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Richard Corrigan Papers
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Will of John Corrigan

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The Will of John Corrigan of Dublin

In the name of God amen I JOHN CORRIGAN of Grand Canal Place in the County of the City of Dublin, Clark being weak of body but of sound mind and memory and understanding blessed be the almighty God, for the same do make and publish my last will and Testament in manner and form as follows that is to say, First I give and Bequeath to my beloved daughter ELLINOR CORRIGAN my freehold property in the town of Leighlinbridge held by lease of lives renewable for ever from DAVID  DEVEREAX BYRNE and now in the possession  of WILLIAM RICHARD STEWART Esq. by lease granted by me to JOHN STEWART Esq of Stewarts Lodge deceased for ever at the yearly rent of thirteen pounds, thirteen shillings yearly and every year Irish Currency as by lease specified to the above named JOHN STEWART and also my freehold property of a lease of lives renewable for ever from WILLIAM RICHARD STEWART of three houses built me thereon at the yearly rent of three pound three shillings as by lease which will fully appear the ground rent of said property to DAVID BYRNE is three pounds eight shillings and three pence late Irish Currency. The profit rent of these houses I also give and bequeath to the above named ELLINOR CORRIGAN during her natural life and also of her first natural begotten son by her lawful husband and I also give and bequeath to the above named ELLINOR the profit rent of my house in Ehlain lane held by letter from the late DRURY JONES Esq. at the yearly rent of eight pounds late Irish Currency and now payable to Mr. JOHN HUTTON and also for the attention and affection to her late mother I give and bequeath to the said ELLINOR all my right title and interest in the House and Premises I now live in together with my furniture and every article in it as at Present, with the exception of the two Appartments now in the possession of my beloved daughter REBECCA otherwise O誰EILL and her husband JOHN O誰EILL cabinet maker which appartments the said REBECCA and JOHN may occupy as long as they live but should the aforesaid REBECCA and JOHN leave the premises they are bound to give them up to my beloved daughter ELLINOR CORRIGAN without giving her to recover the same, and in case should the almighty God call my daughter ELLINOR CORRIGAN out of this world without issue it is my will that EDITH CORRIGAN my beloved daughter now married to DANIEL O誰EILL shall have the property equally divided between them during their lives provided also that the person unto whose hands the property may revert cannot sell or mortgage any part of the property thereof and should it please God to call the whole of my children, it is my will and wish that the freehold property shall go to my beloved Grandson SAMUEL CORRIGAN of Carlow (with the above exceptions[sic]) during his natural life subject to the control of his mother REBECCA CORRIGAN, wife of my late son SAMUEL CORRIGAN of Carlow, I also give and bequeath to my Grandson ROBERT O誰EILL the son of REBECCA and JOHN O誰EILL the yearly annuity of three pounds sterling to be paid to my beloved daughter ELLINOR CORRIGAN till the said ROBERT will be twenty years of age, and it is my will also the said three pounds a year is to be put up in the Savings Bank for the use of the above named ROBERT O誰EILL. I also give and bequeath to my beloved daughter ELLEN my right title and interest in the House and Concerns I lately lived in at the yard Grand Canal Place together with the profits rents arising out of same held under lease from HUMPHREY JONES Esq.. it is my will also that the sums of money due to me by DANIEL O達RIEN of Carlow or other shall be paid to my said beloved Daughter ELLENOR I make this will principally in her favour for her dutiful an affection regard to me. It is also my will that the above named ELLENOR CORRIGAN will not act contrary to the wish and will of my esteemed friend CHARLES THORPE         

            William St. and I hereby appoint the said CHARLES THORPE and my said ELLINOR exeecutors of this my last will and testament given under my hand and seale this fouth day June One thousand eight hundred and thirty three..seal..Witness JAMES CASEY    CHARLES THORPE     JOHN THORPE.

The Last Will and Testament of John Corrigan

The last will and Testament of JOHN CORRIGAN late of Grand Canal Place in the County of Dublin Gentleman deceased, was proved in common form of time, Probate was granted by the Most Reverend Father JOHN GEORGE and so forth unto ELLINOR CORRIGAN of same place, spinster daughter of deceased one of the executors of the said will she being the first sworn, personally saving the right of CHARLES THORPE the other, Executors and of every person whatever, dated the third day of July 1834.

 [A genealogy tree follows]

 1833   Will witnesses by JOHN and CHARLES THORPE (sons of Mary Corrigan of Cappagh)

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Deceased | Athy  ELLINOR  U.M.



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Image of hand written family tree
Source: Turtle Bunbury c.2012. Transcriptions by Maribeth Nolan Oct 2012

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