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Pat Purcell Paper's
Return of Tolls or Customs c.1830

By kind permission of Michael Purcell
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Return of Toll or Customs paid at the Fairs of Knockmill in the County of 
Carlow on the 4th day of September and 30th day of November in every year.
For every       Cow or Bullock Sold 4  
Two Year old 3  
Yearling 2
Sheep sold 1  
Pig 1  
Kish of Small Pigs 4  
ditto of Fruit 4  
ditto of Onions 4  
Pack of Wool 4  
Kish of Brogues 4  
ditto of Shoes 4  
Leather Cutters Standing 4  
Hatters Standing 4  
Delph Standing 4  
Standing of Coarse Cloth & flannel 4  
Covered Standings with Muslin, Calico &c. 4  
Smaller Standing with ditto 3  
ditto 2  
ditto 1  
Hawkers from 2d to 1  
Tents 1s 0d  
Lodged 13th July 1830    
    The Tolls taken at the Fair of Pallatinetown are    
For         Cattle per head 4  


Sheep, Lambs & Pigs each 1  
    Customs payable at the Fairs of Borris.    
For every Horse or Mule Sold 6  
Horse with a Load 4  
Pack of Wool 4  
Sheep , Pig or Calf 1  
Lambs 0  
Cow 4  
Two Year Olds 3  
Yearling 2  
Covered Standing 6  
Flat Standing 4  
Table 3  
Hatters and Brogue Makers Standing 4  
Leather Cutters and Cloth &c 4  
Piece of Flannel 4  
Tent 10  
N.B. No charge on Flax or Flax Seeds    
    Tolls payable at the Fairs and Markets of Tullow.    
For every Horse 3  
Cow 3  
Two Year Old ditto 2  
Sheep, Calf or Pig 1  
Sack of Corn 1  
    Toll payable in the Town of Tullow and Manor of Mount Arran.    
For weighing each Sack of Corn above 1 cwt. net 1  
Sack or Bag under 1 cwt. Net 0  
Load of Coal 2  
Hide Cask or Fallow &c 2  
    Manor of Leighlin Bridge and Ballynockan    
For every Horse Sold 6  
Head of Black Cattle 4  
Two Years Old 2  
Every Yearling 1  
Sheep, Pig or Calf 1  
Lamb 0  
Kish of Pigs 4  
Covered Standing or Stand 4  

Lodged 26th July 1830

    Fairs of Sliguff    
      s   d  
For every Horse and Car with a Load 1 - 1  
Ass and Car ditto 8  
Cow and Calf 10  
Tent 1 - 8  
Piece of Woolen Cloth 10  
Covered Standing 1 - 1  
Flat ditto 6  
Hawkers 5  
Head of Black Cattle 10  
Head of Dry ditto 6  
Brogue Makers Standing 10  
Hatters Standing 10  
Breeches Makers Standing 10  
Cloth Standing 1 - 8  
Fat or Store Pig 4  
Young Pig 3  
Sheep 3  
Lamb 2  
Small Tables 6  
For every Cow Sold 3  
Two Year Old Heifer or Bullock 2  
Yearling 1  
Pig and Sheep  1  
Lamb 0  
Standing, Car with Cabbage Plants, Wool 4  
Crockery Ware, Tripe, &c., &c. 4  
Small piece of Tripe and Cake Stand 2  
    Tolls payable at Myshall Fairs    
For every Bull, Cow or Bullock 5  
Two Year Old ditto 3  
Yearling ditto 2  
Fat Pig 3  
Store ditto 2  
Kish of Small ditto 6  
Horse, Mare or Gelding 6  
Hawkers & Pedlars 6  
Standing From 4d to 1s 8d  
    Tolls & Customs payable in the Town of     
    Leighlin Bridge and Ballynockan for Fairs & Markets    
For every Sack of Corn weighing 1 cwt. or upwards 1  
Sack of Potatoes 1  
Horse 6  
Head of Black Cattle 5  
Two Year Olds 3  
Yearling 2  
Sheep, Pig or Calf 2  
Lamb 1  
Kish of Pigs 6  
Covered Standing or Stand 10  
Bowl of Butter 1  
Churn of Milk 1  
Lodged 1817      
The above is a true and accurate transcript of the above document.
This document was transcribed by J.J. Woods c2008 from a photocopy sent by Michael Purcell.

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