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County of Carlow 1670.

Treasure-trove of gold!

A document found in the PPP concerning the finding in May 1670 of a Treasure-trove of gold at Ballymorris in Queen's County.

The treasure was found on land granted to the Dempseys by Queen Elizabeth in 1571.

A deposition made before John Watson, Magistrate in January, 1673.

 Carlow to wit.

The examination of Kate Molony, alias Oulaghan, sworn upon the Holy Evangelist taken before John Watson, Magistrate, the 15th day of January, 1673.

Kate Molony, alias Oulaghan, being duly sworn saith that at or about the last of May 1670, she and her son Edmond Molony came to the house of Earel McMorris at Ballymorish, in the evening, and there stayed all night.

After supper the said Edmond Moloney spoke to the Earrell McMorris and told him that he was sent by his father Lauglin Moylony to see some brass that the said Earell found.

After a good while the said Earel McMorris answered and said it was not brass and whispered in the ear to his own son   -  upon which the son went into a chamber, and unlocked a chest, and brought with him a yard of pure gold etc. etc.

[Note by Pat Purcell 1947. "For Carlovina History Journal 1947. The complete text published in the Proceedings of The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. Jan 1900"].

Note: In this case the spelling is relevant ...Oulaghan at times spelt Oulehan, Oelihan, the family are recorded at Leighlin and elsewhere in Carlow in Church registers and the PPP. I think one of our Listers is researching the family. This surname is sometimes spelt Wholhan / Holohan in error.