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Pat Purcell Papers

County of Carlow.

23rd March 1771.

Lent Assizes. Grand Jury.

  William Paul Warren, Esq.   George Brereton, Esq.
  Maurice Peppard Warren.Esq.   Pilsworth Whelan, Esq.
  William Burgh,Esq.   John Vigors, Esq.
  Thomas Bunbury, Esq.   Bartholomew Newton, Esq.
  William Bunbury, Esq.   Hardy Eustace, Esq.
  Thomas Bunbury, Esq. of Cranavonan.   Thomas Cooper, Esq.
  Clement Wolsey.Esq.   John Beauchamp, Esq.
  Sir Richard Butler, Bart.   Thomas Gurly. Esq.
  William Burton, Esq.   Simons Mercer, Esq.
  Beauchchamp Bagenal, Esq.   Theophilus Perkins, Esq.
  Thomas Butler, Esq.   William Bernard, Esq.
  Sir Richard Wolseley, Bart.   John Echlin, Esq.
  Sir Paul Crosbie, Bart.   John Whelan, Esq.
  Sir William Vigors Burdet, Bart.   Owen Whelan, Esq.
  Hon. John Stratford.   Harcourt Lightburne, Esq.
  Hon. Barry Maxwell.   Bartw. Barnes, Esq.
  Ralph Howard, Esq.   Arundal Best, Esq.
  William Browne the Elder, Esq.   Richard Baillie, Esq.
  William Brereton, Esq.   Henry Rudkins, Esq.
  Robert Doyne, Esq.   John Drought, Esq.
  Edward Eustace, Esq.   Francis Dillon, Esq.
  Benjamin Burton Doyne, Esq.   Arthur Baillie, Esq.
  Luke Mercer, Esq.   Joseph Cuff, Esq.
  Robert Eustace, Esq.   Philip Bernard, Esq.
  John Rochfort, Esq.   Patrick Colclough, Esq.
  William Stuart, Esq.   William Nasson Greene, Esq.
  William Vicars, Esq.   Franks Bernard, Esq.
  Richard Mercer, Esq.   George NuHall, Esq.
  William Paul Butler, Esq.   Walter Bagot, Esq.
  Robert Browne, Esq.   James Butler, Esq.
      John Perkins, Esq.

(signed) Thomas Whelan, Esq. Sheriff.

Transcribed by: Susie Warren

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