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Carlow 1760

Extract from The he History and Antiquities of The County of Carlow. by John Ryan's  1833


Reign of George II A.D. 1727 to A.D. 1760

31st January, 1760. — A petition of the sovereign, burgesses,' freemen and inhabitants of the corporation of Carlo w, was presented to the house, and read, praying to allow a clause to be inserted in heads of a bill intended to be brought in relative to the lamps of the city of Dublin, to empower the petitioners to erect lamps in the liberties of the said town of Carlow, at such proper and convenient distances as to the house shall seem meet.

Ordered — That the said petition be referred to the committee appointed to bring in heads of a bill relative to the lamps of the city of Dublin.

11th March, 1760. Ordered— That the committee of the whole house to whom heads of a bill for the more effectually enlightening the city of Dublin, and liberties thereof, and for the erecting of public lights in the other cities, towns corporate, and market towns in this kingdom, are committed, be empowered to receive a clause, or clauses, for enabling the representatives of William Aldrich and Hugh Cuming to receive all such arrears of lamp-money as shall be due to them at the expiration of the present acts of parliament now in force for lighting the city of Dublin; and also a clause, or clauses for charging the city of Dublin with the sum of one thousand five hundred pounds, to be paid into the hands of Sir CHARLES BURTON, and James Dunn, Esq., to buy up the lamps, and lamp-irons now in use, and for other purposes in the said clause, or clauses to be mentioned.

22nd March, 1760. — The order being read for the house to resolve itself into a committee .of the whole house to take into consideration heads of a bill for further continuing, explaining, and amending the several acts of parliament now in force for erecting lamps in the city of Dublin, and liberties thereof,

Ordered — That the said order be discharged. Parliament was prorogued on the 17th May, 1760 From '' an account of the number of Protestants who have been arrayed in the several counties, counties of cities, and towns in the province of Leinster and Connaught, as returned by the commissioners of array, in the years 1756, and 1757," it appears that the number in the county of Carlow was eight hundred and eighty-seven.

John Garnet was consecrated bishop of Leighlin and Ferns in 1752. He was succeeded by the Hon. William Carmichael, who was translated in 1758; and in the same year, Thomas Salmon was appointed to the sees. Richard Robinson was translated to this bishopric in 1759.

George the second died on the 25th October, 1760.

("Spelling are as seen in the book")

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