (grand-children), Michael and Martin Dillon (nephews ), Mrs. Hogan, Anne and Nora Dillon, U.S.A. (nieces), Nora Dillon (grand-niece) and numerous cousins and friends.

Mr. Jeremiah Commane, Ballymacooda, Ennis

From the Clare Champion, Saturday, May 27th, 1950

 Few deaths have caused such widespread sympathy as that of Mr. Jeremiah Commane, which took place was a member of an old and highly respected family away at a comparatively early  age. "Jerry" as he was affectionately called was very popular and was foremost in everything for the good of his parish and country. On Saturday evening the remains were removed to Kilmaley Church and were received by Re v. Fr. O'Meara, C.C. The funeral, a very large representative one, took place  on Sunday to the family burial ground at Newhall. Solemn High Mass was celebra ted on Monday for the happy repose of his soul by Very Rev. T. Stuart, P.P., Re v. J. McNamara C.C. (deacon) and Rev. J. O'Meara (sub-deacon). The Chief mourn ers were Mrs. Annie Commane (widow), Patrick, Charlie, Tomo and Willie (brother s), Mrs. Cohessy and Mrs. Slattery (sisters) and many nieces, nephews and a lar ge circle of friends.

 Death of Mr. Thomas Killee, Ivy Hill, Inch

From the Clare Champion, Saturday May 2nd, 1936

Mr. Thomas Killeen of Ivy Hill, Inch, aged about eighty three years collaps ed on the street in Ennis on Saturday last and died within a short time. Having been spiritually attended to he was removed to the County Hospital. No inqu iry was held as Dr. P. Moylan certified that heart failure was the cause of dea th. The late Mr. Killeen was a well-known and popular figure in Ennis for a good number of years and his death under such tragic circumstances is deeply regretted.

The coffin containing the rem ains was borne on the shoulders of relays of sympathisers from the hospital to I nch on Sunday and Solemn Requiem Mass was celebrated in the church there on Mon day by Very Rev. John Roche P.P. (deacon), Rev. Fr. Bourke C.C. (sub-deacon) and Rev Fr. Reidy C.C. The funeral afterwards to Newhall was largely attended.< br style3D'mso-special-character:line-break'>

The chief mourners were Charl es Killeen (son), Mrs. C. Killeen, Michael and Mrs. Casey, a daughter of the deceased Sister Mary Laurence is in Chicago and a son in the U.S. Mass cards were sent by members of the family and by Patrick, Maura and Thomas Killeen (grandchildren), Michael Casey and family, Michael and Mrs. Griffin, Parnell St., Ennis. 

Death of Mrs. Ellen Barry

From the Clare Champion, Saturday, August 29th, 1936

It is with deep regret we ann ounce the death of Mrs. Ellen Barry, relict of the late John Barry, cattle dealer, Tullassa. Deceased had been in failing health for some time previously. She belonged to one of the oldest and most respected families in the county, the O'Shea's of Kilnamona. Her cheerful disposition endeared her to all those s he came in contact with, and the large number of mass cards laid on her coffin were evidence of the esteem in which she was held.

The chief mourners were John, Tom and Pat (sons), Mrs. Fitzpatrick (daughter), P. Fitzpatrick (son-in-law).

Mass cards were received from the following, her son John, Mrs. Barry & family, Loughville. Her son Patri ck, Mrs. Barry & family Birchfield, from her daughter Mary & family, Tullassa, Richie and Manian Dixon, Lahinch, Thomas and Mrs. Shannon, Kilfar boy, Jack and Jim Barry, Clouna. Michael and Mrs. Barry, Kilshanny, Pat & Mr s. Crawford, Ennistymon. The O'Shea family, Batt & Nora Kerin, Corofin, Jim & Minnie, Michael & Mrs. Griffin, William & Mrs. Barry, Tom &am p; Mrs. Doherty, Mrs. Brooks & family, Loughville. A floral tribute was se nt by Mrs. McDonough, Birchfield.

Death of Mrs. John Griffey , Inch

From the Clare Champion, Saturday, October 31, 1936

 It is with deep regret we ann ounce the death of Mrs. John Griffey which took place on Friday last 23rd inst. D eceased had been sick for some time, but her death came as a shock to her devoted family. Her cheerful disposition endeared her to all with whom she came in contact.

On a Saturday evening her rem ains were removed to Inch Church and the funeral took place on Sunday to Ruan Cemetery. The prayers were recited at the graveside by Rev. Fr. Reidy C.C. Kilmaley. The chief mourners were John Griffey (husband), Mrs. Murphy (moth er), John, Pat and Willie(brothers), Annie (sister), Mrs. E. Hehir (Sister-in-la w), Thomas O'Halloran and family (Ruan), The Liddy family, Shepperton. The Liddy family, Snugboro, John Leyden, Ennis, Thomas Monahan, Kilnamona, John Tuohy, Joe Hayes and George Hayes (cousins). Mass cards were sent by Husband, Moth er, Brothers, Sisters, Millie, Lillie and Bnidie. Mr. & Mrs. O'Dwyer, May O'Dwyer, Mrs. E. Hehir & Family. Thomas O'Halloran & Family, John,  Mrs. Ahern, Mrs. Pat O'Halloran, Ruan. Micheal Fitzpatrick & Family Slaveen, Mrs. Cullinan, Minnie and Francey, S. Hehir & Family, Paddy & Susan Barry, the Hehir Family, Gortmore, Peter & Mrs. O'Loughlin, Carmody St., John and B. Tuohy.

Mr. Andrew Neylon, Gortaga nnive, Kilmaley

From the Clare Champion, Saturday, September 12, 1953

Deep regret was caused by the death of Mr. Andrew Neylon, Gortannive, Kilma ley. He had been in failing health for some time and the end came peacefully at  his residence on Sept. 13th (note from Liz: contradicts with date of paper)< /i>. His remains were removed to Kilmaley Church on Friday evening. The immense cortege that accompanied them and those who attended the funeral the follow ing day was ample proof of the esteem in which he was held. Solemn Requiem Mass was offered for the happy repose of his soul on Saturday morning. The celebrant was Rev. Fr. O'Brien, C.C., assisted by Rev. Fr. T. Stuart P.P., the Rev. Fr. Doohan and the Rev. Fr. Curran. The chief mourners were Mrs. Neylon (widow), Tom and Michael and William (sons), Mrs. Cobbe, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Power and Mrs. Markham (daughters). Mrs. J. Leary, Kilnamona (sister), Albert Cobbe, Martin Collins, Michael Power and Michael Markham (sons-in-law), Mrs. L. Neylon, Mrs. Michael Neylon (daughters-in-law), Michael Cahir, Ballygriffey (brother-in-law) and Mrs. J. Morgan, Kilfenora (sister-in-law) with numerous nephews and nieces.

Death of Mr. Michael Harve y, Northfield House, Connolly

From The Clare Champion, M ay 2nd, 1936

 The announcement of the death of Mr. Michael Harvey, Northfield, Connolly caused deep regret amongst his numerous friends. After a long illness he passed away fortified by his rite s of Holy Church. The very large and representative gathering at the funeral bot h on Sunday and Monday testified to his great and well merited popularity. Mass cards were sent by his sorrowing wife, Nellie, Michael, Babs and Paddy, Jen, Tess and Joe, Sue, Angela and P.J., Ena, Martin, Gertie and Vera. Mr. & Mrs. C.P. O'Keily, Prospect House, Cree. Paddy and Kitty, Mrs. Curran & family. Dan & Mrs. Collins & Family. Mr. & Mrs. Sexton, Moyglass House, Mullagh, Mr. & Mrs. Hayes, Nenagh. Misses Lii and Nora O'Meara, Nenagh. Miss Mary Rynne Nenagh. H. Looby, N. O'Reilly, S. Scanneil, Owen &a mp; Mrs. O'Neill, John Hehir & family, Cliften. Rev. T. O'Reilly C.C., Quin. Misses Nellie Liston, Minnie Cullinan, Josie Horley, M.A. Barry, Castlebar. Rita Murphy, Kinsale. Rev. T. Murphy P.P. Water-grasshill, Co. Cork. Right  Rev. Monsignor O'Brien, Dumfries, Rev. L. Breen, St. Mary's Ayrshire, Mrs. M. Da ly, Abbey St.



From the Clare Journal, Thursday evening, January 16, 1913

After a short illness, Mr. John McMahon passed away on Wednesday night, at 10.30 o'clock. He was, up to four or five days before, his death, in the enjoyment of his usual good health, but his age, when the illness came, told against him.

Originally a native of Clonde rlaw, the home of the McMahon clan, to the best line of which, he belonged, he se rved with great credit and distinction throughout the Indian Mutiny.

He travelled afterwards to Ch ina and Burma and was a veritable mine of information in the East and India, wh ich he often unfolded to his neighbours and visitors who held in in the highest esteem and respect. Though he travelled in many countries he ever kept the warmest corner in his heart for his native land and especialy for his native county , to which on occasions he was not slow to give expression. Through life he was singularly upright and honourable and held to the last the sincere respect  of all as the regrets and sorrow of all his neighbours testified at his funeral.



From the Clare Journal, Mo nday evening, July 13, 1914

 A few days ago our obituary c olumns had an announcement of the death of Mr. Michael Lynch, of Fairy Hill, Kilma ley. We are sure the sad intelligence was received with sincere regret in many quarters for Mr. Lynch was a widely known and highly esteemed resident of t hat district. He was a fine specimen of the old type, remarkable for his sterli ng probity through life, a devoted family man and the best of friends and neighbours.

Mr. Lynch who was a nephew of the late Fr. Lynch, P.P., Kilmaley, in his time one of the best known priests in Clare had reached a ripe old age but up to a couple of weeks before his last illness was about apparantly in his accustomed vigorous health, The funeral to the ancient cemetery of Kilmaley showed by the immense attandance, the este em in which the deceased was held and the general sympathy with the members of his family.



From the Clare Journal, Mo nday October 2nd, 1905

 It is with feelings of sincere sorrow we have to chronicle the death of Mr. Martin McMahon, Kilmaly which  sad event took place on the 22nd inst. Deceased had been ailing for a considera ble time but hopes were entertained by his friends that his vigour and robust constitution would enable him to ward off the disease from which he suffere d. But the Omnipotent has decreed otherwise and despite all that medical skills and the tender care of a loving wife and family could do, he passed away peacefully on Friday fortified by the Rites of the Holy Catholic Church to which he was faithfully attached during life.

 Mr. McMahon was only thirty s even years of age and his death at such an early age occasioned universal grief. Deceased was remarkable for his amiable and peaceful disposition and was a devoted husband and loving father. He leaves a widow and young family and to them and other members of his family we extend our heartfelt sympathy in the great bereavement which has befallen them. His remains were removed to the Cathedral (Ennis) Saturday evening followed by a large concourse of people  and the interment took place on Sunday at the family burial plot, Kilmaley. The fun eral was one of the largest we have seen for a considerable time and testified i n a practical manner to the esteem in which the deceased was held by those with whom he came in contact. The clergy officiating at the graveside were Rev.  Fr. rt, Ennis, and the Rev. Fr. J. Glynn, P.P., Kilmaley. The funeral arrangeme nts were admirably carried out by Mr. John Kennedy, Mill Street, Ennis.



Clare Journal, Monday, Mar ch 25th, 1912

 The death of a venerable and  highly esteemed resident of this district, Mrs. Cullinan, Magowna House, took plac e a few days ago, to the sincere regret of a very wide circle of family, relati ves and many friends throughout Clare.

 The deceased lady was the rel ict of the late Mr. Michael Cullinan and belonged herself to one of the most widely known families in Co. Clare, having been sister to the late Mr. Patrick Lyn ch, Kilbrickane and aunt to Mr. Michael Lynch.

 She was a splendid type of the grand old Irish matron and through her long life - extended long beyond the patriarchal three score and ten years - she was held in the warmest estimat ion by all who had the pleasure of knowing her.

 The funeral, which took place from the Cathedral, Ennis, was one of immense proportions, showing the estimatio n in which she was universally held and the popular sympathy with her relatives.


Saturday Record, February 24th, 1917

 The news of the death of the  above highly popular resident of Kilmaley, at the early age of 37, caused much regret. He belonged to a very old and respected family in that parish and w as a nephew of the late Fr. O'Malley of Ennis. He was himself the best-known of  the popular Kilmaley tug-o-war team. He held five medals in that sport. He was  ill for only a week and death was caused by double pneumonia.

 The funeral was of immense proportions. Fr. Roche and Fr. Cleary were the clergymen present and Mr. J. Kennedy had charge of the funeral arrangements.

The chief mourners were Dan O'Malley, John O'Malley, Tim McNamara, John O'Looney, Gerard Mullins, Pat Quinn, J. and D. Cusack, J. Falvey [Inch], T. Fitzpatrick, Paul J. O'Connor, Maurice Mullins, D.T. and J. Mungovan, J. and D. Mungovan, C. Mungovan [Enn is], James Mungovan, Thomas Pilkington, Peter, James, Dan, Ned and John Falvey [cousins], J. Griffin, Martin Kearney [Inch], J. Pyne, D. Lynch.



Saturday Record, March 17th, 1917

 It is with feelings of sincere regret that we have to announce the death of the above gentleman, which took place at his residence, Clonboula house, Connolly, on March 9th.

Mr. Daly had been in ailing h ealth only a few weeks and though his friends knew the end was not far off, it ca me sooner than anticipated. His loss will be felt deeply by his wife and family and the poor of the district whom he always assisted and who never appealed to his generosity in vain.

 Mr. Daly represented the Rural District of Kanturk for a term of six years, being elected on two successive occasions without soliciting a single vote, even from his dearest friends a nd during his term of office, he never, by vote or voice, did anything to incu re the interests of the ratepayers. He was forty years a member of the teaching profession and together with his official duties, he carried on an extensive provision business in Connolly.

 He died at the age of seventy -five, fortified by the rites of the Catholic Church of which he was a devoted mem ber. The large number of people which followed his remains to the graveside bore ample testimony to the esteem in which he was held by his neighbours and friends.


Clare Journal - Thursday Evening, June 29, 1911

 With much regret we have to announce the death, at her residence, Tullassa, Inch, of Mrs. Moran, relict of the late Mr. John Moran, R.O., Ennis, and mother of Rev. John Moran, Sanhur st and of Messrs Patrick Moran, ex. U.C., Thomas and Joseph Moran, R.O.

The deceased was a member of  an old and esteemed family and through life was an admirable type of Christian Iri sh woman, kindly helpful, sympathetic to the poor and afflicted and the best of neighbours.

 The funeral took place on Friday and was of very large proportions. In the morning there was a Mass at Inch Church for the deceased, the celebrant of which was Rev. D. McNamara, C.C.  The cortege then started for the interment at Drumcliffe cemetery.

 Chief mourners were John, Pat rick, Thomas and Joseph (sons). The clergy in attendance were Very Rev. Canon Han non, Adm., Ennis; Rev. D. O'Dea, B.A., C.C., Ennis; Rev. J. Hogan, C. C., Ennis; Rev. William Scanlan, C.C., Kilmaley; Rev. D. McNamara, C. C. Kilmaley; Very Rev. Fr. Leo, O.F.M., Ennis; Rev. Fr. Bernard, O.F.M., Ennis.


Clare Journal - Monday Eve ning, June 1, 1891

 We greatly regret to have to  record the death of Mrs. Georgina Synge, wife of Colonel George C. Synge, Mount Callan, which took place on Friday evening last after a long and painful illness which was borne with unremitting patience and resignation to Divine Will.

It would be hard to express t he sorrow with which the friends and acquaintances of the deceased lady learned that the Master had called her home and impossible to put into words what h er loss means to the poor in her own neighbourhood who so largely benefited by her practical and discriminating charity. She had no greater pleasure than to do good and the blessing of her kind sympathetic nature seemed to rest on all  with whom she came into contact. Her wise and loving deeds will long be remember ed and her example will encourage others to higher, nobler lives of self-denial and benevolence.

Widespread sympathy is felt w ith Col. Synge in his bereavement.

Clare Journal - Thursday, June 4, 1891
Funeral of Mrs. Synge, Mount Callan

The remains of the sincerely regretted lady whose demise it was our painful duty to record in our last i ssue were interred on Tuesday at Miltown Malbay. Not a noticeable member of Col. Synge's tenantry of the Mt. Callan estate was absent from the funeral corte ge. Several beautiful wreaths from many and kind friends who admired her through life, were laid on the casket, which was of polished oak, heavily mounted.< /p>

 Amongst those present were: C o. Paterson, D.L., Clifden; Bagot Blood, J.P., Templemaley; Capt. George Crowe, Larchill; R.H. Crowe, J.P, Toonagh; A. Green, M.D., Ennis; H. V. McNamara, D.L., Ennistymon; Col. Maunsell, Limerick; J. W. Scott, J. P., Roslevan; Jo hn H. Harvey, Clerk of the Crown; John Hill, C.S., Ennis; H. B. Harris, Ennis; T. Culligan, Ennis; H. B. White, Manager, National Bank, Miltown Malbay; M. Malone, H. De L. Willis, J. P., Ennis; J. O'Connell, C.E., Ennis; W.R. Kenn y, Freagh; Samuel Bell, Glandine; C. R. Ellis, Wellington; Henry Moroney, Westpark; Robert Ferrier, Medina; James Crawford, Medina; George Matthews, Andrew Molony; James Comyn; Michael Malone, George Comyns, John T. O'Brien, Anthony Malone, etc.

 The Revd. Dr. Bonynge, Miltown Malbay preceeded the remains from the gate tot he church where the coffin l ay during the reading of the funeral service. The remains were interred within the church grounds.

 Messrs. M. McInerney and Sons, Market Street, Ennis, were entrusted with funeral arrangements which were admirably carried out.


Clare Journal - Monday Eve ning, Feb. 11, 1907

 Her many friends will hear wi th sincere regret of the death of one of the most respected citizens of the Connolly District, Mrs. Bridget Keane, Kilcolumb at the ripe old age of eig hty one years.

The deceased was of a most ki nd and charitable disposition and sweet and cheerful temperament. Her life was a v ery edifying one and her peaceful death an illustration of the Scriptural Truth - "That as a man lives, so shall he die."

Last summer she had the pleas ure of a prolonged visit from her son, Mr. Denis Keane, a worthy and popular citiz en of New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A., in company with his newly-wed bride.

We tender him, Messrs. Ned an d John Keane (sons), Kilcolumb, Mrs. J. Conlon and the various other members of the family our sincere sympathy. The funeral took place on Sunday and it was largely attended. She was interred by the side of her late husband, Michael Keane, in Kilmaley Churchyard, and beneath the magnificent monument erected there by filial affection of Mr. Denis Keane. The prayers at the graveside  were said by Rev. W. Scanlan, C.C., Connolly.

The chief mourners were John, Edward and Denis Keane (sons), James Conlon and Michael Breen (sons-in-law), Michael Carney, John Keane, Ennis, Richard Keane, Doora, John Hehir, Denis Keane, Tom Clohessy.

 The funeral arrangements were excellently carried out by Messrs. McInerney and Sons, Ennis.

Death of Mrs. Michael McMa hon, Kilmaley

The Clare Journal, Monday, February 9th, 1914

 We regret to have to record t he death of the above esteemed lady which occurred after a protracted illness, fortified by the ministrations and consolations of her good clergy who were constantly in attendance during her illness.

 Dr. Daniel Hayes left nothing undone that medical skill could do to alleviate her sufferings. He kept constant vigil over her night and day, acting as both doctor and nurse. Dr. Counihan of Ennis was also called in by him but to no avail. She passed cal mly and peacefully to enjoy the joys awaiting all good Christians.

The funeral to the family bur ial place was of very large dimensions and representatives of all classes inclu ded friends and well-wishers from seven parishes, as evidence of the esteem in which the deceased was held.

The Clare Journal, Thursda y, Feb. 26th, 1914
Death of Mrs. Tottenham, Mount Callan House

 We much regret to hear of the death of Mrs. Tottenham, wife of Colonel Frederick Tottenhan, Mount Callan House, which took place at 6 a.m. on Friday morning.

 The deceased lady was ailing  only a few weeks and the cause of death was a severe cold which developed into pneumonia. All the best medical skill could not divert the end. The deceased through life was one of the most benevolent and charitable ladies that could grace a district and her death came as a shock to her many friends and the public in general. The poor particularly will long mourn a kind benefactor. She kept a special medical depot for the wants and benefit for all in afflictio n or trouble who sought her humane and charitable assistance.

 The funeral arrangements, by  the special request of the deceased were of the plainest and simplest type. The remains were received at the Miltown-Malbay Church entrance by the Rev. Wes ley Daley, Rector while the service in the church was choral. There was a very large attendance of the tenantry of the Mount Callan estate present, who carried the remains into the church.

 The chief mourners were Col. Tottenham, D.L., husband; Mr. Edward Tottenham, son; Miss Tottenham, sister-in-law and other members of the family.

In the general public were Me ssrs. R.G. Ellis, J.P., Sea View, Spanish Point; H.B. Harris, J.P., Armada, Spani sh Point; Dr. M. J. Hilery, Dr. D. J. MacClancy, F. J. O'Mahony, Manager Natio nal Bank, Miltown; Mr. Turner, Accountant, Miltown; Col. Morony, R. E., Milltown House; Mr. Davies, I.R.; Walter Davies, Kilfenora; John Allingham, C.P.S.; Thomas Leahy Snr., Pat McMahon, Thomas O'Brien, Thomas J. Talty, Leonard Wilson, H.E. Clancy, Sanfield; P. Kelly, D.C.; Michael McDonagh, Michael Fa hey, M. Moroney, John O'Brien, Liscahane, C. Hehir, Moureesk; Martin Griffin, Richard White, Michael Griffin, Nicholas Philpott, John Griffin, John Comyn, James Honan, Pat Kelly, Michael Fitzpatrick, Paul Flynn, James Hurley, J. Finucane, M. Cleary Jnr., H. Talty, M. Callinan, John Donohue, M. Madden (steward), J. Woods (gardener).

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. Edmond Moroney and Sons.

Clare Champion, June 6th,  1936
Death of Mr. Michael Hogan, Drumadrehid, Darragh

 We regret to announce the lam ented death of Mr. Michael Hogan, Drumadrehid, Darragh, who was a life-long suppo rter of the Nationalist cause from the Land League days down to the Anglo-Irish  and Civil War periods.

During the latter struggle, h is home was open at all times to the other members of the Active Service Units (IRA ASU'S) while his own very young family gave unstinted service otherwis e.

The funeral to Killone burial ground was large and representative. The prayers at the graveside were reci ted by Rev. Fr. Barry, C.C., Clarecastle.