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Watson Collection
Quaker Wedding
Marriage of John Watson and Dianah Deaves
By kind permission of Michael Purcell
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Witnesses to marriage of John Watson of Ballydarton, Carlow and Dianah Deaves of the City of Dublin in 12th January 1779,

And We whose Names are hereunto subscribed being present amongst others at the Solemnizing of their said Marriage and Subscription in manner aforesaid as Witness hereunto have to these Presents Subscribed our Names, the Day and Year above written.

First Panel
John Nowlan.
Jonathan Hayes.
Danial O' Brien.
Jo Fayle.
Nicholas Thompson.
Ar, Newland.
A, Harley.
Nicholas Walsh.
Patrick Quinn.
Jo Doyle, Junior.
Samuel Hutchinson.
Thomas Malone.
Sam Fayle.
Ben Doyle.
James Cooke.
William Stephens.
Jonathan Hill.
Second Panel
Thomas Barrington
Thomas Fayle
Samuel Russell.
John Williecky.
Robert Unthank.
William Taylor.
Patrick Lawless.
William North.
Thomas Philips.
Joseph Barnett, Junior
John Dawson Coates.
James Forbes.
John Robinson.
John Appleby.
William Cood.
Third Panel
Willcocks Philips.
Abraham Duckett.
John Napper.
James Gough.
William Smith.
Sam Stephenson Holland.
Redmond Holland.
John Cambell.
Sam Barrington.
John Owens.
Roger Wetherall.
Charloss Williams.
Robert Warren.
Jos Clibborn.
Samual Bewley.
Jonas Osborne
John Jackson
Isaac Burton
Charles Bastifell
Robert Penrose.
Fourth Panel
Eliza Dawson
Anne Forbes.
Hannah Wilson Forbes. (?)
Sarah Jackson.
Deborah Fayle.
Hannah Boardman.
Mary Ann Manly.
Ann Marston.
Phebe Marston.
Margaret Russell.
Mary Russell.
Elizabeth Leech.
Ann Russell.
Sarah Robinson.
Susanna Watson.
Isabella Robinson.
Deborah Russell.
Catherine Somrvil.
Ine Fel (?)
Fifth Panel
Mary Barcroft
Rachel Trenod (?)
Mary Wilson.
Hannagh Gough.
Mary Gough.
Susanna Bewley Junior.
Hannah Stephens.
Sarah Forbes.
William Sutton.
Henry Deaves
Robert Wilson
Susanna Wilson.
Honora Lynch
Mary Goff
Sarah Jackson
Robert Clibborn Junior.
Sixth Panel
Henry Deaves.
Sarah Deaves. Jn
(?) Deaves
Samuel Watson, Junior.
John Watson
T (?) Deaves
Sarah Watson
Henry White.
Susanna White
Joseph Sandwith
Jane Sandwith
Walter White
Jane White
John Lecky
Elizabeth Goff
Jos (?) Wilson.
Benjamin Wilson.
Anne Cooper.
The above is recorded on the front page of this large parchment document.

The first ( narrow) panel has the signatures of common labourers, which is evident from the style of handwriting and the surnames.  The 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th panels are well-off Quakers and those who signed the 6th panel are described as Relatives.

Image of a copy of original Document
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Courtesy of Mr Michael Purcell

On the reverse are recorded the births and marriages of their 10 children (also records the death of some of the children) of this large parchment Marriage Licence.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the above document.
This document was transcribed by Michael Purcell c2008.

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