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Carlow Strays
Memorial Inscriptions

A collection of headstones found in Co. Wicklow with the name
Carlow mentioned on each headstone.
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Interred Aghowle Co Wicklow Interred Curraghlawn Co Wicklow Interred Kilamoat RC Graveyard Co Wicklow

(3 stones only one recorded here that refers to Carlow)

Here lyeth the remains of Mr. Mathew Gahan late of Carlow who died on the 13th day of July 1810 aged 68 Years This tomb has been placed to his memory by his affectionate wife Bridget Gahan. Pray for the soul of Margaret Whelan of Monahullen who departed this life 19th June 1924 aged 76 years.


(4 Stones for this family only one refers to Co Carlow)

Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Dowse wife of Benjamin Dowse of Tobinstown in the County of Carlow she departed this life on the 18th day of Sept 1859 aged 26 years.


D.O.M. Underneath are interred the remains of Mr. James Kenny of Kilmacart Co Carlow born July 23rd 1752 ded July 20th 1837 also those of his son Mr. John Kenny born 1792 died June 28th 1827. Also those of Miss Elleanor Kenny aged 23 years, daughter of the latter and granddaughter of the former who was prematurely carried away in the prime of life, August 1849. Here likewise are buried the children of Mr. Jas. Kenny Junr namely Michl and Lawrence the former died June 14th the latter June 16th 1833.

Interred Knockanna Co Wicklow Interred Ardamine Church of Ireland Co Wexford Interred Annacurragh Co Wicklow

2 Stones only one refers to Co Carlow)

In Loving memory of Edward Kealy who died 16th March 1891 aged 60 Also his wife Catherine who died 8th Nov 1891 aged 59 and their daughter Maryanne who died 1st June 1899 aged 30 of Hacketstown Co Carlow


In Memory of Sarah wife of Edward Groome of Killinane in the County of Carlow Esquire died May 1st 1846 aged 66 years ( On Pulpit in Church)


East and south side inscribed Only East here Erected by the Very Rev J.B. Kavanagh D.D. Presidnet of Carlow College P.P. of Kildare in loving memory of his parents Jeremiah Kavanagh of Killballyowne died in 1846 and Mary Kavanagh died 1876 the above Ver Rev. J.B. Kavanagh D.D. died in 1886.

Interred Lower Macreddin Co Wicklow Interred Kilcashel Co Wexford Interred Tintern ( Saltmills) Co Wexford

Erected by James Byrne of Killaduff in memory of her beloved father Michael Byrne who depd this life Feb 8th 1855 aged 71 years Also his mother Mary Byrne who depd this life 1853 aged 70 years. Also he above named James Byrne who depd this life at Philipstown Co Carlow on the 12th Oct 1860 aged 31 years. Also his three daughters, Mary died Oct 11th 1858 aged 6 years. Margaret died August 6th 1876 aged 21 years. Honora died Dec 31st 1876 aged 19 years. Also his son James, died 7th March 1891 aged 27 yrs, and his wife Mary Byrne died 18th June 1898 aged 75 Years.


This stone is a tabletop and has a huge family history on it But I am only quoting the one name on this stone that covers Carlow Bridget Doyle of Ballykeady Co Carlow died 1851 Names on headstone are Kervan, Kirwan, relates to 1798.


Here lieth the mortal remains of Ellen fourth daughter of the late John Perksin of Grange Co Carlow who died eleventh day of February in the year of Our Lord 1861 or 1864

Interred Liscolman Co Wicklow Interred -KILRUSH Interred Limerick Co Wexford

(4 Stones only one refers to Co Carlow but names linked to that are Kavanagh, McCarthy, Headon, Carthy, Barry)

Erected by Mary Headon in memory of her mother Cathrine Barry of Mapilstown in the Co of Carlow who departed this life March 25th 1827 aged 69 Years.


(6 Stones for the Kidd family here but I am once again only putting in the one that says Co Carlow)

In memory of Elizabeth Kidd of Skeduff County Carlow who died the 29th day of February 1864 aged 43 years also of her husband George died March 186? aged 58 years, and of their son John who died young.


Erected by Peter Hill in memory of his beloved brother John Hill who depd this life 11th April 1899 aged 20 years born Annagh Co Wexford and died at Hacketsown Co Carlow. Associated names to this stone is Hobbs

Interred Old Ferns Co Wexford Interred Enniscorthy Co Wexford Interred in Little Bray Co Wicklow

(2 Stones only one notes Co Carlow) Erected in memory of Henry Sheridan of County Carlow who depd this life July 8th 1806 aged 35 years also his brother Nicholas Sheridan lage of Skalbeg in this County who depd June the 1st 1828 aged 59 Years this stone was erected by Owen and Henry Sheridan Names on other stone related to this one are Owen SHeridan, Mary Sheridan and Hugh Bolger.


Erected by Ann Kelly in memory of her husband John Kelly of Wells Co Carlow Died 4th July 1876? aged 65 Years also her son William who died August 21st 1862 aged 12 years and an infant son William and her son Patrick who died in Wexford April 14th 1885 aged 30 years . Three grand children died young .


Erected by Andrew and Mary Byrne of Co Carlow In memory of their beloved daughter Catherine who departed this life Feb 6th 1864 aged 16 years. Also their beloved daughter Bridget Who died Oct 15th 1864 aged 20 years Associated names with this headstone on a second headstone are Mary Byrne Bray George Hanlon John Hanlon George Vigneau.

Interred Aghold Co Wicklow Interred Donard Co Wicklow Interred in Killincooly Co Wexford

(4 stones involved only one recorded here that refers to Carlow)

In loving remembrance of Elisr Maude the beloved wife of Louis Montfort Tiney Park Carlow Who fell asleep in Jesus the 17th August 1880 aged 29 years Also her daughter Daisy Elise who died at Rustenburg Transvaal July 5th 1960 aged 84 years.


(4 Stones but only two refer to Co Carlow)

1 - Erected by Richard Fenton of B?????? Co Carlow in memory of his beloved daughter Eliza Jane .

2 - In memory of Richard Fenton of Grange Park Tullow Co Carlow who died 10th Nov 1881 aged 65 Years also his wife Temple died 15th June 1914 aged 90 years


Mathew Power so nof James Power of Ballinagown died in Carlow College 26th Feb 1886 aged 21 years.

Interred Kilcommon Co Wicklow Interred Kilcommon Co Wicklow Interred Kilcommon Co Wicklow

Near this place lie the remains of William Harvey Symes M.B., MCcH. T.C.D., Only surviving son of the late Revd Jeremiah Symes of Ballybeg in this parish and Vicar in this Diocese, he died on the 8th April 1866 at the early age of 26 years of fever, taken while discharging his duties as Physician of the Carlow Fever Hospital. This table is erected by his mother and sisters in loving remembrance of. "The Desire of their Eyes" whom the Lord hath Taken.


(2 Stones for this family but only one records Carlow on it)

Erected by Anne Elliott of Grauge? Grange Carlow in memory of her beloved husband John Elliott who died 8th May 1851 aged 68 Years, of her son Samuel who died 31st January 1867 aged 50 Years. Also the above named Anne Elliott who departed this life the 3rd July 1868 aged 84 Years.


(6 stones but only one records Carlow on it.)

In memory of Thomas Haskin wo was born Fairwood Co Wicklow on 23rd October 1828 died at Oldtown Co Carlow on 22nd January 1910 and of his beloved wife Jane who was born in Dublin on 22nd October 1832 and died at Oldtown on 3rd January 1917.

Interred Rathaspeck Co Wexford Interred Rathaspeck Co Wexford Interred in Co Kildare / Castledermot

Underneath lies interred the remains of Mrs. Ann Grogan wife of Mr. Edward Grogan of Wexford, and daughter of John Lucas of Rathdannell in the County of Carlow, Esq., who departed this life on Thursday the fith day of February Anno Dom:- 1756 In the fifty fith year of her age.


 Here lieth the body of Martha Harvey wife of Revd. James Harvey of Killiane Castle and daughter of John Beachamp of Ballyloughlane in the County of Carlow Esqe., many years in Parliament for Old Leighlin she departed this life 23rd day of December in the year of Our Lord 1760. and about the 66 years of her age.


Sacred to the memory of Mrs.Mary Gardiner wife of John Gardiner of Carlow Esq., who departed this life June 9th 1812 aged 65 years

Interred in Co Kildare / Castledermot Interred in Co Kildare / Castledermot Interred in Co Kildare / Castledermot

Sacred to the memory of Emma Elizabeth the beloved wife of Thomas Brown Oldtown Cottage Co Carlow and daughter of the late Revd. Dr. McDonnell died trusting in her saviour on the 13th June 1871 aged 22 years. This is inscribed to her memory as a tribute of affection to a loved and loving wife and husband.


In Memory of he Revd. Charles McDonnell L.L.D, Vica of Kinneagh Co Carlow who departed this life October 27th 1869 aged 75 years. Also of his wife Eliza Abinda who fell asleep October 25th 1893 aged 73 years.


Sacred to the memory of Thomas Brown died from injuries received from a fall from his horse 30th January 1873 aged 37 years.

In Loving memory of Charles John L'Estrange youngest son of the late Rev Charles McDonnell L.L.D. who died 20th May 187? aged 20 Years.

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